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Thread: Saito and OS engine servicing
22/04/2019 09:00:47

A difficult question to answer Simon. You'd have thought that by now at least, Just Engines would have had more information.......

The *factory is moving* thing has been ongoing for months, with seemingly no updates. You could be forgiven for wondering if, given the overall trend in model engine sales, they've called it a day? Certainly in the last few years ASP prices have risen noticeably..........



Edited By Percy Verance on 22/04/2019 09:04:36

Thread: Hi, I'm Robin
22/04/2019 08:13:59

Hi Robin and welcome to the forum. yes Lots of different types of models chewed over on here, plus many other things too. Dive in and enjoy..........

Thread: Holding screws in
22/04/2019 08:10:40

Hi Tony

I think you may need to find out why you lost the screw. Are both the prop and spinner balanced? Either can be a source of vibration.

Thread: Saito and OS engine servicing
22/04/2019 07:54:19

As fewer i.c. model engines are sold, the manufacturers will look to try to recoup the lost revenue on spares and servicing. Saito spares have always carried eye watering price tags, with OS spares prices not far behind. Sadly, it's led to a downward spiral. There are few whom would freely fork out £75 to £100 to have something like an OS .91fs serviced, and there lies the problem...........

And I don't believe them when they say it's cheaper to buy a new one either Martin, not at OS prices anyway. A list price of £350 for a .56fs alpha? Come on OS, get real. Ok, some of the shops will knock one out at 50 or 60 quid less, but it's still a healthy wedge for a 56 four stroke. 

And you can't box clever by buying an ASP or SC anymore as these seem to have been out of stock for months. 

Edited By Percy Verance on 22/04/2019 08:03:44

Thread: Electric Cars.
21/04/2019 12:24:56

Nice one Martin. If you were serious about towing with an EV, there are some already out there capable of the task. Some Teslas are rated for towing I believe, as is the Merc EV about to go on sale. That's rated for towing 1800kg.

21/04/2019 09:37:49

Probably not as long as you might imagine Doc. I may yet forgo the storage battery and sell electricity straight back to the grid during the daytime when I use less of it. I would recoup some cost from that as inevtable energy price hikes arrive. Gas and electricity is very unlikely to get cheaper......

The cost of running the EV is the ace card though. EVM ( Electric Vehicle Man) on YouTube has/is keeping a comprehensive log of his costs running the second of two Nissan Leafs (Leaves?) he has owned. His current car is a 2016 model and has covered 40k miles so far. His electricity costs - he uses Octopus Energy on their cheap rate at 10.4p per kwh - have worked out at less than £14 per 1000 miles thus far. No fossil fuelled car can come close to that.

And of course with the onset of duties being applied to electricity used for road vehicles - which is bound to happen as their uptake increases - will mean having a solar array on your roof to produce at least some of your own *fuel* rather than taking it from the grid and paying duty, will make even more sense as you'll be recouping your initial outlay even sooner.

P.S. IDD, Booths, a smaller more local supermarket brand based in the Northwest has recently installed four chargers each on most of it's supermarket car parks. Also worth pointing out that the chargers Tesco are installing - 2400 in total at 600 stores - will be free to use for their customers. Indeed, the chargers at my local Sainsburys are also free to use. And yes, the next big switch surely has to be getting the chargers moved over to contactless payment rather than countless different apps and various membership cards etc. 







Edited By Percy Verance on 21/04/2019 10:08:05

Thread: Understanding the numbers....
20/04/2019 20:26:35

I'd raise the model off the ground Roger, preferably by a metre or so. That might make a difference.

Thread: Field mower question
20/04/2019 11:11:53

Same here Tiger, quite rural and on the fringes of the Southern Lake District. Mainly rural crime here - nicking quad bikes and 4x4's, steel gates from fields, stealing sheep etc.

One farmer in a more central Lakes location had several dozen sheep taken. He then sprayed the rest of his sheep bright orange to deter further far it appears to have worked. Several other farmers have taken to colouring their flocks too. With wool bringing only very moderate prices these days, the sheep itself is more important than the wool.

One particular theft seemed rather bold. In one area on the border of Cumbria/North Yorkshire, a good number of carved capping stones were stolen from an old bridge during one night. These certainly can't have been light, being three foot or so long and a foot or so thick. They surely must have weighed a couple of hundredweight each, but it didn't seem to deter them. About 20 were taken. They had probably been on the bridge for 200+ years.......

As you rightly point out, a clean deck is preferred. As most seem to be pressed from steel, regular cleaning helps a lot. If it isn't done, they can rust through far sooner than you might imagine. It seems it's only the pricier mowers have aluminium decks, with even the cheaper Honda walk-behind jobs costing the far side of £500......

Edited By Percy Verance on 20/04/2019 11:28:45

20/04/2019 08:44:26


Just clicked on your link. Another vote here for Cheapmowers in Leeds. Good service and excellent help/advice! yes

It's good to see you've had good service from your Lawn King. I was warned off buying an MTD powered mower purely because of the (Chinese) engine..... Good to see yours has been fine. We bought our ride-on from Cheapmowers about 6 years ago. Key start Briggs & Stratton powered, no problems at all. We also got the smaller walk behind jobs from them as well.

