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Thread: Do you ever get nervous when flying?
03/09/2013 12:45:01

I always do not unless the model is a cheapo, or 'indestructible'. I heard the saying "only fly what you can afford to crash" but do many people actually stick to that? Maybe people would feel less nervous if we did but where's the fun in that... I think nerves keep you focussed which might mean less incidents. Just my opinion.

Nice poll idea, liking it!


Thread: Weston UK Cap 232 build blog
13/01/2013 23:03:59

Thanks, it should be fun to do! I think I will probably cover myself, I need to learn at some point aha, just may get some assistance with it .

Engine wise, i am not to sure. I was looking around for an OS. 108 but I don't think they make them anymore, I'm not sure what engine, what do you think would be best?

13/01/2013 14:46:22


Hi All,

So it begins!

This is going to be the build blog of the Weston UK Cap 232 kindly donated to me by a very nice gentlemen (not sure if I am allowed to say his name). So far I have read the review article in the 1999 issue of RCME and have had all the parts surrounding me in the 'workshop'. Really can't wait to get started, can't really believe how much this kind gentlemen has given me, I really can't thank him enough!

Throughout the thread I hope to post a full build blog and show first flights. I will take some pictures later so you can all see how the model is at the moment and what I look to do with it. Hoping to have it flying by spring so its going to be a busy few months, I hope to rope in a professional builder to help me out a little with covering etc but the rest I will be doing myself.

More to come....



Specs are as follows



Name:- CAP 232

Type:- Scale aerobatic

Manufactured Weston UK Sittingbourne, Kent

Wing Span:- 1630mm (64’&rsquo)

Wig Chord:- 370mm (14.5’&rsquo)

Fuselage Length:- 1550mm (61’’

C of G:- 4’’ from leading edge

All-up Weight:- 9.5lb

Required no of channels:- 4

Control Function:- Aileron (one servo for each ), Elevator ( two recommended) ,Rudder, Throttle.

Engine Range:- 15 - 25cc


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Thread: Newbie from The Aaland Islands!
24/12/2012 10:10:54

Hi MickeM

Nice to meet you!

Nice to see someone from the Aaland Islands, the only reason I know of the Aaland Islands is because I do history at school and I remember it was put forward to the league as below....

Aaland Islands, League of Nations (1921)

"These islands are near enough equal distant between Finland and Sweden. They had traditionally belonged to Finland but most of the islanders wanted to be governed by Sweden. Neither Sweden nor Finland could come to a decision as to who owned the islands and in 1921 they asked the League to adjudicate. The League’s decision was that they should remain with Finland but that no weapons should ever be kept there. Both countries accepted the decision and it remains in force to this day."


Thread: Friday free stuff
23/11/2012 08:11:49

Please count me in!


Thread: New Poll - what first got you started in aeromodelling?
21/11/2012 21:03:49

Bit worrying the way schools promotion efforts are so low... need boosting, that should be number one or atleast near the top. On the other end of the spectrum family being way out in front! Shows its certainly a father to son business......

Thread: Tucano power system chat
17/11/2012 11:10:24
Posted by Tim @ on 16/11/2012 18:34:32:

Hi Tom,

Interestingly in Tuc Mk1 I use a Turnighy 3000mah, fits no bother,

but plan on only a 2200 mah 3s version for the Mk2 lightweight build, saves around 4 oz,

The Turnigy from HK is only £12.87, maybe worth checking if they have them on the UK HK warehouse (not checked)

Edited By Tim @ on 16/11/2012 18:36:24

Thank you! I will be on there today probably placing a few orders... I need to buy a few bits to fly electric aswell.

One thing I got confused with was how does the motor connect to the ESC? hmmm As you probably can tell I can connect a fuel line to an engine but when it comes to electric.... aha

Thread: Encouraging young people
17/11/2012 11:07:10
Posted by Ernie on 17/11/2012 09:06:55:

Hi Tom, Of course you're not all like that. I've had some great flying with your generation, and some pretty awful ones with the wrinklies.

