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Thread: Jet A1
30/05/2014 14:52:46

Plummet, you are spot on and for that reason there is no reason to have to find a supply Jet A1. Over the years I have been involved in the supply of millions, possible billions of litres of Jet A1 for aircraft use ... but it has all been supplied for aircraft use ... step away from this and there can be be all manner of problems

One of the characteristics of Jet A1 is that it has a freeze point of -47 degrees C ... thats probably not an issue for model jet fliers ... although it is for a B777 flying a trans polar route ... from west to east.

Paraffin is fine ... 

Edited By avtur on 30/05/2014 14:54:12

30/05/2014 14:26:35

Jet A1 cannot be legitimately 'sold' for none full size aviation uses ...

I have no doubt it can be 'supplied' ... but it can't be legally sold

Thread: Visiting "The Orme" next weekend
30/05/2014 14:11:54

Well I'm in Caernarfon for the weekend, weather is looking good ... well sort of ... great for being on holiday with the family but for once not that windy here !

According to XC Weather the winds at Llandudno tomorrow are forecast to be around 7-8 mph from the NW ... hope that's enough for plenty of folks.

Thread: eagle a3 super 3-axis sabilization
30/05/2014 13:08:42
Posted by Phil 9 on 30/05/2014 09:14:47:

I have been buying bigger and bigger models in resent years to allow me to fly in winder conditions and have a more stable aircraft (remember the old saying bigger models fly better). Now you can have the same effect by electronically stabilising a smaller model.


I recently bought the new Hobbyzone 'UMX Radian' which is definitely a smaller model, 28 inch wing span and weighing in at 1.5 ounces ... I think that constitutes it being both small and light.

I've flown it in flat calm conditions where of course it flies extremely well, but I've also flown it in a breeze (where I would not have attempted to fly the Hobbyzone Champ) and it has coped very well. The AS3X certainly makes a noticeable difference.

With models as small as only 1-2 ounces I think AS3X is doing something that a pilot can't do, it reacts so quickly and in away that I don't think even the most experienced pilot could hope to do. When we fly our models the only feedback we have is 'visual', and obviously it takes time for a model to react to flying conditions, and then for the pilot to 'see' that reaction and then make make a pilot input as a a result. Even with the most experienced pilot in the world this going to take time, where an onboard AS3X system can react so much quicker.

I know of a few instances of pilots of 'full size' aircraft trying to fly models and finding it more difficult than they expected. The comments are always the same and relate to 'feedback' from the model. If you are in a 'real' plane then there is immediate feedback both visually and from the gut (stomach!) about the aircraft attitude. With a model there is only the visual reference. I think that what AS3X systems do is introduce that 'gut' reaction to aircraft attitude which you simply can't get from visual reference only.

I know there are some who think the AS3X and similar system are some how de-skilling pilot ability. I don't see it that way, I think they are doing something that simply can't be done by the pilot in certain circumstances.   

Edited By avtur on 30/05/2014 13:16:14

Thread: Parkzone Sport Cub
29/05/2014 18:26:20

Thanks for the link Essjay, when I follow it says the playlist is 'private' any idea what that means? (Sorry I know thats a Youtube question not an AS3x question).

I've tried searching Youtube for AS3X AR636 but can't find anything, although there is some AR635 content.

Thread: internet passwords
29/05/2014 18:12:14

Another method is to create a Word or Excel document and then save it in an obscure font like one of the WIngdings or Dingbats. It maybe a bit obvious, perhaps some would recognise it but it may make it a bit more difficult; I guess that's a simple form of encryption?

28/05/2014 23:51:42

The problem is that different sites set different parameters, e.g.. different min and max character, upper and lower cased requirements.

When resetting my Fleabay password I'm sure it asked for at least two numbers, two upper case and two lower case

I must admit mine reside in a password protected Excel file which I have given a 'decoy' name to and stored on a memory stick.

I'm looking forward to increased use of biometrics, I think that might help (or am I being naive?).

Thread: Parkzone Sport Cub
27/05/2014 15:36:44

A couple of points to expand on thanks to the prompt from Chrisie.

The AS3X is all set up in the BnF version so it does work straight out of the box, I only found out about programming when I noticed the different Rx number i.e. AR636 and not AR635 as I've seen in other models, so I did some Googling and found out about the programming.

The wing is in two pieces with a single carbon spar which slides into the root of each wing half. There is a plastic saddle which then sits on top of the wing roots. The wing mounting screws pass down through the saddle and wings into captive nuts in the top of the cabin area.

There is plenty of space in the radio bay, the RX and two servos are easily accessible from the top while the battery bay is underneath with a large hinged hatch providing easy access. The kit comes with a 1300 3S Lipo but there's easily room for a 2200 3S in there.

One touch they could add while they're painting the foam in these kits would be to mark the C of G on the wing or the fuselage I usually end up applying little pen lines for future reference.

I haven't installed a flap servo as yet but certainly will be doing before too long.

Just waiting for the wind to drop a little so I can go and fly!!

Edited By avtur on 27/05/2014 15:37:41

27/05/2014 10:40:02

Thanks Bill, it's obvious now you point it out. thumbs up

Thread: New boy
26/05/2014 22:14:00

The Sky Surfer is often chosen as a first model, the 'six channel' description probably refers to the transmitter functions, the model itself is probably a 4 function model with the 'standard' throttle, aileron, rudder and elevator control, which should not be over challenging.

The Sky Surfer has a high mount pusher prop, which should protect the motor/prop from impact issue ... often associated with early flights.

