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Thread: Wind always drops.
19/07/2015 23:30:33

If it's as the day approaches sunset, say 1900 onwards at the moment in the UK, the wind speed tends to decrease because at night the surface of the Earth cools much more rapidly than does the air above the surface. This cooling difference means the Earth becomes colder than the air above it and air in close contact with the ground at a height of less than 300ft becomes colder than the air above it. This gives rise to a temperature inversion and it that reduces the mixing that occurs between different vertical layers of the atmosphere. Once the inversion is setup (before sunset) the wind speed drops. When flying before sunset, it is not unusual to notice much higher wind speeds when the aircraft altitude goes over ~ 300ft.

Thread: Upgrading to digital access
15/07/2015 17:24:42

OK I have a response from MyTimeMedia they don't want to know it's £51/year for the Print + Digital or goodbye, so it's goodbye from me...

I think they have been very short sighted

14/07/2015 11:27:51

Out of interest and following up on this discussion, my subscription has now come up for renewal and because MyTimeMedia (MTM) removed the Digital element from my combined Print + Digital subscription I cancelled my Direct Debit mandate.

Needless to say MTM called me to ask why, so I told them again, they can't change the terms of a contract they entered into with me (and I suspect most of us!) as the contract was for both variants at £37.80 per year, they now want £51 for the same,

It's a point of principle not the money that they either re-instate the print + digital for £37.80 or my subscription is cancelled, it was referred to the RCM&E Account manager for a decision - I'll let you know the outcome.

Thread: Have I killed my Taranis?
20/09/2014 07:59:57

If you monitor your RSSI value while fying and vary your orientation to the model you will easily see the RF value varying.

Observations: The amount of RF supplied to the antenna remains the same, the standard type will give a doughnut shaped what's called polar diagram around you when flying, well there will be a kink in the doughnut cause by the body, so signal is weakest behind you. And you have to keep the doughnut ring aligned with the model for best range. Now fit a higher gain antenna and because of what's called an effect like a gain-bandwidth product, you do indeed get more range but the doughnut becomes squashed with the effect that it becomes more directional.

The standard antenna has the best overall performance for most of us.


Edited By David... on 20/09/2014 08:02:09

Thread: GPS Module. How to active it to record.
19/09/2014 22:08:38
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 19/09/2014 09:08:37:

Can you set it to start recording above a certain height or speed.


you can do this:

1. Setup a Logical Switch say LS1 as a>x GAlt 200 (say 200Metres)

2. Setup a Special Function say SF10 LS1 SDLogs 0.2s

This would start recording as long when the GPS reported height went above 200Metres

1. Setup a Logical Switch say LS2 as a>x GSpd 50 (say 50Km/hr)

2. Setup a Special Function say SF10 LS1 SDLogs 0.2s

This would start recording as long when the GPS reported speed went above 50Km/hr

19/09/2014 17:31:56

you can do this:

1. Setup a Logical Switch say LS1 as a>x Thr 5

2. Setup a Special Function say SF10 L1 SDLogs 0.2s

This would start recording as long as the throttle remained above 5% that's getting close.

18/09/2014 23:59:15

Add another LS so that when throttle is above say 5% the log starts, it's one of the functions on the right of that row.

Thread: Upgrading to digital access
17/09/2014 21:14:08

I tried many times to get through to the subscription department today, all I get is 'all our staff are all busy right now, please call back' type message. Very frustrating.

16/09/2014 22:14:03
Posted by Martin Whybrow on 16/09/2014 19:11:42:

I also received a very polite email from the subscriptions department, apologising for the delay in responding; it was explained that we were all notified last year that they were going to remove the digital access unless you subscribed to the new print + digital access. Apparently they had considered keeping exisitng subscribers on the original deal, i.e. access to online digital issues and back issues, but apparently that's too complicated for their computers, so they decided it was easier to remove our access unless we fancy paying an extra £9:00 to get something I don't need which is the ability to download an issue to a tablet to keep. Thanks for the polite email, but zero thanks for the message it conveyed! David..., I think you're going to find you're in the same boat as me.

Thanks Martin, a useful insight. I'll let you know what they say. My issue is derived from a point of contract principle.

Thread: RCM&E 2014 Special
16/09/2014 22:11:39

OK, interesting, as I thought you worked for or had a business relationship with MyTimeMedia.

Thread: Upgrading to digital access
16/09/2014 17:38:43

Thanks for letting us know, I wonder if this is on a case by case basis on a more general outcome, actually it puts things back as they should be contractually, so why don't they write to their customers, if nothing else through this forum.

