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Thread: Have a Rant
28/08/2014 09:33:38

The over use of acronyms. I was always taught that the first time an acronym was used in any piece of writing that the full meaning should be written along side the acronym so as to establish what it means.

Back to motoring ... people who don't know how to use roundabouts, that's lane selection, positioning and signalling.

Thread: Full size following the electric trend
27/08/2014 11:18:29

This is not the first electric aircraft but as a trainer this one could influence future developments ...


Thread: Have a Rant
27/08/2014 10:25:59

Politicians (of all colours) who are found wanting and are forced to appologise. They then offer the most insincere apology and expect us to believe it. Typically they are not sorry for what they did, just sorry they got caught, and it usually ends up with their resignation a few days later anyway.

Thread: Google Chromecast
27/08/2014 10:13:17

I have the You Tube app in the Humax recorder box I use.

I've done the same and watched many model flying videos on You Tube, the offer of 'related' clips at the end of the clip you've just watched can become very addictive. "I'll just watch one more ... then half an hour later ... I'll just watch one more !!!

The Chromecast looks like a good option for TV's without built in app's.

Thread: Have a Rant
26/08/2014 12:18:09
Posted by John F on 26/08/2014 12:12:32:
Posted by Colin Ashman on 26/08/2014 12:02:13:

Am I alone in thinking that Zoe Ball is just about the most irritating presenter Radio 2?

It would have to be Vanessa Feltz. She does not stop talking to allow the person who is being interviewed time to say anything.

Yes, completely agree about VF, very frustrating to listen to, why have people phone-in if you don't allow them to speak!

VF and Elaine Paige both cause me to change channel.

24/08/2014 21:20:16
Posted by Lima Hotel Foxtrot on 24/08/2014 20:59:19:

People who come into the model shop and ask if they can have a discount. Why? It's a shop, the price is there in front of you. It's been set for a reason. Pay it. Just try asking for a discount on your weekly shop in Tesco's or in any other shop you ever go into and see how far you get. Jerks.

I don't believe it is quite so simple, in Tesco (or other big stores) there are many ways to get discounts using the the various loyalty schemes, all result in paying less than the sticker price.

There are a multitude of consumer groups who advocate 'bartering' and like it or not this is often a method that works. While this is not the 'typical english' way of doing things it does often works especially in smaller independent stores where you may well be dealing with the business owner; who can actually make a decision about the price you pay.

If you don't ask you don't get. The chances are that the mark-up in a small independent business are greater than in larger retail 'chain' businesses and they can chose to reduce margin in order to secure a sale ... if they want to.

Also, lets talk about a high ticket price item like car ... the price you pay is ALL about negotiation.

I find 'jerks' comment slightly offensive.

24/08/2014 20:46:23
Posted by Derek Bradley on 24/08/2014 19:27:29:

Just one more - drivers who sit nose to tail behind a heavy goods vehicle doing about 40mph on a single carriageway road and even when there are enormous gaps in oncoming traffic they haven't got the brains/driving skill to overtake or, at least, leave some gaps so that the more skilfull drivers have some chance of overtaking

I can’t remember the date but at least the HGV limit is being raised to 50mph on single carriage way roads. As for the problems caused by 'less skilful' drivers, it is a big frustration ... but I'd rather have that less skilful driver travelling too slow than trying to carry out a manoeuvre they don't have the skill and experience to deal with.

A driver who would like to call themselves both 'skilful and experienced' will also have the patience to deal with those less gifted than then themselves.

24/08/2014 19:08:45
Posted by Keith Evans 3 on 24/08/2014 16:36:04:

National speed limit signs . You know the one's that are circular and white with a black diagonal stripe .Nobody seems to under stand what they are for , for different types of roads .They should be abolished and the actual speed limit that is to apply used instead .

The national speed limit is different for different classes of vehicle ... therefore you can't place signs with 'actual' speeds .... it is up to the driver to know which class of vehicle they are driving and therefore what is the appropriate limit ... 

Edited By avtur on 24/08/2014 19:11:14

23/08/2014 18:43:24

Wow, what a thread, spoilt for choice, this one could run, and run, and run ....

But I'm happy to start the bidding with BMW 3 series drivers ... all too often they think they are something special but the 3 series is now more common place than a Ford Mondeo ... not special at all.

Is it true that indicators are an optional extra on the 3 series !!!

Oh, there is sooooo much more to add to this thread.

Thread: Brussels halts our vacuums
23/08/2014 16:01:43
Posted by Ben B on 23/08/2014 11:58:30:


.... They're not banning people from using existing powerful hoovers, just saying that any new ones have to be more efficient. Not sure why that is a bad thing..... Better for the environment and uses less electricity and therefore saves money.... Modern cars are more efficient than 20 years ago because they have to be- there was no real impetus to making hoovers more efficient previously..


