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Thread: Hack Glider EP
20/04/2013 12:05:05

From Beth

Thank you for your kind comments Riverlandgirl, David sayes hi and hopes you're having success with your 'mad' inventions.

Davids brother flew his glider this morning. It flies extremely well and climbs very quickly. It seemed to take ages to to come back down with the power off and was flown several times over David so he could hear it. He is very pleased, especially when his brother told him he thought it would fly just as well with half the power available. David has asked that we set up a video so that we can share this with you all.

Thank you all


Thread: Any pilots here?
19/04/2013 16:01:58
Posted by Ruprect Spode on 19/04/2013 07:44:40:

 David's asking where do you teach?


Edited By Radge on 19/04/2013 16:03:28

Edited By Radge on 19/04/2013 16:06:01

Thread: Hack Glider EP
19/04/2013 15:55:40

From Beth, (Davids wife)

Hello all, as I'm sure you are aware David(Radge) has lost his sight and it was behoven to both his brother and myself to finish his electric glider. In the end we used the last of the iron on covering he had left. To be honest I rather enjoyed doing it, (being a dab hand with an iron anyway) Lining up and securing the tail down was not easy, mainly because David was continually shouting at us about incedence, control throw measurement's and things! But it's all done and tested and now ready for it's first flight. For that event, David's brother and the rest of the family are coming tomorrow and we're going to have a bit of a launch barbeque party as the weather is set to be perfect.

I'll let you know how it goes.




Edited By Radge on 19/04/2013 15:56:46

Thread: What are your 2013 build plans?
02/01/2013 16:47:38
Posted by GrahamC on 02/01/2013 13:09:52:

Job 1... Finish Electric Puppeteer

Job 2 Finish Royal/Marutaka Zero.... [A nice breezy spring day will be needed to finish the carving!]

Just noticed this Graham, I also need a breezy day for carving, I do it on the lawn then mower it upthumbs up

02/01/2013 12:29:53

Well let me see now,

to finish:

Own design electric glider.(quite excited about this one, not far to go now with the original design and looking forward to playing around with different wings on it also.

Own design low wing racer,(not happy with this one, fuselage didn't end up as straight as it could have done, will persevere)

HK J3 Cub(last years birthday present still in box)

To start:

Either a scale Bird Dog or a parasol racer(these 1920's/30's jobbers are crackin' , just have to see how things go there as I change my mind more often than my socks.

All the best everybody! Hope all your builds during 2013 go well.smiley

Thread: Hack Glider EP
25/12/2012 10:48:06

Power pylon completed with video cam mounted.(Christmas present)


Merry Christmas and a peaceful New Year to all.face 23

Thread: James May's Toy Stories: Flight Club
24/12/2012 09:20:03
Posted by Steve Holland on 24/12/2012 02:12:10:

There were lots of late nights on this one, I had to build a couple of the trial models to test the auto pilot and changes to the wing. Andy Johnson took over from me when I had to fly away to work again, he did quite a bit of rebuilding and testing ready for Jame's Mays own self constructed glider to do the record flight. I have a few bits left over from the builds and one day will build my own replica to add to the collection of odd toys I've played with over the years.

Cheers Steve

Insider gen Steve? Great stuff! Any photo's please? Would love to see some background development.smiley

23/12/2012 22:50:57

Was that not just the business! They could have built an all bells and whistles design with a 50:1 glide ratio but they went with a vintage. Superb! Just the kick up the jacksey I needed to crack on with my builds.(Any one got a spare chopper?)

Thread: Glasfugel H201 Libelle
23/12/2012 00:09:03

Great stuff Simon! This true to scale modelling presents it's own problems indeed. What are your plans for the ailerons?

Thread: Hack Glider EP
22/12/2012 21:37:18

Just an update on the power pod.

Fairing under construction.


Just about done, mounting plate curve should suit most wing uppers.



