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Thread: Why the Vacuum???
27/04/2015 15:41:11
Posted by Chris Bott - Moderator on 18/03/2015 09:34:59:

....... That would be 75KWh that we have to get into our battery. (assuming 100% battery efficiency of course).

A half hour charge gets us nowhere near the fill up times of a petrol car. But that would mean a 150KW charge. That's 650Amps out of your home 13A mains socket.

To achieve such a rate of energy transfer seems unlikely by today's standards (who knows what the future holds?). The comparison between filling a car with petrol/diesel and the charging time for a battery is always going to leave the electric car severely disadvantaged. An alternative, which I believe is now being spoken about, is to have interchangeable batteries where the time to change the battery would be comparable to the time to fill with traditional fuel. However there are many obstacles to this solution such as storing the batteries in quantity, getting manufacturers to agree a standardised design.

Always around I think we need much more technical innovation before we can consider the electric car as suitable to replace all current fossil fueled cars and the wide range of usage.

But whatever developments do occur with battery/charging technology then I'm sure there will be spin offs that we'll see in the modelling world.

Edited By avtur on 27/04/2015 15:43:30

Thread: Future not good for super sized passenger jets
25/04/2015 20:58:02
Posted by Colin Leighfield on 25/04/2015 20:18:38:

The London expansion threat can be resolved by the Gatwick proposal without putting the drag on regional airport growth that LHR third runway will. The government is quoting the need to re-focus economic activity away from the South East as the main justification for building HS2, they should apply the same thinking to airport strategy.

This business of HS2 cutting journey times really doesn't add up in my mind. We are given 'headline figures' but the number of people who will be in the position to make use of those figures is going to be relatively small. Quoting the Manchester to Euston time is fine but how many people live/work near enough to these terminus locations to be able to benefit from these times.??

The Manchester to Euston time may well be reduced by HS2 but the added inefficiency of connection at each end will cripple the saving that the proposed HS2 might offer. As far as airprot expansion goes "from the point of view of UK domestic passengers" the idea of super hub in the south east fed by HS2 type rail service simply does not add up ... in my humble opinion.

The justification of the south east super hub may possibly come from the ability to transit passengers through the hub onto flights which both begin and end outside the UK. Sure there is a business benefit in being able to handle these flights, but how many of the passengers will actually set foot in the UK. And again I will say how easily will UK folks from the regions be able to access these super hub flights?

The nature of how I earn a living relies very heavily on the success both of UK airports and the likes of RR Derby producing engines and Airbus in North Wales building Airbus wings. I would like to see an outcome that secures the future of UK airports (not just in the south east) and these high tech manufacturing jobs which come from building the aircraft and components. i would also like to see passengers from the regions of the UK considered ... however I suspect they will loose out to the requirements of the greater number of international passengers. 


Edited By avtur on 25/04/2015 21:07:53

25/04/2015 11:30:09
Posted by Colin Leighfield on 25/04/2015 07:39:13:


The argument seems likely to move between the Davies Commission plan to keep everything "London-centric" with Heathrow expansion, or to what seems to me to be the far more suitable German model of a number of fully capable regional airports like Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich etc. and no single "Superhub". At the moment, the government is blindly supporting the Davies Commission, but the environmental issues surrounding Heathrow expansion might yet be a killer, so its' by no means certain and for me personally, it would be a big mistake.


I have mixed opinion about this. As a Manchester based passenger I have concerns about a plan that reinforces the London-centric nature of airport development. Just this week I made the basically simple journey to Turin, Italy. I had to meet a colleague to fly from Gatwick. Travel from Manchester to Gatwick is a complete pain, there is no longer a flight connection. So it's either train or car, the train is silly money (nearly £400 return - standard class) and requires at least two connections, which adds time and increases the chance of delay. So I chose to drive, that's another car on the road carrying only a single passenger.

Perhaps the additional runway to be positioned at either Heathrow or Gatwick isn't intended to help UK passengers, maybe the international passenger demand for a London hub is just so much greater than the demand created by UK passengers.

The problem is how do passengers from the UK regions link to the hub, the demand for slots at Heathrow is so great that airlines want to operate the largest aircraft possible in the slots they have; so a twin turbo prop puddle jumper for a UK regional airport doesn't get a look in.

A number of flights I have made have involved connecting to hubs at Amsterdam, Frankfurt and Paris which are far more easily accessible from a UK regional airport that some connections many connections via London.

