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Thread: Horus X12S
31/01/2018 19:53:13

Yes you need to be on 2.2. This is the first implementation for the Horus. Yes you can run both versions, however, set up a different file location for 2.2 as you will need to download the 2.2 SD card for the Companion.

2.2 has a number of changes. The first is eepe files have gone, now they are otx. The Companion will convert all your models, though you will need to check them. It gets the odd minor thing wrong. I'm still converting my models, and actually is a good time to have a clean-up and standardise. Some of my early model settings certainly needed a bit of tweaking.

You need to read this: **LINK**

31/01/2018 18:58:39
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 31/01/2018 16:30:36:

I've got an X12, I understand that they all use the same iXJT module so the rf side of things should be the same.

Like Bob I've also got an X12, but its certainly my understanding that the module is the same, only the X10 has twin internal aerials (want one!!!). I've just checked the X10/X10S on the Companion and simulator, and without the EU box ticked you can select D8 mode. As I have read before, it appears FrSky do not lock their internal iXJT module, so OpenTX can access the D8 mode.

To be fully certain, why not ring T9 Hobbysport.

Thread: Adaptors
29/01/2018 19:42:10

I suppose some just get less adaptable as they get older. thinking

Thread: Hitec anyone else thinking of jumping ship
29/01/2018 19:23:24
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 29/01/2018 18:41:50:
Posted by geoff dales on 29/01/2018 18:13:32:

Well x12s eu model with neck strap and case uk plug ordered from hk uk warehouse for £150 less than than t9.

That's an excellent price, and being from the UK warehouse avoids any nasty customs duty charges.


27/01/2018 18:00:24
Posted by Percy Verance on 27/01/2018 09:46:12:

Be careful Geoff. It'll be all too easy to end up with a set you may find it problematic to source receivers for. I'd take a deep breath and go for the UK supplied set. Ok it'll cost you more, but you'll have back up over the phone, and ready availability of compatible receivers. And should you have a problem, it'll be considerably more straightforward to resolve it.

Receiver compatibility is not a problem with FrSky, so long as you stick to the current range available for the last few years, not the legacy ones still available, though some of those still work. Even if you have an EU transmitter and an international receiver it is simple to change the firmware on the receiver to match.

27/01/2018 17:57:08
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 27/01/2018 14:27:12:

Geoff, also note that the £ price shown on HK is their dollar conversion, when you go to buy this will be turned into US$ and then your payment method will turn it back into £s, so you normally end up paying a bit more than the shown price, but as Bob points out above the big saving is the VAT as your transaction is with Hong Kong.

You still end up paying the VAT as it is charged as customs duty if over £15-20, plus often a £10 "handling charge". From the international store there are 2 versions one with an aluminium case which is more expensive. You might have to ring T9 to find which case they provide.

Personally, I'd look at the X10 or the X10S rather than the 12S. Essentially the same as the 12S but with a few tweaks to make it even better. Basically, go for the EU version and then buy EU receivers. Simple. They work just as well as the international versions. All the "X" series receivers work with the Taranis/Horus range. You have a choice of super lightweight through to normal size, including the stabilised receivers and the new long range receiver with a 10km range. Just wish my eyesight was that good.crook

25/01/2018 20:04:08

.. or a standard FrSky X8R receiver for £30, or if you really want to go overboard and have full redundancy, 2 X8R receivers, plus a redundancy bus would still be less than half the price of an AR12310T receiver.

25/01/2018 17:20:16
Posted by Denis Watkins on 25/01/2018 15:18:48:

There are stabilisers which operate with just the need for on and off, so Aux 1, on channel 6. And the usual 4 channels, 1 - 4

The other work is done on the ground using rotary trim switches, and miniature reversing switches

But the option remains for single servo aileron, or twin servo aileron, in which case channel 5 is used up on the twin servo aileron.

It does remain possible to stabilise most models from 6 channels from non generic stabilisers.

You missed the point of my post further back. Many things are possible with just a couple of channels, but these days systems offer so much more flexibility and if you can have 16 channels at no extra cost then why not use them? The gear is very cheap but the functionality superb, and what's more its reliable.

In any case why have to faff about grovelling inside a model at a hard-to-get-at stabilised receiver with rotary trim switches and minature reversing switches when you can do all that in seconds from the transmitter without even touching the receiver? Even better when you can adjust things like the gain during a flight.


Edited By Andy48 on 25/01/2018 17:25:36

25/01/2018 14:14:20

You are incorrect here, certainly for FrSky gear. To control the stabilised receiver it needs 4 channels. One for the gain, two channels to select the mode, and one channel to initialise it (although this can be done from the receiver depending on how it is mounted. Both the 6 channel and 8 channel receivers use channels 9-12 for these functions, still leaving either 6 or 8 channels for your various other controls.

25/01/2018 11:44:39
Posted by Old Geezer on 25/01/2018 10:58:28:

Furthermore, on the average club field how many flyers are using Tx's capable of controlling more than 7-8 functions, and of those, how many are actually utilising more than 4 or 5 channels? -------- I rest my case.