I have cancelled my direct debit because of their initial intransigent attitude, clearly that has mellowed now they realise what they have done (wrong) and finally common sense prevails, so I will call them tomorrow and see how they handle me! Hopefully we will return to where we were and that way we both win.

Thread: RCM&E 2014 Special
14/09/2014 22:08:33
Posted by Essjay on 14/09/2014 20:41:37:

Really good article on "drones" by BEB, there's a man who really knows his onions yes

So is BEB Prof Dave Burton?

14/09/2014 22:01:05
Posted by Chris Bott - Moderator on 14/09/2014 19:53:10:

Not yet David... The digital copy always seems to be available a little earlier than subscribers get their copies.

Thanks Chris, I will look forward it arriving - David

14/09/2014 19:14:47

Has anyone received a printed copy of the Autumn special, it's available as a digital version, but no printed copy has arrived so-far?

Thread: FrSky Taranis - user chat
10/09/2014 23:12:09

I've just updated to 2.11 no issues to report. Fixes a number of small issues:


  • Switch warning didn't allow access to SG
  • Pot warning would show S3 when the cursor wasn't on the Pot Warning line


  • Audio broken (since we changed the ARM GCC compiler)


  • Limits EEPROM export was broken (all boards except Taranis)
  • Fix issue when a GVAR was used as Offset


  • Duration and AND fixed on Sticky and Edge logical switches


  • CCPM issue on Helis when cross trims used
  • Taranis+ LCD color range and brightness adjusted
  • Taranis+ SWR removed
  • Lua small enhancements (TIMEHOUR constant, GVARS over 500)
  • Lua hardening, use of newlib-nano (optimizes RAM usage)
  • Incoming telemetry rejected if RSSI=0
  • Assign Bitmap impossible if filename length too big


  • Telemetry enabled


  • Taranis is now the default board in General Settings
  • GVARS allowed in Limits min/max/offset
  • Limits displayed in us when ppmus option selected

Edited By David... on 10/09/2014 23:13:45

Thread: HK - UK and Lpos
06/09/2014 22:10:57

I've order a lot of LiPo's from the UK Warehouse and always used the Parcel Force charges and find they match the list price (Royal Mail) exactly. Right now a Turnigy 25C 2200mA-hr 3S Lipo is in stock and is £8-97 plus £4.93 for a 48-Hour delivery or £5.48 24-Hour. Total £13.20 on 48-hour service, clearly ordering two reduces the unit price.

I just tried to get the current exchange rate, but their help is off-line at the moment. I have been charged £-$ 1.61 two weeks ago.

Edited By David... on 06/09/2014 22:15:17

Thread: Hobbyking
06/09/2014 22:04:32

Yes that's the best way to order from them, slowly the UK Warehouse choice is growing in range as they gain more popularity, but for now I find it limiting for the stuff I need.

06/09/2014 07:15:35

Well HK set the customs declaration value, in fact they no longer offer a field to set it and it's now the full order value because I think they were told too, before I think they quoted its true value before profit and I gave HMRC the opportunity to charge me duty with each of my consignments but they chose not to do so.

The postage office charge is to collect taxes for the HMRC and transfer the duty to them, I would have liked a receipt from HMRC to say I paid the duty, but I know I won't get one.

06/09/2014 00:07:50

It's basically a gamble. Out of the 32 orders I've made from Hobbyking (not UK or Europe) only one has been charged import duty (3%) and VAT (20%) plus a post office fee of £8 so about 3% get charged! I think that's good odds. My friends and I have determined it most likely the direct channel shipping option as the duty paid HMRC sticker indicates they checked and charged a single shipment and mine/ours were e.g. 12 of 1, 22 of 1, where seems to denote one container and I think this is what HK do, that is group together orders into one big consignment, so don't use the direct channel option!


Oh yes and the charging threshold is about £15

Edited By David... on 06/09/2014 00:09:22

Thread: Upgrading to digital access
29/08/2014 15:25:57

My original Print+Digitial Subscription was downgraded to Print only without my knowledge and MyTime Media will not reinstate this even though that is the contract that has stood for a good number of years, the result is I have cancelled my subscription and will continue to receive the print copies until June 2015.

This is no way to treat loyal customers and shows a flagrant disregard for contracts so I'm taking the only action I can without recourse to an expensive legal process, I can't help but now think this is the beginning of the end for RCM&E and it seems MyTimeMedia don't care!

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