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Thread: Free to good home
22/09/2014 17:13:30

Thanks for the offer, 1 would be sufficient for me.

I'm on the doorstep so arranging pick from you should be easy.


Thread: Test your memories ... electric foamie from mid 1960's ...
22/09/2014 13:14:45

Thanks Cuban 8,

The Sanwa 'Electra' is what it was ... isn't it strange to see that concept (small, foam, electric) so many years ago and look at how things have developed today.

Mine did make just a handful of successful flights, the expense of the batteries rings a bell and probably limited its long term use.

Thinking about it, my avatar picture is the E-Flite UMX Radian, which is the ultimate development of the 'Electra' with micro RC gear added to the mix. 




Edited By avtur on 22/09/2014 13:21:07

22/09/2014 11:44:37

The recent thread titled 'what did you learn on?' got me thinking about models I built in the early days.

I recall my Dad coming home one day with a very unusual (by the standards of the day) model, I'm wondering if anyone else recalls this model.

It was a free flight model, the flying surfaces were polystyrene foam, in the order of 24 inch span, the fuselage was pod and boom, a wooden dowel boom with a polystyrene pod up from for the motor and battery. It had a mono wheel undercarriage. The motor was a very small 'mabuchi' type direct driving a plastic prop. And then a really unusual feature, if all this wasn't enough, was that the battery was a small 'plastic' pouch which you activated by adding water - possibly salt water.

As I say this would have been mid, possibly late '60s' if my grey matter can be relied on ... I haven't suffered any recent blows to the head, and I haven't made it up ... does this ring any bells with anyone??

Thread: What did you learn with?
21/09/2014 18:53:13
Posted by Chris Barlow 1 on 21/09/2014 14:19:12:

Probably pointless to what you're asking but I started on my own in the late 80's with a 2 channel glider on a running tow launch across a golf course! blush

Me too!

Except it we used a bungee.

I started with a Veron Impala, my mate had a Super Impala.

We set up the bungee on a beach near Aberffraw (Angelsey).

Started with gentle straight ahead flights before graduating to pull enough height from the launch to complete a circuit ... once we mastered that we took to the slopes of the Conway Valley ... ah those were the days (1974)

I do remember there was a terrific sense of achievement about it all.

Thread: Summer-what summer....? How much flying are you getting in?
20/09/2014 23:25:27

I'm semi retired and running my own consultancy business ... I should be master of everything ...

Not quite the case ... my older daughter bought her first house mid july ... it needed more work than we first thought ... so that was 6 weeks gone straight away ... also I've also had a couple of commissions for my own work ... so can't complain ...

Net result zero time for myself and flying .... I bought a Pheonix 2000 from HK back at the begining of July ... I haven't even opened the box yet ...

This last couple of weeks has been superb weather, but I've been glued to my PC working on projects that pay the bills ...

That's real life in the fast lane of running your own business .... don't get me wrong I'm not complaining (really) at least I don't work for ****** ( I'll let you fill in the blanks) bosses anymore.

But ... the customer is king ... so we respond accordingly ...

Thread: Looking to get a TX
20/09/2014 20:50:43
Posted by Countryboy on 20/09/2014 19:49:13:

... The only problem that I have found with most clubs of any hobby type is that they tend to be somewhere to compete on mainly the size of their bank balances and how expensive their equipment was. ....


....Avtur, that sounds like a very unbiased and well thought out response....

Mike your comment about clubs in any environment and bank balances/equipment is VERY perceptive. I've been there and seen that for myself in several different hobbies over the years.

At risk of repeating myself what is most important for a new entrant to any hobby is to be able to achieve some measure of success which will then be the most powerful driver towards further interest and pursuing the hobby.

My personal opinion (which I am sure some will disagree with) is that some times 'old hands' get carried away with advice and often exhibit their own prejudice for types and makes of equipment. With many years of experience under their belt this is understandable BUT it is often not relevant or helpful when advising new entrants to the hobby, sometimes folks forget how they started themselves.

The DX5 you talk about could see you flying successfully for a couple of years even if it is ONLY 5 channels and does not have model memories, but you know many of the old hands here started out with equipment that was even less well specified.

As for joining a club, then if you are lucky and have a good club within striking distance well that could be a great help. All I would say (at risk of sounding negative ... but equally being honest) is that I have seen as many folks put off as I've seen successful because of the attitude of club members,

Again it is often the case that so called 'old timers' forget how they started and as a newcomer you can be exposed to their bias. Being good and proficient at a task does not mean that you can teach others, teaching is a skill in itself and does not necessarily relate to a persons ability to carry out the task. It is possible some folks here will not appreciate me for making this point but in my experience that is what happens in the real world.

