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Thread: Whipet anyone ?
28/01/2015 23:33:20

Just seen on the Horizon Hobby Facebook page the introduction of the E-flite Whipet ... a 620mm span micro DLG, looks like it could be a delight on those warm summer evenings.

Can't find anything on YouTube just yet but my experience of the Horizon Hobby/Eflite models is very good, I think I'll be along to SWM as soon as they are in stock.

A far cry from building KK Ajax, Senator and Caprice for sure but its all about getting models in the air.

DLG, 620mm span and radio controlled ... who would have thought it ?

Thread: nightmare bad luck arggg. prop failure
28/01/2015 23:22:36

Prop failure pretty catastrophic, just glad you had the height to recover and land.

The drilling of security screws looks odd, must be at least some cause for concern.

Maybe replace with one of those carbon fibre props recommended on the other thread!

Thread: Earth tremor in Rutland
28/01/2015 23:11:38
Posted by Mark Kettle 1 on 28/01/2015 23:04:08:

Could have been this guy........ Cottesmore mentioned on the list. avro vulcan that low routing via reading local road signs 25th september 2014 .jpgtremor under this area or sign.



Brilliant ... of course that's the explanation ... XH 558 on a night flight ... testing the new LED landing lights !!!

Edited By avtur on 28/01/2015 23:12:05

Thread: The name that shall not be spoken!
28/01/2015 23:07:09
Posted by Jon Harper on 28/01/2015 20:08:44:

If the internet didn't exist, if electric flight and ARTF had not been invented and we were all still flying mills .75's or merco 61's in flair or ben buckle kits we all spent an age building having bought all of our gear from the nice shop down the road then the shops would be booming. BUT, the hobby has changed and retailers and suppliers HAVE to change to.

I know this for a fact as I work within the modelling industry and am working extremely hard to address these changes and update our business practices and product line to better suit the current market.

In my opinion this is an excellent comment, so much has changed in the last few years because of the internet. Retailing cannot ignore these changes it has to embrace them and adapt in order to keep ahead of customer expectations. If anyone doesn't keep ahead ... all is lost .. because someone else who is willing to keep ahead will come along and take the business.

Thread: Flying height restrictions for planes under 7kg
28/01/2015 22:53:25
Posted by John Privett on 28/01/2015 21:58:31:.

I doubt many light aircraft pilots would ever fly as low as 500 feet (unless landing/taking off) as that is very low. Circuit height for light aircraft at airports is typically double that!

That is a perfectly reasonable assumption but local conditions may result in different behaviour. Between March and October much of my flying is from a beach in North Wales which is regularly ‘buzzed’ by all manner of small aircraft flying to and from Caernarfon Airfield.

In truth they are doing no harm but if you were to check their altitude accurately I’m sure some would be found to be under 500ft, and it would be a stretch to say that they were in the course of landing or departing from the Caernarfon runway. And as I mentioned before they might claim that there was confusion on how their altimeter was set QFE vs. QNH which could make a difference of several hundred feet.

Also, knowing a few private pilots I would suggest that there are other ‘interesting’ locations where the 500ft limit is sometimes … shall we say … not quite adhered to.

As far as my beach flying is concerned it really isn’t a problem, I’m very aware of my own machines flying capabilities and 400ft high is not a regular part of my flying missions, and I’m fully aware of what happens with the full size machines, in fact I’m used to sharing an active runway with full size aircraft (many years ago at Avro Woodford) it really isn’t a problem.

Late last summer I was happily flying my Sport Cub when a C130 over flew at maybe 200ft … I heard him coming dropped mine onto the beach no problem, really nothing to get excited about. We see a lot of military movements, I like it, there is no way I would complain about it.

28/01/2015 21:15:43
Posted by Biggles' Elder Brother - Moderator on 28/01/2015 19:55:16:

....... The reasoning behind the 400feet limit is that small aircraft (such as micro-lights etc often flying VFR without radio) are cleared down to 500feet. So us being limited to 400feet provides for separation.


Which of course makes perfect sense ... providing that all flying machines are accurately able to judge their height.

I suspect that full size machines will have the instruments, though how we can be sure they are accurate is certainly a question ... hopefully if they have might the right choice between QFE and QNH there is some hope of accuracy. However, with regards to models then I am less sure about the ability of model pilots to estimate (guest-imate?) the 400 feet limit. The technology certainly exists, but whether it is used ... I would not like to comment.