Edited By Old Geezer on 25/01/2018 10:59:30

I wouldn't rest on your case for long. I think the number of channels offered is almost irrelevant these days, the new kit is about far more than that, offering far greater programming flexibility, full telemetry capability, etc. However, once you start using stabilised receivers, and why not, then you do need at least 8 channels.

24/01/2018 19:36:12
Posted by Percy Verance on 24/01/2018 18:32:31:

It might surprise some folk to discover that Open Tx was around 25+ years ago, but oddly most seemed to avoid the particular brand of radio offering it it back then........ Funny how times change.

It would surprise me greatly. OpenTX requires a transmitter with a computer in it and I doubt there were any/many around in the early 1990s that were within most peoples price bracket. Around that time I had a new fileserver, with just 20Mb of memory!

Secondly OpenTX is a developmental control system, and even if it was around 25 years ago, it would bear no relation to the present version of OpenTX.

No doubt Mike Blandford will be able to give some actual timelines, as he has done a considerable amount of work in developing OpenTX.

24/01/2018 17:47:47
Posted by Rocker on 24/01/2018 17:26:11:

Go Futaba ,brilliant customer service

Go FrSky and OpenTX, then you don't need customer service. cheeky

Thread: Need urgent help with my 9D Plus update
24/01/2018 16:00:25

Glad it worked. Invoice in the post. smile p

Thread: Electric Cars.
23/01/2018 11:32:52

Thinking of the solar farms in farmers' fields, if the solar array is greater than 9 square metres, then the farmer needs planning permission, and as a model club you would be able to put your objections in to the development.

Thread: Need urgent help with my 9D Plus update
23/01/2018 11:29:22

Ah! "can then see it in the "Write Firmware" list when back in bootloader mode" There is your problem. The bootloader cannot update itself whilst it is being used.

If you read the documentation carefully, to update just the bootloader, you load the firmware onto the SD card as you have done, and then switch on the Taranis normally and update the bootloader. Go to page 10 of the documentation and follow steps 7 and 8.

Its easy really. wink

Thread: Electric Cars.
22/01/2018 20:32:31
Posted by Andrew767 on 22/01/2018 19:44:09:

What the capacity of some of these batteries will be in 10yrs is anyones guess as there are no vehicles of that age to prove one way or the other. However, Mitsubishi and Yuasa, who make the cells, expect around 90% in normal usage. That is one of the reasons why the battery warranty increased from 5 to 8yrs,the packs are simply standing up better than expected.

Well, it is a Mitsubishi. smiley

Thread: Need urgent help with my 9D Plus update
22/01/2018 19:00:33

Look at the documentation I gave the link to above. That tells you how to update the bootloader. Its probably easier if you print it out. Use method 2 on page 10, but only update ther bootloader not all the firmware at this stage.

Given the fact your bootloader is probably faulty, its better to copy the files onto the SD card by taking the card out of the transmitter and putting it directly in the computer.

Once this is done, you can easily check the bootloader version number by going into the bootloader itself. If it has updated you should then be able to update firmwares normally. .... hopefully sarcastic 2

Thread: Electric Cars.
22/01/2018 17:43:57
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 22/01/2018 17:05:04:

I was bit dubious about 'all the way to Scotland' I confess because we've always turned off at Scotch Corner and either gone across to Penrith and through Gretna or over Carter Bar and via Jedburgh though we went as far as Durham on Boxing Day.

Driving up to Scotland one day along the A1 north of Newcastle, and they were doing some sort of road repairs. There was a man with a red/green stop/go board! Haven't seen one of those for years. Then you drive down to Peterborough and its 4 lanes wide! The worst stretch is between the M18 and the junction with the M1 near Leeds.

The stretch up to Scotch Corner was planned to be upgraded to motorway standard years ago then cancelled, later restarted. Its still not finished.

Its not bad up to Durham, though usually very busy.

22/01/2018 17:36:59

I think you've also got to look at battery degradation. If Mitsubishi guarantee their battery to have a storage capacity of greater than 72% after 8 years, that means one could reasonably expect a 3% degradation a year. May not sound much but it soon adds up. 30 mile rage from new, 25.7 mile range after 5 years, 23.5mile range after 8 years.

Thread: Need urgent help with my 9D Plus update
22/01/2018 14:55:57

No. Did you also upgrade the bootloader? If you upgraded through the bootloader, it would not update the bootloader itself. As I said the problem was probably the faulty bootloader.

While you are at it, you might as well go to OpenTX 2.2. There's a few extra twiddly bits make it worthwhile, and it gets harder to upgrade the more models you add onto the system sometimes due to some features changing slightly. For instance, on 2.2 the filelength for sounds and pictures has reduced to 6 characters from 7, so you have to go through your models and change the pictures and sound commands.

Edited By Andy48 on 22/01/2018 14:57:00

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