Carl, you say the ESC is damaged ... is it terminal ...are you looking to continue with the Sky Surfer or are you looking to another model ???

Thread: Visiting "The Orme" next weekend
26/05/2014 21:55:00

Thanks guys, hope to be there Saturday, fingers crossed for the weather...teeth 2

Thread: Parkzone Sport Cub
26/05/2014 21:43:01

The Sport Cub has just arrived in shops this last week, as soon as I saw it I knew I had to get one ... so nipped along to Webbies and picked one up.

Strange this particular model didn't feature in any of the Nuremburg reports but it has arrived alongside some of the well publicised Nuremburg releases.

As a typical 'Bind N Fly' there is little more to do than a bit of final assembly but I thought I'd I share a few thoughts in case anyone else takes a shine to one.

Unpacking the box everything appeared to be present although an additional two main u/c wires were also found. All three u/c wires can be seen in the parts listing (in the instruction manual - see picture below), however it is clear that only one matches the assembly instructions, there is no mention why the other two wires are included.

Also related to the u/c one nice touch is that there is a very obvious 'flat' machined onto the axle stubs to help make securing the wheels collets that much easier.

Within the screw packs there were several spares of different sizes, however there was one shortfall, which was quite significant. The wing is attached using 4 X 3mm machine screws ... sadly there were only 3 screws supplied ... luckily I have a good stock of small machine screws so I was able to replace it ... not sure a typical beginner could do this.

The Sport Cub is equipped with AS3X, this is built in to the AR636 receiver which is part of the BNF package. This is different to the AR635 receiver which is included with other models (e.g. Visionaire). There are no instructions included for the receiver although some online searching reveals the AS3X functions are programmable when the receiver is linked to a PC, a special cable is needed, again no mention of this within the kit.

Tonights plan for maiden flight were thwarted when I found the gates to the car park at the club field were locked .... the car park we use is owned by the near by gym, unfortunately they closed early today because it was bank holiday. Maiden flight will take place within the next few days, as soon as weather and car park access permit.

I also have the original 'Super Cub LP' which is an absolute delight .... this new 'Sport Cub' incorporates all the obvious upgrades one would want over and above what the 'Super Cub LP' offers ... so I'm really looking forward flying this model. 

sport cub 2.jpg

under carriage 3 off.jpgcollet mounting.jpg

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Edited By avtur on 26/05/2014 21:47:39

Edited By avtur on 26/05/2014 21:52:55

Thread: Visiting "The Orme" next weekend
26/05/2014 13:05:52

Hi, I'll be at the weekend retreat in Caernarfon next weekend so was thinking of visiting 'The Orme' to watch the PSSA lads, not flying myself (probably 30+ years since I last flew on a slope!)

Could anyone give me an idea about times, parking and any other info a visitor might find useful ... please?



Edited By avtur on 26/05/2014 13:10:17

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
26/05/2014 12:55:10

The latest 'Cub' from Parkzone, this is the very recently released 'Sport Cub',

teeth 2

sport cub 3.jpgsport cub 2.jpg

Thread: Servo arm/control horn effective length
25/05/2014 03:06:04

Hells bells BEB, that's an incredible answer for 2:20 in the morning ... thumbs up

I'm an insomniac so I know all about the the 'wee small hours' ... but the precision of your answer ... well I'm blown away.

Thread: New E-Flite Carbon Z Cub Assembly Log & Chat
25/05/2014 01:46:08

Just a tad of thread drift ....

As a direct result of reading this thread (thank you Mr Milne!) I am now the proud owner of little brother to the Cub featured in this thread.

sport cub.jpg

I'll start another thread about progress with the "Sport Cub"



Edited By avtur on 25/05/2014 01:51:20

Thread: Celebrity flyers
25/05/2014 01:33:51

I'm no celebrity but I fly RC and my uncle was in Coronation Street (late 60's early 70's) .... I remember receiving some good presents from him at the time! One was an electric free flight model, made of polystyrene, the battery was a small plastic pouch which had to be filled with salt water to activate it (does that ring any bells with anyone?)

In the early days of Sky TV I appeared in a program about RC car racing, I ran a popular RC car racing club, we were invited to set up a circuit at Granada Studios in Manchester where they filmed the piece.

I also remember Robbie Coltrane's interest in RC flying some years ago, as has been mentioned a gentleman with a real interest in 'all things mechanical'.

Thread: New E-Flite Carbon Z Cub Assembly Log & Chat
23/05/2014 12:47:49
Posted by John Milne on 21/05/2014 11:07:13:

Just ordered it's baby brother which I think comes with the new AS3X rx which you can programme remotely. But I can only blame myself for this one.


Thanks for the link, I had no idea this was in the pipeline, for me this is a must have ... tomorrow with any luck.

Mrs Avtur is away for the weekend so I won't even have to sneak it in !!

Thread: Airbus E-fan
17/05/2014 21:19:47

There is no doubt that it is fantastic to see this concept fly, however I think it will be some time before we see the energy density (in batteries) required to support commercial aviation.

Aside from the energy density is the time to recharge, I know that typically current passenger aircraft can be refuelled at between 50,000 to 200,000 litres of jet fuel per hour; I'm not sure what that equates to in electrical terms but I believe it is way in excess of comparable charge rates.

Before electric power is possibility for commercial flight there needs to a quantum leap in energy density and charge rates ... that said I'm sure it will become a reality one day ....

Thread: A Svenson Sunny afternoon
16/05/2014 21:37:29

Thanks, pictures look great ... which bit of sea ?

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