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Thread: Twitter
03/07/2014 00:59:00
Posted by Andy Meade on 01/07/2014 14:02:11:

You'd be better off knowing what dates the Lancs are flying together on :

August 14-17 Airbourne: Eastbourne International Air Show
August 16-17 Combined Ops Show
August 17 Sywell Great War Airshow
August 21-22 Clacton Air Show
August 23-24 Dunsfold Wings & Wheels
August 23 Dawlish Air Show
August 24 Little Gransden Air & Car Show
August 30-31 Bournemouth Air Festival
August 30-31 Shoreham Airshow


In addition to the above I understand that there will be an event on 2nd September at East Kirkby (Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Centre) where the two flying Lancasters will overfly the airfield while a third Lancaster will be taxiing on the airfield.

Edited By avtur on 03/07/2014 00:59:48

Thread: cameracorders, which ones are good
22/06/2014 20:39:44

One problem with making videos of model flying (probably many other pastimes) is auto focus ... given the distance of flying models then auto focus is probably not really needed ... you just need a way of setting the focus to infinity, a bit of aperture compensation will make the difference for some close up shots.

So when choosing a video camera being able to choose infinity as an override would be a priority for me ....

I have several cameras where this is frustratingly not an option ... just look at videos posted on YouTube ... you'll see what I mean

Thread: A little I.T. help required please.
22/06/2014 18:36:48

Make sure you choose the 'copy' option ... you want a copy as back up .... you don't want to loose your original copies .... even on XP this should be quite straight forward.

Thread: Flitetest FT Cruiser build
22/06/2014 18:32:51

I'll be watching your progress building this .. looks fun.

Also, I'm a regular watcher of ... (IMHO) they do a really good job promoting the hobby.

Thread: oh dear ... lost it ...
20/06/2014 20:18:17

I've had a lot of fun with my UMX Radian ... I've been surprised how it coped with a bit of a breeze .... unfortunately I've just lost it ... the prevailing breeze was a bit stronger than I thought, the poor little thing couldn't make any headway in the prevailing blow ... I had to watch helplessly as the poor little thing was taken downwind ... there comes a point when you have to turn the transmitter off ... its not nice but you know you have to do it ...

Thread: Hobbyking virgin ...
20/06/2014 18:04:45

OK so I am the OP for this thread .... as at today lunchtime nothing delivered but nothing expected.

For the 48 hour serice I paid for the earliest I would expect is tomorrow (saturday) morning but I won't be at home until at least monday next week l ...will be interested to see what happens ...

19/06/2014 01:03:44

Well ... after all these years I can't believe I'm doing this ... but I've just placed my first order with Hobbyking UK Warehouse ... well at least I think that's what I've done... time alone will tell!!

I have to admit I've fallen foul to the attraction of their highly competitive pricing, I wanted a 1300mah 3S lipo and find that I can buy three including the price of P&P for little more than the cost of one at LMS ... I've chosen the 48 hour delivery option.

So this space it will be interesting ...there are many posts about great prices and superb service ... there are also posts about transactions going 'belly up' ... I wonder which route my first purchase will take ... at a total cost of little more than £21 I've decided I can afford to loose out completely, however if the goods do arrive then I'll be pleasantly surprised ... I will report back if/when goods arrive.

Thread: Fathers day
17/06/2014 15:10:45
Posted by Chris Bott - Moderator on 17/06/2014 13:55:50:

Now, I'm sure you'll agree that we shouldn't clog this thread up with sadness. Move along everyone else, nothing to see here thumbs up.

I can understand that you do not want to dwell on this, but I can assure you I do not see it a 'clogging up the thread'. Your experience (which I am glad you shared with us) is a timely reminder that we should all remember what is precious to us. Thanks.

Thread: Parkzone Sport Cub
15/06/2014 21:37:36

At last, time and weather in the right measure for flying.

I got to fly the Super Cub and she flew straight out of the box, as expected. A delightful flyer through out the speed range, quite a good turn of speed with the throttle maxed out but would hold level flight on little more than 25% throttle.

She has a very pretty semi scale appearance and I got several comments about her looks from the guys at the field this afternoon. Today was the first time I've met anyone at the club field, I often use the field but during the week I'm very much of a Billy no mates flyer so it was great to meet some other club members

Thread: Fathers day
15/06/2014 14:46:57
Posted by Michael Ramsay-Fraser on 15/06/2014 11:51:38:

but to all you moaners, please don't take it for granted. Appreciate what you've got while you have it.

My brother in law died a few months ago, aged only 55, left us all devasted. A simple thing like fathers day (which most take for granted) is a sad reminder of someone missing from our lives, as we try to support his wife and daughter.

As said by the OP, appreciate what you've got while you have it ....