Edited By avtur on 28/01/2015 21:16:27

Thread: Biggles' Mess (the renamed cafe!)
28/01/2015 19:28:24

That's brilliant Ken ...

SK8 ... totally amused dept cheeky

Thread: How many of you still own/fly your first plane/Helli
28/01/2015 19:21:24

Great question ...

First ever model ...KK Ajax

First control line model ... Cox 049 Cherokee

First radio control ... Veron Impala

Memories come flooding back .... thanks for the reminder smiley

Thread: Equivalence between 3 and 2 bladed propellers
28/01/2015 11:57:53
Posted by Erfolg on 28/01/2015 11:14:54:


Seems some one sees a tidy profit, how about one of these at circa £35.

I have considered one, which would cost in reality about £55with postage and import handling charges and Vat. Still a lot cheaper. Again it is a pity that so much is only available from the International (China) HK warehouse, but I guess it is all about national/local tax rates and the EU is not the place to be for this.

I thought I'd seen it at HK but it didn't appear in the search I made, so I just searched fleabay instead; yes that is a bit of a mark up but I'm sure it'll appeal to some.

Reminds me of armature skimming tools, basically a mini lathe designed to take only the motor armature, which were all the rage for model car motors (going back 20+ years) folks were willing to pay £150 or more for one, just for the convenience of having one within a couple of days.

Some more enterprising modelers bought one and then charged others £2.50 to skim a single armature, they soon made their money back ... now there's an idea!


Edited By avtur on 28/01/2015 11:58:27

28/01/2015 10:44:38
Posted by Erfolg on 28/01/2015 10:22:02:

.... Unfortunatly i do not have a test stand to measure actual thrust, I have intended to make one for some time, it is building models and storage space gets in the way.

Perhaps treat yourself to one of These

Thread: Cirrus Ballistic Recovery System
27/01/2015 16:15:52
Posted by stu knowles on 27/01/2015 08:24:12:

It does make me wonder how he managed to set off on the trip without having adequate fuel and even then, once he got to half a tank, not working out that he wasn't half way there. An expensive lesson!

Edited By Pete B - Moderator on 27/01/2015 15:49:13

The pilot did set off with adequate fuel, reports elsewhere on t'internet suggest he had a fuel supply problem, fuel was on board that couldn't be used, possibly using ferry tanks with additional plumping, which may have complicated the issue.

A few weeks ago, while working in Keflavik, I met a pilot who was ferrying a similar aircraft (SR 22T) back to the UK. He'd just bought it and taken delivery at the factory in USA and was flying home to UK (with an experienced ferry pilot). I recall he said the max range was about 1200 miles. They were completing the journey in several stage, not using ferry tanks.

Again, according to other internet sources, the pilot on the video was able to plan for his ditching some time before it happened; including that he ditched close to a cruise liner to assist with his rescue. The point of ditching was reported to be approx 250 miles from Hawaii.

Oh, and the guy I met told me he'd just paid around £350,000 for his aircraft ... ouch ... what an insurance claim.



Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 27/01/2015 15:52:38:

I've just consolidated all the threads and posts on this incident into this one and made the title more identifiable, 

Thanks, that has made life a bit easier!


Edited By avtur on 27/01/2015 16:19:56

Thread: Drones/UAV's on TV (Inside Out London)
27/01/2015 04:38:59

Interesting piece on drones, mainly focused on their potential use as delivery vehicles, the conclusion that such use was some way off seems realistic.

However there is another breaking news story about a drone which was flown in the grounds of The White House, it appears to have crashed within the grounds and caused the security service to respond with a lock down. The pilot has come forward and is 'helping the Secret Service' with their enquiries.

I think we can be certain that drone stories are only going to become more frequent.

Thread: E-Flite Ultra Micro Radian Glider ???
24/01/2015 10:01:16

I bought one as soon as they were available, cracking little flying machine, a joy to fly on calm summers evenings (remember them?). The AS3X means it will handle a slight breeze. I was regularly getting 10 minutes plus on climb and glide flights in still air. Because it's so small you can easily extend the flight times if there is a breeze or even the slightest thermal activity.

I have to admit I became a bit over confident with mine and lost it when I tried to fly it in something more than just a breeze ... the wind picked it up and there was no way I could get it to come down!

I can see me getting another one once the weather improves

Thread: Hobby on the Move
21/01/2015 00:51:21
Posted by Bill_B on 20/01/2015 23:54:07:

Can't imagine a display by multi rotor craft (drones) or FPV models being very enthralling .....

