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Thread: Which one ?
05/02/2015 18:39:03

I'm going to recommend the Parkzone Sport Cub .... although within the Parkzone range its getting a bit confusing because there are a number of 'Cubs'.

The "Sport Cub" is one of the more recent models, no AS3X, just a Cub with an aileron wing, flaps and tundra tyres, it's a great flyer. I've not had a problem with longevity of this or any other foam ARTF's.

I have nothing but praise for for Parkzone foamies, depending on your home situation and building facilities they have a lot to offer.

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Thread: BMFA Insurance
05/02/2015 13:57:40

Our membership secretary sends them out by post, he has the membership list including addresses, he deals with BMFA, so with the addition of some of his time (generously and freely given - nice chap!), they get posted out.

2nd class is 53p plus cost of envelope which is covered by club membership fees.

No problem. smiley

Thread: Running before walking
04/02/2015 21:04:55



There have been a couple of versions of the Super Cub so it is difficult to comment on the 'safe' system.

I bought one about three years ago, as a previously experienced flyer returning, I thought the 'safe' system was useless and immediately disconnected the sensors. Since then I wouldn't like to think how many hours the model has flown, It has spent many happy hours in the air and fortunately hasn't required any repair.

For my money I would say don't think of it as "only" three channel, there is a heck of a lot you can learn with this model. I fly a lot from a beach and have spent many happy hours doing my own 'spot landing' competition, be it three channels or four there is a lot to learn from this model. Oh ... and on the beach the wheels are just fine, in fact they make for a very satisfying feeling when you get a touch and go right!

One of the models I also have is the newer Parkzone Cub Sport S2, many folks think the S2 is the original Sport Cub with the most useful mods done to it ... in particular brushless motor, ailerons and flaps. For my money the S2 is a great development from the Super Cub, maybe one to add to your list.

Just going back to the Super Cub, if it is a very recent one with the newer 'safe' system well that system appears to be much better received than the earlier version. I've recently bought the Sport Cub S which has the latest 'safe' system, it actually works very well. I don't need the safe system I've just bought it because I have a 'thing' about Cubs. The safe system is a bit strange because in what it does it is very good but to set it up correctly actually takes a bit of time and skill, possible more than might be expected of the target audience for the model. (which I have commented on in a different thread)

So my suggestion is please persevere with the Cub, when you've got circuits 101% mastered look for something else, in my very humble experience I don't think the move form 3 to 4 channel is a huge deal, as long as you don't go for a meg aerobatic type.

Also, for what it may be worth I do understand your thoughts about staying with electric at this stage and I understand your views on clubs. There are some great ones about, which is fine if you happen to live near one, sadly there are those that don't quite live up to the mark for beginners. I am self taught all be that some 40+ years ago and I believe that with the models available today your chances of achieving success are greater now than perhaps they might have been in the past.

Stick with it and good luck!


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Thread: Alan Barnes
02/02/2015 22:33:08

Hopefully Alan's personal problems will be overcome by the generosity of the public response to this case, the outcome from this horrendous case can only be good.

Looking at the wider picture, Alan isn't the first, and sadly wont be the last, person to be the victim of such dreadful behaviour; in fact it's probably true to say that this sort of attack probably happens somewhere everyday.

Given that there is such overwhelming public revulsion at this event what can we do to a) prevent and b) better support the victims.


Edited By avtur on 02/02/2015 22:33:37

Thread: What are the values of this forum?
02/02/2015 22:10:21
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 02/02/2015 21:41:54:

.... I'm really disappointed that you've both chosen to view us in such a negative, accusatory light. ...


This is getting very confusing ... if the above comment is aimed at me as the person who started the thread I'm really not sure where the "accusatory" reference comes from ... I took some time and went out of my way to make my comment in the most 'neutral' way possible ...

As for contacting 'mods' directly, then I wasn't aware that was encouraged.

Mods could you please clarify this situation.

I have made comments in support in an entirely good cause, although I was the first to comment there appear to be a number of far better respected contributors than me agreeing with my comments.

