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Thread: Dash Cams
31/05/2015 00:17:17
Posted by Bill_B on 30/05/2015 14:46:36:

.... Secondly, it's not 'road tax', it's VED, Vehicle Excise Duty .....

I think you'll find it is 'road tax' ... take a look at the government website, all references are to vehicle tax or car tax, or take a look at the reminder next time your 'tax' is due, it clearly says 'vehicle tax'  ... the term VED was used for many years to 'disguise' the charge from being called tax.

We all know it is a tax and even the government has now given up trying to call it something else.

As for 'dash cams' they are becoming very popular and evidence from them is certainly being used to provide evidence for some prosecutions. It probably depends where you live and drive as to whether or not they are a benefit, for those of us who live in urban/city areas it certainly looks as though dash cams can be useful, especially to prove that you were the innocent party in an incident.

Edited By avtur on 31/05/2015 00:24:35

Thread: Sepp Blatter head of FIFA
30/05/2015 23:51:21

The only way this will get sorted is if the sponsors take action ... all the problems at FIFA are related to money and large amounts being syphoned off by corrupt individuals.

The only way to stop this is to stop the flow of money, i.e. from the sponsors.

I think if just one of the major sponsors was willing to take action the others would follow ... but no one wants to be the first to move.

For my money either McDonalds or Coca-Cola should be the ones to move first, they are consumer products aimed at families who should most be wanting to distance themselves from such a corrupt and deceitful organisation, as FIFA appears to be.

Edited By avtur on 30/05/2015 23:52:08

Thread: Fancy a Job
29/05/2015 09:00:02

Another interesting aviation job currently being advertised is at the Shuttleworth Collection.

They are looking for a new CEO (due to retirement), salary c.£90,000.

I suspect the successful applicant will need one heck of a C.V. !!

Thread: Why do so many forumites get angry with other members ?
28/05/2015 11:10:31

I seem to remember attending a course at work about improving communications where we were told that up to 70-80% of communication is 'none verbal', e.g. that body language, facial expression, tone of voice (et al) play a significant part in how our message comes across to others.

I think Internet forums are a fine example of this, here it is entirely down to our choice of words and it is so easy for the 'intention' of words by one person not to match the 'perception' of words by others. Once this starts and you have a misunderstanding then it can escalate, especially if one or other of the parties is 'having a bad day'... and I think we we all have bad days ... sometimes.

Thread: Aircraft graveyard
27/05/2015 02:39:14

Indeed, enjoyable and interesting, but sad.

However when you hear the Boeing guy talk about new aircraft being upto 60, or even 70%, more efficient to operate then you can understand why it happens; especially when you consider what has happened to fuel prices over the years.

Thread: Greenacres 23-25 May 2015
21/05/2015 20:20:00

I can't attend but ever so glad for the organisers and all who will attend ... hope you all have a great weekend ... yes

19/05/2015 19:21:38

Given the importance and popularity of this event would it be possible for the mods to make this post a 'sticky' and keep it at the top of the page to ensure that everyone sees it ... just a thought.

19/05/2015 11:54:23

Sadly I have experience with 'travellers' taking up unlawful residence.

There are two areas very close to where I live where this has happened many times.

Typically the only way they move on is when court orders are in place ... a process that takes time.

Long term its all about making the site inaccessible but then there are consequences for legitimate users ...

Fingers crossed for a miracle ...

Thread: AV Gas
18/05/2015 22:41:10

It is true there used to be many grades of Avgas but these days you'll be hard pressed to find anything other than 100LL ... although you may find UL91 which is the 'upcoming' unleaded version.

In truth you'll find it impossible to 'buy' Avgas because it can only be sold as an aviation fuel to full sized aircraft. You may be able to obtain small quantities which have been drained off through sampling systems, but that would be an 'unofficial' source .... nothing wrong with it ... simply a commercial loss for the supplier.

I've worked in the aviation fuel supply industry for the last 25 years, I think I know about most of the options for supplying fuel ... one way or another ...  

The reason you may be looking at Avgas is to avoid ethanol and unfortunately it is true to say that finding an ethanol free source of 'petrol' these days is all but impossible. There are some geographical areas where it is 'rumoured' that supplies of higher octane unleaded (super unleaded) are still ethanol free, but the information is anecdotal and not reliable.

I run a 'classic' sports car, a Triumph Spitfire, which in an ideal world I would not use an ethanol based fuel in; however in reality it is unavoidable and in truth it has not proved a problem over the past five years. I think there is a need to keep a sense of proportion in these matters.


Edited By avtur on 18/05/2015 22:49:39

Thread: Vulcan ... in it's final season
15/05/2015 17:03:47

I was on a full size aviation website a few minutes ago when my attention was drawn to a posting on the official Vulcan to the Sky website.

It has been confirmed that this will be the Vulcan's last flying season. Very much the end of an era, but then perhaps we were lucky to get a second bite of the cherry and see her in the air this last couple of years.

I guess it'll be busy wherever she goes this year!

Thread: The good things in life ....
14/05/2015 06:37:45

I saw this on another forum and thought it was a great idea... so have a think about it and let’s say what is good about life… there is far too much talk about what’s bad .. so come on let’s talk about what is good… I’m sure there is plenty to say … here is my starter ….

