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Thread: Sea Fury - Sad sight
01/08/2014 22:10:18

I found this account of the incident posted by a pilot on the 'Flyer' forum ...

"We were displaying at Culdrose just before the sea Fury and had just landed and were watching it and spoke to the pilot afterwards.. we also bought him a beer.

He felt the engine go rough during his display so he closed the throttle, climbed and put the gear down. He put out a PAN call. Then as he headed for the runway he opened the throttle and nothing happened.

He then realised he wasn't going to make the runway so he raised the gear to improve the glide. He made it to the threshold and then put the gear down. Both wheels made it down and he landed on them right at the numbers. Unfortunately the right gear hadn't had time to lock and it collapsed on roll-out. which caused the right wing to hit the runway. This then made it slew round and it was then going sideways which caused the left gear to fail. It then went off onto the grass and stopped. The pilot go out unaided.

It was a fantastic piece of airmanship. Having the presence of mind raise the gear and then lower it saved it from being a much more serious incident. Obviously the engine was going to need looking at, the prop was wrecked but most of the airframe was saved."

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Thread: Great Orme - Marine Drive - Closed
25/07/2014 08:14:25

Have just seen a piece on BBC news website stating that Marine Drive is temporarily closed due to a four and a half ton rock fall which occurred Thursday afternoon.

Local authority saying they will clear up and re open asap but no estimate given as yet.

Just thought I'd post to save anyone a wasted journey, hopefully a forumite with local knowledge will be able to update with information about reopening.

Edited By avtur on 25/07/2014 08:16:09

Thread: Help me choose
18/07/2014 12:07:40
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 18/07/2014 09:25:41:

While I can understand the desire to learn on something that looks like a real aircraft, and both the planes mentioned would be fine if you have some flight experience or an experienced flier with you, the "problem" with motor/prop on the front is that if you don't get it right on landing you will damage the prop or motor mount (and undercarriage). Something like an Easy Star or Bixler with the prop & motor behind the wing will be much more forgiving and tolerant of less than perfect arrivals.

I agree with the point about prop position, the chance of prop/motor damage with either the Easy Star or Bixler is significantly reduced.

My return route to flying started with the Parkzone Super Cub LP (I did toy with the idea of an Easy Star - but the Cub got my vote), this is a very stable flyer (a 3 channel model) and in my opinion is a good starting point to self tuition.

Among other models I now fly the Parkzone Sport Cub, which the OP asks about, and I'm very pleased with it, in the scheme of things not too difficult to fly but certainly not as forgiving as the Super Cub LP. For the sake of achieving a successful introduction to flying I would probably not recommend the Super Cub as an introductory model to self tuition.

Thread: Malaysian Airline
18/07/2014 01:12:56

This is a dreadful tragedy whatever the cause, it is being reported that there were 6 Britons among the 295 people on board, all of whom have died.

Evidence is growing that the aircraft was shot down by a ground to air missile. Several military aircraft have been shot down in this area in recent days, commentators are beginning to suggest that this passenger aircraft may have been targeted by mistake.

Several international airlines have already changed their flight plans to avoid flying over this troubled area, sadly that was not the case for this flight.

What a tragic loss of innocent lives.

Thread: Does your club allow members to fly by themselves?
16/07/2014 14:27:11

We are allowed to fly solo.

I have flown solo more times at the club field than with other members; different lifestyles, working arrangements, free time etc. means this will always be the case for me. I know this is the case for several other members.

As a general point could it be that restrictions on solo club flying might lead to some people to choosing to fly solo in a none club environment.

If there are hazards leading to risks associated with flying model aircraft solo how does this compare with flying a 'real' aircraft solo?

Edited By avtur on 16/07/2014 14:27:52

Thread: Hobbyking virgin ...
16/07/2014 13:07:46

My reluctance to use HobbyKing was driven entirely by comments I had read on this forum relating to availability, long delivery times and to a lesser extent the problems arising if goods were damaged, defective or missing.

However, given the differing experiences reported here, I decided it was worth trying it for myself. So I elected to place an order which I was happy to write-off if it all went wrong.

I must admit that once I had learned how to select the UK Warehouse it seemed relatively straight forward and I now have my own experience of two (!!) successful orders placed and delivered. On that basis I am encouraged to use them again, although I think I would stick to just using the UK Warehouse.

13/07/2014 01:59:30

As a result of the success of my first order from HK/UK (when I started this thread) I decided to take a chance on a second order, for Pheonix 2000.

Order placed last Saturday evening and the box arrived on Tuesday morning, I'm very pleased with that.

Edited By avtur on 13/07/2014 02:00:19

Thread: Buying a Marquee
11/07/2014 22:08:24

Sorry I can't offer a personal recommendation on a particular model but I would suggest you include Costco in your search. Much of their stock is shipped from the USA where they use this sort of gear much more. If you have a store near you, you might well find they have them on display, could be worth a look.

Edited By avtur on 11/07/2014 22:09:54

Thread: Tag!
06/07/2014 17:42:37

Welcome Matt,

In my experience it is easier to fly the ones you sit in ... the stomach provides so much more feedback than the Mk1 eyeball!!

