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Thread: Own Design Low Winger
11/09/2012 16:41:37

That's right CS, I'm going to mount the low voltage alarm and digital cell voltage read out there so I can check it at a glance.wink 2

Thread: What is the problem
11/09/2012 15:31:08

Oooh! 30amp Mystery Pentium ESC's seem to have a batch fault(allegedly), I've just used one (new unused) on a motor test, correctly set up and checked it would only allow the motor to start at half throttle then give a 1 second burst and die. Not a set up or programming fault it went in the bin. I googled the fault only to discover many other modellers have had a bad news experience with these ESC's. Pointless reporting the fault to 'Janet' in Hong Kong(why do they always use English female names?) as a replacement would cost less than the return postage.

Thread: Own Design Low Winger
11/09/2012 10:23:26

Perpendicular formers and doublers glued in. I had intended to plank the upper front cowl with 1/8", would wet & bend be a better idea? Any feedback would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you.smiley


Thread: Nats photos from 1966 (I think!) and other old photos
11/09/2012 01:03:05

Almost 50 years! Half a century! It's like you forgot to select the colour option on your digital camera. Quite amazing Andy it must have been quite a thrill for a youngster then and also, imagine kids being allowed to 'thumb it' these days? It was in the sixties that I got the aviation bug, I remember going to a model show in Glasgow and seeing what I thought were huge models, having only built 1/72nd Airfix kits. For the next 2 years I nagged for Santa to bring me one, he did in 1969, a Cox .049 CL Mustang. Bless them.

Thread: Tim's Next Project
11/09/2012 00:28:31
Posted by Tim Hooper on 10/09/2012 22:39:25:

Thanks Steve!

The Chippie and the Beaver have all been done to death really. They're even available as ARTFs - goodness me......

How about the Corben Super Ace?

Oh yes ppppppplease! Gimme gimme gimme! smile p

Thread: Own Design Low Winger
10/09/2012 21:02:52

Thank you Fly boy3 thats great.smiley

Thanks CS, it's wingspan is 52" and assuming an AUW(all up weight) of 3lbs the wing loading will be 20 oz per sq ft with cubic loading of 13 oz per cu ft and a rough stalling speed of about 20mph which to be fair is the same stall speed of my high winger which has 17 oz per sq ft with a larger wing area of 416 sq ins. Very happy with that!(however it's like going to fat fighters, "And how much do you weigh this week?"frownlaugh

Thread: Zulu ET
10/09/2012 14:23:47

BHi Charlie, Good advice there from Mike. When you connect the battery are you keeping the throttle stick AND it's trim all the way down? If rudder is on the left stick, check also when turning in your garden that the throttle and it's trim aren't being moved also. Basic stuff I know but we can all do it. (Welcoming Smiley)


Thread: Pico Stick (fusalage) c of g
10/09/2012 10:06:33

Sorry, I'm a bit confused, is your balance point 15mm behind the recommended CofG?

Thread: Wax paper
10/09/2012 10:01:38

I've been using cling film with not a great deal of success, it protects the plan well enough but I spend ages unpicking it from the wood. Should I use grease proof and candle rubbing instead?

Thread: Own Design Low Winger
10/09/2012 09:51:59

Thank you so very much, that certainly justifies the expence of the aliphatic resin(Scottish you see, "You'll no be having a sale?" I'd use wall paper paste if I thought I could get away with it).

G'day BBC, the plans ARE shabby, can't you see the coffee stains mate?

10/09/2012 00:06:03

After the succesful maiden flights of my high wing cabin jobber and mini stick yesterday. I decided to crack on with my low winger today.


The drawings

Pencil Design Drawings

Sizing up the electrics, my target weight is 3lbs (ish) so I'm going to try it with my 3548 kv900 driving a 13 x 8 E prop through a 60amp ESC using a 3s 2235 25c battery. This combination has produced 445 watts constant on my test rig so I have do a bit to play with.

Aerovolt Sport Deco Power Set

I built the basic wings a while back, just got to join and sheet them now. I intend using 15g servo's.

Aerovolt Sport Deco Wing

Fuselage sides and all formers cut.Sizing up formers

I had photo copied my former drawings and pritt stuck them to the 1/8" ply and balsa, I don't have a scroll saw so I mount my jig saw upside down in my workmate and feed the wood in to it. This is me playing with the formers to size them up for the doubler panels. I normally use PVA and CA for building but I've bought in Delux Materials Aliphatic glue for this one. Is this a good choice and can I use it for the ply formers or shoulg I use epoxy?

