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Thread: which motor
05/05/2012 12:10:48

A 12 x 8 3 blade on that set up will give 86% efficiency which is really quite good, whilst the power in will be 1040.07 watts available power will be 896.09 watts. These figures are maximums and will allow flight times of approx 8 mins 30 secs to 9 mins, however, as motor temperatures will be close to critical with this usage, a mixed usage would be preferable and would obviously allow longer flight times. Hope this helps.


Thread: West Wings Fournier
03/05/2012 10:35:14

I've read your post and did some testing, I found that a brushless 2826 kv1900(400 equivalent) with a 6 x 4 prop is pulling about 120 watts constant and 140 watts occasional at an ampage of between 13A and 18A. It seems quite smooth and will suit your 25 amp ESC and 3s 1100 battery. I also tested a 2624 kv3000 with a 5 x 5 prop on a much lighter 7.4v 2s x 1500mah battery, the results were surprisingly similar to the 2826 with a constant 114 watts at 14 to 18 amps. Assuming 70 to 100 watts per 454g you may find these very cheap (£10-ish ) motors may suit your Fournier.

Thread: Trash Can Trainer
06/04/2012 18:44:44

2826 kv1900 Pod/hatch showing cut out for cabliing

06/04/2012 18:06:47

In an attempt to acheive both low and high speed predictability, an experimental 3 stage Kline Fogelman airfoil has been incorporated. If I understand this correctly the boundary layer should seperate and become turbulent at the end of each stage. Like the dimples used on full size airfoils it should theoretically reattach at the same point when a suitable airflow/angle of attack is acheived making stall characteristics more predictable. Flight testing will no doubt prove otherwise.

Silver ailerons and red flaps are lined up for hinging. Note the balsa tail feathers, I ran out of suitable polystyrene for these so 1/4" med balsa was used. Why tail feathers? It's hopefully going to a standard rudder/ elevator responce for the training and practice I need, with the option to discard at a later date when a suitable level of competence has been achieved. Thereby freeing up the wing control surfaces to become flaperons and elevons when fast delta performance is required. (You gotta hope!) I do expect a fair amount of experimentation with regards to C of G issues which brings me to the revised power pod/battery hatch. The original being too high, too flimsy and too much to the rear, I've designed and incorporated a simpler,smaller more robust unit of solid balsa capped with 1/8" ply.(I inhereted a life-time supply of 1/8" ply from the joiner who adapted my bathroom to use in my wheel chair, so a lot of my stuff will include it!)

New Power Pod

06/04/2012 15:09:59



Cowling made from under arm roll-on deoderant caps.


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06/04/2012 15:09:57

The power pod is also to be part of the battery hatch assembly, with a front locating dowel and rear M4 bolt and captive nut.

06/04/2012 15:07:02

Power Pod - First attempt. Skeletal Ailerons and flaps also shown. 2636 kv3000 motor for a 2s 1500mah. Tested out at 84 watts 14 amps.

Power Pod & Ailerons


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06/04/2012 15:00:25

Oh yes, making a hot wire cutter from my coping saw, an 'E' string from my guitar and some home made 3v rechargables was essential.

Hot Wire Cutter

06/04/2012 14:36:09

After a wonderful period of superb flying with my adapted HZ Super Cub, it died. The new alloy engine mount being substancially more robust than the plastic firewall it bolted to, they seperated in flight. Within a nano-second it smashed uncontrollably into a tree. Rather than just break it was shredded and it was evident that no amount of RCME building/repair advice was going to remedy the situation. Desperate to maintain the momentum of my recently aquired enthusiasm for RC model flying, I decided that a quick cheap build was imperative to get me back in the air asap. Luckily there was a plentiful supply of discarded polystyrene packaging and bits and bobs to get started on something. So here goes. Starting with the semi-delta wing.

Basic wing

Thread: Oh cheer, Spring's here, how much flying are you getting in?
24/03/2012 21:59:59

Half an hour(2 batteries) every lunch time with the Cub. Absolutely smashing! Pretty safe at week ends but have to keep an eye out for the RAF Cranwell and Coningsby in-bounds though and maintain a good distance below the MATZ stub.(1000ft). I don't mind mixing it with the BBMF Spits but I draw the line at the King Air's and Typhoon's, sometimes these guy's don't look out of the window. He he!

