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Thread: Soldering station.
03/06/2019 09:35:49

Its a good idea to never run these 'oriental' irons and heat guns at full output as they are only rated at 220V AC and we are (nominally) still at 240V AC, so the elements will have a very short life if over run. I set mine to 3/4 max output and they then last a reasonable time. Secret to soldering success is a clean, well tinned soldering iron bit, clean component and wire connections, and a decent rosin based flux paste to prevent oxidation.


Thread: Prostate Cancer
27/04/2019 21:57:13

I had the skin cancer on my leg removed this morning in a 45 minute fairly painless procedure, and just have to wait up to 4 weeks now to find out if it was a bad one. The most painful part was having to pay out almost £5.00 to park in the hospital car park for an hour!!

Hope all goes well for you Martian, and remember guys, if anything seems a bit odd get it checked out quickly.


14/04/2019 10:26:55

I was called for my AAA test couple of years ago - and apparently I had the internal body structure of a 20 year old (pity I had to give it back!!), but trying to get a PSA test was a totally different matter. I too go for the annual well man tests at our doctors, which are carried out by a practice nurse, and they cover diabetes, blood pressure and BMI - but not PSA!!

I have to take up a doctors precious time for this test, which seems a total waste of resources, as surely the practice nurse has the required skill to take a blood sample.

Now a small spot of what was dry skin on my lilly white leg decided to erupt into an angry bright red spot a month ago, which then formed a hard crust with a red ring around its perimiter. Fortunately my well man check up was at this time, so I showed the eruption to the practice nurse who said it did not look like anything serious, but it might be prudent to have a doctor check it out.

The doctor checked it and said he did not think it was anytghing to worry about but put me on the cancer pathway with a referal to the hospital. After a wait of two weeks I now find I have skin cancer!! ,so am now awaiting an operation to remove the appendage, but during the check the consultant also found a number of dry patches on my forehead and temples, which fortunately are pre-cancerous, so a cream has been prescribed to deal with these.

As I am very light skinned I have always tried to limit my time in the sun, word indoors throughout my working life, and wear my Tilley, and factor 60 sun cream, even on cold overcast days, and never wear shorts etc, except in the gym or swimming pool. I have suffered sun burn (through my lighter clothes) on a couple of occassions, but have never had a su tan or been on a sun bed in my 68 years on this earth, provingskin damage can happen to even the most careful people.

Oh the joys of getting old!!

Hope you all have 100% success in getting your tests and subsequent treatments.


Thread: Boeing 737 Max 8
13/03/2019 19:51:36

Just read that Mr T has grounded all 737 8's and 9's in the USA.


Thread: Align Trex 250 micro heli spares
12/03/2019 09:06:45

Hi Robin,

If no one else comes forward I would be more than happy to take those off your hands, as I have a couple of Trex 250's in regulary use. Would need them posting though but happy to pay postage etc.


Thread: LED Bulbs pt3
25/02/2019 17:07:19

Just a quick observation Denis, if he only uses one series current limiting resistor then would need all of the LED's on to calculate its value from (Voltage to be dropped/ total LED current), but if only a couple are then turned on, the resistor value would need to be different. I suspect like you that the control unit already has the current limiting resistors for each LED built in


Thread: LED Bulbs
18/02/2019 17:50:05

Another important point Gary is that the manufacturers normally recommend not bending the legs too close (3mm away minimum) as it can break the seal to the LED, or in the worse case the wires may snap off, as these days they are made of steel, which is not as malleable as older copper ones.


18/02/2019 17:23:16

The resistor can be fitted anywhere in the LED leads and is not polarity conscious, but do you know the value and Wattage of the resistor you need?

To work this out you would need to know the LED voltage and current. If you post the supply voltage and the LED ratings on here, I am sure some kind person will calculate the resistor value and Wattage rating for you.


