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Thread: Open tx 2.3.?
09/10/2019 20:26:33

Kim, you don't need Zadig at all. The firmware is simply updated from the Companion. If you want a reasonably updated set of documentation see here. This is for 2.2 but covers 99% of what is on 2.3, and its only some of the most recent changes that are missing:

OpenTX Documentation

Thread: BMFA 'B' Test Video Available
09/10/2019 20:21:49
Posted by Steve J on 09/10/2019 19:29:42:
Posted by Andy48 on 09/10/2019 19:00:24:
Posted by Steve J on 09/10/2019 18:52:35:

I connect the battery with the model mechanically restrained or with the prop prevented from rotating (or both) and with my body in a stable position.

How do you prevent the prop from rotating?

Is that a serious question? By putting the prop in contact with something such that it cannot rotate e.g. a toolbox or a steel toecap boot.


Of course its a serious question, there is a lot of torque with an electric motor, and a prop in contact with a toecap or a toolbox is quite likely to lift the whole model up if it starts rotating on full power. Then what? BTW how do you stand in a stable position behind the propeller with one foot stopping the prop from turning whilst connecting the battery,

Frankly much better would be to adapt the safety plug idea on the side of the model.

09/10/2019 19:00:24
Posted by Steve J on 09/10/2019 18:52:35:

I connect the battery with the model mechanically restrained or with the prop prevented from rotating (or both) and with my body in a stable position.


How do you prevent the prop from rotating?

09/10/2019 18:59:22
Posted by Steve J on 09/10/2019 18:11:20:

I have no interest in doing the 'B', but I had a look at the video out of curiosity.

I gave up after the guy connected the battery. Do the BMFA really think that you should connect the battery while leaning over the model with your feet behind the wing?


What's wrong with that? If a prop flies off it will fly forward.

09/10/2019 18:57:26
Posted by Martin Harris on 09/10/2019 18:08:57:

Oh dear - do they still operate a pegboard for 2.4? I'd be very unhappy if I thought my club wouldn't listen to a well reasoned argument to update a procedure - especially where its endorsed by the BMFA!

Edited By Martin Harris on 09/10/2019 18:10:21

Pretty much! As for accepting a well reasoned argument, that really is expecting too much. BMFA endorsements are only acceptable when it meets their entrenched ideas. Don't bother raising anything now, its not worth the hassle sadly.

Thread: Open tx 2.3.?
09/10/2019 17:51:17
Posted by Kim Taylor on 09/10/2019 14:23:39:

I was expecting to have these kind of issues, having come over from Spektrum I've been spoilt by the menu driven programming, but I want to make sure I'm doing the right thing before possibly doing a very wrong thing!!kulou

I think it is the other way round. Once you understand the potential of OpenTX you will realise that getting away from the menu system is like getting out of a straight jacket.

Thread: BMFA 'B' Test Video Available
09/10/2019 17:46:32
Posted by Martin Harris on 08/10/2019 15:29:11:
Posted by Andy48 on 08/10/2019 13:48:18:

A couple of interesting points.

1. Not connecting the battery of an electric model until nearly on the runway.

2. Taking the tx onto to runway whilst collecting a model as opposed to leaving it either with a helper or on the ground.

Both very sensible in my opinion, but both frowned upon in my club.

Time you got your club to move into the 21st Century...while normal practice at my club is to connect flight batteries on dedicated benches at the front of the pits, there's no reason why people can't some do) connect their batteries on the flight line. Perhaps raise a question at your next AGM supported by evidence such as the BMFA video. On the subject, I'd always recommend and encourage the use of throttle kill switches however and wherever the battery is connected.

I'd have more chance negotiating an acceptable Brexit deal!

Personally I use arming plugs wherever possible, and on smaller models where it is not possible, I have a throttle arm/disarm switch which cannot be accidentally activated. Despite mutterings (always ignored) I only arm when setting the model down on the flight line, and then test the controls before taking off.

Must admit though I don't check all the TX settings as the TX warns me when I switch it on if any controls (switches, sliders, pots or failsafe) are not as expected for that model.

08/10/2019 13:48:18

A couple of interesting points.

1. Not connecting the battery of an electric model until nearly on the runway.

2. Taking the tx onto to runway whilst collecting a model as opposed to leaving it either with a helper or on the ground.

Both very sensible in my opinion, but both frowned upon in my club.


Edited By Andy48 on 08/10/2019 13:48:54

Thread: OpenTx "feature"!
07/10/2019 22:39:39

There are several pages in here showing the order in which various commands are processed, see section 5 pages 36-38.

Documentation for OpenTX.

While these charts may seem very complicated, it should be remembered that every transmitter will follow a similar sort of logic, with apparent anomalies along the way. It is fortunate that OpenTX, being "open" enables us to actually see the logical processing steps and thus understand better what is happening.

