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Thread: Things can only get better..............
01/01/2013 20:15:52
Posted by John Privett on 01/01/2013 19:33:11:

It sounds like it never really wanted to fly...dont know

Oh, it just didn't want to be told what to do.

Stupid name for a glider anyway.............I mean, have you ever seen a Flamingo fly? Darned ungainly things! Might just as well have called it a Penguin.............................. or an Ostrich.

Pity really, coz it's a pretty thing and a decent size.

01/01/2013 18:45:12

Fuselage broken in half to rear of trailing edge. Should be a straightforward repair, but won't look as pretty. Don't know if I can be bothered, to be honest. I've flown it on two occasions and each time it just didn't want to play ball. It would go into a turn and would then take forever to pull out of it, whilst I'm holding opposite stick. That's what caused todays crash - it was like flying with delayed action RC, with the plane 5 seconds ahead of you. Managed to get it around on a high landing approach, then it turned turtle about 30 feet up and went in. Wings are OK, it's just the fuz that's damaged.

It's set up to the book - but something just ain't right. Wracking me brains to try to figure out what the probem is.

Think I'll put it on the top shelf for a while - got plenty of other toys to play with.wink 2

01/01/2013 18:07:08

Second flight on New Year's Day at Countisbury Common, Lynmouth and I trashed my Multiplex Flamingo glider! sad

Hope this is not a portent of things to come.............................

Thread: Anybody been flying today 1/1/13?
01/01/2013 14:47:58
Five of us turned up at Countisbury this morning. Blowing around 25 mph and smack on the slope. Had a couple of really nice flights with the Acacia fully ballasted.
Was chased all over the place by an inquisitive Peregrine falcon. Loads of fun!
Thread: Think I'll buy a boat........
22/12/2012 16:12:46

This was the state of our village centre at midday today. Went down to pick up the missus's Christmas present..............but the shop was inaccessible and under about 6 foot of water! At least I've got a pretty good excuse.'s still raining, by the way.

Edited By Devon Flyer on 22/12/2012 16:16:00

Thread: Private clubs - I thought we were all equal?
21/12/2012 22:01:30
Posted by Chris Bott - Moderator on 21/12/2012 21:58:27:

Ben I'd rather see all clubs encouraging new members but there are so many different circumstances possible that clubs who don't shouldn't be judged.

They may be a group of chaps who have done the helping newcomers thing for donkeys years and had trouble caused one time too many. There may be known troublemakers or just a clash of personalities in the same area and the only way to ensure that the people they don't want in their midst is by closing membership.

They may have an agreement with a farmer that only a fixed number of members is allowed.

They may just like each others company, enjoy the arrangements they have and be content to keep things as they are.

In any of these cases, and probably many others, we have no rights whatsoever to demand they "let us in".

Let's just be thankful that there are also many clubs who are very keen to add new blood, help new people and expand/advance the hobby. There folk have seen that there's usually lots of benefit.
I think the message is "live and let live".

+1 thumbs up

21/12/2012 22:00:06
Posted by scott finnie on 21/12/2012 21:56:56:

Ben we all understand youre point, i have 3 students just now who i am teaching to fly off private land, they can fly safely now but still with the buddy box for extra safety , i am an experienced enough rc pilot to be able to fly in a professional and safe manner, i fly bipes, semi-scale, edf, turbine and fpv , i and the 3 of my students have been turned down 3 times by local clubs who either are to full or simply are happy with there layout, status and members at the moment, yes initally its not a nice feeling, it makes by blood boil at times but its life sadly, we will try again another day, but anger never solves anything, if a club is private then they lay the rules, there not being mean or nasty and youre not alone at all, try again next year, thats what we and many others will be doing,

Why not start your own club, Scott?

21/12/2012 21:45:48
Posted by ben goodfellow 1 on 21/12/2012 21:40:44:

should not fell obligated, but it would be a friendly civil thing to do you would obviosly tell them go away where as i wouldnt

That's a bit of a presumption. The case I was illustrating was a totally fictional one. How I, personally, would react in those circumstances, you cannot possibly know.

If it was your own private club, then you would be perfectly entitled to do as you say and I would have no argument against that.

Why can you not accept that other people think differently?

Doesn't make it 'right or wrong'..................just different.

Edited By Devon Flyer on 21/12/2012 21:48:29

21/12/2012 21:30:40
Posted by ben goodfellow 1 on 21/12/2012 21:22:29:

no that not unreasonable , but i would give them a chance to prove themselves otherwise how would you ever make new friends also i am more than willing to pay my fair share towards costs in any club i do not expect to join and not pay when others do

OK, so we accept that it's not unreasonable for them to be declined membership on the grounds that it is a private club.

So why should members of that private club feel obligated to let a non member fly at their private site?