I really did not set out to make any accusatory comment towards anyone ... I know that goes against the forums rules and I would not have done it ... I am genuinely confused 

Edited By avtur on 02/02/2015 22:12:12

Thread: Sport Cub S BNF with SAFEŽ Technology
02/02/2015 21:47:25

Recently bought one of these ... I'm a fan of HH range.

This Cub is potentially a great beginners/fun model (Champ with ailerons), if bought as the RFT version then it'll work great out of the box.

However if bought as 'BNF' the set up process with a transmitter is perhaps a little demanding; especially if bought with a separate transmitter; which might be the case for a forward thinking beginner.

The 'SAFE' system requires use of a 3 position switch, fine if binding to a new DX6, but more difficult if binding to a DX6i where the three positions can only come from using two a combination of the additional channel switches.

To be honest I haven't flown it yet, but I've had a chance to cycle though the 'SAFE' modes and see how they react.

The 'max' safe mode locks on to the orientation of the model at start up (pitch, roll and yaw), once in the air any deviation from the set up values results in the model will simply wanting to return to those values; to be honest ... very clever!

Edited By avtur on 02/02/2015 21:49:17

Thread: Am I Being Followed?
02/02/2015 21:12:46

Some years ago I made my living as a driving instructor, the driving school I worked for used Mini's, the original Mini (not the current BMW mini) it was great.

I do remember that other schools regarded using the mini as 'cheating', though I think that's a bit unfair. The mini was compact/small but it still had all the usual controls to deal with.

Happy days ...

Thread: Maths and English
02/02/2015 20:53:18

My older daughter is a teacher at Year 4 level, she tells me that the children (by year 5) would be expected to know tables up to 12 times ...

Thread: What are the values of this forum?
02/02/2015 20:34:19

I have to admit that I am quite disappointed.

There are many posts on this forum about the 'values', the mods are very defensive of high moral values which I'm perfectly OK with.

However I am very disappointed in the following post ...

"Another post deleted.

This thread is just to express your goodwill towards Alan, nothing more."

I am not sure that making such a comment and then closing the thread is consistent with open and honest comment; if the thread is closed how can anyone make a positive comment.

I haven't seen any of the negative comment, they've been deleted before I've seen anything.

This is a heart warming story which is attracting much positive comment across all media, I am disappointed that the thread has been closed to further positive comment.

I hope that making this comment doesn't put me on a hit list, but I do have that concern that questioning mods may have a negative impact on my forum future ...




Edited By avtur on 02/02/2015 20:39:52

Thread: Am I Being Followed?
02/02/2015 18:31:28

Sorry ... but being of a certain age (and I know you are too BEB!) ... what you are seeing is NOT a proper Fiat 500 but a simple 'Eurobox' of a car ...

You'll have to spend a long time on a road anywhere before you see a 'real' Fiat 500 ...

What you are seeing is a 2015 'yummy mummy' car ...

Like the current 'Mini' they've focused on a shape and name ... but in truth the modern day Fiat 500 and Mini are nothing like their originals.

Don't get me wrong I understand the mechanical advantages of these new generation cars ... but they are 'nothing' like their name sakes ....

Oh how I wish I still had my first cat car ... an Austin A35 ... ... ....

Thread: This is what a rudder's for....!
01/02/2015 00:46:15

Just a bit of a question ... I've watched the clip many times, the camera angle isn't great for viewing the the tail and rudder.

There is a massive yaw the instant the wheels lift from the runway but its difficult to see a huge rudder input and I'm not sure why such an input would be required.

Once the aircraft is airborne what matters is its orientation with regard to the air it is flying in; if it 'weather-cocks' into wind once the wheels are off the ground there is no immediate need to correct as this only relates to track over the ground.

Coming into to land in a crosswind there can be a need for a boot-full of rudder at the point of touch down when transitioning from flight in a block of air to movement on the ground. But on take-off the need to correct yaw is not there.

