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Thread: A Svenson Sunny afternoon
16/05/2014 21:06:06

sounds great but Oops ... Is there a picture missing ?

Thread: BMFA Classifieds
15/05/2014 10:11:01
Posted by Paul McCaughey on 15/05/2014 09:43:09:

..... beginning to wonder if someone has done something silly with the email set up at their side to block hotmail email accounts.

I've seen that happen, I was told that some email servers see hotmail messages as spam and bounce them.

Thread: charger lead extensions
15/05/2014 09:11:33
Posted by andyh on 15/05/2014 00:16:25:

....... our new chairman is proposing - rightly - that we use extensions to move the batteries away from the vehicles .....


It probably makes sense to get the Lipos away from the cars I can see that.

Just a thought ... is it preferable to extend the 12 volts to the charger and have the charger and Lipos close together (and away from the car) ... Or .... keep the charger close to the 12 volts in the car and extend the charger to Lipo lead.

Are there any considerations from either voltage drop, or other safety consideration, that would suggest a preferred option - if not going the second car battery route?


Edited By avtur on 15/05/2014 09:14:41

Thread: Paypal problem
15/05/2014 07:30:29

Thanks everyone for replies, having checked PayPal account none of the 'sale' transactions are there, the account is as it should be.

Thread: scale rc weightshift microlight
14/05/2014 12:36:14

Excellent ... so realistic, the head and hand movement is terrific.

From the inflight view over the pilots head its hard to tell it isn't 'real' and from the wingtip camera the only slight give away is the lack of a Rotax or similar power plant but again the movements are so realistic

Well done sir - quite brilliant !!

Thread: "drones" on Radio 2 ...
13/05/2014 15:32:18
Posted by Andrew Price 2 on 13/05/2014 15:22:12:

Sorry Avtur, Thought you were going to say something about Steve Wright!! sad

Too right!! (sorry) I think we could expand that list wink 2

Thread: Taranaphobia
13/05/2014 14:21:52

What a great idea for a thread BEB, I can't help feel that the gauntlet of Taranaphobia has just landed at my feet!

I wonder how long before curiosity gets the better of me?

I'll follow the thread and see how long I can resist wink 2

Thread: "drones" on Radio 2 ...
13/05/2014 14:15:49

Anyone hear the last 30 minutes of Jeremy Vine today, the subject was "drones" ... that was the terminology constantly used by Mr Vine.

I think the show gets around 5 million listeners so the subject of "drones" is very much out there for the public to discuss. Not surprisingly, because it makes for good headlines, there were a number of anecdotes about "drones" being used inappropriately.

One contributor did say he had bought a camera equipped quad and had being flying around his neighbourhood not knowing that there were any limitations of use, he admitted that head probably 'broken the rules' without realising it, I suspect that will be quite a common occurrence.

Ignorance of the law is no excuse but how do folks know that they need to check the law in the first place? Joe public probably thinks he is buying 'a toy' and it probably would not occur to him that there were any regulations about use.

Edited By avtur on 13/05/2014 14:16:57

Thread: The FrSky revolution - very worried men?
13/05/2014 00:23:10


I understand where you are coming from and you are obviously one of the chaps who can clearly make the most of Taranis, as a result of what I have seen you post here I regard you as a ambassador for the open source revolution.

My previous post is made because the the author of the 'top letter' claims a considerable understanding of the principles of 'open source' all be it in an industrial environment which I can only take as a means of lending credibility to his comments, yet he is offering words of caution about the possibility of becoming 'over absorbed' in the technology. I take it to mean be careful not to become absorbed in technology for its own sake.

I find it interesting that a contribution to the mag is given such prominence when it actually seems almost at odds with the ground swell of comment here on the forum.

I have actually downloaded the open source software to take look at it but have to admit to being a bit 'scared off' by it, although I imagine a one-to-one session with someone who understands it may well break down a few barriers for me.

I don't know how typical my attitude is, but perhaps as open source develops if people like me can become absorbed and some of the 'mystique' broken down then perhaps that would make the move to open source all the more unstoppable ...

Edited By avtur on 13/05/2014 00:24:26

Thread: Low Flying Lancaster
12/05/2014 19:56:10

Thought it might be shutter speed that created the illusion of being feathered,   but on closer inspection they really are feathered !!!!

I'm a member of an Historic car club, one of our senior members was a Lancaster pilot, thinking about the stories he tells there was probably a competition to see who could fly lowest on one engine!!

Edited By avtur on 12/05/2014 20:02:34

Thread: The FrSky revolution - very worried men?
12/05/2014 18:53:54

There is an interesting 'top letter' in this months mag regarding 'Taranis'.

The way I read it it cautions against the possibility of getting overly hung up in the Tx/Rx technology to a point where it interferes with actually flying.