Thread: Higher Quality Heat Shrink
03/02/2019 09:21:10


The adhesive lined heatshrink is the one I use for motor/esc and battery connections as it is the rubbery type, and although slightly thicker once shrunk, the internal glue gives extra protection, and provides a watertight seal around the joint as well.


Thread: Gatwick drone incident
12/01/2019 12:20:20

Keeps the hovercraft fanceirs happy too Piers


Thread: Flashing LEDs
29/12/2018 12:06:52


Have a look at E Bay, item number 122976395367 which is for two 1 Hz flasher IC's which need no external components and all for £2.09 inc p&p.


Thread: my dremel drill
05/12/2018 09:42:37

Electrolube switch cleaner should remove the oxidation but then it is a good idea to smear the contacts to prevent future oxidation with vaseline or (genuine) 3:1 oil, as it has an oxidation inhibitor . The switch contacts are on a printed circuit board and I once tried to repair a JR transmitter that had WD40 sprayed into it but it had penetrated into the circuit board and made it conductive, so the transmitter was a write off.

If all this fails a new switch is the only option.


Thread: ESC to Battery Wire Length
12/10/2018 12:03:51

When the existing ESC cable lengths are insufficient, it is always better to extend the power input wires and keep the three motor wires as short as possible. The reasoning behind this is that extending the power input wires will, through losses in the extension cables, introduce additional resistance into the circuit, resulting in a slight reduction in the voltage and current available to the ESC but with 'reasonable' cable lengths and use of suitable cross-section extension cables, these can be made pretty insignificant.

The three motor wires provide high frequency pulses to the motor windings and extending these could lead to increased electrical noise in the aircraft and in extreme cases, the additional inter-cable capacitance and resistance caused by the extended leads can cause motor timing or other issues.

I hope this helps some but if you keep the power input wires to the ESC below 300mm you should be OK but always try to keep all of the ESC wires away from other internal wiring, to reduce the chance of introducing radiated electrical interference into the other systems within the aircraft.


Thread: Lidl XL Glider
28/06/2018 18:33:08

Saw a new one on the Weston park swap meet for £15.00 which I thought was a bit of a cheek.


Thread: And now for something completely different
12/05/2018 21:26:31

What's happening BEB - has it been maidened yet?

Thread: BBC Weather
25/04/2018 22:28:32

I use and select the nearest golf course to the flying field and it gives you hourly forecasts of the temperature and the feels like temperature(wind chill), wind direction, average speed and gusts, cloud cover, rain fall amount and I find it much more accurate and relevant than the BBC's efforts.


Thread: My Anti Spark 150 connector not doing its job?
17/04/2018 15:57:25

Good job you only did that on the black and white TV's Geoff,as the colour TV CRT's used three guns and had 25kV DC on their final anode. Never risked it myself but apparently there was sufficient energy available there to kill a fully grown bull !!

Barry - retired but still alive TV engineer!

Thread: And now for something completely different
19/03/2018 09:57:20

One other thing BEB is it might be useful to increase your initial expo on the cyclic functions (Elevator and Aileron) to around 40% initially (unless you have the reaction times of a Ninja that is!). This will help to soften the area around hovering which is a skill you need to develop quickly as it is used primarily during landing.

As an example one of our clubs 3D heli Gods uses 60% cyclic expo on all his helicopters and most of his flying time is spent performing tricks and trimming the grass, whereas, I only do loops and rolls and general thrashing around and have 35% on mine.

Hope this helps.


18/03/2018 22:33:44

Hi BEB, I have not programmed a Taranis tx but it is the general rule not to put any expo on the rudder when using a FBL unit, as it needs 'solid' linear inputs or you may find the tail constantly drifts or feels very loose.

Other than that your initial settings look OK but if you ask ten helicopter pilots for their set up, the chances are every one will be different.

Have fun.


17/03/2018 14:45:27

This seems like a good weekend to return to the build BEB - with the mini Beast from the East upon us and glad you have not had to remove that Jesus bolt!!


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