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Thread: BMFA Proficiency Scheme A & B Certs, which model did you use?
20/07/2013 22:57:21

Took my 'A' with an own designed 36" span, rudder / elevator, 600 electric powered 'Buzz Bomb'.

Took my 'B' with an own designed 48" span Axi powered, Nigel Hawes, solid sheet wing design, inspired aerobatic job.

Both sadly lost in flight and plans lost in house move.crying 2

Edited By Devon Flyer on 20/07/2013 22:58:13

Thread: Revalidating A & B Certificates (and examiners certificates)
17/07/2013 22:37:09
Posted by Percy Verance on 17/07/2013 19:52:08:


I think you've missed the point a little. The BMFA proficiency scheme is entirely voluntary, and model flying is a hobby. At the end of the day none of it matters one jot. People who choose to fly models aren't in any way obliged to be club members or take any form of test.

Profesional qualifications relating to an actual job are another matter altogether. If you don't feel an Examiner is up to required standards,then don't go near him...........

thumbs up

Thread: newbie
15/06/2013 17:10:03

I've PM'd you, Andy. wink 2

Thread: How do you achieve tight turns ?
09/06/2013 16:57:08
Posted by Geoff Bradley on 09/06/2013 15:19:35:

My trainer wants me to turn and level off when doing the figure of eight and that's when i'm having the problem.

According to the current BMFA handbook, the figure of eight should be done as two circles - there is no option to level out during either side of the figure. ie. it should be a constant turn.

Maybe he is still teaching to the 'old' 'A' test schedule? This allowed the candidate to do a 'lazy' eight if they so wished. This option was scrapped a couple of years ago.

Thread: Are Britain's Air Defences that stretched?
24/05/2013 23:25:04

Maybe they simply can't tell the difference between a Tornado and a Typhoon?..........................Or is that too simple an explanation?

Cue conspiracy theorists....................................

Edited By Devon Flyer on 24/05/2013 23:25:59

Thread: Reichard Models Champion
13/05/2013 18:51:13

I've been using a Reichard 'Ellipsoid' for thermal flat field soaring for the past 8 years and it does the job very well. The Champion is basically the same thing, but the wing seat mounting is different.

Funnily enough, I wanted a blue and white one.................but Puffin only had them in yellow and red!

I'm running an Axi 2820/10 on 3300 / 3s in it and the performance is more than adequate in the climb.

I'm sure you will be well satisfied with the Champion.thumbs up

Edited By Devon Flyer on 13/05/2013 18:53:31

Thread: Can it be done?
08/05/2013 18:15:32

Can someone, who can't see the point of buddy leads, please explain how you are supposed to 'snatch' a tranny off a trainee when they are using a neck strap or a transmitter pretty much every trainee I've ever taught has used? dont know

Edited By Devon Flyer on 08/05/2013 18:16:59

07/05/2013 19:59:10
Posted by SDF on 07/05/2013 19:51:42:

Are you trying to tell me you can't fly both the popular modes? devil


I can actually fly both Mode 1 and Mode 2. smile p

However, my 'normal' mode is Mode1. If I was playing 'pass the tranny', there is always the danger that I would revert to my 'normal' mode and hence trash a novices plane.

Cross mode buddying with a lead solves any problems that might arise.

07/05/2013 18:52:56
Posted by SDF on 06/05/2013 20:41:13:

I could never really see the point of buddy leads. What is the problem with passing the TX between tutor and trainee?

Q.What is the problem with passing the TX between the tutor and the trainee?

A. An almighty big one when the trainee flies a different mode to the tutor!!!

I've lost count of the number of novices planes I've saved from destruction over the years by using a buddy lead.

Thread: Unusual Plane ID
22/04/2013 20:09:46
Posted by Andy Mc on 22/04/2013 19:15:27:

I'd hazard a guess that it could have been an L-29 Delfin of the new "Red Star Rebels" display team. They're being refurbished (I think) just across the water from Chivenor at St Athan.



Think you could be correct there, Andy - cheers mate.

Wonder why it had no markings? Or maybe they were just too difficult to spot at speed?

Edited By Devon Flyer on 22/04/2013 20:23:20

22/04/2013 17:10:10

Seen flying low and fast over North Devon, in the Barnstaple and Chivenor area last Saturday.

I couldn't ID it, neither could any of my flying buddies who saw it close up as it flew through at Chivenor. Maybe someone on here could help?

Not much to go on, but here goes:

Jet - appeared to be twin engined.

Low winger.

T tail.

Wing span guesstimated at around 50 - 60 feet.

Full black paint job with no visible markings.

Did one high Alpha pass and one (very) fast pass over Chivenor and also did a couple of wide circuits over the area.

Wing plan form like this, but not to scale:

I have searched everywhere on the web and can't find anything that matches.

Any ideas?


Edited By Devon Flyer on 22/04/2013 17:42:04

Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 22/04/2013 19:28:45

Thread: Gas turbine flying at your club site
19/04/2013 23:24:28

'B' Certificate required at our club for turbines or any other model over 7Kgs.

Thread: Transmitter tray for cold weather flying
03/04/2013 15:41:52

Thanks Essjay, I'll pass the link on to my flying buddy. thumbs up

02/04/2013 22:27:27
Posted by Percy Verance on 02/04/2013 21:10:46:


They used to be offered by a company called MRM Plastics, but I don't know if they still sell them.

That's the one I was thinking of Percy..............many thanks.


02/04/2013 20:47:27

I'm trying to source a transmitter tray for a flying buddy.

He specifically wants one that has a clear ,hard plastic, dome type cover - NOT the soft Turnigy style 'Transmitter Glove'.

I remember seeing some being advertised a while ago, but cannot for the life of me remember where. A Google search has proved fruitless.

Anyone got any ideas of where I might get one?

Ta - DF

Thread: signal lost
31/03/2013 18:07:37

Is it a genuine Spektrum AR600 and not a fake one?

Mate of mine had a similar problem with an AR500 receiver he had bought direct from Horizon in the States and it turned out that the receiver was a very convincing fake.

See THIS thread for more details.


Edited By Devon Flyer on 31/03/2013 18:09:50

Thread: Now I've Got a Wildthing Too!
30/03/2013 20:12:18

I like the 60"'s a much bigger target. wink 2

Thread: My First Mouldie :-)
27/03/2013 17:54:41

THIS might be useful to you, Phil.

You realise that life will never be the same again...............................

27/03/2013 17:46:08

I think you mean a Baudis Banana, Phil.

Fine little

Thread: Exponential Help !
27/03/2013 17:34:14

Spektrum and JR both use +ve settings for exponential to flatten the curve over the centre of the stick.

Futaba uses -ve to do the same job.

The percentage you dial in will be the same.wink 2


Edited By Devon Flyer on 27/03/2013 17:35:57

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