I don't know I've seen some entertaining videos on You Tube, I could imagine closed course/pylon type racing being quite good, formation aerobatics and precision flying (and maybe more) being quite entertaining. Especially if some of it could be demonstrated by machines which are affordable. They could also offer options for indoor events.

I do agree with your comment about modestly priced ARTF's and electric foamies.

Thread: I need a new pc
20/01/2015 23:15:54

One advantage of buying refurbished is that you stand a good chance of being able to get a one with Windows 7 operating system which IMHO is preferable to Windows 8 ... which only appears to attract adverse comment.

I'd also go with the idea of a laptop and monitor just to give you a bit more flexibility ... that's what I do

Thread: Hobby on the Move
20/01/2015 22:50:33
Posted by ken anderson. on 20/01/2015 15:49:17:

sorry off topic.....we should have a thread-"whats it like where you are"...

ken end of the world dept.

Good Idea, you start it and we'll follow!

Avtur ... SK8 ... not wanting to cause too much thread drift dept teeth 2

Thread: Thank you British Gas
19/01/2015 15:49:28

Well nice to see British Gas playing fair with their customers (as usual!), how kind to introduce a 5% reduction in the price of gas ... in six weeks time by which time we could well have seen the worst of the cold weather.

Now although E.On only managed a 3.5% cut, at least they made it effective immediately when announced a few days ago.

I'm not a customer of either company, I'm just making the observation and waiting to seen if my supplier (First Utility) joins in with this price reduction exercise... I'm not holding my breath.

I suppose I should just be glad my petrol bill has at least gone down in recent months (currently 103.9p at my local Morrison's)

Thread: Router/Modem speeds
18/01/2015 22:46:12
Posted by John Privett on 18/01/2015 19:23:40:
My upload speed was similar to yours and I requested PlusNet to remove the cap. As stated earlier, I typically now get around 16-17Mbps down and 1Mbps up.

Thanks for that, I'll give Plusnet a call.

18/01/2015 18:07:18

I get about 16 - 17Mbps down and 0.3 - 0.5Mbps up which I think is about right for service down copper telephone wires (well actually I think the 'up' speed could be better). I'd like to go for a faster connection as promised by the likes of BT Infinity, where (as I understand it) there is a fibre connection to the roadside cabinets and then copper to your house which is supposed to result in higher speeds.

I've enquired about this hybrid cable connection and I'm told I can't have it .... the reason being ... I live too close to the exchange !! The exchange is right across the road from my house, and it turns out I'm not connected to a roadside cabinet, the line from my house goes across the road to a 'telegraph pole' which is connected directly into the exchange. I'm told I'll never be able to get a faster connection using the telephone system.

My only option for a faster connection would be to go Virgin who have a fibre connection to the entire street which could be connected to give me fibre right into the house. The only problem for me is cost, there isn't a Virgin package for internet only, or even internet and phone only at anything like what I would call a sensible price.

I use Dropbox a lot for 'cloud' type storage my current upload speed is a real pain when it comes to putting data into Dropbox. I've found I get a much better upload using my 'Three' network wireless dongle via the 3G mobile network.

Edited By avtur on 18/01/2015 18:08:08

Thread: Changing Internet Service Provider
18/01/2015 17:08:08

If your email address includes the ISP's name then chances are you will loose it if you change away.

To keep your email separate from your ISP I'd suggest you have have two options, the easier (and free) option would be to use a web mail service such as 'gmail' or, or as previously suggested have your email hosted independently, which will cost but gives you reliable and flexible service.

Given how we're all encouraged to shop around for ISP services then there is a greater likelihood of needed to think about email addresses in order to maintain continuity.

I bought and registered a domain name for family use about about 12-13 years ago, even though I've had many ISP's and even lived overseas in that time I've been able to keep the same email address throughout using paid for hosting services.

Having said that I did use a secondary email address when I used BT as my ISP, when I switched away from BT they allowed continued use of the BT email address for several months, and then I was offered the opportunity to continue using it (accessed as web mail) for a fee of less than £2 per month ... might be worth asking if AOL can offer anything similar.

I changed to Plusnet (now part of BT!) as my ISP about 18 months ago and am quite happy with them and their pricing, there always seem to be deals to be had. 

Edited By avtur on 18/01/2015 17:14:43

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