Emirates are now operating two daily A380 flights from Manchester which is good for a regional airport, although the demand for these flights is driven by the fact that they are destined for Dubai, hub airport. As crazy as it sounds the A380 flights are really feeder flights to the Dubai hub.

The continuing growth of "super - jumbo" has great benefits given that it creates strong demand for UK supplied components, in the case of the A380 the engines from RR and the aircraft wings from the Airbus factory in North Wales. This gives rise to a large number of high skill well paid jobs in the UK, which is a good thing.


Edited By avtur on 25/04/2015 11:35:54

Thread: New Car Tax Rules Is Causing A Lot of Confusion
22/04/2015 00:24:25

The refund of tax when selling a car occurs automatically when the seller submits the V5 document to the DVLA, in the past some people have been rather slow to submit V5 forms, the DVLA hope that because it is the V5 which triggers the tax refund it will be an incentive for sellers to submit the V5 as soon as they can.

It doesn't matter what day of the month a car is bought/sold the government receives double payment for that month, the refund is only for complete months, regardless of the V5 being submitted in the first or last week of the month. The buyer has to tax the car from the first of the month he buys it, again regardless of whether the transaction is in the first week or that last week of the month.

In some peoples minds there 'might' be an incentive to buy earlier in the month to get the best value for the first month; equally in other peoples minds there might be an incentive to sell later in the month to get best value for the month their last month of tax. I really can't se this having an impact on peoples buying and selling habits; life's too short for that.

As for taking road tax from a levy on fuel, it'll be a long time before that happens (IMHO) ... regardless of the perceived fairness of making that change i.e. pay for what you use, it will require a very brave government to implement this just because no one will want to be associated with imposing that rise on the price of petrol.

Also it IS now called Vehicle Tax, is used to be called Vehicle Excise Duty because the use of the word tax was deemed unpopular, so calling it duty was supposed to distract us from the idea that it was a further tax on motorist. If you take a look at the government website all reference are now to Vehicle Tax ... yes based on CO2 emissions.

Thread: Generator for field charging
16/04/2015 14:04:17

A few years ago I used to run a model car racing club (along side flying), I used a Honda EU10 to power to my race control computer when I ran outdoor events; there's no doubt that the Honda was the RR of generators. Using it quite regularly I was able to justify the cost.

If I was doing the same again today I'd probably go for the Clarke Clarke IG1000 as it comes a good second to the Honda and at around 1/3 of the price £270 vs.£750.

Moving in caravan circles I've come across a handful of people using the Clarke IG1000 and it seems like a good compromise, though not quite as whisper quiet as the Honda.

I understand that 7 metres is the standard distance used by generator manufacturers for noise measurement, however EU rules require noise measurement on something called the LWA scale which is different, although I don't in what way .

Edited By avtur on 16/04/2015 14:06:00

Thread: DVLA
15/04/2015 03:21:20
Posted by ted hughes on 15/04/2015 01:13:38:

Actually, the system is much simpler now.

It is all done online.

When you buy a second hand car, you let the dvla know.

They credit the seller, and you buy new cover.

You can buy the new tax online, and yes it is a simple system; however other parts of the system aren't quite so quick and simple.

The law now says that a new owner must tax a car before driving it away; however even if the new owner didn't tax the car at time of purchase any check would show the car as currently taxed because it needs the V5C to be processed by the DVLA before any changes are made to the vehicle record. 

The system to start the paper trail (to issue a new V5 to the new owner and to credit the seller with their refund of road tax) can only start when the DVLA receive the V5C from the seller. There is no electronic option for this, the V5C can only be sent to DVLA by post. It is in the hands of the seller how quickly they send the V5C to DVLA, it is then in the hands of the postal service to deliver it and finally it is in the hands of the DVLA how quickly they process the V5C once they receive it.

It is curious and confusing mix of a new high speed high tech system with old fashioned paper and snail mail system. According to the DVLA website issuing a new V5 can take between 2-4 weeks from the time they receive the V5C, other forms relating to vehicle tax can take up to 6 weeks to process. It's also interesting to note the DVLA no longer refer to VED (vehicle excise duty), they now just refer to it as vehicle tax.

And before the dust even begins to settle on the confusion around the withdrawal of the the paper tax disc and associated changes we have the withdrawal of the paper driving licence to look forward to in June !!



