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Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
03/04/2014 12:43:51
Posted by David Tweddle on 03/04/2014 12:31:10:

Not just us...


That is depressing ... town hall decision making at it's very worst.

Probably the result of some uninformed jobsworth carrying out a risk assessment.

What about the model rail enthusiasts who run live steam in public parks, it doesn't look good for them.

The world really is going mad.

Thread: How do I close my account?
01/04/2014 10:52:42

Only another hour until the 12 noon deadline ... surprised there haven't been more!

Thread: Transmitter Purchase and Wind Flying
01/04/2014 09:19:45
Posted by Max50 on 01/04/2014 08:19:06:

I can see you had a WOT4 XL, and was wondering wether to buy one, as there's a lot of wind at my flying site.

I'm not sure a large model is the answer to this problem ... smile p

Thread: Futaba 7c versus Spektrum DX9 any thoughts need opinions please
31/03/2014 18:37:39
Posted by Nigel Finch on 31/03/2014 18:06:39:


... back into the scene and want to advance as far as I can. I have a chance to get a Futaba 7c but the club I joined all swear by Spectrum.

Welcome back, we all seem to return sooner or later .... I returned a couple of years back.

Since you've found a club I would suggest that using kit which is common to the club membership is likely to open up the most options for folks giving you help; be that either buddy box help or simply helping with any programming issues.

I started back with a Spektrum DX6i and it has served me well using it with a number of bind and fly models. I think it will be a long time before I even out grow that!

You'll probably get as many answers to the question as people you ask ... although I think one point most people would agree on is that there is a wide range of good kit out there.


Edited By avtur on 31/03/2014 18:43:09

Thread: BST
31/03/2014 11:10:54
Posted by cymaz on 30/03/2014 09:53:32:

Starting to have senior moments too early in life, went around doing the clocks on Saturday night before bed. Thought " good job done " . Only to realise that I had put them all BACK an hour.......

Nurse, get me my tabletsface 21

You're not alone ... my mother in law did the same ... teeth 2

Thread: look what im going to do just booked this
29/03/2014 23:16:49

If you take a look on You Tube you'll find plenty of in flight video featuring Eurostars

29/03/2014 21:30:43

Looks like fun ... enjoy.

I've been given a couple of flight vouchers in the last few months.

One for a 90 minute flight in a weight shift microlight ... just waiting for time and weather to coincide.

Also, just this week I had a 1 hour session in a B 737 simulator, that was fun and hard work.

27/03/2014 16:56:08
Posted by Bandit on 27/03/2014 13:55:44:

But this nonsense about all these issues with airliners in Insane!

I think that is a little insensitive, two crew members lost their life in the incident I quoted, the NTSB determined that the cause was linked to damaged Lithium batteries in the aircraft cargo. (that’s not me speculating).

I wouldn't have thought an incident which caused two deaths is something to speak of as dismissively as your comment implies. 

Edited By avtur on 27/03/2014 16:56:30

27/03/2014 12:03:41

A UPS B747 freighter crashed in Dubai in 2010, the aircraft and both crew members were lost.

The investigation concluded that a fire had started in a pallet containing lithium batteries, the contents of the pallet had been damaged during the loading process, the damage was attributed as the starting point.

The subsequent fire generated smoke which ultimately filled the cockpit, the smoke caused the crew to loose control and crash. The American NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) have attributed the loss of this and two other cargo aircraft to the carriage of lithium batteries in recent years.

I keep my LiPo's in a clay wine cooler in the garage.



Edited By avtur on 27/03/2014 12:07:09

Thread: Transmitter Purchase and Wind Flying
24/03/2014 21:45:47

If anyone wants to see Taranis programming in action take a look at You Tube, there's a guy there by the name of "R. Scott Page" who has posted a number of videos about different aspects of Taranis.

Thread: Li-air battery technology
24/03/2014 13:28:39

Is anyone following the developments in this battery technology?

I believe it's not new but recent developments in material technology are now making it a focus of commercial development.

I recently became aware of it because it is mentioned in the advertising material for VW cars.

It sounds promising with a capacity or 3-4 times greater (than Li-ion) per unit of battery weight. In the automotive arena this is being viewed as a development which could boost consumer confidence in electric cars as it could make significant improvement to the range of plug-in vehicles.

I could see also see it opening up some interesting opportunities in the model flying arena.


Edited By avtur on 24/03/2014 13:29:52

Thread: Transmitter Purchase and Wind Flying
24/03/2014 13:13:10

Try searching You Tube using transmitter names, there's a wide variety of videos there which take you step by step through programming. Some are produced by individuals and some by dedicated review channels, between them you can get a good idea what is involved. To set you off in the right direction try these You Tube channels "2BrothersHobby" and "RCModelReviews"

I must admit that when I saw video of how to program the Hi-Tec Aurora 9 that really took my eye, certainly more intuitive than anything else I have seen.

Also if you search the websites of both manufacturers and retail outlets you'll find that a good number of instruction manuals are available to download. A few minutes searching should provide you with a good library of material to study.


Edited By avtur on 24/03/2014 13:13:57

Thread: How to tell if battery has broken, or charger has?
22/03/2014 11:34:26

Posted by Martin Harris on 22/03/2014 10:25:57:

The currently advertised version of your model only mentions a brushless motor so yours might be quite old and designed to accommodate NiMx batteries..

Since I've been looking at this model as a possible present for someone I've seen there are two versions available.

A 3 channel brushed motor 2S version which has red decals and a 4 channel brushless motor 3S version which has yellow decals, I think the version in question is the former.

