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Thread: Router/Modem speeds
18/01/2015 09:40:32

+1 for thumbs up

Thread: UKMail (alias iPost)
17/01/2015 12:57:59

I understand your frustration, I had a similarly frustrating episode with a company who were delivering a business travel Visa to me a few months ago. I specifically requested delivery by RM, and not a courier, because that would at least give me the option of picking up from sorting office if necessary.

However the travel company did not pick up on that request and the courier attempted delivery outside the agreed time slot, giving rise to a similarly frustrating situation as you are dealing with.

Took nearly three workings days to resolve, finally delivered two days before the Visa was need for travel!

I took to social media as means of drawing attention to my plight which may have helped.

17/01/2015 11:01:14

I've been caught out a couple times with home delery of parcels.

The increase in online shopping means the parcel delivery industry is both expanding and subject to lot of competition.

Although 'we' are the customer in tems of supply of goods, we are not the customer of the delivery service, the supplier of the goods we order is the customer, they call the shots more than we receiving the goods. Poor service will only really be addressed if we feedback to the supplier of our goods, perhaps resulting in us taking our business to a different supplier with a more reliable delivery option.

From my experience of 'chasing' up deliveries I can identify with the very frustrating experience explained by the OP.

In recent months when I've been buying on line I've chosen suppliers who offer delivery via Argos store pick up points; this works for me as there are a number of options within 15 minutes drive. Argos opening times mean this is a good option for me. This is much better than getting a card through the door from RM because their office hours for pick up are very limited.

I think delivery via 3rd party pick points is something we'll see more of in future.

Edited By avtur on 17/01/2015 11:07:12

Thread: Replacement rate switch for DX6i
15/01/2015 16:05:42

If you don't have any luck with HH you will find a suitable switch at Maplins ... I bought one a couple of weeks ago to carry out a very similar repair to my DX6i.

The only minor down side is that I had to use the nut supplied with the replacement switch which isn't quite as neat as the original.

To be honest I didn't even think of calling HH, hope that works for you, if not Maplins can help.

Thread: Mobius Action Sports Camera 1080p 60fps
14/01/2015 09:32:54

Great video and comment, thanks Dave.smiley

13/01/2015 22:50:01

Thanks Pete, comment much appreciated, I think I'll go for standard lens.

Love the picture with your "runways" in sight .... not much chance of that in down town Stockport!

Thread: If you're in need of a laugh
13/01/2015 22:39:47

Brilliant ...want one laugh

Thread: Mobius Action Sports Camera 1080p 60fps
13/01/2015 14:27:00
Posted by avtur on 07/01/2015 19:37:11:

Could I ask for peoples opinion as to which lens (standard vs. wide) is best if the camera is to be used in flight on a fixed wing model?

Also has anyone bought from Webbex, looks like a reliable UK supplier and they are advertising that they have V3 in stock, which appears to have a slightly better battery life.


Just thought I'd bump the message to the top to see if anyone has any comments ... before I take the plunge.


Thread: Beer Theft, What shall i doooo
13/01/2015 14:23:32

What Reg said +1

Thread: Finding lost planes?
09/01/2015 12:16:51

Just looking at this from a slightly different point of view.

It's good to have an appreciation of the area around where you are flying in terms of what access you may, or may not, have if a retrieval is required. If there are areas of restricted access nearby that might influence where you choose to fly.

Understanding where the model is, using technology to locate it is one thing, but having legitimate access to retrieve it may not always be taken for granted.

I fly a lot on a beach and therefore over the sea, if I lost a model I know that it will not cause anyone else problem if it ends up in the sea, but chances of retrieval would be very limited.

Thread: Airtek Hobbies-Good service
09/01/2015 11:58:14

I've visited the shop a few time, its a pleasant 45 minute drive from where I live.

Shop hours are a bit limited but service is always very friendly and helpful, well worth a visit.

thumbs up

Thread: Mobius Action Sports Camera 1080p 60fps
07/01/2015 19:37:11

Could I ask for peoples opinion as to which lens (standard vs. wide) is best if the camera is to be used in flight on a fixed wing model?

Also has anyone bought from Webbex, looks like a reliable UK supplier and they are advertising that they have V3 in stock, which appears to have a slightly better battery life.


Thread: Closing The Battle of Britain Chapel
05/01/2015 13:13:47
Posted by Pete B - Moderator on 05/01/2015 11:56:41:

Signed anyway - got to remind the politicos that we're not all morally bankrupt!smile


Quite agree and the pressure needs to be kept up in case said minister tries to backtrack ... it's amazing how a bit of publicity can help focus the mind ... especially of politicos!

05/01/2015 11:48:17

This story has been brought to the attention of Anna Soubry, defence minister, the following is an extract from another forum (PPRuNe - for those that know of it) which was posted earlier this morning ...

A response from MOD:

Direct response, within the hour from Anna Soubry, Defence Minister,
Gary Preston I can assure you I do not want the closure of the Biggin Hill Chapel. It will be preserved and kept open. I am working on how we secure the funding. I am sorry that you have been misled by a newspaper report - the reporter has my phone number. He didn't call me or the Ministry of Defence. If he had he would have been given the facts. Instead people have been unduly worried and concerned. It is inconceivable that this important memorial to the sacrifice of some of our finest airmen would be "boarded up". Thank you for contacting me so I can reassure you. Anna

04/01/2015 18:41:01


Thread: mini JST charger?
04/01/2015 10:09:42
Posted by andyh on 04/01/2015 01:59:42:

anyway, any suggestions for a cheap charger that would be able to charge these would be much appreciated!


oops I've just thrown one away as a result of a "ruthless" clear out.