Edited By avtur on 15/04/2015 03:30:49

Thread: PSSA Gliding Events
11/04/2015 03:12:01

I hope the wind keeps the skys clear for you guys this weekend, last weekend saw some very strange sea mist conditions the like I've never seen before. Looking up there was blue sky but looking sideways visibility was down to 200-300 metres, there are some interesting aerial pictures on the web.

Have fun ...

Thread: Mojo No-show!!
11/04/2015 02:57:49

I think the flying 'mojo' can be impacted by other things going on in one's life. There have been times in the past when I've used any excuse I could ‘not to do’ other things just so I can get out to the field with a model.

However I'm in a phase at the moment where despite having at least 5 foamies which just need a charged battery to make them fly I've done nothing for about 3 months.

I'm semi retired and 'should' have all the time in the world, but then there is family stuff ... and at the moment the family stuff is getting the better of my time. Mrs Avtur has 17 more years to work before retirement so I feel duty bound to do stuff around the house; and my mother in law is housebound and requires our daily support so I play my part in that, also I run a consultancy business from home (which is why I say semi-retired) so that takes a couple days per week … all of a sudden that’s the week taken up … and that’s before we take account of the weather!

However, I’m hopeful that now we have the extra hours of daylight in the evening I might find some time to get air under the wings …

For anyone experiencing lack of mojo I'm sure there are reasons behind it ... hopefully it is a temporary phase which will change/improve in the future.

Edited By avtur on 11/04/2015 03:02:00

Thread: Cheap attempt to trick.
08/04/2015 12:08:39
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 08/04/2015 11:30:27:

So, my original question was: why would a major company like Royal Mail want to risk its reputation for fair dealing with shabby little trick like this that might earn them a very small commission in the short term, but also do them long term reputational damage? It makes no sense. My bet is this is some stunt by the marketing department that the bods at the top are not even aware is going on!


I agree with you 100% about the confusing nature of 'opt ins' and 'opt outs', the use of confusing double negative wording. Whether we're talking about hard copy or online they are all a dreadful mess. I also agree that they are to the detriment of the companies that engage with such methods. I think they do it because although there those like you, me and many others on here who do not like it, these companies know that on balance they will 'get away with it' and they will win more than they'll loose.

The tick boxes are there as a matter of compliance to show that the customer is being given the choice, however it is farcical when both the size and wording of the statements is so confusing/misleading. It needs dealing with but in the scale of things probably not a vote winner ....

Edited By avtur on 08/04/2015 12:08:59

Thread: Ultra-fast charging aluminum battery offers safe alternative to conventional batteries
07/04/2015 15:31:55

Just seen a piece on Sky News about this, described as having massive potential (sorry ... no pun intended!) but very much in the early stage of development; possibly years away from the high street.

They also said that these new cells will be far more robust than lipo and similar technology, this was demonstrated by putting a drill through a cell which was under test; they will also be flexible.

Given the potential demand for a new technology I'm sure they'll be working hard to get it to market as soon as possible.

Edited By avtur on 07/04/2015 15:36:26

Thread: Ethanol fuel damage
31/03/2015 19:43:25
Posted by Donald Fry on 31/03/2015 19:00:07:

I thought that ordinary 95 RON had no ethanol. The petrol labelled as E10 has ethanol in it. The thought came from memories of reading the instructions for a 4 stroke marine outboard, and they said that while the engine will run fine on E10, only if used within a month of purchase. Thereafter lies corrosion problems due to the hygroscopic nature of the ethanol.

Am I right in believing that ordinary 95 is ethanol free.

I think you'll find that all 95 unleaded is an E5 fuel, so 5% ethanol. If I remember correctly I don't think E5 fuel has to be labelled as such because it is taken as read that 5% ethanol is now the norm. E10 fuel should be labelled because not all cars are designed to run on it yet.

The issue of water being absorbed by ethanol is well documented, however I'm not sure that the problems are quite as severe as some would have us believe. I move in two circles where none-ethanol fuel would be preferred, classic cars and light aircraft. both groups are coming to terms with using E5 fuels and in either circle I don't know anyone who is experiencing severe problems because of E5.

There is a dwindling availability of E0 fuel supplied as 'premium unleaded' (98 RON). In some supplies of some brands in certain parts of the country super premium is E0, however this is dwindling all the time. On the light aircraft side of things some users are testing their fuel to check the presence of ethanol. On the basis that there are no lay-bys in the sky the effects of an unreliable engine in an aircraft are potentially catastrophic, in a car its more of an inconvenience than a life threatening event.