I can understand a lot of the comments made in this thread support the idea that the potential functionality is 'opened up' by the use of open source equipment, and clearly there are some folks here who have embraced it and can explore the functionality of a Taranis. But the author of the letter expresses a concern that some might end up being drawn into exploring the Taranis at the expense of time spent outdoors flying with their chosen control system.

I'm a simple soul and for the time being I'll stick with my DX6i which suites the needs of my flying and models. I do like new technology but I'm not sure I would have the patience to learn a new method of programming just now.

Thread: Paypal problem
12/05/2014 18:01:22

I'm a fairly recent adopter of both eBay and Paypal, I've made a handful of buying transactions but not sold anything.

Today I have been bombarded with emails (20+) advising me of credits to my Paypal account, various amounts between £200 - £700 all from different transactions.

I presume this is some sort of scam, has anyone seen this happen before?

Thread: New car
11/05/2014 22:09:00

Skoda Octavia Estate ... it's a VW Golf with a different body ... actually very slightly larger.

Also Volvo V70 is a great piece of kit.

Thread: Manston - another airfield lost
11/05/2014 11:28:19

As anyone who has an interest in full size aviation might be aware the future of Manston has been in the balance for some time, sadly it has been announced it will close on 15th May.

Over the last couple of years Woodford, Filton and now Manston have closed, I don't know where the axe will fall next but there are other airfields that are struggling in the present climate.

We are given to believe that the finances of UK plc are improving, but if they are it's too late for Manston. A loss for aviation and in particular for 150 folks that work there.

Thread: Bind n fly with FASST?
05/05/2014 11:22:17
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 05/05/2014 10:51:42:

".......... I'm afraid Futaba were asleep the day BNF was conceived!


They certainly were, I have 7 bnf's, don't know where I'd be without them.

Thats a few bob that has gone to Hobbyzone.

I was advised to get a DX6i with the first model, which I now understand was excellent advice (for me), haven't looked back.

In the scheme of things the cost of a DX6i to give access to bnf's is probably a price worth paying

Thread: Spring is here - what is stopping you from flying?
04/05/2014 18:21:39

Well just a year ago I was made redundant so I thought I'd be flying every day the weather was OK ... however setting up my own business and then suffering a a heart attack has imposed some limitations.

But this last week has seen me flying nearly every day with this little beast ...

umx radian.jpg

I've had it a week and its flown at least two hours already .... very pleased with it ... though I appreciate that it may not be everyone's choice.

Thread: Plane for eight year old
04/05/2014 13:53:52

If you want a "fly from the box" solution the Hobbyzone Champ is excellent and will cost about £65-70.

It is a three channel park flyer for calm days, it provides a very simple route to successful flying.

Only down side (in some peoples eyes) is that as an RTF there is no building involved so depends if that's what you want.

Thread: Hovering Hidiot
04/05/2014 13:36:32

If you want to know a bit more about the aircraft and its owner enter the registration into "G INFO", which is a publicly accessible database of all UK registered aircraft.

If you enter 'ginfo' into Google you'll get a link straight to it, it is on the CAA website.

Unlike car registration details the details for aircraft and owner are in the public domain, all pilots should know this and be aware that anyone can take the registration and trace the owner.

I would report to the CAA as soon as possible, their website may have information on how to report.



Edited By avtur on 04/05/2014 13:37:27

Thread: What's flying over your house
01/05/2014 16:19:01

What's flying over my house ... well today it's everything which is departing from Manchester.

The wind is out the East so all departures are lifting off from 05L, I'm about 2 miles from the end of the runway and a couple of hundred yards south of the extended centre line so everything is coming near enough over the top of us. In fact anything heading south is usually starting turn right immediately over head so we get a great view the undersides.

It can get quite noisy, to the point where you can't have a telephone conversation, but it doesn't bother me, since I've made a living for 25 years putting fuel on these very aircraft.

If I want to see anything interesting of the GA type then its a 20 minute trundle down the M60 to Barton or City Airport Manchester as it now calls itself!

Thread: Flying a Micro RC in Parks
01/05/2014 10:50:37

I understand where TWS is coming from. 

If walking in the park you may encounter someone with a small parkflyer, but you are more likely to encounter people playing football and people walking dogs. I’m sure that far more people are injured being hit by a stray football or being bitten by an unruly dog, than being hit by the parkflyer; are these risks covered? House insurance perhaps?

I can understand how people might come to the conclusion that on balance they don’t think the risk involved in flying a parkflyer is something to be insured against.

I’m not putting forward an argument for not being insured, but just think next time you walk in the park, what uninsured risks are you exposing yourself to?

Edited By avtur on 01/05/2014 10:53:15

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