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Thread: Futaba M6 Fr Sky 2.4 ghz DIY Conversion
09/06/2014 22:17:44

I've purchased 5 from a various UK sellers, they are not real, most marked as 'Sainsmart' and I have never had any issues with them - both Uno and MEGA. General cost is a bout £7 delivered. I have also purchased just the base chip and xtal for £3 - if you get lucky.

Thread: Latest OpenTx
09/06/2014 21:33:47


Thanks for the response, I can't (one switch) so I wonder if there is a way of going back and starting a gain.

I have lost the LUA Script Menu too - do you have that?

I got the Wizard partly working on creation of a new model, but limited success, so the LUA interpreter is sort of working OK. Download the WIZRD folder, but the files in the folder need to be moved up one level to TEMPLATES.


Edited By David... on 09/06/2014 21:35:46

09/06/2014 20:04:01

Anyone who has loaded 2.0.1 - do you have menu 12 Custom Scripts - I don't !

I have reload the firmware, tried a restore and reload to no avail, plus I still have to use both switches pressed in to get to the boot loader, release notes says 1?

09/06/2014 14:06:25

I've just printed out the LUA manual and have a ~25mm high wad of paper in front of me. It's certainly comprehensive and I presume versatile add-on, I can now see whay it has been included; this is probably going to set apart the OpenTx movement from the big-4.>>

I just download the Futaba 18MZ manual and can see no equivalent functions, so yes this is probably unique (selling point) in the Tx market, I wonder what the big-4 will say to themselves now >>

Once LUA functions start to get going, I can see growth in this area.>>

09/06/2014 09:56:41

I now need to understand and probably utilise the new scripting capability, which I image could be very powerful if a sequence of commands can be programmed for execution in some predetermined sequence or time.

Ideas so-far:

Yesterday I was flying and inadvertely switched off the motor - I have switch SF as my motor arming function, the switch above was my altimeter report, so I got the wrong switch because I did not look down. Now using a continuous LUA Script, I can see how to disable my inadvert motor switch off mistake in-flight by reading an altitude greater than 0 and timer-1 less than its starting point of say 10-mins to disable a motor turn-off, perhaps give a voice warning to prompt to switch it back on and prevent me from going dead stick when I lease expect it!

I may have a go at a slow or flick-roll routine too - because I can no other reason.

We have to keep pushing the boundaries otherwise the hobby will standstill. Yes it's all about flying and skills, but this new technology gets more people into the hobby in my opinion by offering an avenue for the geaks and techno's - and I think I is one...

08/06/2014 23:52:25

just updated to 2.0.1 and my CH1 is displaying OK

Thread: FrSky Taranis - user chat
08/06/2014 22:49:18

I've been using the Vario this afternoon, it works great, although I have since made it switchable as the noise was somewhat annoying after a while. I figure it only needs to be on when required, so that's what I'm doing now. Very sensitive to altitude changes - it's brilliant!

Thread: Taranis Variometer setup
08/06/2014 15:35:32

Mind beeps when over altitude, but I've checked and throttle cut is an option. There may well be some more inventive options too.

Thread: Alternative motor for Max Thrust Riot
08/06/2014 07:53:17

I replaced my Riot motor with the Hobbyking 4010 820kv 'donkey' brand, it seems to be exactly the same motor to me. I use 3S and have it turning a 12x6 it gives easy vertical performance and is a lot cheaper than the UK variant, only problem is waiting for it to arrive. Flight times are 12-mins of moderate/ mixed flight with a 2200mA battery.

Edited By David... on 08/06/2014 07:54:38

Thread: FrSky Taranis - user chat
07/06/2014 12:22:22

It's attracted to the FrSky label - same colour Even bugs are liking the Taranis now

Thread: dx9 problem
04/06/2014 21:33:15

Have you removed the SD-Card?

Thread: FrSky Taranis - user chat
04/06/2014 21:28:43

Yes RSSI and Rx voltage (whatever the supply voltage is to the Receiver is reported back)

Thread: Latest OpenTx
04/06/2014 00:32:17

I've just updated and although getting the firmware to load required the USB driver to be reloaded, thanks BEB, it went smoothly and now working without any obvious issues. Some name changes in menus, one less menu and overall this is another step up the ladder as the big manufacturers get left even further behind.

Thread: Telemetry - do you use it? What do you think of it?
02/06/2014 22:30:27

Agreed. I was (poorly) trying to illustrate that the major manufacturers weren't making (for those that would like it) an easy option to have telemetry and I don't consider their solutions to be value for money. The advent of the Taranis will I hope, bring about a change in the market so this technology is made available for all to use if they need it.

I suspect if it's there in equipment, then most people will use telemetry data, especially if it's got a voice option.

Like you I found the DX8 to be limited, but costly on a model-by-model basis, now these features are beginning to become standard.

I'm wondering what the major designers are thinking just now, they surely must be responding with designs.

02/06/2014 17:52:07

I agree, for example a Spectrum Rx about £40 add a TM1000 telemetry unit for £33, then add a voltage sensor lead, total £75

Taranis receiver £24 and a £9.99 LiPo sensor that's half the cost. for a far superior receiver.

01/06/2014 21:53:14

I've got the following FrSky telemetry modules (S-Port) and fly all electric craft, this is what I think about their utility:

LiPo voltage monitor - very useful, would not be without it. I have an alarm set at 3.6volts per cell

40A current and voltage monitor - I now consider this almost essential. I have it set to 80% of my 2200mA-Hr batteries.

GPS - useful to know what speed and altitude I'm at, but only just useful, more interesting.

Vario - more accurate altitude and less lag than the GPS, would be more use to me if I was into thermal flying.

RSSI - monitoring and reporting received signal strength I find essential too.


Overall I feel more confident in my radio link with the telemetry and in the past Ive had a few stupid lost of control events because I have let my battery capacities go too low, so that should be a thing of the past. I cannot go back to no telemetry now. My Taranis is turning out to be the best radio I've owned and when I compare to others on the market, well for me they don't compare. I can't wait for the version 2.0 firmware which may be out today (01.06.14) come to think of it, I must check now


Edited By David... on 01/06/2014 21:55:18

Thread: FrSky Taranis - user chat
31/05/2014 22:08:49

I use these, their great: **LINK**

Connects to the balance port.

Thread: eBay password change.
24/05/2014 08:15:19

You can only change it by following a link sent to the registered email or via mobile phone registered to the account.

I pay with PayPal which is another account, so the worst that could happen is someone could with my account.

Thread: Free Glue Grab Weekend
24/05/2014 08:12:28

Yes please David

Thread: FrSky Taranis - user chat
21/05/2014 16:47:39

Chris, is the animation option part of Google Earth please?

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