If you do find a good club that you are comfortable with then finding out what equipment is used and buying your own equipment to suit their 'buddy' requirements would be well worth while.

Good luck and I hope you achieve success at the earliest opportunity .. with or without a DX5 ... probably should admit to being a DX6i fan myself. Also I'm self taught, so perhaps I have a bias. 


Edited By avtur on 20/09/2014 21:07:56

20/09/2014 18:51:17
Posted by Countryboy on 20/09/2014 15:56:10:

Hi all, can anyone advise whether or not a Spektrum DX5 is a good starting set for a total novice ?



The DX5 is a perfectly good starting point, you could fly for many years with that and be quite satisfied.

Are there alternatives, yes there are, and they cost more but with possible future advantages.

If you are working to a budget I would far rather see you get started and achieve a degree of success at a price you can afford than worry about future options.

The future of this hobby is getting folks flying in the first place. I would far rather have a conversation in the future about upgrades, because you have become a successful flyer, than try and get to buy more than you need in the first place.

Edited By avtur on 20/09/2014 18:53:07

Thread: When Is A Sale Not A Sale
18/09/2014 18:58:19

When will we learn as consumers that there is no such thing as a sale, no such thing as x% off .... (x% off what ... some imaginary figure !!!) all that matters is the ACTUAL price we pay .... and unfortunately it is up to US as consumers to do our research and find out exactly what the "price to pay" is ... yes it is OUR responsibility as consumers to find that out.

As consumers we have to adopt a stance that everyone is trying to "rip us off" and therefore WE must do our own research to find out what the going price (for any product) is.

There isn't a retailer out there who genuinely has "our best interests" at their heart ... there really isn't ... we as consumers have to battle for every penny we can get ...

Sorry to say that my point of view is that everyone is out out rip us off .... and it is up to us fight back and ensure we fight for the best possible deal.


Edited By avtur on 18/09/2014 19:01:17

Thread: Proms in the Park - ELO
14/09/2014 22:52:53

Given the average ago of folks on the forum ... although I suspect that at 58 I am below the median age ...

Did anyone see the BBC Proms in the Park broadcast where ELO (Electric Light Orchestra) were the finale act ... superb I thought, their music was very much the sound track to my formative years ... terrific performance ... many happy memories!

Edited By avtur on 14/09/2014 22:53:17

Thread: A invoice for nothing, with a threat.
11/09/2014 18:01:48

The spammers are getting more sophisticated and more wide spread, I am getting troubled with dodgy invoices almost on a daily basis.

The use of high street, or well-known names is all part of the ploy, hoping to lead you astray by use of these familiar names.

The most sophisticated one I received a just a few months ago purporting to come from my bank, they had ripped of the visuals of the bank webpages to near perfection. However they were asking for information from me which I realised was the giveaway that all was not well. I spotted it just in time before I was tempted to reply.

I was extremely disappointed with my banks reaction when I reported it to them, I had screen shots which showed the domain behind the scam (based in Italy), sadly the bank wasn’t interested, I was shocked.

If I don’t recognise the senders name as it appears in my inbox the message is deleted, those that keep reappearing get tagged as spam.

I don’t know if I’ve deleted emails which could have been of genuine interest to me, but the ‘inbox’ is becoming quite a risky place these days.

Thread: Anyone got 2.5m to spare?
11/09/2014 10:26:49



Does anyone know how many Hurricanes remain airworthy?

a) in the UK - edit - answered my own question - 11 listed on GINFO

b) globally

Edited By avtur on 11/09/2014 10:39:12

Thread: lottery funding
10/09/2014 00:20:27

That's really good to hear, well done.

I'm glad to hear my lottery ticket purchase has helped ... because I didn't win!

Seriously though, it's good to hear that lottery funding does reach our hobby.

Thread: who is at fault?????
10/09/2014 00:09:44
Posted by Jamie sawyer on 09/09/2014 23:57:07:

....remove it from there possession and return it to the party that I received it from and I get refunded as the business owner. I


That may well work in other retail environments but the thought that it would work in model retailing is sadly something I simply do not recognise (as previous LMS owner) ... once you have bought from the wholesaler you are on your own ... you might get the local 'rep' to cut you some sort of deal on a future order to help 'make good', but the wholesaler would not generally recognise product failure ... It's just not the same as high street retailing ...

09/09/2014 23:55:40
Posted by Gurth Scriven 2 on 05/07/2014 16:07:35:

... In reality your supplier should have refunded your money, or replaced said deficient item of goods (toaster, portable wireless or model plane) if he was any sort of businessman he would have then expected his wholesaler to make good his loss in order to retain his goodwill and his business.

I've lived the life of LMS, the thought that the wholesaler would make good any loss to the retailer is something I simply do not recognise.