Yes, I did catch him, I got the Fokker, but, alas, the rest is gone for ever.


I am glad you caught them! You should of made them 'go swim with deh fishies' :D I hope they learnt there lesson from that! You may have done a good thing.. taught them the right and wrong, you could now be there hero!

Thread: Tucano Signing Up Thread
16/11/2012 18:46:20

I am not 100% yet on it but I should think I will be in please... I need to buy the plan first :D

Thread: Tucano power system chat
16/11/2012 18:31:14

Tim, had know idea there was such thing as a I do, thanks! That seems like a nice motor!

Steve, I do not do much electric, if any at all, I fly IC so I do not own any lipos unfortunately.... well I do one but I wouldn't put it in a model. I was planning on buying from giantshark. Am I better off buying 1X 3C 3000mah or 2X 3C 2200mah?

16/11/2012 17:30:00

Thank you! First ever time I have been published in anything so I am so happy!

Ahh ok, thats good then! The tucano looks good!

I will have to remember that now! I was going to say before I read the other paragraph... put a 4X20 on it :D That sounds cool! Thank you for explaining that to me. So I could get away with either a 7 or 6... would the 3000man 3s still be the right battery? I was thinking maybe a gens ace?


16/11/2012 16:56:48

Its the Foxy motor and esc ( C3020/10, Foxy 45a).... It was what I won for the letter of the month! Thank you all! It says Peak 450W ... ahh it recommends a 10X6 on 3s... you were right! whats the difference between a 10X7 and a 10X6? I know I had this explained to me what the numbers mean on a prop but I can never remember!

Thread: Ideas for new polls
16/11/2012 16:51:53

I like that one CS would be very interesting to here some results!

Or something like age range, you've probably had this one before....







71 and above

Thread: Tucano power system chat
16/11/2012 16:42:00

Is it to late to join the mass build?

Would these specs work ok in it...

KV: 1135, ESC: 45a? What type of battery and prop would you suggest?


Thread: Encouraging young people
16/11/2012 16:22:31
Posted by Ernie on 16/11/2012 09:34:06:

Some time ago, I befriended a young lad. I took him and one of his mates flying, gave them a wee try of an old junior 60. I let him use my shed, and generally gave bags of encouragement. It seemed like a great idea, it was like having a young apprentice, he learned a lot, and I had some help.

The little sod thanked me by breaking into my shed, stealing my Fokker DV11, and a bundle of tools and engines. I suppose he must of been a wee bit grateful, 'cos he didn't take my Laser150

It's the kids who should be certified


Hmmm that is very unfortunate! we are not all like that, I wouldn't dream of doing that to anyone let alone the helpful people at the club. That is just awful! People like that are the people who give us a bad label. Did you catch them? Hope you gave them a right old ear full if you did!

On another note, thank you very much to Mr Ashby and co for the motor, esc and programming card! Can't wait to put them in the build!!

15/11/2012 23:44:52
Posted by ConcordeSpeedbird on 15/11/2012 22:27:46:

Sorry to hear about the 5e Tom, very good transmitter- my Grandad has one. I treat my DX6i like a baby, it is 'my precious' as they say in Lord of the Rings. Had it a year now, faultless. I'm very lucky though, the DX6i was a birthday present last year- from Dad.


Yes, the DX6i is good, lucky you were given one, they are not cheap radios... i saved for months to buy mine! I use the DX6i for flying, they are good radios although I am having some glitches with mine recently... Indeed, I love Lord of the Rings, can't wait for the Hobbit to come out!

Off to go buy myself a copy of the December issue tommorow! Looking forward to reading the mag!


15/11/2012 20:20:49
Posted by Bernie on 15/11/2012 18:53:45:

disgust"HOW MUCH"!

Grrrrr... you can say that again! I had my DX5E (use it with phoenix) sent off to Horizon a few months ago, got it back looking lovely and working great after I knocked it off my desk one night and broke the antenna clean off along side completely destroying the right hand (elevator, aileron) stick..... now I think something has happened to it again hmmm... the elevator twitches on the simulator. They ussually do it for free but I will pay this time because they keep doing it for me and I feel bad. See, youngsters being clumpsy means money lost that could be invested in the hobby elsewhere.... not been my year equipment wise!