15/06/2014 11:27:34

As with many other celebrations Father Day has become highly commercialised, some enjoy it and like the fuss others don't; as long as we all get to do what we 'want to do' that's all that matters. But perhaps that's the problem sometimes we get caught up in what other people 'think we want to do'

I've received cards from both my (adult) daughters which is great, they remember me! But as to what we do today, well that's totally up to me, luckily they recognise it's what I would like to do and not what 'they would like me to do'. With any luck, if the rain stops, then I'll finally get to maiden the 'Super Cub' which I bought some weeks ago, that will make my day.

Thread: Parkzone Sport Cub
12/06/2014 18:40:23

I must admit I bought the Sport Cub on a whim and started this thread straight away. Since buying it circumstances have conspired against me to prevent me from flying it, first the weather, then a planned weekend away with family and for the last two weeks attending attending to a piece of work which sees me here in Jeddah, where it's very hot (40C+) and there is a lot of sand!

Since I work for myself these days I have to respond to work enquiries as a matter of urgency, it's all part of the fun and unpredictability of self employment, exactly why I chose to walk away from the corporate world and this project has been total focus for the last two weeks.

However in the next few hours I hope to be starting my journey home from Jeddah and with luck I will be home tomorrow afternoon. Having worked my little socks off for this job I'm planning to have a few quite days when I get home. My hope is that the UK weather will play ball and that I will finally get to fly the Super Cub ...




Edited By avtur on 12/06/2014 18:43:25

Thread: CZC Third flight
09/06/2014 21:15:02

All good stuff, I like the editing to just take off and landing ... the bits we (well at least me) likes to see!

That last arrival is a greaser ... but who put the camera in the way !!!!

Thread: Visiting "The Orme" next weekend
01/06/2014 22:29:56

Tim, real name Paul ... probably feeling a bit nervous among such experienced company ... 

Sadly I couldn't make a return visit on Sunday, although I suspect the wind was slightly better on Sunday.

However I know there was some serious camera equipment there on Saturday so I hope someone can post some good pictures of what we saw on Saturday.


Edited By avtur on 01/06/2014 22:36:19

Thread: BBC2 Tonight (1st) 9 o'clock.
01/06/2014 22:24:34

What a terrific program ... I watched and recorded it .... I'm sure I'll watch it several times over.

Without people like 'Brown' in our past where would we be today.

A truly inspiring gentleman ...

Thread: Parkzone Sport Cub
01/06/2014 08:19:20
Posted by Cyclicscooby on 01/06/2014 03:00:19:


Any news Avtur..? Love to hear how you get / got on...

Luv Chrisie.. xx

No news yet ... very frustrating ... first few days the weather was not flyable, then last few days have been away with the family ... weather very flyable but no room in the car models ... watch this space!

Thread: Visiting "The Orme" next weekend
31/05/2014 22:58:20

Hi Tim,

Sorry I didn't give you credit as pilot in command ... I didn't know who was who ... I was a first time visitor to "The Orme"

I think your relaxed under arm launch was a brilliant ... none of this running forward, stopping and then throwing ... just a casual under arm 'release' and off it went.

In flight you provided a great display including some wonderful low level passes in front of the slope. I also noted you did a great PR job talking to members of the public who were drawn to your flying ....

I also met and spoke to David Gilder, it was great to put a name to a face ... and impressive to see the paint job on "Al Fursan" ...

I hope the weather provides a bit more 'blow' tomorrow ...

Thread: Counterfeit Goods
31/05/2014 22:24:51

I don't know what to make of this ... I've bought what turned out to be a 'fake' receiver from a very well known name in model retailing.

I thought the price was 'good' to the point it made me slightly suspicious, but because of who was selling it I thought it would be OK ... it wasn't ... but I only found that out when the Rx was delivered.

So what on earth are we supposed to do to make sure to make sure we get 'bona fide' goods .... ??

Thread: Visiting "The Orme" next weekend
31/05/2014 17:51:51

Lovely day at the Orme, bright and sunny but not perhaps as much wind as would have been liked, well none actually!

Plenty of flying by those with electric motors.

orme pits.jpg

Anything with a motor was OK ...

orme spitfire.jpg

Thread: Where do you keep your bits ?
30/05/2014 17:26:54

I've lost count of how many times I've had a "tidy up" to try and make my storage more logical.

Tidying up is a function of memory ... which in my case is cr4p ... therefore I have tons of stuff "in storage"

In the real world I often know I've got something ... I just don't know where it is ... there are many occasions where I've gone out and bought new because I can't find stuff.

There is a comical aspect to this ... which I'm more than happy to go with ...however there is another aspect which is an indication of memory loss which can be more significant ... I hope for everyone here it is a case of memory overload and not an early indication of something more serious .... I have first hand knowledge of dealing with a close family member with dementia ... its not good.

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