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Thread: Radio
24/05/2020 12:42:17
Posted by David Davis on 24/05/2020 05:31:20:

As for programmable transmitters, I just wish that the handbooks were more explanatory. I suppose I'll just have to move with the times and have a look on YouTube.

Edited By David Davis on 24/05/2020 05:45:55

or have a look here for a printed handbook: OpenTX handbook

Try the second section, Getting Started, you don't even need a transmitter to find out about it and get going.

Edited By Andy48 on 24/05/2020 12:42:36

23/05/2020 19:36:32
Posted by Richard Clark 2 on 23/05/2020 18:15:16:

Well, yes. I know the difference between an interface, (hardware, such as an HDMI socket with its pins and voltage/current allocations), and 'support'. It was just an analogy and analogies are never exact or they wouldn't be analogies.

'Support' means, at a minimum, the ability to load it and run it. There was talk that the Multiplex Evo/Royal and Profi transmitters would be able to do this. But they didn't, which is a pity. Not only would it have been 'nice to have' as an option on their 'perceived' high-quality transmitter (remember the Horus wasn't in existence then) it would have been easy to do as they already support online updates including sufficient memory to hold two versions of the software, and it may also have expanded their market.

In actual 'day to day' practice 'openness' not only means open source but a large variety of machines that will load and run it. . And that we don't have, unfortunately, even though it's simple enough to do.

Edited By Richard Clark 2 on 23/05/2020 18:18:20

OK, you've made your point that you don't like OpenTX though you've never used it, and clearly know very little about it. The rest of this waffle makes very little sense in the limited market of RC transmitters and the few manufacturers of that equipment that exist.

23/05/2020 15:05:01
Posted by Richard Clark 2 on 23/05/2020 11:47:03:

As for OpenTx, while 'open' in theory, in practice, with only two makes supporting it, FrSky and (I believe) Turnigy, it isn't 'open' in the commonly accepted sense at all. Compare that with all TVs having an HDMI interface, for example.

And its off-putting 'fanboyism' is nearly as bad as Apple's

You have this completely the wrong way round. OpenTX is "open" because the source code is freely available and open to anyone to adapt and use for free.

No transmitter manufacturers "support" it, though several make use of it.

22/05/2020 16:12:36
Posted by David Davis on 22/05/2020 12:13:17:

I've had problems with my DX9. On one occasion it failed to light up the five bars on the facade of the transmitter. It was sent away for a service. On another occasion I lost two models in consecutive flights so I sent the transmitter to be serviced, ie the RF board was replaced.

If I have anymore problems with it I'm going for a Multiplex, Made In Germany.

Taranis transmitters frighten me because I'm totally uninterested in information technology and if I hear the word "programmable," I run a mile.

All modern transmitters are programmable. You might have to take up long distance running as a new hobby.

22/05/2020 11:07:06

Personally I'd update the lot rather than buying extra modules to prop up an old system. Transmitters and receivers are as cheap as chips these days, smaller and better in many ways. If you lose one model because of the old system, then a new transmitter and receiver would have paid for itself.

Frankly I was glad to get rid of my Spektrum gear like many in our club. I lost 3 models in exactly the same circumstances due due to radio problems within a fortnight. Never had a problem since changing kit, and the only models that have not made it safely back to earth have been due to pilot error.

Thread: Personal Injuries.
19/05/2020 17:53:20

Sadly it will be his insurer not him whose life you make a misery.

Thread: Galaxy Models
19/05/2020 10:57:19
Posted by Redex on 19/05/2020 09:31:08:

Just finished building the Musketeer converted for electric - yet to maiden though.

I built a pair of electric ones, one of my favourite planes, quite a few years old now. I built 2 because I had just learned to fly, and this was my first low winger and I didn't expect it to last long. I still have them both. Really tough planes. If you have a look on the Pegasus Models website, there is a picture of the pair of them.

I built the interior layout of the fus differently so that there was a horizontal tray from the engine bulkhead to just behind the wing. At the nose, the 4S 3000 battery sits, with the ESC under the tray. Further back sit 2 11g metal geared servos and the receiver. The whole of the top of the fus back to the wing lifts off for dead easy access to the battery and electronics.

The only real building difficulty was joining the two veneer covered foam wings. This takes some very careful lining up to ensure there are no twists.

Balances well with no weights in it.

Thread: Coffin dodger needs help.
16/05/2020 22:54:00
Posted by Ron Brodhurst on 16/05/2020 11:12:07:

Thank you to everyone.

A great forum that I will be looking through for tips.

Barrie, I will be buying and following your advice, thanks. Time to start learning so O can enjoy my new, long over due hobby.


I would suggest you join a club. There are a couple near you, and I know one of them is now open for flying, provided you keep to safety standards. Great source of information, and I'm sure someone will check your plane over for you. Sadly though, under present circumstances, there can be no beginner tuition.

Thread: Horus and Taranis X9D Express differences?
16/05/2020 22:47:09
Posted by Allan Bennett on 16/05/2020 21:48:25:

So it boils down to a 'better' case, and a colour screen?