Edited By Tom T on 15/11/2012 20:21:17

15/11/2012 17:39:40
Posted by Erfolg on 15/11/2012 17:36:22:


I know it is sad, I have a X Box 360.

I know, same... they are addictive crying 2 have you got the new black ops yet? dunno if it looks any good to be honest... this will probably get removed aha sorry for going off topic!

15/11/2012 17:18:07
Posted by Erfolg on 15/11/2012 10:28:50:

I think the big difference today is youngsters no longer build and or just fly models as peer experiences. I am rather ashamed on reflection, that I was one of the people who was annoyed when a couple of youngsters were racing about a IC car in the park, which is behind my house. After watching, I returned home and said to my wife, "kids these days, they are so selfish, racing about in such a way that children could have been hurt". Which was true, as many had gathered to watch. But so killjoy and H&S orientated.

WE all can see and are aware of the options available to youngsters today, that is probably why not as many are coming forward into modelling today.

I strongly feel that you have to cut youngsters some slack with respect to testing and supervision etc.

I know we all seem to have an evangelical desire to get as many people into our hobby as possible, I am not sure it should matter at a personal level. By all means be welcoming, as I hope we as a club are.

Hi Erfolg,

(sorry this probably won't be very relevant aha) This isn't directed at you, I just saw you mentioned about kids and hurting themselves........

Society is wrong, very wrong. Our generation has been given an awful label, we are seen as lazy no gooders. This is the exact reason why we are not allowed responsibility, we are not allowed freedom....The exact reason some are not allowed to look after themselves at a flying field. I am 16 and the club I am involved in allows 16 year olds to be there on their own. When my Dad was a lad and probably the same for you, he could go roaming from dawn till dusk on his horse and could come hope without a bad word said. Now a days you go out dawn till dusk on your bike and you'll have the police banging on your door asking why. I believe over protection is the biggest cause towards teenage mischief. If a child hurts themselves, burns themselves from making a magnify glass fire then they won't do it again. We learn most from our mistakes, i certainly have. For example the spitfire I mentioned about in the article.

We all want to go out and stretch our legs now and again without having your parents looking over your shoulder everytime you take a step. We need to learn social skills from all age ranges, I talk to people of all age ranges, it develops communication skills and helps you to understand the world so that you don't step into the big wide world at 18, get scared and come running home again like so many youngsters do.

I agree with you, there are so many options for kids now a days and it'll be tough but we need to shout above them, we need to promote the outdoors, especially flying. Yes I probably am taking this too personal but when you see so many kids of my age sitting behind their xboxs', burning their retinas out all day.... hmm.

If we can't promote to any more people, why don't we support the ones that are already in the hobby even more, why don't they get sponsorship to fly the big planes (if they have the potential), why aren't they offered new opportunities within the hobby? A model shop having a youngster fly for their team to promote their products..... a perfect marketing tool if you ask me and also gives the youngster an opportunity to compete.... but you can't compete in Modelling without a large expensive aircraft. For so many of us, winning a trophy in this hobby would be a dream come true but its impossible.

I am so grateful for everything people have done for me so I am certainly not complaining! I love every minute of the hobby although sometimes I wish I could fly at competitions and buy all those fancy planes you all have. Something I dream for, that will hopefully come true when I am older aha.

Please keep the posts coming, i'm really enjoying reading them!!


14/11/2012 22:32:09
2. 12 to 20. You've discovered girls and totally forgotten aeromodelling.


Sorry but for me thats wrong, I find time for Girls teeth 2 education, air cadets, fishing... (when the brother insists) full size flying, orienteering.. the list is endless... obviously Girls, aeromodelling, air cadets .... and ohh education are my top 4 teeth 2

I would take the girls up the field but I don't think they would appreciate it aha

Edited By Tom T on 14/11/2012 22:32:41

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