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Thread: Got bored :)
20/11/2012 10:13:53

I adore your twin! It's just soooo.....'don't mess with me!' I can't wait for the black night fighter version with radar aerials. The 'Got bored' EDF looks like it's going to work well, it's just quite how I imagined it might look, that sort of 1940's experimental look, straight out of Farnborough or Warton.wink

Thread: Hack Glider EP
19/11/2012 21:18:31

Thanks Simon, I may consider a V Tail then.

Ooh! That sounds more like a Hotliner, unlike my aerial 'barge'. Do you have any photo's please?smile

19/11/2012 16:51:37
Posted by riverlandgirl. on 18/11/2012 23:10:09:

I am currently struggling for to find the afore mentioned crystal mine self, forsooth.

Ye must seek not with thine eye's but with the heart of another. Gadzooks!

19/11/2012 16:43:52
Posted by Simon Chaddock on 18/11/2012 22:42:02:

Very nice looking build so far.

Wing span? Estimated weight? Tail configuration?

Talking of making sacrifices. It could be said that you are already - weight - by using wood! wink 2

Edited By Simon Chaddock on 18/11/2012 22:47:09

Hi Simon,

Span will be 56" Estimated weight 600g (320g at present including 2826 kv1900 20a esc and 1500mah 2s lipo with 9 x 6 prop @ 145 watts) This will give a wing loading of about 8oz per sq ft. which is not too bad I suppose. I'm a bit concerned that having opted for a D Box wing there's a bit of weight up front so I wasn't going to fit a V tail in this case.(Any advice on this issue?) At present on the 9" root chord, CG calculates to 2.4" from LE.

18/11/2012 17:53:28

The obligatory 'see how it looks now' photo, flaps, aileron/spoilerons to be added then the outer panels.



Edited By Radge on 18/11/2012 17:54:35

Thread: Two new builds
18/11/2012 09:22:26

Quite fantastical! A good mixture of technical experimentation and outlandish fun. Hope the cows and weather situations resolve themselves for a bit, I'm dying to see this video.

Thread: Hack Glider EP
18/11/2012 09:11:32

By the great thermic god Dalriada and his little brother Kevin, I offer you this Bixler and it's heathen foam ways in exchange for the crystal of flight, that I may soar with the buzzards and not 'stoof in'.

Thread: Just one of those days
17/11/2012 18:54:26

Ha ha ha ha! Great 'stand up' comedy! Have you thought about writing a script for a play? This could be act 3! cool

Thread: Hack Glider EP
17/11/2012 18:43:06
Posted by riverlandgirl. on 11/11/2012 07:26:03:

8 channel, straight swept polyhedral gull wing with a sub atomic partical converter, me thinks.wink 2

OK RLG you've convinced me so I've started the centre panel with all that in mind, where do the dilithium crystals go?


Thread: Ask 18 1/4 scale glider from Cliff Charlesworth plans
17/11/2012 17:02:54

It is soooo beautiful Stuart! I just want to CB SIFT CB (checks numonic) then 'punt off' getting a mouth full of grass and dirt as it pings off the wire when the negative g floats up the debris from the cockpit floor, then dig a wing into 6 knots up with the vario singing, reaching cloud base and dolphining up and down a 'cloud street' til nature calls and spiral down with full brakes. Aaaaahh...

Thread: Short video footage Edinburgh
16/11/2012 17:29:48

Hi Scott, very impressive! I live in Englandshire now but I see you took off and landed on Cammo Road. I did a tour of duty at RAF Turnhouse a long time ago you see. I am one who also misses Edinburgh.

Thread: Pushycat - one of the contender's for the Greenacres do
15/11/2012 16:40:30

Well done Ken! I also like the lifelike scale model stand.laugh

Thread: Got bored :)
13/11/2012 10:23:34

There's no pressure old chap, think about the Lanc perhaps, or this years winter build, or play golf for a few weekends. Come back fresh and start again.

Thread: Hack Glider EP
09/11/2012 08:37:59

I want an electric powered flat field glider, I was going to form the Fenland slope soaring club but swmbo didn't like the idea of me launching from the roof eaves, hanging from the chimney pot whilst perfoming an aerial ballet. So without an aweful lot of thought and in true Radge fashion some balsa has been bashed. This is the progress so far. I am still arguing with myself whether to make it 3, 4, 5 or 6 channel, straight polyhedral, tapered polyhedral, swept dihedral or what? Bells and whistles, none, or maybe just a bell?


Thread: First build
08/11/2012 16:44:46

Hi Rhys and a warm welcome, I'm afraid I'm new also and not near Eastbourne, I do however enjoy bashing balsa. Which type of model do you fancy as your first petrol build? Usually you'll need sheets of balsa of different thicknesses as required by the plan. These usually come in 3ft lengths either 3 or 4 inch wide and you cut to suit. You'll also need some lite ply and hardwood stock as required with some glues, aliphatic resin, epoxy and superglue are my choice. Just to get you started might I suggest you purchase a kit and plan model whereby all the wood is supplied cut to the requisite shape. When you start your build , start a build blog here and you'll get some help along the way. I suppose if you run through the build blogs here you may find the kit you might like to start, such as the SLEC Funfly. It seems an affordable good first petrol build made by a reputable firm. Welcome onyhoo and look forward to your further postings.face 1

Thread: Got bored :)
06/11/2012 12:18:10

Never mind Tony, once you've done that you'll be able to just plop in a turbine,wink 2

Thread: Hi folks
05/11/2012 20:27:15

Still laughing at bouncebouncecrunch! I think I got all of those situations in the space of one hour last week! Welcome Mark and have you considered something like a WOT4 next?

Thread: Batty?....I think so!
05/11/2012 09:13:41

Aaah! Children of the night....... Keep getting caught in your hair don't they? Great stuff Messrs

Thread: Got bored :)
03/11/2012 19:22:11

Ahah! Very good! The Ilyushin IL2 x 2 Bennettskismiley Get some red stars on it Tony.

Thread: electric motors in the winter
29/10/2012 22:22:01

OK then I retract my bad and uneccessary advice to warm things a little bit before use. Apologies for wasting your time.

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