I understand the logic but in terms of the saving achievable I wonder if the efforts of the EU could not have been directed to something with a greater and more socially and economically valuable pay back.

For instance I would ban Halogen GU10 lightbulbs with immediate effect and force their replacement with LED's giving an an immediate saving of 85-90% on power used ... that would save a huge amount of megawatts and associated CO2 ...

This sort of meddling does nothing to enhance the reputation of the EU

... just my 2p's worth

Edited By avtur on 23/08/2014 16:11:18

23/08/2014 15:48:45
Posted by Stevo on 22/08/2014 19:01:31:

Actually I put my cleaner on ebaY. It was just gathering dust.

Tim Vine just won an award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with that joke !!

Edited By avtur on 23/08/2014 16:09:35

Thread: New Spektrum DX6 Owners' Thread
12/08/2014 19:52:43

Probably my next purchase so will be watching this thread with interest.


Thread: Eurofighter over Stockport ....
05/08/2014 20:49:13

We live very close to Manchester Airport and normally I don't miss a thing that goes on there, but today we are 100 miles away in Caernarfon.

At lunch time today I received a very concerned phone call from my older daughter who lives very near to Stockport. She had just seen a Qatar Airlines passenger jet fly over her house with an military jet escort (Eurofighter as it later turned out to be).

She asked me what was going on, my immediate thought was that it may be something sinister, aircraft from middle east / fighter escort ... not good but I told her it was probably an undercarriage problem and that military pilot was checking the wheels and reporting to the Qatar pilot, I didn't want to alarm her.

We know know it turned out to be a hoax threat to the aircraft from a mindless UK passenger. But at the time I must admit my mind went into over drive and my daughter was quite worried, as a family we were caught up in 9/11 (I worked at Dulles Airport at the time) our memories all went back to that dreadful day ... I don't want to over state what happened today because it turned our to be harmless, but it certainly brought unhappy memories flooding back.

I hope the idiot who caused today's incident it gets locked up for a very long time.

Thread: Summer's here! Who's been flying?
05/08/2014 18:41:37

Who's been flying ... not me!

Our oldest daughter bought her first house recently, she got the keys about 3 weeks ago, since then I've been at her house every day clearing out, fixing floor boards, electrics, plumbing and decorating ... not a minute to myself in some of the best flying weather for years ... the things we do for family, but I wouldn't have it any other way

Thread: Junk mail - is it seasonal?
04/08/2014 22:14:43
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 04/08/2014 22:05:09:

Don't know how this thread drifted to bogus phone calls......nothing in my OP about them at all...disgust


Fair point but I think bogus calls and scam emails are similar problems in different media.

I couldn't say my problems with scam emails are seasonal but they do come and go in waves ... I can't identify a common source for these waves of unwanted activity, I only wish I could

04/08/2014 22:00:06

My problem is that these bogus callers often call from 'withheld' ot 'international' numbers. I have very good reason to have to answer both types of call. For example if our doctors surgery calls their number does not display and comes up as 'witheld', also I regularly receive international calls as a a result of my work; unfortunately many of the calls under these headings are bogus ... It really is a pain and I regard it as a tremendous invasion of privacy ... my number has been ex-directory for all the 30 years I've had a landline. However these days there are so many forms we fill in where providing a phone number is mandatory, as a result the number does get into circulation.

As to whether these bogus calls are seasonal, well my gut reaction is no. However the rate of calls does ebb and flow ... though what the reason is for that I'm not sure.

Thread: E-Flite Hi-Start (bungee launch system for the non-US) Help Requested
04/08/2014 14:15:14

Oops double post ... deleted

Edited By avtur on 04/08/2014 14:16:13

04/08/2014 14:15:13
Posted by Robert Armstrong 2 on 04/08/2014 11:23:37:

OP = Original Post?

Yes ... sorry I drifted into forum speak!

03/08/2014 10:07:19

The OP, Robert, said he bought the E Flite hi-start which appears to be tube type (not luggage cord) so he should get good performance from it. Plenty of good stuff on YouTube about it.

02/08/2014 21:30:34

+ 1 for using dog stake to anchor the bungee.

Also check that when the line is under tension the parachute is pulled to the closed position, the 'chute should only be free to open once it has detached from the model.

From memory 4 or 5 to 1 bungee to one length sounds about right but weather will have an effect on how the system performs, a prevailing wind will allow 'kiting' on the launch which will allow you to exploit a greater line length than in flat calm conditions.

I like the look of this model, I hope it performs well for you.

Edited By avtur on 02/08/2014 21:31:35

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