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Thread: This picture shows everything that is wrong with civil aviation
01/08/2012 14:03:26

Concorde should have had a military application.

Thread: Hobby King models thread
01/08/2012 13:59:54
Posted by Tony Bennett on 01/08/2012 10:00:01:

My wife bought me a Hobyking TB-20 as a try to cheer me up present.

So when i feel better i will put it together and crash it.

£24.95 plus postage for a polystyrene and plastic model, not bad realy.

I can fit all the bits from the busted breeze into it as well.

Hi Tony, Apart from the battery (3S 11.1v) I transferred everything from my busted Breeze onto a TB 20 bought by my missus to cheer me up. Top tips, the aluminium motor mount does have down thrust but no side, bang in some washers or somesuch to compensate and I had to drill mounting holes to suite. It flies very well but a nose crash WILL result in the fuze shearing behind the wing bolts. Because of this I have glass taped the whole length of the fuze making it now pretty well crash resistant. Detracts from the look a bit but more than makes up in strength with very little added weight.


Edited By Radge on 01/08/2012 14:01:13

Thread: Seagull Grob Tutor
31/07/2012 19:49:38

.Lol. Logged about 1500 hours in the Bulldog and Tutor flying Air Ex Cadets and Initial Training students. Loads of fun, a pleasant and forgiving aircraft to fly, but very capable and strong with Grobs unique kevlar construction technique.

Thread: 3 axis stablisation units
31/07/2012 12:29:25

After the wonderful frown summer we've had and if in general this global warming thingy is going mean more wind, I should imagine that an investment in one of these would increase the atrocious rate of flying time I am currently experiencing. Now then, say the purists amongst you 'is it not preferable to experience and learn to fly in these conditions' yes indeed. But not if all my models end up as match wood every time I try and cope with the 'Baltic Breeze'. There's only so much fun you can have in the workshop and there must be some sort of satisfactory outcome to all this cutting, shaping sanding and glueing. I shall purchase one, and I shall use it frequently, so 'ya boo sucks' to the purists as I wish to fly my models not destroy them.cheeky

Thread: Show Us Your WOT 4s!
29/07/2012 11:07:00

Thanks Christian, good choice of set up, nice and easy on the lump with bags to spare.

28/07/2012 16:51:46

Can you remember the power set up Christian and it's relevant performance?



Thread: The Olympics
27/07/2012 18:03:21

Carmudgeon, carmudgeon, bah humbug, gripe and tripe. Although I did get an invitation to the para olympics to act as some starting blocks.

Thread: Had enough. Matches please!!!!!
27/07/2012 12:34:41

A letter to H9 **LINK** copied to your supplier detailing your grievances supported with photographic evidence and copies of receipts also mention the broadcast of your complaint on this forum. If you choose to repair warranty is implied.

Anger by proxy yet focused in Lincoln

Thread: the local model shop...long may it live..
27/07/2012 08:52:37

Probably the Scotsman in me and the fact that any travelling is literally painful I tend to do the rounds on line to find the best deal. I try not to buy from China either directly or through HK, Giantwhiting etc as I have issues with both quality and their human rights record but I'm sadly willing to part with as few pennies as possible for which can be a very expensive hobby. This is all very sad really as when I do manage to get out and about to Sleaford I find Phils Models there is an absolute gold mine at reasonable prices and a friendly informative service is always experienced.(A good plug there Phil, that's got to be worth a couple of metres of oracover.)

Thread: Plane to lead on to a Spitfire
25/07/2012 18:32:38

Why not? I do it and I've just started. One or two points.....I've found that it's better to keep it simple and always be mindful of your target weight, building using the method your most comfortable with. I prefer Warren Truss construction at the moment.....that may change. Get started...a pencil, some paper a ruler and a big eraser...simples.....eeek!

Thread: What do you say to a friend who has just crashed his pride and joy ?
23/07/2012 22:43:18

Awwwe.............bless you Chrisie


Thread: September 2012 mag
23/07/2012 13:17:55

My missus just called out "Your porn's here!" then I burned my fingers trying to brake my wheelchair into the hallway.

Thread: What do you say to a friend who has just crashed his pride and joy ?
22/07/2012 22:47:12

He he John! Recently my long awaited and much cherished Britflight Breeze after 8 succesful flights(and 4 unexpected arrivals) was circle climbing quite happily overhead on 1/2 throttle, I detected a smashing thermal as the wings waggled and the nose rose up. I throttled back to tick over and trimmed slightly forward whilst tightening the circle and up she went. And up she went. And up she went. Oooops! Wings level, nose down, cut the throttle.... no response. And up she went. Fully crossed aileron and rudder to try a spin.........and up she went. Cloud base reached and just a dot now.... that was the last I saw of her as she was sucked into the forming CB(cumulo nimbus) cloud. Glider guiders would have been proud. My Breeze probably reached 25000ft before being spat out in several bits over the north sea. Hands in pockets I huffily trudged home empty handed, but by the time I got home (5 mins) to phone the London Air Traffic NOTAM section to report my sucked up model, I had already been fired up to finish the self designed traditional trainer I had started building and was grinning about the little Breezes soaring abilities. Hey ho.......lesson learned? Well, no so obvious really, sometimes difficult from the ground to determine if a standard Cumulus has started to 'go ballistic' when the rest of the 'cloud street' appears normal,, i.e. don't have anvil tops up to 30000ft.dont know

Thread: What next?
22/07/2012 17:14:34

There you are Conc, sound advice from Chris, have you considered a Jamara kit from Gliders? The Space walker has nice lines.face 1

Thread: What do you say to a friend who has just crashed his pride and joy ?
20/07/2012 11:23:14
Posted by Mowerman on 20/07/2012 11:15:44:

Out for a walk a couple of nights back I spotted someone flying from the local slope site.

I stopped tosay hello and as he replied the model stalled and went down into a narrow path between stone walls.The tail assembly was broken off (it was an all moulded model)

Now I feel guilty, was it my talking to him that caused a loss of concentration and the crash?

I apologized and said I hoped it was repairable embarrassed

The lesson the pilot should have learned is of course "Under every circumstance ..... FLY THE PLANE!!"

Thread: Hobby King UK
19/07/2012 19:06:27

Ahah! But yes, you have to wait for the Hong Kong bank clearance timings it would appear. Using paypal it took 2 days for my last order to be shipped, surprise surprise, after it showed as cleared on my own bank statement. Oh never mind, to replace my Britflight Breeze (sorry Bryce) I've ordered the (Topgun/RICCs) TB20 for less than 30 notes plus carriage. Same power set up as the Breeze, I'll just swap everything over.

Thread: Vacuum Formed Spinners
18/07/2012 17:10:17

A plastic card circle with screw lugs attached. Careful to balance though.

Thread: What does your wife or significant other half think of your hobby?
18/07/2012 16:56:51

Sounds a bit like me Steve, we're quite lucky I suppose in a sort of skewed manner. I solo'd in the K13 then joined the 'bottle neck' in the K8 until I gained enough hours for the K18, then once I got the Bronze C I qualified to full Silver in the Discus. After the instructors course I ended up either as 'talking ballast' or 'My God! He's trying to kill me!' sitting in the back until illness stopped it all.


Thread: Brazillian Mirages in trouble
05/07/2012 11:06:02

Time to build a lightning. A rear prop pusher will do, any good plans knocking about?

04/07/2012 19:35:22

Flew Lightnings at Binbrook in the 80's just before they were retired from service.

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