Edited By avtur on 06/07/2014 17:43:00

Thread: PDF file for club newsletter
06/07/2014 17:35:55

I've used CutePDF in the past so would happily recommend it, these days I do not need because MS Office will save to PDF anyway.

06/07/2014 17:23:45

Pilot Error 2,

I have an E-flite Blade MSR which is in near new condition, it has had little use and I have to accept that my reactions just aren't upto what is required for a heli !! Just recently I've been wondering what to do with it, it seems such a waste that it is not being used.

For the sake of helping a youngster become involved in our hobby I am quite happy to give the heli to you.

It is the RTF version so it has the E-flite transmitter included.

If this is of interest please PM me .

Thread: Thank you Horizon Hobby
05/07/2014 21:24:35
Posted by Codename-John on 05/07/2014 19:30:25:

The thing that concerns me about Horizons service for Spektrum is with things like receivers, they always seem to follow the same script as RX failed, was sent off to Horizon who subsequently find nothing wrong, yet replace said RX with a brand new one "just in case"

My question is how can this be profitable, if they replace every ( according to their test ) perfectly fine RX, surely they are going to be loosing money, I mean say for instance if I came around to test your electrics in your house, it all tested fine, safe and within regulations then proceeded to tell you I`ll rewire it just in case, you`d think I was havin a laugh !

Or are they possibly finding faults yet deliberately saying there was no fault with the original RX as to not make themselves in someway liable for any incidents it may have caused, or look bad for selling a faulty product ?

In terms of commercial value this is probably the easiest and least expensive way to deal with the problem, in reality they are probably covering many end user problems but it is easier to replace like with like...

With a unit value of £20 - £50 (at retail) there simply isn't enough profit in that to justify a full and comprehensive test and breakdown. It's far easier to replace and move on ...

Thread: Farewell and thanks!
05/07/2014 18:46:32

Hi Lynn,

So sorry to learn that you are moving on to 'pastures new' ... but he-ho that's life!

Your contributions to the forum have always been entertaining and informative, without doubt you have brought a refreshing angle to many conversations here.

I've completed several flights with my recently acquired 'Sport Cub' ... what a dream machine it is ... If you get the chance it is well worth the money ... I know you have 'big brother' but you'll love 'little brother' too ...

Whatever you do next I wish you all the best, given the incredible imagination and enthusiasm we've seen here then wherever you go they are for one heck of a good ride !

Paul x

Thread: Electric motor mounting for side-thrust
05/07/2014 18:27:05

What a brilliant question!

My, slightly, engineering background would suggest that adjusting the motor position to get the prop position bang on the centre line would be the right thing to do. However that is opinion and not based on any practical experience.

Given that predicting sidethrust / downthrust isn't a exact science then you would have to be prepared to 'adjust' the motor mount a time or two in order to get the prop in the 'exact' right position.

I'm looking forward to the replies from those who at better informed !

Thread: Thank you Horizon Hobby
05/07/2014 18:10:44

I'm all in favour of publicizing good customer service whenever and wherever it is found. The general thought is that bad news travels faster and further than good news so I believe it is for everyones benefit to highlight good customer service. I know I am a 'mr grumpy' who will complain when things go wrong, but I will also go out of my way to give positive feedback when I receive good service.

Given the results of the recent poll where Spektrum came out as the most popular radio in use then I would suggest that it is logical there are more posts about them than other brands.

Also, picking up on what Pete B said, Spektrum is far more likely to be the choice of new entrant to our hobby and with those being less experienced users then perhaps it is only to be expected they encounter more problems.

If HH adopt a 'positive and helpful' approach when their customers encounter problems then surely that is a good thing? Any positive experience with customer services can only be a good thing and should be applauded

Thread: Hobbyking on eBay
05/07/2014 14:13:32

I'm just finding my feet in the world of internet buying, I have recently bought successfully from both Hobbyking and from eBay, which I am very pleased about.

I was just searching for some items eBay when a link came up for Hobbyking on eBay,

Is eBay just an additional way to deal with Hobbyking? Are there any advantages or disadvantages to buying from Hobbyking via eBay?


Thread: Hobbyking virgin ...
05/07/2014 13:43:10

Just to complete the story, since I started this thread, my first HK order arrived on the 5th working day after placing the order, I think I'd describe that as a success.


Thread: Tour de France Guide - for non Yorkshire Folk!!
05/07/2014 10:46:10

Brilliant David, thanks for sharing ... laugh

Thread: You have to see this !
04/07/2014 19:47:34

Wow, that 7 cylinder is a piece of engineering ...

Brings back happy memories of making one running VW engine from the components of 4 different engines ... mix and match crankcase, cylinders, pistons and cylinder heads ... those were the days ....

Edited By avtur on 04/07/2014 19:52:20

Thread: Is it me?
04/07/2014 19:34:08

No its not just you ...

That is a very difficult situation, the family goes to some lengths to do what they believe is the 'right thing', but the chosen retailer lets you down. I've had that happen, in my case you do what you can to cover up the deficiencies of the retailer without letting the family know what problems you encounter.

Having said that, this year my fathers day gift this year was a family night out to see "Mrs Brown's Boys - The Movie" now I'm sure this is not everyone's cup of tea ... but I thought it was brilliant

Many thanks to my girls for a totally well judged present.

Edited By avtur on 04/07/2014 19:34:51

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