In looking around I've seen a number of adverts that contain mistakes in identifying which model is in fact for sale.

Thread: Well done Steve and Matt Bishop
22/03/2014 10:07:28

Great publicity for the "Bishops" and well deserved!

Cracking photos and video which will be jaw dropping for quite the majority of people who will see it.

I expect there will be a lot of search engine traffic for "model hawk" and "model red arrow" ...

Edited By avtur on 22/03/2014 10:08:51

Thread: Why do people expect a discount when they collect a model I'm selling!
20/03/2014 23:54:07

We seem to live in age where haggling is becoming more common place.

When you have folks like Martin (Money Saving Expert) Lewis advocating haggling in High Street stores then it's going to percolate down through all levels of retails and selling.

Personally I wouldn't haggle about delivery on an eBay, classified ad type of a purchase. I'd make the determination as to how far I was willing to travel as part of deciding how much to bid for an item.

But clearly a lot of people have the confidence/cheek to ask away ... I do think it's bad form to actually turn up and haggle or drop it in the conversation after winning an auction.

But then I've heard that some people will even do that on a house purchase ... haggling for £1,000's even as the removal vans are being loaded.  

Edited By avtur on 20/03/2014 23:58:55

Thread: Transmitter Purchase and Wind Flying
20/03/2014 23:40:38

The Ares Gamma is an "all in one box offering" providing a simple and speedy entry point to r/c flying. I haven't seen one flying but there are some favourable reviews on YouTube. Although I have had a good look at one on the shop counter (in fact nearly bought one for a nephew - but it took me into a different range of li-po’s). >>

The main thought that springs to mind in terms of flying in wind is that this is a 37inch span foamy weighing in at around 16 ounces, I’d say it just isn't a model for windy days. I'm not sure if it's the 3 or 4 channel version (the 4 channel is called the 370 - Pro) it comes with a basic 4 channel Tx (as you'd expect at this price point of £100 ish all in), it doesn't have an AS3X type stabilisation system so there is no assistance in dealing with the buffeting that it will get in anything other than a gentle breeze; it’s all down to the pilot. >>

It certainly looks like a good starting point, if you want to go the one box route, but I think a certain amount of patience may be required so that it is used in conditions that are suitable for it. >>

With regards the radio system it was pointed out to me that the system is removable and transferrable to other smaller models but it was described as a “park flyer” set up, not a full range so that’s something to keep in mind if wanting to use the gear elsewhere. It is a 2.4 ghz system but as might be expected it has no compatibility with any other system. >>

A good little flyer … in the right conditions. >>

Would have to agree with others regarding experience over the written word when it comes to learning about the flying skills. A copy of Phoenix Flight Sim is probably well worth it given the blustery weather at this time of year. >>


Edited By avtur on 20/03/2014 23:44:19

Thread: The Easy Way
19/03/2014 11:32:14

That's a very nice P6 ... teeth 2

19/03/2014 09:07:00

Posted by mike ryan on 19/03/2014 01:17:25:
" ... Nobody can be that busy you can't set aside a few hours here and there to do something you really enjoy ..."

I think that might be easier said than done for some people, anyone involved with a family these days (particularly with school aged children) is likely to have a lot of conflicting demands on their time to deal with.

We know from comments posted on this forum that many folks take a break from this hobby (and many others) through the family years. Their return to the hobby is made more achievable by the availability of ARTF's, it is only further down the road that they may return to building, rather than assembling models.

If someone does only have a few hours available then they may prefer to use that limited time flying. There are also issues around the space to build. Without the space for a dedicated build area it would become inconvenient and time consuming to have to 'tidy up' at the and of each build session.

These days our hobby offers a diversity of ways to become involved which I think is better for the future because it opens the door to more people to get involved.

Edited By avtur on 19/03/2014 09:07:25

Thread: Green Air Designs
18/03/2014 21:38:32
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 18/03/2014 18:24:42:

".... The website certainly gives the impression that it is something more than a one-man band operating out of a garden shed ...."

That is a very interesting point, the professionalism or polished appearance of a website is a product of the web-designer and may not necessarily reflect the business itself.

In my own industry there have been a couple of instances of new entrants to the market place who really turned heads on the basis of their web presence, the business ventures that lay behind the "glossy website" turned out to be very poor and no threat to anyone.

Equally I can think of instances where the web presence is actually a very poor representation of the business, (there are a couple of good examples in our own hobby)

So, as the saying goes "all that glitters is not gold" and with the prolific and high speed nature of internet communications it is becoming even more difficult to know who you are dealing with these days.

Edited By avtur on 18/03/2014 21:40:18

18/03/2014 14:38:13
Posted by IanR on 18/03/2014 10:12:43:

But if you're selling to the RC modelling world, well...there are so few of us and, whether its on forums or at the clubs, we all talk to one another. As Cymaz says, word soon gets around our small community.

In my experience what (sometimes) appears to be lacking by some businesses in the hobby goods/services supply chain is a professionalism and a good understanding of business.

Sometimes the route that brings people into the supply chain is a desire to turn a hobby interest into a business, whether that works or not is down to the drive and experience of those involved, it can work but there are no guarantees.

It is extremely important to build a good reputation for service, knowledge of this will soon become known among potential customers, word of mouth is the least expensive and probably the most cost effective advertising you can get.

Any business that doesn't put customer service up there at the top of their wishlist is going to have problems, as this thread goes to prove. 

Edited By avtur on 18/03/2014 14:41:10

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