I'm not for one minute doubting the skill of the pilot since controlling the roll effect of the crosswind no doubt required immense skill.

Thread: Alan Barnes
01/02/2015 00:01:10

Given that we become accustomed to so much bad news it is heart warming to see a story like this ...

Thread: Have a Rant
31/01/2015 23:47:58

Different rant ...

A motorist, who had filled up at a typical self serve forecourt, then opened his bonnet to check his oil. This resulted in a frantic exchange with a member of staff telling him that he was not allowed to open the bonnet in the vicinity of the pumps, it was deemed to be 'not safe'.

Apparently, for health and safety reasons, opening the bonnet could allow a concentration of fuel vapours to escape ... which of course is absolute twaddle ... another situation quite wrongly blamed on H&S

Edited By avtur on 31/01/2015 23:56:47

31/01/2015 23:36:26
Posted by Erfolg on 31/01/2015 17:52:56:

BEB Rate payers money could be involved, as Bournmouth, East Midlands, Manchester, Stanstead airports are all owned by Manchester and district rate payers.


Well that's sort of true, but its only half the story .... the airports mentioned are all owned by MAG (Manchester Airport Group), the shareholders of MAG are the ten councils which comprise Greater Manchester. So in a very limited way that is tax payer ownership, not general tax, but local council tax. 

However, far from being a 'cost' to the shareholders the operation of MAG is highly profitable and provides a positive cash benefit to all the council shareholders; and for all the years I can remember always has done.

I live in the Stockport area (Stockport being one of the ten councils comprising Greater Manchester (for the information of those who live 'darn sarf'!)) therefore I benefit from the dividend paid from MAG to Stockport council.

The choice of bathroom equipment in any of the MAG airports has not cost me a penny; also to follow up the wider point BEB is correct there is no government/tax payer money involved in the provision of bathroom equipment at any UK airport, there is no government ownership of commercial airports.




Edited By avtur on 31/01/2015 23:55:38

Thread: Classic Veron Impala glider
31/01/2015 02:19:05

Ahhh ... The Impala ... that's the model that started me in radio control.

I have clearest memory of flying the Impala from a beach near Aberffraw on Anglesey.

Set up with a mate, he had the Super Impala, we had a bungee, we started off with small straight line 'hops' and slowly extended the bungee until we achieved sufficient height for a circuit.

To this day I won't forget it, we spent an entire day slowly increasing the bungee height and building our confidence, within a couple of days we were able to soar in lift from nearby sand dunes, and a few days later we were slope soaring off a hillside above Conway.

Those were happy days in the mid '70's.

Thread: no wonder the model shop is a dying breed
31/01/2015 00:35:11


I think your previous reply is very well observed. The only point I would take 'minor' issue with is that in my experience there are modellers who think the LMS is making a very healthy living; they rather simplistically compare the LMS price of a product with an online supplier and presume that the price difference is the LMS "ripping people off" ... just look at the comment which started this thread.

Beyond this comment I think you've summed things up very well. These days I am a punter the same as everyone else, I regard Steve Webb as my LMS, its a 45 minute drive but one I'm happy to make from time to time. Other than SW I do shop on the internet, I've figured out how ebay/paypal work and I've made a handful of successful purchase from HK/UK Warehouse.

These days I'm far happier being a punter than an LMS, I get all the enjoyment and none of the hassle.

30/01/2015 20:16:12
Posted by Erfolg on 30/01/2015 18:14:34:

Yes the final transaction is at 20%, although there has been a compounding effect at each transaction, as extra costs are added, such as the overheads and profit. So the final VAT is not 20% of the initial selling price.

Correct but who would even know the initial selling price, that's part of the deal in any supply chain, the initial selling price is only relevant to the next person in the supply chain. At each stage we typically don't know what mark up is made but obviously there is a mark up, that's what make the world go around.

As has already been commented on the longer the supply chain the higher (most likely) the final selling price, each person/business that handles the goods wants to make a mark up, that's business. At each stage the mark up is 'the value added', so at each stage VAT is paid on the markup, who ever makes the final purchase is the one who pays the full 20%. The longer the supply chain the happier the government is because they make 'their bit - the VAT' at each stage.

