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Thread: Tx modes
23/06/2018 22:38:00

It's odd that's a problem fly boy. I didn't think mode was an issue with most current sets along with cordless buddy systems?

My own system can certainly cope with a crossed mode scenario. In fact I own a transmitter on Mode 2, which is used specifically for teaching those whom do not use Mode 1 (my Mode).

23/06/2018 21:02:27

That certainly was pretty much the case when I moved from flying control line to radio Tom. There were very few non Mode 1 flyers where I was flying back then. Part of the reason for that was the fact that most - including me - were taught by the Club President, a former British Aerobatic Champion from the days of Phil Olsen, Stuart Uwins etc.....

I clearly recall him handing me his huge RCS transmitter, with the offer to fly a "few circuits"...........

Happy days........

Thread: Rudder trim backwards on SG14 (only on one model)
21/06/2018 16:59:00

The chap I'm presently teaching to fly has just bought himself a Royal SX Frank. A black (Elegance?) 16ch job. He'd have been happy to settle for the 9ch, but that's now been discontinued, presumably in favour of the Cockpit SX. 9/12. I've had a little play with it to set up his models etc, but I haven't delved too deeply as yet. The bits I've seen so far pretty much replicate my older Royal Pro, although I'm aware there are some differences in the programming. The new stick units are nice Frank, and the same as the Profi I believe.....

Edited By Percy Verance on 21/06/2018 17:04:43

21/06/2018 16:23:23

It's a programming option that is specifically included for those whom may take the occasional funny turn BEB.........or perhaps those whom are unsure whether they're coming or going?

Not quite the same thing, but I remember on my old Mpx 4000 you could assign the trims as actual additional channels. Maybe a bit odd, but could perhaps be used for functional trim tabs on a 100% scale job?


Edited By Percy Verance on 21/06/2018 16:27:21

Thread: Spruce or Obechi for a wing spar?
20/06/2018 19:10:08

Castor oil was also used in aeroplane engines at the time of the Wright Brothers, but is deemed unsuitable these days. It's called progress I think.

20/06/2018 13:25:38

Not sure what's in a name Bob, but cyparis is supposedly lighter and stronger than spruce for any given section. At least that's how it was marketed 20 odd years back when it first seemed to appear.

Thread: Electric Cars.
19/06/2018 22:13:43

Leaving the planet certainly isn't a viable option for those whom want to drive behind i.c. engines, as they need air to be able to function and there is a distinct shortage of it in the upper there's no oil at all.


Give the electorate some credit. They didn't buy David Cameron's little plan..........

Edited By Percy Verance on 19/06/2018 22:14:35

19/06/2018 15:10:38

Ray, just use the horn. Or better still, wind the window down and demonstrate your excellent command of the English language....... Seriously though, this is going to be a problem, no doubt about it. There are now thousands of people whom cross the road using their ears rather than their eyes. It'll keep some A & E Departments busy that's for sure.

I certainly wouldn't want a sound generator in my Nissan Leaf. In fact I don't care for any noisy car, no matter how exotic the make. Now a Rolls Royce Merlin is somewhat different. In it's correct context - in an aircraft - I could happily listen for hours. Not keen on those mounted on test stands you see at shows though. Just doesn't seem *right* somehow.


Edited By Percy Verance on 19/06/2018 15:12:48

19/06/2018 13:34:36

So, we're told by the electric car nay sayers that ultimately the only solution is to leave the planet? Really?

I'm not entirely sure my Focus is fully up to intersteller travel. Mind you, I have just had it serviced, and two new tyres fitted........

Another thought that struck me as odd. It seems we need many thousands of new houses. Presumably these houses will be supplied with electricity?

How is it there won't be enough electricity to charge thousands more EV's, but yet plenty for, say, 300'000 new houses?


Norway has strong incentives to promote electric vehicle ownership. I think they were also among the first to initiate a scheme whereby EV owners can sell unused energy back to the grid. I understand the average return is around £30 per week for those whom participate. And I hear what you're saying about the Norwegians and using waterfalls to generate electricity. The nearest town to me is home to a world renowned engineering company, experienced at designing and producing water turbines, which I believe they've installed the world over. The local electricity distribution company also has a large depot in the town. And to cap it all, there's a healthy river flowing through the centre of the town. So healthy in fact that several hundred housed were flooded during storm Desmond in December 2015. It isn't too difficult to see where you might go with this, but yet no one has put the pieces together so far. There is also a pipeline running from Haweswater, supply drinking water to Manchester and the surrounding area. There are actually two pipes buried side by side, each about 5 foot diameter. The pipeline is about 80 miles long. I've often wondered how much energy must be going to waste there? 





