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Thread: Ask 18 1/4 scale glider from Cliff Charlesworth plans
20/10/2012 23:23:03

How absolutely fantastic Stuart! Amazing to watch your build progress and develop into, what is for me, a treasured aircraft. I flew a full size ASK18 registration R49 back in the 80's and it was in that glider I achieved my Silver gliding award. winch launched I flew from RAF Marham to RAF Coltishall in 2 hours 45 mins. (See log entry 292 and qualifying baragraph trace) I cannot wait to see your '18 flying.

ask18 silver019.jpg

Thread: Fire Fly 2 autogyro build
20/10/2012 19:18:56

Ooerr..... too many moving parts all going in the wrong direction, but I could be persuaded if the maiden video shows a satisfactory result. indecision

Thread: Kamco Kloudrider
20/10/2012 14:18:59

Lovely stuff Tony, a nice looking glider and I'm very impressed with the steam traction glider winch in the background.yessmiley

Edited By Radge on 20/10/2012 14:22:07

Thread: Trad building - I have tried!
20/10/2012 08:22:29

Hello Gary, a good very reasonably priced 50" powered glider with excellent flight characteristics is the Hobbyking Bixler and or any other member of the Easy Star genre. They are great for training with the control rods connected to the outward holes on the horns and when you get a bit more confident you can move them in to spice things up a bit. It can either float about at little more than walking pace or scoot around really pretty fast. They are quite robust also and an all round good introduction to RC flying that will grab your interest and enthusiasm for the hobby.

Thread: Own Design Low Winger
19/10/2012 18:53:11

Ha ha ha!laugh Ok then chaps but I'd better put a bio hazard label on it in case it's lost and found! Sorry I mean't to ask how the CAP's coming on Peter? face 1

Edited By Radge on 19/10/2012 18:55:37

19/10/2012 11:35:23

All wiring in place, wing sheeted, leading edge added, shaped and sanded, fuselage formers in, rudder and elevator servo's in and tested, wing mounting bolts and captive nuts aligned, drilled and fitted. When carving the leading edge I drew blood and dripped a bit on the sheeting, any suggestions on removal of blood from balsa gratefully appreciated.


Thread: Mass Build 2013 The Shortlist - time to vote!
19/10/2012 07:56:58

If the required 50% is not acheived, will there have to be a coallition build?

Thread: Trad building - I have tried!
18/10/2012 17:03:52

If wood isn't your thing and you still like the idea of creating your own flying machines why not try the depron route. I suppose you could start with one of Tom's excellent Pipe Laggers and from there the sky is literally the limit. From drawing board to flight in hours rather than weeks definitely sounds attractive to me.

Thread: Why not brake the propeller
18/10/2012 16:44:27

Going against all my natural instincts if I need to dump height and speed when landing my powered glider I take it from 'dead stick' brake off to 'trickle power' and it's really quite effective. Just a little something I've played with.indecision

Thread: Airfoil Selection
17/10/2012 13:00:46

Thank you kindly for your input Ben and Stefan, this is what I mean't when referring to 'ease of construction and covering' Although I'm playing around with composite materials just now I have neither the expertise, funds or premises to attempt such a major project on a trial and error basis, so I'll print off some 'easily employable' ribs and leave the 'fantouche' stuff to the experts. Thanks

17/10/2012 11:52:13

As my latest home brew project ferments nicely towards it's potent conclusion my thoughts have turned to which fruits to pick next? I really, really, really (OK they've got the message face 11) like the EEL ULF 2 home build motor glider.


Full size has a Wortmann FX 63 137 airfoil section.

wortmann fx 63-137.jpg

Whilst I have no real reason NOT to use this on a model aircraft instead of say for instance a Clark YM18 flatter bottomed affair, (apart from ease of construction and covering) in 'MODEL' flying terms, what in your opinions are the advantages of doing so? smile

Thread: Planet T7 Binding Issues.....
16/10/2012 20:56:36

Hello David and welcomeemotion I apologise for an obvious question but have you tried an R7M receiver? They seem to be sold as paired with the T7 transmitters.

Thread: Amazing B17 Survival Story......
15/10/2012 15:57:44

Quite a story Steve, thank you for sharing it with us.

Thread: Feels like autumn is approaching, what have you been flying?
14/10/2012 20:56:29

Too unwell today sad but slightly over 3hrs thermal soaring in 4 flights with 'Biddy' yesterdaylaugh Frequently joined by soaring gulls and crows and moaned at by neighbour who walked into a lamp post whilst watching.face 14

Thread: best sarcastic= life tip
12/10/2012 11:41:57

It's just as well respiration is a reflex or you'd forget to do that!

Thread: 2nd Time Round
12/10/2012 09:37:39

Hello Roy and welcome to the best model flying forum by far. I would love to see some of your building photo's if you would like to set up an album and 'break a leg' for the maiden of your Taylorcraft.smiley

Thread: Bixler2 ESC Selection
11/10/2012 18:49:07

Beat me to it Garbo, my 'Biddy' showed not more than 12 amps @ 120 watts with the stock prop and a 3s 1500mah 20c lipo. 20amp esc is more than adequate.

Thread: Carbon Fibre Undercarriage
11/10/2012 10:19:03
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 07/10/2012 18:54:08:

Did you use an existing U/C to make a mold from, or start from scratch?

Sorry Bob just seen this, I made a ply mould.

Thread: Does your modelling heritage and legacy still affect you?
10/10/2012 13:08:59

New to RC modelling but with a legacy of flying a variety of full size aircraft including gliders I am finding that my biggest 'Buzz' is when I sniff out thermals and soar about for an hour or so. OK I can have a bit of fun on the way down but 'reading' the sky and maximising flight times with accurate flying is the path I seem to be wandering down. Pity really, I thought when I started with RC I would be scaring the neighbours in a hooligan manner, burning out motors and blowing up lipo's.sad Even my own design high winger has a soaring wing profile. Getting old I suppose.


Edited By Radge on 10/10/2012 13:13:36

Thread: DB Sport and Scale Corben Baby Ace
10/10/2012 08:03:31

Sorry to interupt guy's but RE. Corben being ugly, surely this is subjective and in the eye of the beholder.(ok I have a passion inter war civil aircraft) and at least it has curves and character, just imagine powered flight was merely 30 years old and to design and build a lovley little thing like the Baby Ace which has no other function than pleasure is completely marvellous.laugh I for one cannot wait 'til your kit arrives and you start your build blog. I want regular reports with lot's of photo's please!yesteeth 2

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