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Thread: Latest OpenTx
06/07/2014 22:30:35

Thanks for letting us know, I was going to use that today, but it was too windy for flying. It's a great feature, now looking forward to 2.06.

Thread: Servo or Rx problem?
05/07/2014 21:46:27

Could tHe servo have travelled beyond its normal throw helped by a load on the elevator? You can get this such that the servo cannot drive itself back.

Have you tried loading the elevator with say your fingers to see if you can repeat the problem.

Thread: Latest OpenTx
05/07/2014 09:49:04

Frank, that's what I'm doing. But to be honest before I got the error screen up I had not thought the card would fill-up and create an error and I don't routinely connect the TX to the PC to undertake the transfer and deletion, I do now since the error occurred. I estimate I can go for about 6-months between clearing the logs and of course I can delete them from the Taranis screen, which I'm now doing if for example I switch on the Tx and enable the throttle release during testing it starts the log, so I delete those.

05/07/2014 07:57:41

I've got my telemetery logging set to the throttle release switch and it stops when I switch the throttle release off again at the end of a flight.

I have filled my card and got a full screen message with 'SD CARD' error so I had to land. Since then the issues my have been resolved, but now I clear the logs myself at various intervals. The 2GB card holds a lot of data logging though, perhaps many months of data at my rate which is to record all my flights and activity it is more than adequate. I have a spare 8GB I might fit that.

05/07/2014 00:27:42

Thanks, Cnsp and consumption was too obvious for me! of course it is...

I am going to create my own list as I don't find them all self-explanatory, like FVAS for pack voltage from the current sensor!

● Tmr1,2: Both timers

● SWR: Transmitter antenna quality. Should always be below 51, or a popup warning will appear and an audio alarm will sound to warn you to check the radio's antenna. The value itself does not align with VSWR values.

● RSSI: Lowest of the RSSI values from the radio and receiver in D8 mode. In D16 mode, RSSI of the receiver.

● A1,2: Analog ports on D receivers (only A1 available on X8R receivers, with receiver voltage)

● Alt: Barometric altitude sensor

● Rpm: Engine speed, number of blades is adjusted in the settings above

● Fuel: Fuel level

● T1,T2: Temperature sensors 1 and 2

● Spd, +Spd, Dist, +Dist, GAlt, +GAlt: GPS speed, distance from starting point and GPS altitude, + or - prefix is max and min values

● Cell: Lowest cell on FLVS­01

● Cels: Sum of all cells on FLVS­01

● Vfas: FAS­40/100 voltage measurement

● Curr: Current, source configured in the settings above (FAS or analog)

● Cnsp: mAh used totalizer (needs current source configured correctly)

● Powr: Power, voltage and current sources configured above

● AccX,Y,Z: Acceleration values from TAS­01

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Edited By David... on 05/07/2014 00:29:53

04/07/2014 19:28:05

OK, I had a quick flight and the sensor reported battery usage of 1181mA-Hr, well the variable Cnsp and the battery has just been charged and needed a 1224mA-Hr charge, so that's within 3% which is more than acceptable.

I don't know why they chose CNSP when mAHr would have been better, but I suppose it's to identify the variable name which I presume is derived from Current Sensor Power, has anyone seen a list of all the names and what they mean?

This is now my best add-on for a model as now I know how many mA-Hr I've used plus I get cell voltage too.

04/07/2014 17:16:35

Brilliant service from Richard at TR9, ordered my bits on one day, got them the next. Haptic kit installed and now updated my sensors and I'm liking my 40Amp sensor far more then voltage alone, I'll measure the relative accuracy of the Tx display versus my battery charger for charge used versus returned.

03/07/2014 18:34:39

No need to update they work out of the box, it's just me I'm a perfectionist and can't resist an update if it's available. The Taranis is particularly easy to update and that's all you need.

Ive sent for the Haptic Kit ( vibration) and a 40amp sensor to give me amps and voltage telemetery, so far I've been using just voltage but want to see watts used and capacity left.