I threw it because I had accumulated several chargers from buying many bnf's ... perhaps try eBay maybe someone else is having a clear out

Thread: Have a Rant
01/01/2015 10:16:09

One has to accept that the ownership of weapons in the USA will never be effectively controlled, the population is vast and the number of weapons in circulation so numerous that effective control will never happen, I accept that.

My comment isn't based on this one incident, child related accidental deaths involving fire arms are a regular occurrence. Having lived in the USA I'm quite familiar with attitudes that persist there, my experience is that there are many people who oppose the right to bear arms but the the NRA are so powerful nothing will change, that's a shame when there are so many gun related deaths.

I appreciate that guns don't kill on their own, they have to fired by someone and that will always lay the blame with people rather than guns. In the instance quoted the mother was described as a responsible person, so how the does her own child manage to gain access to the fire arm and cause this tragic event. It's tragic enough that the mother died but this happened in a public place, the victim could have been anyone.

Edited By avtur on 01/01/2015 10:17:20

31/12/2014 13:35:27

Change of rant ... Americans who continue to fight for the right to bear arms and gun law so liberal that everyone is in danger.

Reported yesterday an incident where a 2 year old child (yes 2 years old!) was reaching into his mum's handbag and accidentally shot his mother with a hand gun concealed within the handbag, and this happened in a Walmart store.

The mother apparently had a permit to carry a concealed weapon; I find it impossible to understand what justification there can be for a young mother to be carrying a weapon (concealed or otherwise) in a supposedly civilised country.

Yet still they fight for the right to bear arms and this incident will be passed off as 'an accident', sure its an accident of the most tragic kind, it was also entirely preventable.


Thread: Sleep patterns and shift working
30/12/2014 04:19:48

My working life to date spans some 42 years, during that time I have had a multitude of jobs but the one common factor is that I’ve never worked 9 - 5 Monday to Friday.

I’ve worked in a variety of different industries, I’ve been hourly paid on the clock, I’ve been a public servant and I’ve been ‘middle management’ in the corporate world. But none of these positions ever required me to work a straight m-f and 9-5 (whatever my contract of employment stated!)

I am certainly not one of those who must have 7, 8 or 9 hours sleep per night. Even now in semi retirement my sleep pattern is poor (well by some peoples measure). I worked a full 25 years of 24 -7 shifts.

Now, the idea of going to bed before midnight is a none starter, normally it’s around 1am perhaps a little later. Even when I was working full time and had to be up at 4am for a flight or a long drive across the UK I would find it difficult to be in bed before midnight.

I probably average 4-5 hours per night, though after several long working days I might occasionally have a night of 8-9 hours sleep.

I’m just wondering what sleep patterns other folks have … I’m hoping I’m not the only one with insomniac tendencies !

Ooops ... just noticed its 4am !!

Thread: Have a Rant
30/12/2014 03:47:51
Posted by Erfolg on 29/12/2014 20:22:17:

Dave, if it was loosing money (as we all now know it was), there is little opportunity to extract money, even for the owners/investors.

While that may be true what they have done is trade through the most profitable time of the year in order to put at least 'some' extra money in the pot to pay off creditors.

Sadly employees and contractors employee/drivers are going to be way down the pecking order when it comes to creditor settlements. So what they (City Link) have done is to intentionally trade in a way that causes employees to be at most risk ... i.e. least likely to be able to make a claim on the remaining assets in terms of the administration proceedings.

The City Link boss (JM) claimed they had to call in the administrators because they were insolvent and to continue trading would have been illegal. As a matter of fact that cannot be disputed however he would have had cash flow forecasts that made him fully well aware of the day when that was going to be the case. He allowed trading to carry on knowing that every day debt was being incurred (re employees and contracts) that could not be met. While that may not be illegal in my book it is certainly immoral.

The City Link boss claims to have lost ‘a couple of million’ himself … but I bet he isn’t worried about his next mortgage payment or putting food on the table for his family; that was an insensitive remark to make in the context of his employees and contractors.

On a more diverse point we are told that unemployment is coming down, on the face of it that is good news. But many of the so called jobs being created are either zero-hours contract jobs or people electing to become self employed. The City Link failure is a good example of how being self employed takes the risk away from the corporate world and puts it squarely on the shoulders of the working man, I’m not sure that is good.

From my own perspective, I was given my redundancy notice in the 2nd week of December (a couple of years ago) so I know how that feels. I’ve since set up my own business which brings me some level of income but as with the City Link guys I’m in the hands of the corporate world for my income, not in anyway secure.

As for management involvement in the City Link type shenanigans then I do have limited sympathy, I’ve been involved in a similar situation where I was at the highest level of management who DID NOT KNOW what was going on. All I can say is that after the event I felt very uncomfortable with the workforce because they simply didn’t believe I did not know. And equally I felt very uncomfortable dealing with the senior management who wanted to carry on as though nothing had happened despite having taken my livelihood away. Redundancy by remote Powerpoint !

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