21/12/2012 21:14:35
Posted by ben goodfellow 1 on 21/12/2012 21:01:49:

no its called being civil and letting people into the hobby instead of just turning them away from your flying patch , very sad that you take the view its my patch and i will do what i want and i will decide who flys , maybe try being welcoming and giving people a chance to see what its all about

As I have said previously, I am not a member of a private club and have never been asked to join one. The difference between you and me is that I just don't have a problem with that.

For arguments sake, consider the following imaginary scenario: You and a small number of like minded mates decide to approach a local farmer with a view to flying on his land. He says "OK - but it will cost you £1500 a year to rent the land. This works out at £300 a year each. Now, you are all reasonably solvent and get on well together , so decide to go for it. Everything works out well. You are causing no bother and everyone is happy, until one day someone turns up at your private field demanding that they be allowed to join and fly. Would it not be entirely reasonable for that someone to be declined membership?

21/12/2012 20:56:04
Posted by ben goodfellow 1 on 21/12/2012 20:52:43:

if it was my club i would never turn anyone away who showed an interest in being part of it, i think thats what they call being friendly and civil

No - that's what's called a privelege of running your own club. ie. you can operate membership in any way you wish.

Edited By Devon Flyer on 21/12/2012 21:03:52

21/12/2012 20:50:42
Posted by ben goodfellow 1 on 21/12/2012 20:48:09:

well its looks like i will have to sort out a field for us poeple who just want to fly model aircraft, with one rule no politics

You need to start your own 'private' club then. wink 2

Thread: Oh no, not another one!
21/12/2012 20:48:47
Posted by Bill Brown 3 on 21/12/2012 20:38:45:

Give me some flack on this then

Your paving slabs need cleaning.

Thread: Private clubs - I thought we were all equal?
21/12/2012 20:43:34

Pity the world didn't end today, as they promised. I'm losing the will to live...........................sad

21/12/2012 20:26:20
Posted by PatMc on 21/12/2012 20:24:51:

I can't answer for what or how someone allegedly spoke to you but Tranwell club restricts it's membership numbers because of county council requirements.

Maybe the County Council isn't operating a proper 'Equal Opportunities' policy? LOL

Edited By Devon Flyer on 21/12/2012 20:31:08

21/12/2012 20:23:07
Posted by ben goodfellow 1 on 21/12/2012 20:18:36:

with regard to this, i talked to a member a year or so ago, i wont mention any names, and i was informed with snot in his voice that ''not just anybody can join'' so i never took it any further in finding out how to join

Maybe he just had a bad cold.................?

21/12/2012 20:21:44
Posted by ben goodfellow 1 on 21/12/2012 20:10:48:

having a party is totally different . this is a common interest we and them are supposed to share, like i said earlier we do this for one reason and that is to have fun.i dont have anywhere to fly privately, if i did i would openly welcome anybody who showed an interest or wanted to fly, but this doesn't mean i have to invite them back to my house for a cup of tea, afterall having more people flying with you can only make me and them better. i know there is no law against having a private club, the point i am making is why people feel the need to demean others. I THOUGHT WE WERE ALL EQUAL

Why should sharing a common interest with another person, or group of people, infer anything other than just that ie. having a shared interest?

What makes you think that a private club exists simply to demean others? That is a quite breathtaking leap of reasoning.

Edited By Devon Flyer on 21/12/2012 20:25:04

21/12/2012 19:34:38
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 21/12/2012 19:23:05:

If I have a party in my garden I am not obliged to invite the entire street nor do I have to take appliactions from them to come and attend my party - its a private party on private land. In the same way if I invite some friends to join me flying model aeroplanes on my land - I'm not obliged to invite others or take applications from them to join in - again its a private party. So I don't see they are doing anything wrong - its their arrangement.


Nail and head BEB.thumbs up

I really can't see what the gripe is about so called 'Private' clubs, unless the complainant is one of those - 'if I can't join, they shouldn't be allowed' - types. What sort of mess would this country be in if this 'dumbing down to the lowest common denominator' attitude was allowed to run rife?

Oh!..............................................................hang on a moment.......................................I think I may have stumbled upon something! LOL

21/12/2012 16:31:12

Personally, I can't see what the problem is with a 'private' club. If some guys want to arrange a flying site and limit the numbers to a chosen few; so what? It's supposedly a free country.

We have a couple of 'private' clubs around here and they provide a service for those who want it. Neither of them is cheap to join, but they have excellent facilities and are pretty much exclusive.

I am not a member of any of them, by the way; I can't afford them and I haven't been invited. No sour grapes here though. Each to their own.

Nobody is obliged to offer hard won facilities to all and sundry. Good luck to them, I say.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
13/12/2012 22:54:12

Here's another chancer..........................£85 from HK UK.sad

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