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Thread: Reviving an old TwinStar
17/02/2019 17:57:27

There you go Stephen. Frank's solution looks as good as anything. yes

17/02/2019 17:42:32

I'd ring BRC Hobbies Stephen. They certainly did have them in two versions the last time I looked. I ended up damaging my old Twinstar and so didn't bother with a re-furb. I bought a new Twinstar, which is designed for brushless set-ups from the outset. I went with the Multiplex power set for mine, although at £120 cheap it is not. The BRC Hobbies one was (as far as I can recall) was priced at £60 ish for the less powerful set, and another £20 or so for the more powerful one Stephen. Pick the phone up and give BRC a call. I'm sure they'll sort you.

17/02/2019 16:32:32

Go with new kit Stephen. BRC Hobbies do a full brushless replacement set for the Twinstar. Motors, ESC's, wiring, props, the lot....... not ridiculously expensive either.

Those Permax motors will be worn out if it's done a few dozen flights. Go brushless, you'll be astounded at the improvement. It'll have over twice the power it previously had. Use a 3 cell pack of around 3500/3700mah




Edited By Percy Verance on 17/02/2019 16:37:56

Thread: SFM Piper cub.40 kit 67 ins wing span.
17/02/2019 16:28:26

But the thing is Denis, with a kit build you end up with a far more individual model than an artf. And there's the pride factor too, as it flies past you.

Absolutely none of which matters one jot to some.......... indecision

Thread: Electric Cars.
17/02/2019 11:23:14

Well, I'd more or less decided I'd take a serious look/test drive of the Nissan Leaf, but then along came both the Kia Niro EV and the VW i.d. Neo, both of which are to hit the market in the coming months. Or at least the VW might, as the whole initial UK allocation of 900 Niro EV's - which I was told were due in April - has been already sold. In fact Kia have stated that due to the huge worldwide surge in orders for the 100% electric version, the already sold UK allocation won't now be here until later in the year.

And the Niro EV was fast becoming my plan A. I feel it would make a superb vehicle for transporting models. The real world range of just over 250 miles is one of the best around too, with only the Jag i Pace exceeding it - at a price tag of a further 30k. A further little plus is the recently installed EV charging point at the Shuttleworth Collection at Old Warden. The Plugshare site reveals others in the area too.......

The standard hybrid and plug in hybrid versions of the Niro don't have such high demand, with a far shorter waiting list for either. The reviews I've seen for them both don't seem anything special, with one reviewer -already an ev owner- branding the plug-in version as bull------. He was extremely enthusiastic about the 100% electric version though, claiming it was a "game changer". Certainly the technical spec is impressive, with heating - using an air source heat pump - for the battery pack once the temperature drops below -10.

So, having been on the point of waving goodbye to my faithful Ford Focus, it now looks like I'll hold on to see how things go later in the year....... A hybrid isn't my first choice. If I do this I'm going all out. 



Edited By Percy Verance on 17/02/2019 11:26:19

Thread: SFM Piper cub.40 kit 67 ins wing span.
17/02/2019 10:55:47

Trouble is Sonny, there's a glut of foamie Cubs around the 50 to 60 odd inch span. Kits for a Cub of this size are unlikely to sell in huge numbers, given today's fever for *buy today fly tomorrow*.

One tried, tested and fully proven one is the DB Sport & Scale Cub. A bit bigger at 80 odd inch, although the wing is in two parts which makes transport and storage more convenient...... It's a reasonably involved project though Sonny, so maybe not ideal if you haven't built too many models previously.


Edited By Percy Verance on 17/02/2019 10:59:09

Thread: Aldi Bench Drill
16/02/2019 20:09:07

Hi again Gordon

If you're a Proxxon user already Gordon, I obviously don't need to sing about the quality. yes I have the table saw too.

An engineering friend - whom also had Proxxon tools - mentioned a good few years ago that light milling was possible with Proxxon drill presses, and the bearings are more than up to it. Indeed Gordon you've spotted the sliding table made for the TBM220 already......

The Proxxon 3 jaw chuck I replaced the orginal pin chuck with cost about a tenner as I recall. And yes, it does open to 6mm. It obviously wouldn't have the sheer torque to drill 6mm holes in sheet steel, but for anything up to about 3 to 4mm dia it's pretty damn good. It also excels at turning very small (sub 1mm) bits.

For the uses you mentioned you'd be putting it to Gordon, particularly light milling, it will be superb.

Edited By Percy Verance on 16/02/2019 20:17:55

Thread: Acrowot build
16/02/2019 15:29:08

It's perhaps also worth adding that if you're going to use epoxy on a joint which has small gaps, then pop the bottles in the microwave for 20 seconds or so prior to mixing. It'll then run into gaps and cracks much more might also begin to penetrate the grain of the wood a bit. Not something it usually does in it's normal gloopy state.

Poly C would indeed be a good alternative, but it's thinner/runnier and so would need several more coats to build up it's strength if used with a wing joining bandage. Good stuff though. I use it myself.




Edited By Percy Verance on 16/02/2019 15:34:46

16/02/2019 12:36:09


For the bandage wrapped round the wing I personally wouldn't use any epoxy type glues. I'd use Aliphatic resin glue. In fact that's what I'd use for the whole model. If you go on to cover the model with iron on film you'll find that it may not adhere too well to the epoxy on the wing bandage. There'd be no such issue with a bandage applied with Aliphatic as film covering sticks well to it. Be sure the wing bandage is wider than the fuselage Stephen.

Epoxy glues don't seep into the wood, but instead sit on the surface. They're also heavy .