Thread: Disabled Newbie - Lots of problems but even more fun!!
11/03/2012 21:14:05

Woo Hoo! Thanks to this lovely weather, reducing prop size and control throws, lined up the Super Cub into the gentle breeze, holding the stick back to prevent a nose over I opened the throttle very gradually until forward motion in the rough grass was achieved, released the stick to neutral when the tail started flying and gently climbed out on 1/2 throttle. Reducing to 1/4 throttle and a couple of blips on the elevator trim then commenced an extremely satisfying commitment to aviation. Practice circuits, U/P recoveries, over-shoots, EFATO's and dead stick approaches, stalls, loops and stall turns. A long final approach with throttle only descent adjustment, flaring out to a comfortable three pointer and full stop. 12 mins flying time and about 45% battery remaining. Well happy! Come on tomorrow!

13/02/2012 22:19:54
Gosh! That's more or less what I'm trying to acheive Stephen. That's a lovely aeroplane, does it have a name?
13/02/2012 20:50:10
Thank you Ricky, any help is greatly appreciated. Bless you.
13/02/2012 15:06:44
A very good maxim Olly, as my old boss used to say "Well done old boy and any problems? Don't mention it!" Lol!
13/02/2012 14:43:18
Hi BEB, thank you for your kind welcome, A FIVER to get it out of a tree!? It'd have to be a very big tree!! Lol!! Bless.
13/02/2012 12:46:30
Thank you Ian, I'll see what's available in the local area and maybe see about a club come summer time. Meanwhile I'll just pester the life out of everyone on this forum site...Lol...
13/02/2012 12:35:42
Thank you all for a wonderful welcome, I like the look of the V Trainer and the Champ and I'll do the sums to see which versions I can afford. Adriatic Sea? You must be on a rig or some such Josip? How's the Supermarine Walrus coming on? Lol... You're all so friendly and knowledgable, I'm looking forward to my next post. Bless all.
13/02/2012 02:32:09
Thank you for your kind welcome Ian, excellent! I would love to get some instruction but the nature of my condition prohibit's any fore-planning at all. With all sorts of transport, mobility, ability and health issues prohibiting attending a club, making arrangements etc. it's just not possible However the flying park I can use is only 30 yards from home, so when I'm both well enough and the weathers right I can wheel myself down and have a practice. To be honest I'm loving the design and build thing more anyway, it's a massive learning curve using lot's of skills so when I'm physically unable to do any building etc. I can fill my head with theory's, maths, calculations and loads of research before I approach the next stage. Bless.
13/02/2012 02:01:48
Aerovolt Sport Deco Photo's
AVSD Fuselage plan, open cockpit with 30's war-birdy racer type feel, please excuse the coffee rings and splash marks, it involved the cat. (don't ask)

Initial Power set up and positioning, the 'tail feather' servo's will be moved closer to the rear when building.

The wings so far. No plans as such just made 2 the same, I plan to include 4 deg dihedral with 6 deg incedence and 1/2" washout at the tips. Undecided whether to fully or half sheet them. Also undecided whether to make them bolt on or a rubber band job yet You see, once I've mastered the 3 channel Cub I plan to buy an inexpensive but durable low wing EPO with ailerons jobber to practice avoiding the old cumulus granitus at unwanted moments before I have to practice crash repairs to the AVSD.

13/02/2012 01:21:43
Hi All! Been hovering about this site for a while and decided to take the plunge. Inherited a broken HZ Super Cub last year(smashed gearbox mounting with fuselage & tail damage) and was unable to get the parts needed so decided to convert to brushless with lipo's. Made own motor mount to suit a 3530 kv1400 cranked down to 5 deg down thrust with 3 deg side. Fitted suitable servo's, bought a decent 24ghz set-up, studied hard to gain all the info needed to fly these things, positioned in wheelchair at a centre to one side position, took off, Cub went vertical, climbing rapidly, chopped throttle and succesfully completed dead stick circuit into a tree. Just changed engine mount to a commercially made alloy job cranked to 10 deg down to suit a 3536. I don't want more power really, I'm just learning. Anyway, the plan is to design and build a decent balsa 4 channel job whilst learning not to crash the Cub. Naming it the 'Aerovolt Sport Deco' I chose to design a sort of 1930's 'floaty & sporty' thingy. Loads of lift/drag, large control surfaces, very low wing loading but with the option to alter the motor set-up to suit my ability and it's characteristics. Photo's to follow. Thanks for reading, looking forward to loads of fun.
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