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Thread: Professional 2D CAD free of charge
19/05/2020 13:21:16

I had the same issue and changed a few of my answers and switched from my personal email to my work email address and then it worked.

I guess if you are having trouble still and want to try it I could always burn it to DVD and post you a copy?

As yet I have not had much time to try it out and it would be good to get some tips from people already a way along the learning curve.


Thread: Warbirds Replicas P51 Mustang
14/05/2020 20:22:40

I would build as IC myself. I have an OS 62V sitting in a box waiting for a model and If it think it might be at home in the front of one of these P51s.

Thread: The State of Play
07/05/2020 16:25:42

It might interest you to know Richard that it was an eBay item back in 2010 / 11 that set me back on the road to model flying. I was a teenager in the late 70’s and I bought a trainer with a GRP fuse and foam cored wings. I never got to finish building it and of course never flew it as it was sold to part fund my first car. And that eBay item was a Warbirds Spitfire and it became an aspirational model for me which fuelled me to get a model, join a club and learn to fly. Sadly, I still don’t have a Warbirds Spitfire, but I do have a Warbirds LA7 waiting for the time, when I have the time to build it.

I have built two models from kits and I prefer that to ARTF’s of which I have built many however being in full time employment means ARTF’s are more likely to actually get built and flown than a kit.

One of my goals in model flying now is to build an IC twin and my plan is the Grumpy Tiger Cub first then the Dave Platt Duallist. Both only available from plan I think.

I think the main problem facing kit manufacturers (the whole model industry for that matter) is the diversity of the modelling public itself. I would imagine it’s very difficult to hit the sweet spot where a model appeals to lots of different modelers to the point where they are happy to part with cash for one.

In my experience as a committee member of my club getting modelers to agree on anything is a bit like trying to herd cats.

Thread: Spare model in need of a home?
28/04/2020 16:53:24

I have a Seagull Challenger I stopped flying in my loft you can have.

Thread: Dave Burton (BEB)
01/01/2019 00:37:00

All I can say is. Bugger.

Thread: Sandbox
21/11/2018 13:19:39

Link test.

Thread: What percentage of pilots fly Mode 1 in the UK?
04/07/2018 23:32:24

I'd say 95% of my club is mode 1. We are based in Essex. When I joined I was told we fly mode 1 here and having no opinion on the mater myself I said OK fine and was taught mode 1.

I watched a interview with Hanno Prettner the other day and he was talking about why he felt mode 1 was good for aerobatics.

Thread: expo for beginners yes or no ?
04/07/2018 22:56:38

Percy, I'm about to transition from a JR XG11 to Royal Evo 16 and the MPX tray exactly like you have.


I just added the long sticks last night and I need to change the gimbals back to the way it came out of the box. Only reason for canting them over was originally I was going to use it without the tray.

I have not used it yet so am looking forward to the challenge. The first model I'm planning to use it with is a glider (Phoenix 2000).

04/07/2018 14:23:08

Thanks Jon I like the sound of that. I'll give it a try.

04/07/2018 12:56:51

Very interesting and thought provoking thread. I passed my "A" in 2012 and today I still consider myself a beginner. Lately I've been practicing for the "B" as I know I still need to improve aspects of my flying. What better way than to use the achievement scheme and a good club instructor?

The funny thing is I’ve found doing a good figure 8 manoeuvre to be quite difficult. Last weekend I decided to play around with my rates and expo settings. Didn’t help much in the end. After reading this thread I think I need to revisit this for all my models. I may be using too much expo.

I also think I have too much surface movement meaning my stick movements are very small. Am currently a thumbs only flyer, but am about to try a tray and long sticks as I’m not convinced that for me “thumbs only” is the best way to control a model. One of our best club pilots is a finger and thumb man.

By the way I’m practicing for the “B” with a Wots Wot (arft) with a Saito 82B for power.

Thread: Recommendations for small pillar drill
17/04/2018 14:40:06

I have this Clarke Pillar drill **LINK** which is as large as I could fit in my work space. It's a very good drill. You will need to get a smaller second chuck as I did for those small size drills we tend to use.

Thread: The 2018 Transmitter Survey!
09/04/2018 15:12:03

I've had a JR radio since 2012 (XG11) and before that I had an entry level Futaba (6EX I think). I'm going to phase out my JR dependency gradually with a move to Multiplex.