The VAT paid by the intermediaries is of no consequence to the the end buyer, other than that it is an operating cost that each business must factor into to their own pricing structure.

Someone also mentioned shopping around, by phone, to see who would offer a discount. My experience is that there are some goods where this may be successful but other goods where this will not happen. It all depends on the type of goods in question. But lets just say that some high value branded goods with a very prescriptive supply chain are not going to be discounted as a result of a phone call. A face to face negotiation between customer and retailer may have resulted in something different, but there are elements of the supply chain that frown on discounting.

Our shopping habits have changed so much over the years I have to say I understand why the LMS in is danger of becoming extinct, I say that even though I previously was the LMS. Clearly there are some which are surviving but the money they must have tied up in stock is frightens me. I can think of far less risky ways of making a living from such an investment. Also, trying to please some modellers, as customers, is just a loosing battle. Some seem to think that LMS can be a route to riches, easy money, that's just not the case.

How does the saying go ? "How do you make a small fortune out being an LMS ? ... start with a large fortune ... it'll soon become a small fortune".

Thread: Nuremberg Toy Fair new releases 2015
29/01/2015 11:18:42
Posted by David Ashby - RCME on 29/01/2015 06:16:15:

Godfathers? that's a new one teeth 2

Said in the nicest possible way ... after all you are 'The Boss' smile d

29/01/2015 01:14:59

It only opened today so with the best will in the world it might be at least a couple of days before anyone who has attended can report from there. Although a 3G/4G enabled iPad must surely speed up the process!

I'm sure the Godfathers of RCME will report as soon as they can, hopefully with some early pictures, but I guess it'll be a couple of months before we seen anything reported in the mag.

I've no idea what will be on offer this year but from past experience I've found the Horizon Hobby offerings are likely to produce some wallet tempting offerings .... I know that may not be to every ones' taste but for various reasons balsa bashing isn't an option in my life at present.

I have many happy memories of balsa bashing ... but it just doesn't fit with my life style at present, therefore the HH show offerings will be of great interest to me.

Perhaps our forum Godfathers will be able to post some early piccys of what's on offer this year!

Edited By avtur on 29/01/2015 01:18:43

Thread: How many of you still own/fly your first plane/Helli
29/01/2015 00:57:37

I remember my very first engine (about 1966/67) it was a Frog 150 Diesel, denoted by Blue cylinder head ... sadly I can't remember what happened to that.

However I still have my second engine a DC Sabre (red top) another 1.5cc diesel, it hasn't been run in ... 25 years and is gummed up solid ... but perhaps I should buy a can of diesel fuel and an 8 X 4 prop and give it a try ....

I can clearly remember my first radio set, it was a Mainstream/Simprop single channel set, bought from Roland Scott Models in Walkden - Manchester (anyone remember that?) It had a black and white plastic case and a large single white button to control. It had two servo's ... the first for steering and second for throttle.

One push for left, two for right and (if you were quick enough) a third push got a sequential movement of the second servo. The second servo had three positions and it advanced one position at a time if you could get the 'third' click right.

This radio set never flew, but it did operate a couple of electric boats and more notably it controlled a steam powered 'motor vehicle'

I had a static 'Mamod' steam engine which I mounted in a Meccano chassis, the r/c was installed to control steering and the 'motor control of the steam engine, it had a three position lever for forward/neutral/reverse.

(sorry - this is now slight thread drift) Not long after the 'steam car' I went on to buy a second hand lawn mower powered by a Villers 1E two stroke engine, this lawnmower was modified to pull a trailer (cutters disabled) and was used to race around local streets. If only I had known someone else doing the same thing I would have been credited with "inventing" lawnmower racing ... this was in 1968 -- some 5 years before the British Lawn Mover Racing Association came into existence ... I only mention this because it was a direct result of my model making activity that this happened ...

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