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Thread: Binding RX6R and QX7
21/04/2020 10:50:04

Hello Again,

We'll I've just got off the phone after talking with Richard at T9Hobbysport and the problem is now fixed. Richard certainly knows his stuff.

Believe it or not I was plugging the power into the Rx during the binding process upside down because I was misinterpreting the diagram in the Overview section of the manual. The signal pin is NOT the pin nearest the PCB....that little box which shows the signal, + and - should have been positioned alongside the row of pins and not underneath it. The signal pins are furthest from the PCB with + in the middel and - next to the PCB.

As Richard pointed out the Rx will still power up with the connector plugged in the wrong way around which convinces people they've got it right when in fact they have'nt. (We don't know why this happens but it does)

So a very big thankyou to Richard, T9Hobbysport and you Chris for the help.



Harry Wilson


Edited By Harry Wilson on 21/04/2020 11:26:35

18/04/2020 15:56:08

Hello Chris,

That's very helpful thanks. I'll try and contact Richard then as the next step. I've also posted on RCGroups but so far have not found anyone who has made this work. There is at least one other chap with the same problems with an RX4R and a QX7. By the way my X4R and Qx7 seem to be working ok and both have the latest 2.1.0 software installed.

Harry Wilson

18/04/2020 14:01:15


I've updated my Tx and a recently aquired RX6R to the latest v2.1 D16 LBT sofware for EU use in an attempt to cure this problem but the outcome of the bind is still a flashing red led with a steady blue led on and no sight of green activity.

Updating my Tx did affect my X4R which then refused to bind but after updating that as well to the latest sofware it appears to be working as normal. Has anyone else got this problem or have any ideas as to what I could try next. By the way the older versions of the software which were installed didn't work either and I'm assuming that I'm stuck in failsafe mode.



Thread: HK GA250 Mems Gyro
06/04/2016 20:53:10


Now I knew when I ordered this gyro that there had been problems in the past but my reasoning was that surely any historic bugs have by now been ironed out!

I was somewhat disappointed then when I discovered that you can't set the end points of servo travel (an old problem based on some quick Internet research) and HK don't seem to have any immediate answers).

I am still waiting for the product specialists to get back to me on this and would be interested to hear from anyone who has experienced the same (historic) problems but right now based on the fact that some people have working samples and that many have reported problems it looks like buying this product from HK is, at least, a bit of a lottery!

All comments/advice welcome.

Best Regards,


Edited By Harry Wilson on 06/04/2016 20:54:06

Thread: Bowman Models
17/01/2015 08:48:10

I had one too. A great design and a delight to fly. Let us know if the plans are available. Good luck.

Thread: HobbyKing delivery via GLS
14/01/2015 15:10:15

Hello All,

Just to provide a bit of feedback so we all know how this ended...

On Monday I decided to have one last try at contacting GLS via their web contact form but this time made it clear that I intended to cc in their CEO in Europe. I wrote to him later that morning to share my concerns around the communications issues with all concerned.

Around 12 o'clock it was clear via the GLS tracking page that the goods were on route back to HobbyKing but at some point they were taken off the return lorry and placed back into the delivery process. We got a call later in the afternoon from GLS to say that the goods would be delivered on Tuesday and so they were!

I have written to HobbyKing asking if they had anything to do with the turn-around but so far they have declined to comment.

I have suggested to HK that they need to review their stance in situations such as this because you cannot defend a "no action stance" in "no delivery" situations for potentially 45 days while the goods are being stored pending an eventual return. Frustrating at best and compounded by total radio silence. If I get any feedback I'll let you all know.

If I was to charge even baby sitter rates for the time I have had to commit to this to actually get the goods we paid for then any saving achieved in progress chasing the HK/GLS duo would have been wiped out. I hope it turns out to be a one off.

Thanks for all the input. As always much appreciated.

Harry Wilson



Edited By Harry Wilson on 14/01/2015 15:11:14

12/01/2015 09:50:35

Hello John,

I'm kind of working on the basis that HobbyKing have invested enough and care enough about their brand to not hide behind any small print. I suspect that, as they have employees in Europe, they will also have legal entities here too although I have not checked.

I just want HobbyKing to have their courier deliver my parcel! At least HK have a proper customer support ticket system in place which is more than I can say for GLS who no doubt are a much bigger company! That tells me a lot about GLS.


