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Thread: Strange problem
10/06/2020 19:43:51
Posted by paul d on 10/06/2020 16:36:59:

Totally unhelpful and tongue in cheek but it would never happen with a glow or diesel!...sorry couldn't resist..wink

Nah! Seeing what happens down at the field, you're right it wouldn't happen with a glow or diesel. Usually they just don't run at all.laugh

Thread: Ebay sellers...
10/06/2020 16:01:34



Edited By Andy48 on 10/06/2020 16:02:42

Thread: Lipo charging, an unforseen danger
09/06/2020 12:54:25
Posted by Jesus Cardin on 08/06/2020 21:21:20:

All Li-Po balance chargers I know do not overcharge the lower volt cell but "brake" those which go ahead.

As far as I know and understand Li-Po chargers these put an electronic resistence to the higher voltage cells till those with lower ones cachts up.

Anyway the problem suffered certainly seems to be from a bad contact on the balance line.

You have completely missed the point. The charger did not see the correct voltage so could not put a brake on the high voltage cell.

09/06/2020 12:53:16
Posted by Allan Bennett on 08/06/2020 20:20:11:

What make/model charger was that? There's certainly something wrong with it, for even if there had been a problem with the leads it should have stopped the charge before letting things go so far.

No. Nothing wrong with the charger. It was a connection problem in the balance lead, so the charger never saw the correct voltage.

This could happen to any make of charger.

08/06/2020 17:56:45

Came across something really scary today. I have several chargers and was duly charging some batteries. Each charger has a monitor showing the individual cell voltage. One 5S battery was showing one cell a few tenths of a volt lower than the rest which was puzzling. Normally they are quite close, and I always balance charge them. It was OK last time I charged it.

I was with them in the workshop, and checked up on them 20 minutes later. This battery was now showing the same cell nearly a volt lower! I switched off the charger and checked the balance lead and its connections to the charger. When I switched on again, the other 4 cells showed 3.95 volts and this cell showed 4.22 volts. The charger had sensed the lower voltage from this cell and had duly tried to charge this one up first into line with the other cells. In reality it was overcharging one cell, and had I left them or not noticed it, it could have resulted in a fire.

Had it actually caught fire, I would never have been the wiser as to what happened.

As the safety warnings say, never leave lipos charging unattended, and I'd also add keep a regular check of each cell voltage as they charge.

Edited By Andy48 on 08/06/2020 17:57:12

Thread: Control linkages
07/06/2020 21:43:12
Posted by Frank Skilbeck on 05/07/2013 14:31:01:

Also the radio set you put the link to is a mode 1 set, that is aileron and throttle on the right stick, no problem with that, but if you plan to join a club flying on the same mode as them is recommended (all of our power club fly mode 2 and I only know one mode 1 flier), that way you could get an experienced flier to do the test flight.

Again not true with the FrSky systems.

07/06/2020 21:41:36
Posted by kc on 05/07/2013 11:33:34:

Make sure you check to find what radio the instructors at your local club use for training -- you will need a similar make to use a buddy lead with their transmitter. Almost all training is done with a buddy lead now. If they use Spektrum you will need Spektrum, if they use Futaba you need Futaba. If you turn up with any other make than the one they use you will need to buy an extra transmitter!

Edited By kc on 05/07/2013 11:48:10

Not strictly true these days. The FrSky systems can buddy with almost any make of transmitter with a buddy box output.

Thread: Managing OpenTX for two transmitters
06/06/2020 20:16:33

That is exactly what the Radio Profiles is for.

Thread: Electric or not?
03/06/2020 19:00:55

Heavier props put more strain on the bearings of electric motors. Personally I found IC props gave a worse performance size for size.

Thread: Motor thrust alignment Junior 60
30/05/2020 12:47:27

If you want to keep your fingers do install a safety plug.

Thread: FrSky Horus X10S Express LBT to OpenTX
30/05/2020 12:44:23

Nope. Dead easy. Install Companion on the computer first, and as Peter says you must use the right radio profile before installing on the Horus.

Not quite up to date, but fairly close: **LINK**

Thread: Sopwith tail logo
27/05/2020 12:30:28

Microsoft Publisher will allow you to save a page as a Jpeg file.