Edited By David... on 03/07/2014 18:35:27

03/07/2014 15:26:33

Andy, thank you for your very informative response, I really appreciate that. I had the USB adapter but not the second adapter and as luck would have it, I placed a T9 order last night and Richard there was kind enough today to let me add the other adapter so I will be able to update mine too. Best Wishes - Dave

02/07/2014 21:52:12

Hi Andy,

What are you using to flash the FLVSS?


30/06/2014 23:51:21

Update, I added the LUA script to display an altitude graph, but the install instructions are wrong, the two BMP files should be in:




I determined this by checking the script itself. It works great, I now have a moving graph / height profile of current altitude.

Had 4 faultless flights with the new firmware tonight.

29/06/2014 23:35:53

I just updated to 2.05 and it's working fine, no issues so-far and a seamless update.

Thread: Telemetry - do you use it? What do you think of it?
23/06/2014 22:49:29

I'm using the FrSky FLVSS LiPo Voltage Sensor on a daily basis and I'm finding it's beginning to shown signs of wear and tear; it's not really designed for connecting 3 or 4 flight packs per day IMO. SO I've fitted a sacrificial 3S LiPo balance extension cable, that's much better than continuously plugging he pack balance cable in and out of the FLVSS unit, and I can place the module in the fuselage away form the battery compartment.

Hopefully others will find doing this of value too.

Thread: FrSky GPS V2 Sensor
21/06/2014 10:11:34

Mine takes about 1-min consistently, between flights/battery change a few seconds. It does initially take a while to lock, especially if it has arrived from China (and unlikely but you never know) it has been tested there, because all GPS systems need to receive Almanac and Ephemeris data and take time to reacquire the ephemeris data.

And if the GPS has moved more than a few hundred miles or accurate time is lost, the Almanac data will be invalid for the current location and if it is far enough off, then none of the Satellites that the Almanac data thinks should be overhead will be there. In such cases, the GPS will have to search or be reinitialised so it can download a new Almanac and start over again.

I would leave it running a while so it can get a full set of Almanac data.

It needs a good clear view of the sky, so make sure there are no conductive materials or paint over the antenna that might prevent signal reception. Perhaps try it out in the clear air first to confirm reception. Make sure UP is up of course, level too ideally.

Thread: 2014 DX6 availability
16/06/2014 18:16:32

Taranis is an interesting option to consider

Thread: Latest OpenTx
11/06/2014 23:06:10

Thanks for the hint about Amber sounds, I missed (and am missing the extra sounds like for MPH), for now I cannot find a unit of MPH, it has Km/Hr and Kt/hr but nothing else.

10/06/2014 21:50:04

To get the LUA option menu, you have to go to the OpenTX Settings and select LUA and whilst I did that I added Haptic support to, then download the firmware again, this time you get a new version with that support added, I also got it to append version number so I could figure out which is which, don't know why it's not a default. The LUA interpreter is already part of the main firmware. Then update the firmware again. The new model wizard is cool.

Yes, the option for just one trim switch to be held is going back to two, which on-balance seems to be a good option.

Tonight I have been experimenting with a LUA Script that gives direction of flight from the GPS module. I'm going to be having fun with this feature when I'm not flying and using some of the adds on when I do fly

This spend (Taranis) on modelling equipment, is turning out to be my best spend for a long time.

10/06/2014 13:50:37

Mine is working OK too at 2.0.1, but:

1. Do you get to the boot loader via holding in one or two trims?

2. Do you have 12 or 13 menus, i.e. do you have LUA enabled on menu 12?

3. When you add a new model, does it goes through a 'wizard' to guide you ( on the Tx screen) through the channel and general setup sequence/process?

10/06/2014 09:31:01

And to update the Bootloader, I have now learnt I have to browse the SD-Card with the Taranis menu and opentx folder then updatebootloader option.

10/06/2014 08:22:44

I'm begining to understand my issue/problem now, in the Companion before download, I did not select LUA, so I will try that next and while I'm at it select Haptic too. Simples...

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