10/01/2015 13:26:17


Point taken...thanks...I will pursue this avenue as well but I would have preferred a decent level of service and the goods.


10/01/2015 13:22:49


Thanks for the link. Key to all of this is HobbyKing. GLS are their sub-contractor and unlikely (sadly) to care much about one unhappy customer. I do plan to write to their CEO in Europe because my guess is he's in the dark about real customer satisfaction's a company size thing.

What I'd like to see is HobbyKing working a better deal with GLS - if they plan to stick with them - and getting a commitment to better turn-around times in no delivery situations. I have no idea who to talk to to make that happen though!



10/01/2015 13:09:16

Thanks kc,

I am sure you are 100% correct and I don't believe for a minute that HobbyKing would default on a refund but how HobbyKing's apparent position is that they have to wait until they get the goods back before they will do anything (45 days and the goods are not moving right now!!). One lost customer (tip of the iceberg here perhaps?)

I'd rather the message got across to HobbyKing and GLS. I am sure that everyone in both of these organisations would prefer to do a good job. Is anybody in their management team listening though?


10/01/2015 12:30:09

Hello Pete,

No I am not blaming HobbyKing or even GLS. These problems are often to do with processes and not people. Something I think is broken though in this one specific case. The problem is the people you need to get at to try to fix these issues are not the people in the front line and I have - believe me - exhausted all the GLS contact options beyond sitting on their premium rate number for an indeterminate length of time.

HobbyKing do have a role in this though. They selected GLS as a carrier of choice and if that means their customers don't get good service (overall) then it is only fair to tell them so. What they do about it is up to them of course.

I've been in international customer support management roles most of my "senior" working life and this kind of feedback (trust me) is a gift...or at least that is how it should be seen.




10/01/2015 11:38:35

Hello All,

Sadly Santa has given me a miss this year as my present seems to be stuck in a GLS warehouse! It was of course ordered in time, and it arrived in the area for delivery, but was then returned to the depot marked "cannot be delivered due to wrong address"

Well, granted we do live in rural France but good old La Poste have been delivering to the very same address for what's the problem eh! I`m not going to speculate but suffice to say the nice people at HobbyKing chatted to me and told me there was nothing they could do until the goods were returned to them and in a separate conversation HobbyKing said something to the effect that this might take 45 days!!!

Needless to say I've written to GLS via their contact page giving detailed instructions for a further delivery attempt but to no avail - they just don't resond (I have actually sent 5 messages). To make matters worse their premium rate hot line is not hot at one answers.

I wrote again to HobbyKing yesterday and tried to get across the point that their brand (the HobbyKing brand name) is inextricably linked to the service levels that GLS provide and if GLS won't deliver to me, or deliver in a timely manner, then that pretty much means I can't do business with them...and that would be a shame.

We'll see what happens but it makes you think, perhaps small is beautiful after the LMS.

Anyone had the same problem and been able to solve it...I'm still waiting for Santa


Thread: Longer days
22/12/2014 20:17:14


What a great bunch of positive I feel positive too...happy flying days ahead. Thanks guys...


Thread: RCM&E May 2014 issue
08/04/2014 16:46:11


OK, I have just deleted and downloaded the issue again and page 49 is there! Editorial is still last months though. I am using a Kindle rather than a PC to read the mag but it works pretty well on the whole.


08/04/2014 15:42:04

Can we also have page 49 please, or is it just me that can't see it.

05/04/2014 21:46:58

As per last months digital edition the editorial is as per April. What is happening here guys, twice in row

Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 05/04/2014 22:03:10

Thread: RCM&E April 2014 issue.
10/03/2014 02:53:40


Thought I'd posted this but can't see it so just wanted to point out that the April digital edition has a repeat of the March editorial.


Thread: Any central heating engineers here?
04/02/2014 20:33:04


Points well made and taken.


03/02/2014 21:18:33

...and all this has what to do with flying models?

Tell me a story about your last flight...describe the day, the weather, your anticipation of how the flight would go. Talk about your passion for the sport and the hobby.

...the rest is commentary.

Harry Wilson

Thread: Do you have a multi-rotor?
25/01/2014 17:03:15

Well said. I take the point. If there is something interesting to learn then why not and I guess each to his own. The other point of course is maybe the trade need this? I am concerned however about the general trend towards "ready to fly out of the box" models and what this means for safety and the reputation of flyers generally; another subject of course.


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