Thread: how well do you know transmitters
26/05/2020 22:27:29
Posted by Richard Clark 2 on 26/05/2020 22:01:43:
Posted by Andy48 on 26/05/2020 21:48:15:

Number 3 is a Taranis X9D. If I didn't already know its printed on the circuit board.laugh

Edited By Andy48 on 26/05/2020 21:49:06

Rather to my surprise it look better made than the others

That's because all the cost of the transmitter goes into the hardware. As it uses OpenTX, there is no cost involved for the software. Its a win-win for the user.

26/05/2020 21:48:15

Number 3 is a Taranis X9D. If I didn't already know its printed on the circuit board.laugh


Edited By Andy48 on 26/05/2020 21:49:06

Thread: Sopwith tail logo
26/05/2020 13:33:21

dsc_0245.jpgI managed to achieve that on mine by using ink-jet printable water slide decal paper, and a word processor or desk top publisher. Took a bit of time to find the correct fonts, but looks good now.

Edited By Andy48 on 26/05/2020 13:36:49

Thread: Radio
24/05/2020 12:42:17
Posted by David Davis on 24/05/2020 05:31:20:

As for programmable transmitters, I just wish that the handbooks were more explanatory. I suppose I'll just have to move with the times and have a look on YouTube.

Edited By David Davis on 24/05/2020 05:45:55

or have a look here for a printed handbook: OpenTX handbook

Try the second section, Getting Started, you don't even need a transmitter to find out about it and get going.

Edited By Andy48 on 24/05/2020 12:42:36

23/05/2020 19:36:32
Posted by Richard Clark 2 on 23/05/2020 18:15:16:

Well, yes. I know the difference between an interface, (hardware, such as an HDMI socket with its pins and voltage/current allocations), and 'support'. It was just an analogy and analogies are never exact or they wouldn't be analogies.

'Support' means, at a minimum, the ability to load it and run it. There was talk that the Multiplex Evo/Royal and Profi transmitters would be able to do this. But they didn't, which is a pity. Not only would it have been 'nice to have' as an option on their 'perceived' high-quality transmitter (remember the Horus wasn't in existence then) it would have been easy to do as they already support online updates including sufficient memory to hold two versions of the software, and it may also have expanded their market.

In actual 'day to day' practice 'openness' not only means open source but a large variety of machines that will load and run it. . And that we don't have, unfortunately, even though it's simple enough to do.

Edited By Richard Clark 2 on 23/05/2020 18:18:20

OK, you've made your point that you don't like OpenTX though you've never used it, and clearly know very little about it. The rest of this waffle makes very little sense in the limited market of RC transmitters and the few manufacturers of that equipment that exist.

23/05/2020 15:05:01
Posted by Richard Clark 2 on 23/05/2020 11:47:03:

As for OpenTx, while 'open' in theory, in practice, with only two makes supporting it, FrSky and (I believe) Turnigy, it isn't 'open' in the commonly accepted sense at all. Compare that with all TVs having an HDMI interface, for example.

And its off-putting 'fanboyism' is nearly as bad as Apple's

You have this completely the wrong way round. OpenTX is "open" because the source code is freely available and open to anyone to adapt and use for free.

No transmitter manufacturers "support" it, though several make use of it.

22/05/2020 16:12:36
Posted by David Davis on 22/05/2020 12:13:17:

I've had problems with my DX9. On one occasion it failed to light up the five bars on the facade of the transmitter. It was sent away for a service. On another occasion I lost two models in consecutive flights so I sent the transmitter to be serviced, ie the RF board was replaced.

If I have anymore problems with it I'm going for a Multiplex, Made In Germany.

Taranis transmitters frighten me because I'm totally uninterested in information technology and if I hear the word "programmable," I run a mile.

All modern transmitters are programmable. You might have to take up long distance running as a new hobby.

22/05/2020 11:07:06

Personally I'd update the lot rather than buying extra modules to prop up an old system. Transmitters and receivers are as cheap as chips these days, smaller and better in many ways. If you lose one model because of the old system, then a new transmitter and receiver would have paid for itself.

Frankly I was glad to get rid of my Spektrum gear like many in our club. I lost 3 models in exactly the same circumstances due due to radio problems within a fortnight. Never had a problem since changing kit, and the only models that have not made it safely back to earth have been due to pilot error.

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