I bought an MPX Royal SX 16 which I'll gradually migrate my models to. I have a Spektrum DX6 for indoor BNF stuff.

Shame about JR as my kit has been excellent. For me though I found MPX won me over.

Thread: Xtra Wot
05/03/2018 14:26:49

Take a look at the Chris Foss website (contact us section) where it says: "All our kits, with the exception of the Xtra WOT, are available throughout the UK via leading hobby shops and from selected distributors overseas."

You can buy the Xtra Wot directly from Chris I believe.

Thread: Hobbyking
24/11/2017 10:32:59

I just ordered a Durafly EFXtra Racer from the UK warehouse about 10 minutes ago so all appears to be OK. Did initially have a error getting into the website this morning, but it was soon sorted out and came back up.

Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 24/11/2017 11:01:29

Thread: Is it me or is this a rubbish summer or am becoming a grumpy old man!!!
24/08/2017 17:05:38

Agree it's pretty poor here in Essex.

Thread: Simulator help required please.
22/08/2017 15:35:56

I run Phoenix 5.5 on a tiny Windows 10 Dell E7240 laptop and connect it to my 43 inch LG LED TV via HDMI also using a DX6. Works great.

Thread: Kit builders, what would you like???
09/08/2017 12:01:32

Lots of very good points made in this thread. I hope my contribution is positive. I have been model flying now since 2011 and I'm now the treasurer of my local model club. I'll be 54 on Monday and in full time employment so I need to spend my time wisely. I have a house that needs work (currently refitting the bathroom). I do all my own vehicle maintenance (2 motorcycles and 2 cars). So I'm a busy guy.

The reason for contributing to this thread was to say what rekindled my interest in model flying back in 2010 that lead to me taking up the hobby for real. In the 80's I actually bought a trainer, however I was I think about 16 at the time and never followed through to actually build and fly it. Reason was I wanted a car so the model was sold to fund my first car.

Now I use e-bay for lots of things and back in 2010 I was mostly looking for motorcycle parts and selling a few as well. As I had been thinking about picking up from where I left off in the 80's and getting a model to fly I searched e-bay to see what was about. Quite a lot of stuff actually, but what ready caught my eye was an ad for a Spitfire kit by Warbird Replica's because we all know everyone wants a Spitfire. Unlike many people I didn't go out and buy the Spitfire straight away. I did a lot of research and quickly came to the conclusion I needed to walk before I could run. My long term goal though was the Spitfire.

Fast forward to present day and I feel that maybe I'm ready for a Warbird. So on my bench is a white box from Warbird Replica's containing an LA7 kit. Not the Spitfire I first wanted and that's because I like to be different.

It maybe a couple of years before the maiden of the LA7 I just don't know for sure, but it will happen. I found ARTF's a quick way to get in the air to gain the flying skills I needed so that when I built something that I'd invested countless hours and cash into it wouldn't be a disaster.


Thread: Who Else Wants a 63" Lavochkin La7 kit?
07/08/2017 11:11:09

Received my LA7 yesterday when "jrman" dropped it off to my home. 4 of our club members including me have all got them now to build.

I'll be taking my time as I have at least 3 other models in front of this one. Need to do some research as well so I may well reach out to you guys for some of the material you all appear to have already accumulated.

Who is doing the first build thread?


Thread: Wot 4 Trad Build Instructions?
04/08/2017 13:29:35

Hi John,

If you PM me your email I can send you a scanned pdf of mine.


Thread: Wings and Wheels North Weald 2017
27/06/2017 14:32:18

This is the price list for trade stands at WnW 2017. Cross reference against the site map here **LINK**

I was sent the booking forms when our club enquired about a stand which we didn't take up in the end due to cost and other club commitments.

Flight Line


Flight Line


Flight Line






13-19 & 22-32


33&34, 37-39, 42-47




Corner Plots

Corner Grass Flight Line

12, 20, 21, 35, 36, 40, 41, 48



10’ x 10’ Grass Plots fronting onto concrete situated along the fence line.


For the weekend

Price includes space and passes for 2 Trade vehicles plus occupants. Extra single person Trade tickets are available at £6 per person per day.

Please send ….. .extra tickets at £6 each.

TOTAL £……………….

I have no idea how this compares to other shows.

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