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Thread: RC equipment reliability
20/03/2017 00:57:47

Looking at various threads on the forum there appears to be a lot of comment about after sales 'service' (or possibly lack of) provided by RC equipment suppliers. I'm not going to get into naming brands.

What does surprise me is that 'my opinion' gained from posts I see appears to suggest that RC equipment is perhaps not that reliable, with many folks offering explanations of how their service dealings have (or have not) worked out.

If I think about my own experience with other household electrical appliances it looks like some RC users get a poor deal.

If I look at the electrical appliances around my house, TV, PVR, washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum cleaner, hair dryers, hair straighteners, fridges and freezers. From these pieces of equipment, which, especially considering their duty cycles, provides me with an astonishing level of reliability, to the point where I can't remember having problems let alone how to go about making service calls.

If I compare this experience with some of the reported problems with RC equipment, and the need for service, this could make RC equipment look both unreliable and poor value.

I know that forums are not the best place to get a balanced view of products …. those who can be bothered to post are probably less likely to be “average users”.

So … what do forum viewers think … is RC equipment as reliable as other products we buy?

My experience has actually been very good, no question about reliability and therefore no need for followup and service ... But looking at some posts returning equipment is not an uncommon occurrence.

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Thread: Another Shop Going?
19/03/2017 23:25:19
Posted by Percy Verance on 19/03/2017 21:01:59:

Hi avtur

The shop has been trading for 28 years, and the owner says he's simply had enough and wants to get out while the going is still reasonably good. He does have someone who is interested in taking over, but nothing has been finalised as yet. If nothing comes of it, the door will close at the end of March, and any remaining stock will be sold on ebay.........

It would have to be a very brave (and wealthy) person who would buy into an LMS in todays (online and financial) environment, I wish the current owner well.

If ebay had been an option for me that would have made life so much more palatable.

Have you heard the saying ..."how do you make a small fortune out of model retailing?"

easy ... start with a large fortune !!!!

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Thread: LMA Haydock Park 2017
19/03/2017 19:00:40
Posted by LMA Dave on 19/03/2017 18:29:43:

A lot of work had been put in to pulling this event off and modellers and traders both think the venue is great which is a great relief.

It is a great venue, location is spot on, just by a major motorway junction, hopefully making it easily accessible for many visitors. Obviously wherever a venue is chosen it will be better for some than others, it is over 700 miles from top to bottom of the UK, you couldn't be nearest for everyone but its a heck of a good choice for middle England!!

Facilities were of a high quality which has to be down to choice of venue, an inspired choice by someone.

There is one thing that would have to be on my wish list in future ..... with such a vast availability of land outside ... could there be some flying ???

19/03/2017 17:00:36

As it was pouring with rain this morning and Haydock Park is a little under 30 miles away I thought I would stroll along to this event.

Have to say I thought it was well organised and well presented, nice venue, plenty of space. I've never been to an LMA event before so found many of the exhibits quite jaw dropping.

There were a few trade stands to look at, not all focused on large models, the on site catering was good with space to sit and eat and chat.

I saw someone taking lots of pictures, Alex Whittaker (possibly) so there maybe some good pictures to see in an upcoming mag.

There was a strange event which appeared to be called "how many modellers does it take to weight a turbine hawk" .... I lost count.

All in all an a good day out, well done to the LMA folks for tickling the 'modelling' taste buds just as the year starts to open up.

Edited By avtur on 19/03/2017 17:01:53

Thread: Another Shop Going?
19/03/2017 12:31:01
Posted by Percy Verance on 19/03/2017 07:19:01:


..... I'm going to make a point of being there for an hour or so on the last day just to wish him well for the future etc. I'd imagine many others will do the same.....


That's a nice thought, I hope others do the same.

When I closed a model shop 25 years ago there were one or two who were kind in their thoughts, but they were outnumbered by more of the "what's going cheap" brigade.

Quite humiliating having people picking through the bones of your business.

Took nearly 20 years to pick up a Tx and fly again.

Edited By avtur on 19/03/2017 12:32:31

Thread: Aussie Tiger Moths
17/03/2017 17:14:03

I have just flown in VH-DHR (a 1942 Tiger Moth) from Lilydale (a few kilometers to the east of Melbourne) a 30 minute flight over the local valley it was wonderful. Still air in the Moth at 2,500 feet above a beautiful landscape .... it was almost beyond words ...

Thread: Steve Webb Models
04/02/2017 17:27:37

I’ve been absent from here (and the flying field) for over 18 months, the modelling ‘mojo’ has been chased away by various family and work related concerns; this does relate to Steve Webb, so stick with me!

However, a couple of hours ago I visited a local leisure centre where my local club had arranged an “indoor fly in” for a couple of hours, I went along as a guest.

Almost the first conversation through the door was about where to get a suitable indoor model … and what was the first suggestion … yes, Steve Webb … just a 30 minute trip down the M56 from me.