Sizing up formers and battery tray

Thread: Bucker BU-131 Jungmann kit/plans
09/09/2012 14:29:29

Hi CS check this out mate

Plan FSP1217



Edited By Radge on 09/09/2012 14:34:51

Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 10/09/2012 09:30:17

Thread: AeroVolt Graduate
07/09/2012 23:57:36

Well it's finally ready for the air, maiden flight tomorrow. I elected to fit the 3530 kv1400 40amp ESC with a 9 x 6 prop & 1800mah battery, on test its delivering 240 watts. On design I aimed for weight of no more than 1kg and it's come in at 926 grams all in. Should hopefully have bags of spare power if reality equates to the maths. The only real difference from design to construction is the omission of wing struts although I still fitted hardened mounting points on the wings and fuselage. Although I would sit in my shed saying to myself "you must love this plane" as I bashed through my supply of balsa and ply there were occasions when some thinners and a match seemed the best plan.

Just to say that as my very first completed build the learning curve was steeper than the White Cliffs and the time I spent studying building techniques prior to cutting my first strip of balsa was time well spent. All these little hints and tips in the magazine and the forum were totally invaluable. I'm sure it'll come with practice but I do find I struggle at times with build sequence and priorities, trying to remember that you can't do something until something else is done first etc.

Discovered loves, fibre glassing, planing, shaping and sanding built up leading edges(I was dreading this in case I ruined the whole wing, but it turned out a lovely job so I'll never waste my money on stock LE's again.) Iron on covering, it's just so simple and effective. Selecting, testing and preparing the electricals, ooh! I felt like one of Sydney Camms boy's. Finally the actual draughting of the plans, I thoroughly enjoyed this with all the necessary calculations, selection of structure, building materials, power, weight, lift and drag calculations and to see it turn from a pencil drawing into a solid, functional flying machine, knowing that it's the only one and there is no other in existence, is quite a thrill.face 3 Anyway here's some of the build photo's and hopefully it'll still look the same when I bring it back tomorrow. Gulp!

Building up the fuselage

Cowl Added

All glassed & glazed.  Pilot waiting for Tailors to size up covering


Fuze showing front window access hatch



Wing Covering started


Thread: Lipo storage
06/09/2012 19:04:06

Hello Chuck, There is no facility to change the storage cell value. From the manual these are the set voltages.

3.75V for Lilo, 3.85V for LiPo

and 3.3V for LiFe per cell



Thread: Explain your Username... ?!
05/09/2012 16:51:19

A Scottish word for one who is not quite 'all there'.


Edited By Radge on 05/09/2012 16:53:47

Thread: one of those moments
05/09/2012 09:21:34

Lol @ BBC!!face 20 You couldn't write better! Ever thought of joining the 'Flying Concordes'?

However,  I am gutted that Harriet Cass and Charlotte Green have announced their retirement from Radio 4.  The erosion of another of lifes little pleasures.sad

Edited By Radge on 05/09/2012 09:27:59

Edited By Radge on 05/09/2012 09:28:37

Thread: Harvard! Tony's 2012 design for the Special Issue
05/09/2012 09:05:15

Wonderful news about your pending arrival Iain! Best wishes to you and your other half. And when it's your turn for the feed and nappy change what better excuse to disappear into your shed. "But this is in celebration of his birth darling." blushlaugh

Personally can't afford to build TN's Harvard, but I shall put together an electric 40 incher at some time so I can disappear into my shed saying " But it's in celebration of Iain's new little boy darling."blushlaugh

Thread: Ok, what next? Please have your say.
04/09/2012 18:47:14

Oooh! When you do retire your Renegade....wink 2

04/09/2012 17:27:42

I can only say that if it were me, I'd probably keep flying the Renegade until I was sick of it and there was literally nothing I couldn't do with it. Then I'd probably be glad to upgrade rather than feel apprehensive about it. Dunnoe, just a suggestion as sometimes the best thing to do is d

Thread: What have you got planed?
04/09/2012 13:17:15

Finish self design 52" 'Golden Age' racer.

Finish 38" table top Tiger Moth

Draw up plans for and start Comper Swift.laugh Want to do it now! Better finish at least one other first I suppose.blush

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