Thread: Private clubs - I thought we were all equal?
22/12/2012 19:01:22

I'm not a club member for a whole variety of reasons, however when I do fly at the local park I get an immense amount of local support in terms of general interest, genuine flying enquiries and retrieval assistance. I have no doubt that as I'm in a wheelchair there must be a certain novelty value to those curious as to what I'm doing in the middle of a playing field staring at the sky, but here is where the danger creeps in. I have (possibly because of interest sparked by me) seen an upsurge in youngsters with foamie rtf's attempting to fly unsupervised in this area. My worry is obvious, how long is it before they smash a 3lb, 100mph, uncontrolled missile into someone or their property and a blanket ban is imposed on all flying. This where clubs, no matter how exclusive, are the optimal choice for model flyers and it is preferable to travel that little bit further to enjoy the facilities offered by the club of your choice, safe in the knowledge that all the major barriers to safe flight have already been addressed.

Thread: Whats wrong with a pusher?
21/12/2012 14:42:37

Ooh that is interesting Simon! Are you saying that for pitch control a T tail is preferrable?

21/12/2012 12:07:43

Very good thread Simon, I suspect that's why we are modellers, we have an intelligent curiosity which we may relatively inexpensively 'tinker' with. Having mostly completed my electric 'tractor' glider I have reconsidered my power options and am just about to complete a top pylon pusher arrangement. Now then, is this to be my first 'twin' build? Purely as an evaluation of research, the pusher motor is to be mounted with a slight up and left thrust, will this be a correct assumption?

Thread: Hack Glider EP
16/12/2012 23:51:00

Unable to do any serious building at the moment because of a 'full house' for Christmas but I'm having thoughts on powering this little jobbie. Take one 6mm OD carbon tent pole, pin in some circular hard wood,


Add a 2826 1900kv motor and two roll on deoderant caps


and I've got the makings for a power pod. Just add a fairing for the ESC, a lick of paint and I've got something I can transfer from model to model(adjusting the power set up accordingly).

Thread: Do you like to fly?
16/12/2012 23:36:46

As a pilot I clocked up a few hundred hours on BAC 111's 727's, 737's & F27's. My favourite aircraft .......F27's out of Norwich to Schipol & Stavanger. Most hated.......727's out of Manchester or Birmingham to Alicante or Benidorm. Normal humans turning into animals, the noise, smell and aggrevation put me off flying outside the cockpit for life.

Thread: The SLEC range has expanded!
16/12/2012 12:22:52

The Coyota is a pretty little glider, a good first build and fly project for any ab initio pilot.

Thread: Traditional Covering Tissue/Dope - what next?
15/12/2012 23:19:42

After doping and painting tissue I put on a couple of coats of Amtico water based wooden floor dressing, It doen't add any appreciable weight but is a really good ding proofer. It's also an excellent sanding sealer giving a lovely smooth satin finish to wood which you can paint or cover. It can be brushed or air brushed on. **LINK**

PS I also mix the acrylic paint with it for a tough satin finish.


Edited By Radge on 15/12/2012 23:22:51

Thread: 1st Powered Glider
15/12/2012 18:41:59

Sell you this when it's finished.wink 2


Just joking.

Thread: Electric flyers, READ THIS THREAD
15/12/2012 18:31:12

Hey CSB, you know that this is always an evocative subject of which there as many opinions as there are pine needles on my carpet. Perhaps an electric to IC conversion blog with supporting photo's would have been a preferrable tack on this subject.wink

Thread: What determines a planes speed?
15/12/2012 15:28:10
Posted by Simon Chaddock on 15/12/2012 15:20:25:


Its all a question of aerodynamic efficiency.

For a given wing area (ie lifting ability) a swept wing (or delta) is only more efficient than a straight one when compressibility comes in to play and you have to be doing 500mph or more for that to happen.

Hence the dynamic soarers use efficient straight wing designs, but the way they are going its only a matter of time!

A 2m razor thin airfoil Simon, you've just set yourself your next challenge!wink 2

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