Thread: XT-90
07/10/2019 11:40:05

I always use a shorting plug on the side of the model. For larger models I have a small push-to-make switch with a 10k resistor soldered across the shorting plug terminals. Before inserting the shorting plug I press this for a few seconds to charge the capacitors in the ESC. Simple and cheap.

Thread: Best budget lipo?
06/10/2019 15:58:22

Hobbyking lipo stuff is usually pretty good.

Thread: Not enough power?
05/10/2019 20:29:17

Difficult to say. Half throttle equates to half thrust, but the current consumption will be a lot less than half, at a guess less than 10 amps. That should give about 8 minutes without discharging the battery too far.

Thread: What's your club membership size & fees?
29/09/2019 18:41:01
Posted by leccyflyer on 29/09/2019 17:43:32:

That's not what Christopher Morris is saying. He's saying that he wishes that clubs would permit paying for membership on a calendar year basis from when the member joins the club and not to all have to pay their subs at the beginning of the year each year.

Perhaps Christopher would try being treasurer for a few years, not only collecting fees piecemeal, but also checking on a weekly/monthly basis those who haven't paid.

Thread: S8R problems...
28/09/2019 16:40:54

Instructions for setting up the S6R and S8R here. Go to "How To Part 2"

OpenTX Documentation

Thread: S6r Rx downloads
14/09/2019 22:19:28

Sorry Mike.

13/09/2019 20:30:49
Posted by Steve Balaam on 13/09/2019 08:56:39:

I've always preferred to configure and calibrate the receivers through the PC first time after purchase then use the LUA Script thereafter. I've shied away from firmware upgrades via the Tx because of the warnings of trashing the Tx if you get it wrong, I've never had any problems doing firmware upadtes in the past, I shall have to do future updates via the TX now I guess.

I love my FRSky gear but find it annoying when known issues can't be solved by the company but instead we have to revert to the expertise and goodwill of third parties such as Mike and others.

The only way to damage the tx when doing a receiver upgrade is to have the lead wired incorrectly, and even then it usually does no harm and is more likely to damage the receiver. The Horus X10 has a Sport socket so any standard lead will work. The fact that there is now an Sport socket does mean that FrSky do listen. In may ways, they probably never envisaged updating receivers via the tx when the Taranis first came out, that was a hack by the clever programmers for OpenTX. Its a chicken and egg situation!

12/09/2019 20:39:08

As has been said last year, updating receiver firmware and configuring the SxR receivers using the LUA script is far easier done using the transmitter, rather than using Windows. If using the tx, the config settings for the receiver can be changed down at the flying field.

Thread: System hook ups
11/09/2019 17:41:50

I don't think there is a simple guide to this where it is all written down. Electric models can be quite complicated as each component needs to be specified alongside the others. For instance propellers on electric models can vary considerably in size and pitch and need to be carefully specified.

Quite frankly the best bet is to join a club, if you haven't already, and find someone within the club with solid experience of electric flight. There are many now flying electric, but for most there is not a depth of understanding to be able to guide you successfully.

Thread: X9D+ 2019 or Q X7S?
30/08/2019 22:32:23
Posted by Andy Blackburn on 28/08/2019 08:04:00:

I'm so sorry, perhaps I should have been more specific.

What I obviously meant to say was "The printed documentation that comes with it is not good..."

Yes, there are a set of free downloadable manuals but they're PDFs and if you don't like looking at manuals on the screen you'll have to print them out, in which case it'll cost you the paper and and arm and a leg for the ink, and unless you get someone else to do it it won't be nicely bound.

So, why pay £15 when you can get a comprehensive manual for free? Because it's good value for what it is, and I don't have to print it out myself. And because my printer doesn't do automatic double-sided printing.

Just my personal opinion, of course...

Edited By Andy Blackburn on 28/08/2019 08:13:34

I've a Canon ink jet printer, and I pay less that £1 a cartridge. Less than a fiver for all 5 cartridges, enough to print the whole manual out and more, but then if you want to pay more for your printing requirements....

28/08/2019 07:35:45
Posted by Andy Blackburn on 14/08/2019 08:28:24:

Cautionary note: I'm not an expert! However...

  1. Documentation is not good for those (like me) who loathe fast-forwarding through videos to get to the part that you want and then missing it. However, this manual Taranis X9D Plus OpenTX User Manual 2.2 helped a lot.


Edited By Andy Blackburn on 14/08/2019 08:29:04

What do you mean documentation is not good? There is a free 250 page manual here for the OpenTX which can be downloaded and covers both the transmitters you are looking at. Why pay £15 when you can get a comprehensive manual for free?

Comprehensive OpenTX Manual

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