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Thread: Drone Near Miss.
24/07/2015 01:10:32
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 22/07/2015 22:57:08:

The second guy does have a drone operating company - a film company - but what he was really pushing was his other business - ie this one. ....

... Now isn't that rather an sad reflection on our hobby - people would rather pay him than join a club and get a better qualification (the BMFA A and B certs are recognised and accredited by CAA - his aren't) basically for free. Worrying. Either we are failing to promote to and recruit this new membership (wondering where the young people are that aren't in our hobby? They're here!) or maybe its that we seem so unfriendly towards drone flyers? Nah - can't be that surely?


Edited By Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 22/07/2015 22:58:10

I don't think it is a sad reflection on our hobby. The guy offering this training isn't aiming at model flying hobbyists, he is aiming at folks who are prepared to pay for a service ... and my interpretation is that his clients will look at training as a means to an end most likely resulting in the use of a 'drone' as a tool to carry out a job. That sort of end user is not going to put up with the faff and bother of trying to join a club and probably taking months to get the required training; the fact that the training will be free will be of little consequence.

There are many people buying high end kit off the shelf not because they are interested in aviation as such but because they see the drone as a tool to enable them to capitalise on a commercial opportunity. Those who wish to take it seriously will be quite happy to pay the price for 'professional' tuition and will accept the cost as a the price of doing business.

The BMFA and club training environment doesn't stand a chance of being able to compete with such commercials ventures, the latency in the systems and response times would be unacceptable to commercial enterprise. Maybe the BMFA should be looking for some interaction with these commercial training organisations, although my gut feeling is that such interaction would be unlikely. The club training environment just doesn't align with commercial interests, I don't see that as a failing in clubs, they are are just quite different interests. It could be described as a missed opportunity but I just don't think that the BMFA and club training environment is able to respond quickly enough to benefit from this opportunity.

Thread: PayPal Address - important
15/07/2015 15:30:28
Posted by Stevo on 15/07/2015 13:42:34:

..... So how do I tell when it's arrived there....?

Hopefully they'll send you a message as with other eBay deliveries made via Argos.

I regularly order form eBay and choose 'click & collect' delivery to a local Argos store because it guarantees the item is available for pick up once I receive the notification that it has been delivered to the Argos store.

I find it much easier than taking a chance on being in when the postie calls at my house and the subsequent messing with 'while you were out' cards and trips to a sorting office with limited opening hours. I'm lucky I have a choice of several Argos stores within 6-7miles and with opening times up to 8pm its a convenient way to receive packages that wont fit through the letterbox. .

It sounds like their system may have somehow remembered your Argos choice from the previous purchase, it shouldn't have done, normally choosing an eBay 'click & collect' store requires a few extra mouse clicks ... curious.

Hope it arrives soon enough!

Thread: RAF Wyton
30/06/2015 21:55:30

One of the problems causing loss of airfields is that they are lost one by one, in a piecemeal way; it is a creeping loss. One day the powers that be will wake up and ask what happened to the national resource of airfields we once had? The answer will be sorry, they disappeared one by one, no one noticed.

We need the government to recognise that collectively these airfields are a valuable national resource, they provide places of employment and places for a variety of leisure activities all of which have an economic benefit. They need to be saved before they become extinct.

Thread: V-Force Tour
28/06/2015 12:57:18

I watched at Woodford yesterday, it was (as always) a beautiful sight. We got a couple of low passes before it departed for RAF Cosford.

It was strange (heartbreaking) to watch this beautiful bird fly over the factory which is now 90% demolished in preparation for a housing development.

I expected there would be a couple of hundred people there to watch, as it turned out there were thousands. It was a great atmosphere, loads of family groups, people with picnics, beer, wine and sandwiches, the nearby golf club opened up their bar which was a nice touch.

The range of people there was amazing, clearly lots of ex factory workers, general aviation enthusiast (like me) and lots of young families who clearly (just by their age) couldn't have the same level of attachment to the aircraft but never the less they were there.

The flypast was over all too quickly but it was an amazing gathering of people.

And the traffic chaos afterwards was dreadful, just like back in the day of the famous Woodford Airshows ... but you know it was all part of the occasion. What a great day !!

Thread: What's flying over your house
27/06/2015 19:01:07

XH558 flew over our house this afternoon as part of the weekends "Salute to the V Force" where XH558 is flying over all the locations where there are static 'V Bombers' on display.

I didn't see it fly over my house because I had camped out at Woodford Aerodrome (just a couple of miles away) which was one of the designated flypast points for this weekends tour.

I would guess that a couple of thousand turned up, hardly surprising given Woodford's relationship with the Vulcan ... after all it was built there.

We didn't get the full power "chest tingling" climb out ... probably because of fuel issues ... but it was a great occasion.

21/06/2015 14:30:24

A DC-3 about 10 minutes ago, heading roughly north west about 1500 feet, tried a quick look on Flightradar, but nothing there; must be a show somewhere.

The DC-3 track was directly across the inbound track for runway 23-Right and Manchester, they must have waved him through!

Thread: Does foam float your boat?
20/06/2015 15:44:24

Each to his own ... I prefer foamteeth 2

Thread: Two planes fly through hanger - together!
20/06/2015 12:08:25

Spectacular manoeuvre enhanced be some amazing camera angles.

Perhaps there should be the obligatory health warning "don't try this at home"wink 2

Paul Bonhomme's day job is driving 747's for BA ... talk about chalk and cheese!