Edited By Percy Verance on 16/02/2019 12:59:29

Thread: The Ohmen
16/02/2019 12:19:40

The sheet core method mentioned earlier certainly has merit. The Ruhig Tiger design ( the first of which I built in 1990) had 1/16 sheet cores with ribs on each side for all the tail components. The finished parts were both stiff and light. It's certainly one good way to go.....

But I'll also note Peter's recommendation for a solid sheet tailplane, given that lead was ultimately required at the rear to balance.

15/02/2019 20:13:47

It saves a bit of time Martin. I used to do it the traditional way a few decades back, but with the onset of arthritis it's easier these days to begin a build with a set of nicely cut parts


Edited By Percy Verance on 15/02/2019 20:30:28

Thread: Aldi Bench Drill
15/02/2019 19:44:55


If you feel you can justify it the Proxxon TBM220 is a superb little machine. The quality really is superb. It has the facility to change speeds by manually swapping the drive belt to different pulleys. It's an incredibly smooth running machine too. And of course it's specifically intended for benchtop craft/modelling's surprisingly weighty for a compact benchtop drill though (4kg)

I spotted one on Amazon at £154, which is about what I paid 5+ years ago........

From memory though Gordon, I think it came with a pin chuck which didn't look too usable, so I simply replaced it with the Proxxon 3 jaw chuck available as an accessory.




Edited By Percy Verance on 15/02/2019 19:59:02

Thread: The Ohmen
15/02/2019 18:03:30

Hi again Piers

Well that sounds more encouraging, perhaps they're getting caught up? I'll post on here when my Ohmen set arrives. You never know, it might help somebody........

15/02/2019 16:47:34

Hi Piers

There is no particular rush on my part. It's just that I hadn't ordered anything from Sarik before and I was simply wondering when I might expect delivery. If they're busy it might be a while by the sound of it......

Still, Summer's a while away yet....... I have enough to keep me busy for now.

Edited By Percy Verance on 15/02/2019 16:48:45

Thread: Aldi Bench Drill
15/02/2019 16:25:14

You're absolutely correct of course Mike, but as you said it's not always possible to open the box and fiddle. I went the route most do ( as here) and bought a bargain basement Clarke pillar drill for the bench along the back of the garage as you do, but for my modelling den up in the loft conversion I did push the boat out a tad (£160).....

Superb quality as you'd expect from Proxxon. The whole thing is just over a foot tall. Ideal for those little fiddly diddly modelling jobs. Although the chuck capacity is around 5mm, it's at it's best with smaller bits. There is absolutely zero play anywhere..........the vice is an extra. Proxxon do sell a *normal* sized bench pillar drill, but you'd be parting with £400 or so if you wanted one.












Edited By Percy Verance on 15/02/2019 17:05:33

15/02/2019 14:47:38

Aldi's Workzone tools seem of perfectly acceptable quality for the price they're sold at. I bought a Parkzone sliding mitre saw 4 or so years back and it seemed fine for £80. However, since moving house 5 years ago and realising I was faced with a mountain of refurb work, I decided to shell out big style and bought a lot of DeWalt and Makita gear, even down to a Makita hedge trimmer and a 36v (2x18v) chainsaw to sort the jungle garden out. When it came to a mower and petrol brush cutter, I went to Cheapmowers in Leeds. Excellent website, sound advice and prompt delivery. We later bought a ride on mower for club use from them. 

My next door neighbour happily bought my old Aldi mitre saw for £40.


Edited By Percy Verance on 15/02/2019 14:52:17

Thread: The Ohmen
14/02/2019 20:55:15

I just ordered a set of Ohmen lazer cut parts from Sarik today. How long am I likely to wait for UK delivery, anyone?

I might go for the Vertigo parts in a month or two. I last flew a Vertigo in about 1974.........but next time round it'll be electric.


Edited By Percy Verance on 14/02/2019 21:02:08

Thread: Field mower question
14/02/2019 19:03:35

Funny you mention that Alan, as that same thought was what prompted me to add the later paragraph to my post.........

14/02/2019 18:55:24

Good stuff Martin, but not feasible for some clubs, as they'd become targets for theft. You'd need first rate security arrangements if you were to leave that gear on site at some fields. NIce to have it though.......

We're fortunate in that where we fly is literally a couple of minutes drive from my bungalow down a single track country road. We bring the mowing kit to the field when we need to mow, and take it all away when we're done. Obviously, living so close to our field helps in this respect. We don't even have a club hut or any other indications that the field is anything other than a pasture for sheep. 


Edited By Percy Verance on 14/02/2019 19:06:05

14/02/2019 17:36:04

Hi Tim

FRom what you've said Tim, you already use some sort of gang mower. How good is your field? Lawn quality or avarage farmer's field? A cylinder mower will get the finest results of course, but won't perform too well if the field has uneven areas. We use a ride on rotary, but also have a smaller walk behind but driven rotary job too.

I have no idea why the single committee member feels that ultra short grass is an absolute necessity. Frankly it's a ridiculous notion, and you could spend more time mowing than flying. Tell him to feel free to cut it if he wants 1/4 inch long grass, or fit bigger wheels to his models...........keeping it at that length would be nigh on impossible. It would be easier nailing jelly to the ceiling.

We simply arrive at our field and take a quick look at the grass. If it's only an inch or two long, we just fly. It does of course depend on the models, or more to the point the size of the wheels on the models. But some days we're flying models with big 3 and 4 inch wheels, so we simply go for it and fly. Sometimes hand launch and land in the grass is the order of the day if we can't be bothered mowing on the day.


Edited By Percy Verance on 14/02/2019 17:42:33

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