What ever reparation is made to the end customer will come out of the pocket of the retailer, each will deal with problems differently.

I like to think that while I was LMS I did deal with customers very sympathetically, but then perhaps that has something to do with the fact that I moved on from being LMS ....

How does the saying go ... how do you make a small fortune out of model retailing ... ah yes ... start of with a large fortune and open an LMS !!

Edited By avtur on 10/09/2014 00:00:27

Thread: Another strange aircraft
08/09/2014 21:11:36
Posted by Peter Miller on 08/09/2014 19:20:20:

... Those wheels do seem the give away thaat it is low wing....

They do rather, the Cessna Caravan has fixed u/c which wouldn't stand out like those in the picture.

Also the Caravan has a massive single exhaust on the starboard side, as opposed to the twin exhausts which appear in the picture.

Thread: What is the difference between a Citabria and a Decathlon?
06/09/2014 23:47:11

Having read through the link provided by 'kevin b' the main difference appears to be the enhanced aerobatic ability of the Decathlon, later to be come the Super Decathlon.

The Decathlon has a much higher negative 'g' ability and this is complemented by the Decathlon having a semi symetric wing section where the Citabria has a simple flat bottom wing section.

Following the various links that appear when searching 'Decathlon' on the www it appears that until recently a certain James Danial May (of Top Gear) owned a Decathlon for several years. It was well known for it's registration .... although the CAA permitted the registration I suspect that the mods would not accept it being posted here ... that 's what Google is for !!

Both the Citarbria and Dectahlon have been very successful aircraft and the Super Decathlon continues in production (after a bit of a rocky ride) even today.

Thread: No model Flying in the Cardiff area 3-5 Sep 14
03/09/2014 18:34:16

I give up !>>

I made a post trying to be 'optimistic' about the big picture around this NATO event in Cardiff. >>

NATO is valuable to all of us ... they (NATO) want to hold a meeting ... well yes it will cause some inconvenience to some people where ever they hold the meeting ... but the big picture (IMHO) it has to be worthwhile.>>

I feel sorry for those who are inconvenienced by the event but for the ‘greater good’ I feel it is worthwhile; I am sure that most of those folks who are inconvenienced will feel the same and they will ride this short storm. I have family in Cardiff I know full well the extent of the local problems this event will cause. I also know many folks who will directly benefit from the hosting of this event. >>

I have no doubt that Wales will benefit from the global publicity attracted by this event, there is a tremendous history and culture in Wales which I am sure will spark the imagination of people around the world as a result of this event. That will be good for Wales and good for the UK.>>

I fully support the choice of Celtic Manor as the venue for this meeting and I have no problem at all with the necessary security arrangements around this choice. I think we should be proud that this (UK) venue has been chosen for such a high level meeting. >>

If a ‘few’ people have to give up a small amount of freedom to support such an event surely that is a small price to pay to allow our democratically elected leaders to meet. >>

03/09/2014 14:04:26

Given the global focus on this event perhaps there will be some benefit in bringing Wales/Cardiff to the attention of the world via the international media. It's certainly a chance to raise the profile of Wales and it's culture. (and I'm not even Welsh !)

I don't doubt the disruption to daily life for thousands of local people but hopefully there will a longer term payback. The scale of the operation is enormous, 9,500 police, 1,500 from the media, 25,000 extra rail passengers, the 12 mile ring of steel.

Even in the short term a lot of extra money will be spent in the local economy, certainly the airport will get a welcome boost in trade and I'm sure there will be other benefits.

Avtur - optimist dept.

Edited By avtur on 03/09/2014 14:05:19

Thread: Canadian Lancaster in the UK
31/08/2014 23:42:25

Took a day out to the LAA (light aircraft association) national rally at Sywell today.

With an estimated 400 aircraft in attendance it was an impressive sight.

The day was made all the better when at 3:15 the BBMF Lancaster flew over, just a single low pass down the line of the runway.

Quite unexpected (no public address to advise people), a terrific sight.

Thread: Your best vacuum cleaner?
29/08/2014 04:29:39
Posted by Tony Read 2 on 28/08/2014 13:41:23:

So I wonder what real people are using? I'm looking for an upright bagless cleaner that wont break the bank. Would you recommend your cleaner?

We have a Vax U89 upright which would tick your boxes, can typically be bought around for around £110 and has a 6 year warranty. It weighs 5kg making it one of the lightest cleaners of its type. Ours is used on both carpet and hard floors, I would certainly recommend it,

Also I am +1 for Henry (although that's not what you want) ours is now over 30 years old and has cleaned more cars, workshops and sheds than I could list, it has been 100% reliable, nothing has been replaced and still going strong, the most reliable electrical product I've ever bought.

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