First, and most important … I'm still alive at 59 ...

Being made redundant two years ago ... was a blessing in disguise ... lucky that I had 20 years service

Within months of redundancy I suffered a heart attack which made me re-evaluate my life ... which was a good outcome because I listened to the doctors ...

Sort of retired … well I receive a modest private pension so I set up my own business ... consultancy in what I've done for the past 25 years.

I have a beautiful wife for the last 31 years ... and two daughters both successfully through Uni ...

I have a choice of 7 models to fly whenever I have the time, my club field is only 3 miles away.

Driving my Triumph Spitfire ... have owned it for four years ... 5000 miles ... only ever driven with the roof down ...

I can't complain about anything in my life now ... by heck I'm lucky ...

Thread: Election....Enough i have had enough!!!!
12/05/2015 14:23:37
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 09/05/2015 14:27:20:

The polls seem to have genuinely, comprehensively and pretty universally got it wrong. Strange.


They do indeed, although one polling company apparently carried out a poll on Wednesday evening and produced a result extremely close to the final outcome, the polling company decided not to publish because it was far different from all other polls, I can't remember the name of the company but it's boss was interviewed on Friday by Sky News.

An American 'pollster' was also interviewed and he commented that the way the majority of UK polls are carried out leaves something to be desired. Apparently most just launch straight into "what is your voting intention" which catches people off-guard. A more reliable answer is given if a number of unbiased but probing questions are asked first in order to get the person thinking and to feel comfortable about the conversation, and then the question of voting intention is asked.

Ah well, they have 5 years for postmortems and to come up with a more reliable polling method.

Let's enjoy the peace until them smiley

Edited By avtur on 12/05/2015 14:24:35

08/05/2015 07:27:28

All done bar the shouting ... not the result expected or predicted.

Maybe the dust will settle a little bit sooner and we can all get back to normal smiley

Thread: BBMF Lancaster has a problem ...
07/05/2015 21:38:35

BBC news reporting an engine fire here

Oh dear, just as the airshow season starts, hope it isn't too serious ...


Edited By avtur on 07/05/2015 21:41:37

Thread: Election....Enough i have had enough!!!!
05/05/2015 21:20:43

I think there is lot can be said about politics without declaring one's own views and thereby not getting into a debate about my man is better than yours.

Personally I do feel strongly that while anyone who chooses not to vote is excising their right; in the event things don't workout how one might want them to if you haven't voted that's a rather weak position form which to criticise what may happen in the future.

05/05/2015 21:13:22
Posted by Donald Fry on 05/05/2015 20:41:26:

I hate to bring a serious note to this discussion, but is this not a sad reflection to us that our "leaders" are such a uninspiring collection. They are (mostly ) of our age group. Vive la revolution.

Actually I'm not sure they are of "our age group", I think most of the party leaders and activists are at least half a generation younger than us ... well that's certainly the case for me as 59 years old ...

I accept your point that is is a sad reflection of our leaders that they are so focused on 'spin' and 'ratings' that they will not allow themselves to speak from the heart.

05/05/2015 18:55:50

The following comments are made with NO political bias ... 

Sorry ... but anyone who thinks this will be over by 10pm on Thursday is sadly mistaken. >>

What is perfectly clear is that 'we' the electorate don't have enough confidence in any of these 'ner do wells' to give anyone a clear majority. OK I know we've not voted yet but I do think it's plain to see that we'll have a 'hung parliament'>>

The political class need to recognise the views of the electorate and if we elect a finely balanced parliament that should tell them that there simply is not a majority view in anyone's favour ... i.e. that none of them have made a convincing argument to believe the stories they tell.>>

As a result we should expect them to behave like adults and find a way of working together; although I'm not holding my breath. >>

But, I think, we can be sure we're in for weeks of speculation and negotiation. >>

Let's hope for some good weather so that we can distract ourselves by going out flying!!>>

Edited By avtur on 05/05/2015 18:56:44

Thread: BMFA National Flying Centre
30/04/2015 00:33:41
Posted by Martin Harris on 30/04/2015 00:17:23:

Don't worry, there's a much better field half a mile to the North with a nice tarmac runway which the RAF only use once in a while now they've given away all our Harriers....

What are you 'Wittering' on about ???

30/04/2015 00:26:09

At £1.25m and with a BMFA membership of approx 30,000, that works out around £40 a head ...

Could do with a donation from an altruistic lottery winner ...

I wonder when the membership will be told about this? ... because I'm sure that not all BMFA members are active on this forum and therefore wouldn't know about this.

Thread: Using barclay/credit cards
30/04/2015 00:06:15

Just to add to the mix of experiences...

I was working in Italy last week, I incurred various expenses hotel etc. (in Euros) on my Tesco MasterCard which I have to claim from my client; I've been waiting for the transactions to appear on my Tesco statement. 

The charges have just appeared on my statement at an exchange rate of 1.354 with no other fees or charges, I’m quite happy with that. 

Edited By avtur on 30/04/2015 00:07:26

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