Edited By Percy Verance on 19/06/2018 13:53:49

Edited By Percy Verance on 19/06/2018 14:19:10

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
18/06/2018 18:59:45

If I've read/understood your post correctly Steve, you appear to be implying the "B" and "C" tests are simply aerobatic tests. As a former BMFA Examiner for 25 years I'd beg to differ. I personally always saw all the tests as a measure of a pilot's ability to fly safely while applying careful and considered control. The sheer accuracy of the manoeuvres was never the issue for me. Obviously, a loop had to resemble a loop etc, but as long as it was all flown safely under proper control, I was happy enough.

It was all about safety for me Steve.

Edited By Percy Verance on 18/06/2018 19:00:37

Thread: Unexplained crash
18/06/2018 18:46:17

Odd you say that BEB. I very recently swapped out a wing servo in my Easystar because it developed a *twitch* at neutral.

18/06/2018 18:34:12

fly boy

My radio manufacturer got round that senario by offering a system (on 35mhz) which scanned the airwaves prior to transmitting a signal and wouldn't allow your transmitter to emit an rf signal if your channel was already in use, so the crash you had wouldn't have happened......

If only all 35mhz sets had it, then pegboards may have been little more than ornaments. It would have saved many models..........

And this system would have helped in your scenario too Martin.....more so if the dimwit had it in his tx.




Edited By Percy Verance on 18/06/2018 18:43:52

Thread: Electric Cars.
18/06/2018 16:01:23

But again Don, even assuming Bosch can produce the finest emission control humanly possible and reduce the nox output of i.c. engines to virtually nowt, what good will it be if there's no oil from which to refine the required fuel? Internal combustion engines are eventually heading up a dead end street, with no fuel pump at the end of it.

We'll simply be hanging on in there, moving the deckchairs around before the ship finally goes down. Sooner or later the oil will dry up..........and as supplies gradually deplete it'll become so costly as to make it totally uneconomical to operate an i.c. powered vehicle. Sooner or later an alternative has to be found, be it wind, nuclear or powered by fairy dust. We simply won't have any choice in the matter.





Edited By Percy Verance on 18/06/2018 16:19:40

18/06/2018 13:29:00


As much as we love and like the i.c. engines in our cars, the indesputable fact remains that oil is a finite resource and will, at some point, run out. We might not find it easy to accept the idea, but there it is.

And yes a Government Minister may have said that, but Government MInisters don't produce motor vehicles or drive the R & D philosophy of the major car makers. At that I think we may be back to the point I made above........



Edited By Percy Verance on 18/06/2018 13:39:13

Thread: Flea Fli RCME July issue free plan
17/06/2018 21:16:14

Or Martin, if you could live with a non transparent canopy, then blue foam painted silver?

A couple of coats of Poly C to seal it first perhaps?

Edited By Percy Verance on 17/06/2018 21:17:12

17/06/2018 21:13:48

Balsa plug and large Coke bottle Martin?

Failing that I'd be on the look out for something like a Mustang or perhaps even a Sabre jet canopy at the right size. Even a slightly large one could have material carefully removed from it's lower edge until it was around the size you needed.

A bit of a fiddle, but worth it if it gets you there......... Billkits do a Sabre although I can't recall what size it is.


Edited By Percy Verance on 17/06/2018 21:20:21

17/06/2018 20:15:08


I'm pretty sure the Graupner version was a close copy of the Kwik Fli 111. Mine certainly flew well on an Enya .60 two stroke. There weren't that many four strokes around back then.......(1980/81)

That motor mount is a snug fit Martin. Too many coats of fuel proofer and it won't fit anymore wink

Edited By Percy Verance on 17/06/2018 20:16:47

17/06/2018 18:04:20

I always liked Phil Kraft's Fli series of models. I had the (Graupner kit) Kwik Fli back in the early 80's, and I loved it.

I have original free plan for the Flea Fli, and I always felt it might make a good subject for electric conversion, particularly now smaller receivers and servos are available. As mentiond in the latest mag article there is the potential to save several ounces in weight over the original model. That can only benefit flight performance.

Edited By Percy Verance on 17/06/2018 18:04:52

Thread: DX6G3
17/06/2018 13:39:34

As Speedster says, just use a throttle/elevator mix, progessively increasing the down elevator starting from roughly 30% of throttle travel. As has been mentioned, it's trial and error to find the ideal amount but generally it ought to be around 5 to 10% of the total down elevator movement.


I'm not familiar with Spektrum radio, but I'd have thought you might be able to use a flight mode to do what you're after.


Edited By Percy Verance on 17/06/2018 13:43:04

Thread: Electric Cars.
17/06/2018 13:20:41

RC Plane Flyer

Don't overlook the fact that combustion engined cars can catch fire fairly readily too. Witness the spate of Vauxhall Zafira fires.........

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