Well that was only a couple of hours ago but the mention of a trip back to “Webbies” has certainly fired my imagination … hopefully enough to overturn the reasons for my recent absence.

My recollection of Webbies was that it appeared to offer the best of all worlds, you can ask for as much advice as you need, you’ll get it and they have a plentiful supply of products at very competitive prices. They do a great job of competing with the internet on prices yet providing bricks and mortar service.

Thread: The Cost Of A Car The Year You Were Born
29/07/2016 23:52:58

I don't recall the cost of a car the year I was born 1956.

However, I do recall the cost of my own first car in early 1974. I bought a 1959 Austin A35 for £15, it required a new battery and a couple of things which cost a further £15 and finally tax and insurance which came in at around £17. I was on the road for less than £50! Happy days.

Thread: The 'share your photos' thread (not model flying)
20/09/2015 17:28:12

Phil, they are absolutely terrific pictures, I was there on the day and your pictures are a fantastic capture of what we all saw.

There were so many 'moments' to be captured but from a timing point of view your picture of the Blades crossover is perfect down to the last one thousandths of a second .. I have a good spec compact but couldn't get close to capturing that image; you absolutely nailed it, well done!

It was an absolutely brilliant day and you have captured so many of the moments so very well, thanks for sharing your pictures.

Thread: Southport Airshow
20/09/2015 17:10:04

Phil, I was there, I saw the real thing, your photos are stunning, hats off to you my friend a brilliant record of the day.

I've got my own picture of the Vulcan and The Reds, not perfect, not as good as yours but I'll treasure it because I took it myself; my one picture made the whole day worthwhile, that is why I went.

You say it was emotional, it certainly was and I don't mind admitting it. I shed a tear when the Vulcan flew by with The Reds and again when the Vulcan climbed away after her solo performance, it's difficult to think I'll not see that sight again.

20/09/2015 14:42:37

Knowing that the Vulcan will be grounded at the end of this year's show season I promised myself that I would visit an airshow this year to see her one last time.

I saw her flyby at Woodford back in June, that was great but it wasn't a full display. My attempts to visit airshows have been thwarted by conflicting events in the family domestic calendar.

However, yesterday the holes in the cheese lined up and I was able to visit the Southport airshow where the Vulcan was scheduled to do a full display and what a fantastic display it was.

On Friday it was announced that prior to her display the Vulcan would do a flyby accompanied by The Red Arrows (this would be the last occasion when this could happen). Sure enough, dead on time, the Vulcan arrived with The Reds in an arrow formation escorting her across the sky directly in front of the display line .... it was a terrific sight ... a real lump in the throat moment.

The Reds left and the Vulcan went on to perform an impressive display, just as I remembered with the power climbs rattling ever bone in my body. At one point she did a 720 degree climbing turn under power, it was breath taking.

There was MiG 15, I've never seen one in the flesh before, a beautiful display and so quiet. There was a Wildcat helicopter flying along side a Fairey Swordfish, a Scout helicopter, a Royal Navy Sea King helicopter displaying for the last time and of course The Reds (who I haven't seen in the flesh for several years.)

It was a terrific day, the weather was nearly perfect, the Red Arrows commentator said it was only the fourth time this year that they had been able to perform their full unrestricted (vertically) display in the UK. And because it was a seafront display there were none of the recently introduced restrictions, even the commentators made mention of that.

I was in two minds whether to go or not, it was my wife who persuaded me saying you'll regret it if you don't go ... how right she was!!

P.S.  I've just noticed that Phil Brookes has posted some terrific pictures in the album section ... brilliant Phil, I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did 

Edited By avtur on 20/09/2015 14:50:07

Thread: Hawker Hunter crashed at shoreham airshow
23/08/2015 00:02:21
Posted by John Privett on 22/08/2015 23:41:05:

I was surprised when I noticed the flaps, whilst looking through my photos from the day half an hour or so ago.

There is much discussion about the position of the flaps over on the 'pprune' website. There is input from several experienced pilots who have flown Hunters and they confirm the use of flaps would be correct for this type of maneuver.

The widespread availability of pictures and videos so soon after the event and shared very quickly via the internet and social media is a sign of the times. While some may consider this to be inappropriate (and its probably to do with context and the comments made) I'm sure the availability of the images will help with the accident investigation.

Edited By avtur on 23/08/2015 00:03:09

Thread: "drones" on Radio 2 ...
13/08/2015 23:14:15
Posted by Area 51 on 13/08/2015 11:54:32:

I hope the R4 show gets the coverage and audience this "R2 luvvie" gets.. and I do feel it is a shame the BMFA were not mentioned or involved in the R2 show or the CAA as the ulitmate body with responsibility over our hobby..

The reality is that no output on R4 is going to reach anywhere near the audience numbers reached by daytime R2.