Thread: wire rigging
20/04/2019 07:05:46

Hi Den

I'd have a look at what Mick Reeves has. He may have something ......

Model Boat specialits are another possibility. Quite often the fittings for model boats have their uses for us. I'd try Cornwall Model Boats for starters, but there are quite a few other model marine specialists too. The model boat side of the hobby doesn't appear to have suffered too much from the ravages of Hobbykingitis yet.........


Edited By Percy Verance on 20/04/2019 07:07:24

Thread: Field mower question
20/04/2019 06:45:47

We pretty much follow the same route as Denis above, in that we now use smaller walk behind rotary mowers rather than a ride-on. We don't cut anymore grass than is actually needed to comfortably take-off and land. To us at least - we're all retired/semi-retired - it seems pointless mowing huge swathes of grass just for show. We have two 21 inch cut jobs, with reliable B & S engines, and they do the job well. If one should break down, you still have the other. The mowers are not kept at the field, as we purposely have no hut or any other structures etc to attract unwanted attention. Half an hour to 45 minutes with the two mowers sees enough grass cut for us........and as Denis points out, a replacement mower costs £300 or so.

At a previous site we did have a ride-on mower, and we also took the precaution of having it fitted with a tracker of the type fitted to burger vans and horse trailers etc. I believe they are a self contained unit with a battery life of 5 years or so. The ride-on now resides in my garage and these days lives a much easier life than previously, mowing about 25% of the grass area it did before.......




Edited By Percy Verance on 20/04/2019 06:59:39

Thread: Radio, servo malfunction
19/04/2019 17:36:33

Possibly another one to watch are those so called lightweight extension leads, made from very thin wire. These seemingly are rated for the smallest of servos only, and won't stand much current at all.........easily damaged delicate things they are.

19/04/2019 07:50:06

Hi Robert

You tried several different receivers, so they can't all be faulty. But have you tried other types of servo?

I bought some small blue Tower Pro servos from a UK based supplier a few years back, and, as is my usual method, I plugged them into my servo tester 3 at a time for a 30 minute period. They got so warm I was shocked. I won't be using them in any of my models. Nor shall I be buying anymore. I replaced them with HiTec servos which were (stil are) fine........

Seems like a servo issue. You tried swapping everything else.....

P.S. I read it again. You did try another make of servo. I think you answered your own question Robert..... smiley


Edited By Percy Verance on 19/04/2019 07:51:53

Thread: Thunder Tiger Manual
18/04/2019 18:11:54

Mmm, I know where you're coming from here Jon. Many moons ago I worked for a while with a lady whom used to listen to a slightly off-tune radio while she worked. To her it obviously sounded fine, but it used to drive me mad.........

Thread: 35 Meg Rx
18/04/2019 05:34:21

It also follows that the length of the replacement aerial should be same as the original. Shortening could lead to a loss of range.........

Thread: Downthrust help needed please
17/04/2019 18:26:55

It's simply a hunch, but the problems seem to be stemming from the larger motor you have fitted. I don't own a Bixler, but I have had an Easystar for about 6 years. I really don't think they are the sort of model to handle big increases in power. The layour just doesn't lend itself to high power set-ups. Apologies for raining on your parade Phil, but If you want to fly faster or with greater authority, I think you need a different model........

Thread: New Drone/Aerodrome Regulations - Is your club at risk?
17/04/2019 18:15:31

I once belonged to a similar club Matty. AGM's were held and matters were discussed and voted on etc, but the final straw for me was one occasion when a matter had been agreed upon in the meeting, then, once outside at the end of the meeting, certain individuals were overheard to be discussing the matter further and then agreeing a different course of action to that finalised during the meeting.

Needless to say, i chose the same course of action as yourself and left the club........

Thread: The Ohmen
17/04/2019 17:51:36

So on balance then Martin, perhaps not worth modding?

I recall various mods for the Acrowot being mentioned/tried, and some of those were aimed at supposedly curing a pull towards the u/c in knife edge. An increase in tailplane area along with dropping the tailplane to a mid fus point rather than on the top. A sub fin was another.

Interestingly, both mods found their way onto the Extra Wot artf...........

Given your findings Martin, I may just go ahead with the Ohmen as Mr Miller designed it. The handy size, and the fact that it is a Peter Miller design are what appeal to me.....

Edited By Percy Verance on 17/04/2019 17:55:10

Thread: Thunder Tiger Manual
17/04/2019 15:48:46

Jon beat me to it. It's an OS copy - designed I believe by someone whom worked for OS - so can be run in pretty much the same way......

Quality is better than the Chinese clones.

Edited By Percy Verance on 17/04/2019 15:49:47

Thread: Spring is here. Who is flying?
16/04/2019 20:41:14

The benches caught my eye as much as the model Tim.

Those trees don't look to be ideally placed though?

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