Thread: Lovely day at the office
15/06/2015 15:47:01
Posted by The Wright Stuff on 12/06/2015 15:22:20:

Sadly, the camera angle is a bit of an optical illusion - it doesn't actually go vertical, but gobsmacking performance nevertheless...

It is an interesting camera angle but I don't think it's an illusion. For just a few seconds I think it's within degrees of vertical, there is plenty of internet footage of the manouver from other angles to confirm this. Many airliners can perform to extremes without passengers and with only minimum fuel.


Edited By avtur on 15/06/2015 15:50:46

Thread: Queens birthday flypast 2015
13/06/2015 13:12:13

Was sitting ready to watch it on Sky News, oh dear not much to see, just a single pass by "The Reds" and the camera man nearly missed that!

Thread: Lovely day at the office
12/06/2015 14:43:37

Terrific ... what a take-off smile p

Thread: What's flying over your house
09/06/2015 20:12:44
Posted by Mike Etheridge 1 on 09/06/2015 19:13:02:

As for Hunter G-HUNT, was it the plane that crashed at Dunsfold some years ago?

Well according to G-INFO, the CAA registration website, it is still registered but the last entries go no further than the mid '80's.

09/06/2015 17:13:08
Posted by avtur on 08/06/2015 17:25:43:

A Chinook has just flown over following the standard approach to runway 23R at Manchester, threshold is about 2 miles away. Makes a change from the normal commuter and holiday types expected at this time of the afternoon.

Local news reported today that the Chinook had diverted into Manchester with a technical problem, after an overnight session with magic spanners it departed this morning.

09/06/2015 14:57:24

What's flying over my house ... ... every aircraft departing from Manchester today!

The wind is from the North East today so everything is departing from runway 05L, I live about 2 miles from the runway the first turning point for departures is directly over our house so I get to see the underside of every departing aircraft. It's interesting to see the different heights they achieve at this distance. They do tend to stop conversation though ....

08/06/2015 17:25:43

A Chinook has just flown over following the standard approach to runway 23R at Manchester, threshold is about 2 miles away. Makes a change from the normal commuter and holiday types expected at this time of the afternoon.

Thread: BMFA National Flying Centre
08/06/2015 17:15:51
Posted by The Wright Stuff on 08/06/2015 16:37:58:

I'm afraid I see the location as very much secondary to the quality and scope of the centre. Of course in an ideal world it would be equal for everyone. We don't live in that world. There are lots of 'National' centres that are not in the geometric centre of England and Wales. The National Railway Museum? Nope. National Gallery? Nope. National Maritime Museum? The National Museum of Computing? National Horseracing Museum? National Museum of the Royal Navy? National Army Museum, National Science Museum? Need I go on?

I have to say I completely agree with this comment; choose a location that best serves the purpose and if the facility really is that good people will travel.

I don't have a strong view about the existence National Flying Centre. I probably wouldn't have a strong desire to visit, although if I did find reason to visit I would be more concerned about the quality of the venue and facilities on offer, the distance I had to travel would be less important.

Thread: Windows 10 - Any Advice
04/06/2015 19:14:22

Mac have moved to the no cost upgrade for the operating system so perhaps that has influenced Microsoft.

By coincidence my invitation to reserve 'W10' popped up today (I'm currently on W7), so I went ahead and reserved it. The end user is left to decide when to activate the install.


Edited By avtur on 04/06/2015 19:15:04

Thread: Vulcan ... in it's final season
04/06/2015 09:43:11

The Vulcan is doing a tour of UK 27th & 28th June.

She will over-fly locations around the UK where there are remaining static airframes of the V-force aircraft, so that's about 20 locations over the 2 days.

The details are tucked away in the link provided by Phil Cooke earlier in this thread, follow the 'more info' link for the 2 dates mentioned.

I'm very pleased to have found out about this as there is a Vulcan sitting on the ground about 3 miles away from me, just up the road at Woodford,

Thread: Sepp Blatter head of FIFA
02/06/2015 18:04:17

At last ... he's decided to go ... hopefully football can move on now !!!

Thread: Dash Cams
31/05/2015 00:46:32
Posted by Cuban8 on 30/05/2015 13:17:08:

Just Googled some figures. Between 2010 and 2013, 7200 people were killed on the UK's roads. Extrapolating the figures to date means we're almost certain to be over the 10000 mark by now. Just imagine that, the population of a typical fair sized town wiped out every five years or so. Hysteria about 'poison chicken' in the papers, yet we still accept the road carnage almost without thought.

That's a very good point, the fatality rate has been falling for the past 10 years or more, back in 2000 there were nearly 3500 fatalities, in 2013 the figure had fallen to just over 1700. The figure for 2014 actually rose slightly on the 2013, but in general figures are at an all time low. That may come as something of a surprise given the poor driving we see on the roads every day. It is probably the improvements in vehicle engineering which accounts for some of the reducing fatality figures. 

Cuban8 makes a really good point about comparing the number of road deaths with other potential threats to our wellbeing. The recently identified 'potentia'l threat from eating chicken has made headlines in all forms of news media, the chances of death are remote, but there is certainly the potential for many upset stomachs, some could be quite severe. And yet we (as a society) appear to be accept that we loose 1700 lives a year to motoring incidents but where are the headlines about this? All road deaths are preventable, yet we accept 1700 per year and there are few news headlines about it.

As individuals we may have concerns about this and anyone who has suffered such a loss among family and/or friends will be particularly sensitive about it. Yet somehow 'we' as a society at large don't appear to be doing too much to reduce the figure.


Edited By avtur on 31/05/2015 00:51:22

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