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Thread: who ripped off whom?
25/08/2012 00:31:22

Hmm.... So you paid $20 for a basically scrap aeroplane, which with your invaluable skills managed to remodel into to something flyable which I'm sure you'll get a lot of pleasure from. Whereas he previously owned something which obviously could not fly or fly very badly if it did and would be consigned to shed as a 'I have no idea what to do with this but I paid over $100 so I'm not going to scrap it' space waster. With it's new found lease of life it sounds like it is totally unrecognisable as the 'thing' he sold you,, so I would display it in front of him 'til he drools for it then sell him it back for $50+ . Even if you do not take this course of action I would consider that your experience and skills have made this a bargain, especially considering the fun and challenge you had resurrecting it in a transmogrified state. Now then, had it been another less able newby to the club then he/she WOULD have been ripped off. Don't you agree?



Thread: Hobby King models thread
24/08/2012 14:13:50

I have a Bixler on it's way.

Thread: Vulcan XH558 to Duxford!
23/08/2012 17:53:49

OOoo eeerr! The Vulcan has just flown over my house (N of Sleaford 10nm) 1500ft heading North. I'm going to have a lie down now!

Thread: Learning to fly alone
22/08/2012 17:45:27

Just to join my nearest club would cost over £140 with all the fee's added up and none in the area have any disabled facilities. So my park only 20 yards from my front door it is, OK I have the odd unexpected arrival but they're becoming less as I've experienced the park in a variety of conditions and now know when and when not to fly and which parts of the sky are no go areas.(and that nice groundsman keeps the grass ever so short) I'll never be able to fly anything larger than say 50" or anything hand launched but I do enough to keep me sane at the moment.

Thread: Airspeed Horsa
22/08/2012 17:26:34

Oh I say, what a marvellous build log and model. Hmm..... that looks suspiciously like an MQ patch.smiley

Thread: Synergy - plane of the future?
22/08/2012 12:07:59

Very nice, didn't pick up on the control surfaces though. Now, I have seen something very similarily designed, an open cockpit fold away type jobber, can't remember where though.

Thread: Martin Bell's new fun flyer
21/08/2012 09:48:46

Hopefully I shall be going to Barkston Heath this weekend and see it. Any one else going?

Thread: UK Drills Sale
20/08/2012 16:56:53

As it's very difficult for me to just pop down to the local shops, most of my stuff comes online so I find I use UK Drills in preference to Screwfix for my bit's, disks and saw blades. If you need to top up your tool box use the word ' thanks ' in the voucher code box and you'll get 10% off your total order. **LINK** smiley

Thread: Latest silly little thing
19/08/2012 19:07:39

What a pretty little amphi bipe.smiley

Thread: Jamara Spacewalker
19/08/2012 11:32:59

Oh dear, and I was thinking of ordering one. They looked so good as well.

Thread: Flying Legends Mini Series Mustang
17/08/2012 20:19:35

Only got £30 spare this month. Think I'll invest in balsa stock and epoxy instead.

Thread: Centre of Gravity question again (ARC Carosel)
16/08/2012 17:28:48

Hi, I've used this calculator, a bit fantouche bit close enough for government work.


Thread: Lidle and Aldi
13/08/2012 21:43:22

As an aside to a 'cheap tools' thread, looking for some tools to do the rest of MY life, I invested in some FERM kit a while ago, circular saw, sanders, multitool, heat gun etc. very reasonably priced gear with a three year warranty on everything. I love their stuff, it 'feels' good, does an excellent job and is very well made in Holland but don't expect any tutorials, it's obviously assumed that these are serious tools for the experienced so no 'baby sitting' required. I would place them above B & D and Bosch for quality but obviously not in the De Walter class. A good buy for me and any other cash strapped 'enthusiastic amateur' I might suggest?

Thread: The 'share your photos' thread (not model flying)
13/08/2012 11:09:21

hurricane exhaust fire.jpgThe BBMF had a busy weekend so we dropped round to Coningsby and snapped this Hurri starting with flames lapping around the exhausts. Get those scale details.

Edited By Radge on 13/08/2012 11:10:44

Thread: Olymics versus Mars landing
09/08/2012 20:15:26
Posted by Myron Beaumont on 09/08/2012 19:49:52:


'xactly !AND when you think of all the firms Our entreprenarial industries that keep up with (and surpass) the rest of the worlds techno(no)logy Say no more .Shame about scrapping the original aeroplanes of the future isn't it ? Concorde / TSR2/Nimrod / Harrier / all our amazing inventions that worked and been proved . Pharmaceuticals come to mind as well ,never mind MRI scan machines .The list is endless.BUT?

Does it really depend on suits that make huge bonuses for failing to use OUR money ,or what ?

Sorry ,but the present day reality is there -for a while longer anyway .

Grumpy (back on form 'cos my new powered glider should be with me tomorrow)

I had an MRI scan last week, been trying to explain problem to doc for months with no joy and this amazing technology spotted the problem immediately. Bless em all these British inventors.

Thread: The Olympics
07/08/2012 11:40:11

Well......(he say's in a southern drawl, pausing for effect whilst hitting the spitoon with well practiced accuracy) Ah sure danged saw that them there Brits is good fer them biseekals and them there pontoon crafts. So what I am to impart is that they should join those 2 together and just take part in the 400m duck pond pedalo sprint.

Thread: Warbird sound Olympics!
06/08/2012 23:58:56

Yup, we live near Coningsby and have to put up with that damnable Battle of Britain Memorial Flight flying low over our house most days during the display season. sadangel Now then...whilst the Merlin chappies are Gold material the DC3 also beats a rythm through your chest but I think that's because it stooges around at about here at about the Lanc's just loosened our roof tiles again so OK it's Lanc (UK) gold, DC3 (US) Silver and Griffon powered Pony US/UK bronze.

Thread: Have I Built A Brick?!
05/08/2012 17:00:47

Congratulations Ad's!. Proud of you son....(as my old grandad used to never say..) I'm so glad for you, it actually flew a bit so you got more right than wrong. Did you tilt the motor forward a bit when mounting so as to give about 2 or 3 degree's downthrust and slightly to the right about the same. The pitching up and the rolling seems indicative of this.(before you do major shape changing and re modelling and still end up with the same fault) Oh just listen to me as well.... lol!....and I've only just started building my own designs as well... as a matter of fact my first is at about the ARTF stage now, so I shall shortly be coming on here with my own sob story..Lol!!indecision

Thread: Building a parkflyer
04/08/2012 11:34:46
Posted by Robin Kearney on 03/08/2012 10:35:12:


This little model from Stevens Aero has been tempting me for a little while, it can re-use most of the guts of a Parkzone Ultra Micro model, or you can buy the electronics separately. Available in the UK from Micron Radio Control.

That little Swift is a really attractive little thing



I've been thinking about scratching a park flyer from the original Comper


Thread: I need a motor mount
01/08/2012 20:13:08

Leadershobby supplies one of these if any good.motor mount.jpg

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