While the R2/JV output might not have been perfect it was broadly in the right place and it was heard by a wide audience which has to be a step in the right direction.

While neither the BMFA or the CAA contributed to the item both were mentioned as were their respective roles.. The popular/mass media are never going to represent this matter in a way that satisfies many people in our hobby, I'm just thankful that an item was put on air which did a half reasonable job of representing the status quo.

13/08/2015 11:39:00
Posted by John Privett on 13/08/2015 10:34:12:

Though JV did try a cheap "pot shot" at the BMFA, but it just made him look stupid. (Or more stupid?)

I agree, but in the scheme of things decided not to let that put me off. But you are right it was a cheap shot and that's just the type of childish uninformed comment that can make listening to JV frustrating. It's a shame because sometimes when he covers stories of sensitive human interest he can be quite good.

I'm glad you found the coverage 'more positive' than you expected because that was just what I thought, hence my posting. Although I think as far as the mass media is concerned we are stuck with 'drones' I'm not sure we'll ever see 'multi rotors' adopted by the media.

13/08/2015 00:11:55

I know I've mentioned the Jeremy Vine show previously and I understand he winds some people up (I agree that he can sometimes come across as the 'tabloid' of radio shows). However I'll give his show another mention because there was another 30 minutes item on drones again today.

The coverage is getting more positive and better informed and todays feature had a good focus on safe operation, appropriate training, the CAA and the BMFA both got a mention. There was input from a guy in the Cotswolds who is a licensed commercial operator and a training provider (he also got a good plug for his business).

The point that you can't just buy off the shelf and fly anywhere was well made as was the point that there is accountability in law if you get it wrong. As much as JV may not be to everyones' liking his show does get millions of listeners which means plenty of people getting the message ... which must surely be a good thing.

Thread: What's flying over your house
11/08/2015 09:33:16

Well not exactly over my house but yesterday I got stuck in the traffic jam caused by the propane gas tanker which caught fire on the M56, was actually very close to the front of the eastbound queue, perhaps 2-300 yards from the incident. Anyway that meant we were stationary for about 45 minutes, during that time a Boeing B17 passed over head and for some reason circled over us a couple of times, so I got to take some pictures of it.

At the start of the journey (Caernarfon to Stockport) I didn't expect to be stood in lane three of the M56 taking pictures, let alone of a B 17!

Thread: "drones" on Radio 2 ...
06/08/2015 01:09:34

Some good publicity for the FPV racing on Radio 2 last Friday.

The Simon Mayo Drivetime show includes a feature on Fridays called "Friday Fixture" where listeners get a few minutes of airtime to explain about their chosen sport, typically this feature is for minority sports to help them get publicity.

Last Friday's feature was about 'FPV quad racing', the caller did a very good job of talking about multi rotors, mini quads and FPV; it was the presenter who brought the word drone into the conversation. After a brief explanation of what a quad racer is and and what FPV means the caller was given the chance to 'plug' an event called 'Aerial Grand Prix Yorkshire" which takes place this weekend on Sat 8th August at Holmes Park, Halifax.

One of the features of the event is that the pilots' video feeds are going to be displayed on large TV screens which I imagine will be quite exciting for spectators to watch. I believe another club in that general area (Bury - Ok it 's t'other side of the Pennies but its not that far away!) has also recently run an FPV event and I think they have a Club course for FPV flying.

I just think its great to see these new events coming together, being publicised as entertainment events and not only providing a competitive environment for the flyers but trying to make it appealing to spectators as well. They show everything about multi rotor flying in a positive light, thats got to be good??

Thread: Secretaries - how do you send emails to your members?
06/08/2015 00:07:37
Posted by John Privett on 05/08/2015 23:00:44:

As an aside, it is 'good practice' to use 'bcc' for the destination addresses - ie. send it from yourself (or club address) to yourself (or club address) and 'bcc' the members' addresses. Otherwise you're making all your members' email addresses public and sooner or later somebody will complain...

That is very good advice, thanks. I am a club webmaster and I want to be able to send an email to members when I've made changes to the website, I use Outlook on an Exchange server and have my own domain. I've been given a list of members' email addresses contained in an excel spreadsheet (single column - 1 address per cell - approx 130 members/rows). Is it possible to import the addresses into Outlook to create a 'bcc' list or is it a matter of putting some time aside and creating the bcc list by typing all the addresses in? Thanks.

Edited By avtur on 06/08/2015 00:08:25

Thread: Man blinds himself flying helicopter in his flat
30/07/2015 10:36:53

Can only hope that the publicity achieved by this story serves as a warning to others who perhaps don't fully understand the potential danger in operating models. The pictures in particular should provide a strong incentive to take care.

Thread: Drone Near Miss.
26/07/2015 18:05:24

Great to see the Drinkwater Park Raceway coming through on Facebook feed ... smiley

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