E-fuel is with us and here to stay, I think it is an EU issue regarding the progress from E5 to E10.

Edited By avtur on 31/03/2015 19:43:59

Thread: MTD Lawn King ride on mowers
29/03/2015 18:14:30

I'm sure it's a Brit that holds the land speed record for a lawnmower .... I think they were aiming fro 100mph+ but achieved high 80's ....

29/03/2015 17:59:56

Remove the cutting deck and go lawnmower racing ... much more fun !!!

Thread: Germanwings crash
27/03/2015 01:59:04
Posted by Erfolg on 26/03/2015 21:58:41:

Yet people do take their own lives, perhaps not world head line grabbing, nor involving so many others, in essence not as unusual as I initially think.

Sadly it is more common than many people think, here in the UK there are around 4,400 suicides each year, and of those around 75% are men. Having lost a very close family member to this (a little over 12 months ago) I am now much more aware of this.

Trying to understand what brings people to take such action is very difficult, for the vast majority of us life is very precious and our default instinct is to value it and go to extra ordinary lengths to preserve it. However for those who take this course of action these values get get turned off. It is often the case that there seems no apparent reason for the change, however in time (as our family found) factors do come to light and reasons can be found.

In the case of the Germanwings crash it is an unimaginable tragedy that 149 innocent lives were caught up in this co-pilots actions.

24/03/2015 14:36:32

Very sad, tragic loss of life.

Recovery is going to be very difficult due to remote nature of crash site, hope they find the 'black boxes' as soon as possible so the cause can be identified.

Thread: How do you keep the grass landing strip under control
08/03/2015 17:46:19

Cymaz, really sad that you lost your equipment to vandals, very, very annoying.angry 2

We have a problem with vandals, not damaging equipment, but the field itself.

We rent from local authority, there is a lot of open land around our field, the various users co-exist very well. However we are sometimes visited by thugs on moto-cross bikes; the damage they can do in 5 minutes takes months to correct. 


Edited By avtur on 08/03/2015 17:47:50

Thread: The House of lords and Drones ....
05/03/2015 02:07:02

Where will this go ???

Now the House of Lords has a view on drones ...


Thread: National Model Flying Centre
05/03/2015 00:37:09
Posted by PatMc on 04/03/2015 22:46:26:


I don't know why you think being a country member sounds more attractive, they don't enjoy the same opportunity to make such proposals that a club member has.


I really don't like the sound of that, it sounds like two tier membership.  If that is the case then a country member paying their subs is really only paying for insurance and nothing else; membership counts for nothing, that's not very democratic. That being so then country membership should be charged at a lower rate.

If this is how it really is I would rather pay someone else for my insurance.

Edited By avtur on 05/03/2015 00:38:48

Thread: Am I being cynical ?
04/03/2015 22:39:12
Posted by cymaz on 04/03/2015 20:32:42:

I did watch all the programs about the Palace of Westminster. I wondered how an institution so arcane, old, creaky, splitting at the seams and up to its eyes in backward looking tradition could produce the law of the land.

The methods and structure of actually getting work done just beggars belief. And in a building that is falling apart around their ears.

The doctrine of the place is soooo ingrained in the 1800's. Everyone is so affraid to change it because they can all hide behind tradition and out dated methods and practices. It's needs fixing.

I also watched ... both interesting and of concern at the same time ... I agree with cymaz ... perhaps the physical demize of Westminster will bring about a new thought process. The talk is about 'decanting' the Westminster lot to somewhere else, the question is who would want them??

As for the proposition that Joe Public will have to cough up £3billion pounds to rebuild Westminster ... well in my book that is a complete none starter ...

Thread: National Model Flying Centre
04/03/2015 18:35:23
Posted by john stones 1 on 04/03/2015 15:36:25:

...... according to what I keep being told, we are not members only clubs are members and we should vote through our delegates .....

Well I had no idea that was the case.

Where does that leave 'country' members?

I had presumed 1 member = 1 vote, if that is not the case I'm very concerned.

Although the topic being debated is the national flying centre, once people understand this membership issue it may have a much wider repercussions

I understand that the BMFA is a respected organisation when it comes to dealing with government, local authorities and the CAA; however I also presumed that it was a democratic 1 member 1 vote organisation ... if that is NOT the case then I am very concerned.

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