What about the performance? Is the X10 RF module better than the X9? And are the Horus's hall-effect gimbals any better than the Taranis's hall-effect gimbals? If it's just down to case and screen I think I'll be going for another Taranis.

The Horus has twin internal antenae, plus the option of using an external one (included). Don't know about the latest Taranis.

16/05/2020 21:17:56
Posted by Doc Marten on 16/05/2020 21:11:36:

10x better plastic then.

Oh yes certainly.

Thread: OpenTx - Questions and Problems
16/05/2020 21:16:07

Hi Ian, I'm older than you! I look on OpenTX as being part of keeping mind and body alive, and I enjoy a challenge. hey ho!

Yes its worth updating to 2.3, (not 2.2.4) and yes its essential to update both. Should not introduce any more complications than updating to 2.2.4. Telemetry is well worth it if only to monitor signal strength during flight (RSSI). Great feature after the first few tentative flights with a new model. Also really useful if you fly electric to monitor battery voltage and consumption.

In most cases updating makes little difference, except it irons out bugs and adds extra bits and pieces, some of which are really useful.

Thread: FrSky Neuron ESC
16/05/2020 21:05:40

I've got 2 Neurons sitting there, and two identical motors. Just need to get that trainer finished first, though obviously its not going to get any use this year. angry



Edited By Andy48 on 16/05/2020 21:06:56

Thread: Horus and Taranis X9D Express differences?
16/05/2020 21:03:24
Posted by Doc Marten on 16/05/2020 21:02:16:

The Horus is made from alloy not plastic, looks 10x better, feels 10x better and looks like it should be 10x the price (see what I did there).

Er, no. The Horus has a plastic case.

16/05/2020 21:02:48

Personally I like the X10 far better than the Taranis. Its heavier which is the only downside, but feel really solid. The real plus is the colour screen, it is so much easier to program down at the field - I always use Companion when at home except for the final few tweaks.

At the end of the day I don't spend a great deal on models (so I keep telling myself), and the kids don't need the inheritance. Probably more about feel good factor than anything else. devil

Thread: FrSky Neuron ESC
16/05/2020 18:10:32
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 14/03/2020 20:41:14:

Imagine setting up a model with 11 channels, redundant receivers and 1200W of electrickery 10 years ago! Not bad for 'cheap' Chinese gear eh? The datalogging and computer setup available using these Neuron ESCs really does make problem solving easy compared to working relatively blind as with older systems.

Watching a program about Mosquitos got me thinking about twin motor setups with Neurons. How close was the RPM of each motor for different throttle inputs? It should be possible to read the RPM telemetry from one motor, call is the master, and using logic to adjust the speed of the second "slave" motor to equalise it? Obviously not possible to experiment with the Companion. What would be the implications of this I wonder. Obviously one could use a switch to disable this. Would be interesting if using a separate battery for each motor. Might try a test rig sometime when I've nothing to do.

Thread: OpenTx - Questions and Problems
16/05/2020 12:19:02
Posted by IanR on 16/05/2020 11:51:02:

Can anyone explain why, on Open TX 2.2, the switches shown on the simulator are in alphabetical order, and not in the order in which they appear on the transmitter (as was the case with previous versions)

I am finding it very difficult to get my head round the new layout.

Is there a way to change the look of the simulator back to how it was previously?

Thanks Ian

I think this was done because of the escalating number of different transmitters OTX will work on, all with a different number and layout of switches..

No it cannot be changed back.

The switches can prove to be a bit of a weak point on FrSky gear and OTX, simply because of their versatility. It is also annoying that on the Horus transmitter only some switches are labelled.

BTW, while you have updated this far, why not fully update to 2.3?

Edited By Andy48 on 16/05/2020 12:20:12

Thread: Shaft reversal
12/05/2020 22:06:11
Posted by PatMc on 11/05/2020 20:26:50:

Andy, I don't think you understand how these adaptors are intended to be used.

The motor is designed to have the shaft only in the position as supplied.
If the motor is to be mounted with the shaft facing forward the clamp type adaptor should be used.
OTOH if the motor is to be fixed to a firewall using the "X" mount the bolt on type adaptor must be used or modifications made to the shaft, as Andy Joyce has done, which is a modification to the motor's design.

That's why 2 different types of prop adaptors are supplied.

My apologies, of course you are right.

11/05/2020 18:58:17
Posted by PatMc on 11/05/2020 18:07:09:

Either prop adaptor can be used without reversing shaft.
If the shaft is reversed it needs some reworking as described by Andy Joyce because the motor isn't designed to have the shaft reversed.

Take a look at the photos of the motor. It is impossible to fit the clamp prop adaptor safely without reversing the shaft. There is only about 5mm of shaft protruding from the rotating can end.

11/05/2020 12:59:48
Posted by PatMc on 08/05/2020 23:03:24:

OTOH motors like the one featured in this thread are simply designed to have the shaft in one position.

No they are not. They come with two prop adaptors, one is bolt on, the other is a clamp fitting that can only be attached if the shaft is reversed.

Thread: Flair Pupppeteer
11/05/2020 12:55:12

I agree. I hate it when a plan says balance nose down. If it is balanced, it should be level.

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