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Thread: Flying Clubs in Scotland
26/11/2014 21:33:05

One for The Scottish Modeller

The Scottish Aeromodellers Association have a web site with links to Scottish model flying sites at

Full details of events throughout Scotland and links to all Scottish clubs are available plus much more.

The AGM is coming up on 7th Dec and details are on the web page.




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Thread: Scottish Aeromodellers Assoc
26/11/2014 20:13:42

One for Scottish readers

The best way to contact the Scottish Aeromodellers Association is to follow this link to the Scottish Aeromodellers Association web page which can be also easily found by googling the word saaweb. There are two domains names for saaweb at present and they are and also

The AGM is coming up on Sunday 7th December and details are on the web site.





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Thread: Buying Overseas
26/07/2012 18:46:53

Hahaha I buy from Englandwink but I also buy occasionally from actual overseas like china and usa. Essentially its down to what's available where and when.

There was a time the LMS was the only point of sale considered but its now down to price / performance.teeth 2

OldSmithy from Scotlandsurprise

Thread: Crash damage repair
19/07/2012 00:12:32

Thanks for the replies.

I'll give the JB weld a try along with increasing the depth so with any luck it should do the trick.

I've had to get into some re-decorating so once thats done I'll get back to sorting out the engine and the model. Its a cap232 with the S2000 up front. I have the front end of the cap almost ready to take the engine again. Must do better I tell my self.

Once again thanks for the response.

17/07/2012 20:40:45


I managed to wreck the front of my latest model recently and in so doing damaged the rear exhaust port mount point. There are only a couple of intact threads left beyond the damage so my question is has anyone ever had any success in repairing a damage like this or does anyone know who might be able to help. I have heard of some metal type expoxies but suspect they would be unlikely to be of use here but who knows the secret of the black magic box as they say.



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Thread: Members Map
21/04/2012 14:20:57

Another from northern parts.

Thread: DX8 glitch?
18/04/2012 19:35:13

I can confirm the same results Paul I'm using firmware 2.04 which is currently the latest version.

Jings crivvens an help ma boab if they tested everything properly they would never get to market and get our money.disgust

Wasnt like that when I was a lad.wink 2

Thread: Going 6 volt
09/03/2012 00:07:38

Thanks guys, seems pretty much as I expected but I've had a look at the JP 6V/5A regulator and the like with a view to going the whole hog and using a Lipo, so thanks again for the response.


Old Smithy

08/03/2012 14:33:04

Just getting a 68" cap 232 ready for the air with a spektrum rx. Seems they like 6 volt plus the servos I'm fitting are good for 6 volt operation so using a nimh 5 cell pack 2500ma AA cells . Question is do I need a 6volt regulator? Bearing in mind I use IC enginer so no esc involved.

Thread: How long have you been flying models?
03/03/2012 00:29:17

First model was a Keil Kraft hurricane around around 1957 Then various keil kraft models including jetex mig and sabre. Moved on to control line and diesel engines. Made my own fuel and still remember the smell and how it stings cut fingers.Made a stab at radio control attempting to build an OXO box Tx from one of the mags. I guess that must have been around 1962 but it failed completely so that was the end of the models until 1978 bought a mini super and second hand 27 am outfit and an os 20 and progressed from there, Also built and used a micron fm set set for a few years. Had a few gaps as well but always come back.

Thread: Which glue for wing joining?
08/01/2012 16:53:49
I've used pva or aliphatic for years now. That's on foam wings like Acrowot and also Wot4 no problems. The advantage is covering materials stick no problem where with epoxy it might come adrift. Built up wings I use 30 minute epoxy.
Thread: Super Tigre s2000 help
28/12/2011 16:03:10
My experience of the Super Tigre s2000 is it needs to have Big Brute Straight fuel and a hot plug before it will run properly.
Checkout Just Engines fuel chart

Thread: It's "is it time to move on to 2.4"
17/11/2011 20:17:20
Hi Guys
I would like to say thanks for all your views and responses. Clearly not entirely a straight forward decision so I will probably deliberate for a while and then leave some printouts of the most desirabely affordable units strategically around the home.
Next decision is what to replace the Ultimate with. Bearing in mind the cylinder head on my 91fs is now defunct too.

16/11/2011 12:25:32
Posted by Tim Mackey on 16/11/2011 12:14:17:
2.4 Gigahertz mate.
You know that asking your final question is akin to asking which is the best car - Merc, BMW, Audi, Lexus etc dont ya
PS sorry about you bipe
Thanks Tim
Ha Ha ha. Jings oh an help ma boab did I say mhz a minor senior moment !!
Never ever tried any of these cars either

16/11/2011 11:57:27
Oh deary me. My ten year old Ultimate Biplane finally bit the dirt and I'm not entirely sure why. Generally I am able reason why a model goes terminal but this time I'm not so sure. My gear an X3810 was state of the art a number of years back and has been very reliable over the years but this latest loss has me looking at the latest and greatest in 2.4mhz stuff.
I've always used JR apart from my home built Micron Gear I started out with all these years ago. I really liked the idea of failsafe when I bought my first JR set. But then realised Failsafe is a bit of a misnomer specially when it throttles back in the middle of a roll or the like.
Should really be SFA (System Failure Action). Failsafe as a CG mounted parachute might work but could be complicated.
I digress however the question now is which of the 2.4mhz systems to go for. JR Spektrum, Futaba, or something else?
Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
25/08/2011 20:27:05
What about casting the lead in the bottom of a drinks can. Makes a nice circular weight which could be attached to the motor mounting. I guess the can diameter might be similar to the motor.
I have to say its looking brilliant Danny.
Thread: Thunder Tiger F-54S 4 stroke - where are the fuel adjusters?
25/08/2011 01:04:32
This is the TT54 parts cat showing the choke assm "41" and the carb with the two adjusters "40A"
Hope this helps

Thread: Acrowot Build
20/08/2011 01:30:24
This is one I made earlier as they say with a TT91FS. Brilliant combination.I seem to remember taking 10mm off the front to accomodate the engine and to keep the cg in the right place. Tempted to get yet another.
Thread: Don't just stand there, get one up!
24/07/2011 21:46:22
Ooops that should say
I Came across this here with your R6694 DW-F at illustration 91 and then from the other side with similar markings X4102 DW-K. at illustration 94
24/07/2011 21:43:50
Hi Danny
I came across this here with your R6694 DW-F at illustration 91 and then from the other side with similar markings
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