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Thread: Smoking....
06/05/2020 18:03:07
Posted by Roger Dyke on 06/05/2020 10:34:31:

Andy: I don't agree. I think that IC is much simpler to get to grips with. With the power plant there is all sorts of experimenting we can do which hardly ever results in the power plant being defunct. The plane may not fly well or might even have a few unscheduled arrivals if we get it wrong, but in my experience, I still have all my power plants from over 30 years and have never scrapped any except one that went in at a high rate of knots. I don't think the same could be said of most electric setups.


OK, you've had a motor burn out. I never have. I've had one cheapo ESC give out the blue smoke, but otherwise all my kit is ultra reliable. There are more variables with electric motors, they are very much more forgiving on prop size provided you remain within the current limits. Once the electric combination is set up you can forget it and go fly.

As for the practical realities down at the field, I don't think I've ever been down to the field and not seen at least one IC flyer who has struggled to get their motor to fire up. Even the most experienced of them. As for the number of times I watch people walk out onto the strip and the engine cuts out. As an electric flyer, I have telemetry on my systems to tell me how much of the battery capacity I have left, plus if any battery cell is failing in flight. As a result, I have never had to do a dead stick landing since I took my "A" test. Perhaps I ought to practice that sometimes just in case!

Thread: Your standard insatallation of FRSKY equipment
06/05/2020 08:58:47
Posted by Ron Gray on 06/05/2020 07:16:05:

Agreed, and that’s fine with new builds but on a lot of ‘planes already built it can be somewhat difficult to get to the RX. Anyway I can’t help but feel that there is an ulterior motive by FrSky with this upgrade (Jumper ???).

Possibly, but this upgrade is to improve a particular, but rare bug that was discovered in the firmware. That point was claimed about ACCESS but there are some significant improvements in the range and latency of ACCESS to make it a reasonable development for FrSky.

Thread: Smoking....
06/05/2020 08:54:16
Posted by Roger Dyke on 05/05/2020 21:04:30:You are so right about IC being much simpler. I am on a knife edge whether to convert it back or not.


I don't believe IC is any simpler, its just that you need different design requirements from the outset. When I build an electric plane, often from a traditional IC plan, I have to make significant changes to the fuselage. Weight distribution is very different, with a light motor in front and a heave battery further back. Also having room for a suitably sized battery is a key issue, as well as being able to easily remove it. Also as you've discovered airflow requirements are somewhat different.

Converting a plane from IC to electric has to consider all the above requirements and with a narrow fuselage may simply not be possible, as I think is the case of your model which will be very underpowered with the setup you've stated.

Think about converting your car to electric. It would need a very significant design change in much the same way.

Thread: Your standard insatallation of FRSKY equipment
05/05/2020 22:24:28
Posted by Ron Gray on 05/05/2020 21:52:39:

Only problem with the latest firmware update is you have to update all of your RXs too otherwise they no longer work. When you have over 40 that's a lot of work even if you only do a few at a time!

If you leave an Sport lead connected permanently to each receiver, it only takes a few minutes before you take the plane out to fly it.

Thread: Smoking....
05/05/2020 18:57:23
Posted by Roger Dyke on 05/05/2020 18:51:42:

Peter: I can only think that the load would be less as it cuts it's way through the air, whereby taking less current from the battery.

Is that right?

Doesn't make all that much difference, and again I have tested this.

05/05/2020 18:55:48

Can I add a few points. Firstly running a test like you did where the lipo gets down to 10% is a very bad idea. You will certainly shorten the life of the lipo discharging to that level. Down to 20% at worst case, 30% better.

Secondly, model motors are not designed to be run flat out all the time. That may be your experience with industrial motors which are, but then I suspect they are physically much larger and heavier for the same power. You may need full power for take-offs and for some manoeuvres, but all of mine are happy taking off on half to 2/3 power. If you need full power to take off you need a larger motor/battery setup.

Thirdly its a very bad thing to run an electric model flat out all the time, unlike IC. Up to about 2/3 full power you will find that there is a linear increase in thrust and current. However, in the last third of the throttle, the current rises dramatically with surprisingly little increase in thrust. You will find you can double the flight time if you run the motor at no more than 2/3 power, and you will probably never notice any speed difference. With IC you hear the motor noise and assume its actually going a lot faster at full throttle. Before you ask, yes, I have checked this out in flight with full telemetry including an air speed indicator.

Don't know the weight of your models, but if they are around the 2kg mark on a 46 IC setup, I'd say a Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 3536 is rather underpowered, especially on 3S. I generally use a SK3 3548 with a 4S setup giving 750 watts.

Lastly, its not just cooling slots in the cowl, but you need to consider airflow over the motor itself, and on an electric model this invariably means having decent holes through the motor bulkhead behind the motor and somewhere for the air to exit further down the fuselage.

Thread: Your standard insatallation of FRSKY equipment
05/05/2020 18:22:59

Unless you have a ignition system, FrSky stuff is very robust. Yes you will get the odd telemetry lost, but rarely is that any sort of issue. Not at all sure what you mean by "lock out". All my models are electric and I always use the receiver power through the ESC, and in over 5 years I've never had a problem.

What nobody seems to do is perhaps the most obvious. Log every flight and then after a few flights look at how the RSSI behaves.

This is the crucial test, it shows exactly what is happening in flight, both close in and at full range. You will get the odd spike down to just over 40, but this is still well within the limits of the FrSky range.

Then if all appears well, carry on with your models as they are.

Edited By Andy48 on 05/05/2020 18:23:32

Thread: Gorilla glue
02/05/2020 14:37:47

I use it for joining veneered foam wings. Does not affect the foam, but wing halves need careful clamping to stop the foaming action separating the joint.

Thread: Can you tell what it is yet ??
26/04/2020 16:52:26

A plane?

Thread: What are my options?
23/04/2020 21:41:22

I would love to be able to buy British all the time, but one has to be a realist. If British products were the best in the world and reasonably competitive I'd be only too happy. Thinking back to British cars I've owned -shudder. However, my Japanese cars are so reliable, and very economically priced.

My last big spend was on a new caravan. Buy British, even better buy local, which I did. It started to seriously fall apart after the first week of use. In the end I got my money back because it was so badly built.

As for Chinese hobby stuff, very happy with my FrSky kit thank you.

As for UK production, I do think there will be less reliance on foreign imports, and a move to make the UK more self sufficient the way recent events and that "B" word are going, just so long as the quality is there.

Thread: NEW POLL - Does your club have a safety officer, or is the emphasis on individual members to each be their own safety officer?
21/04/2020 20:30:28

There is no option to be able to post "sometimes".

Our safety officers don't tend to last long, too much hassle from some members, even though we have a very clear set of rules. Funny that, its supposed to be a hobby with like minded people joining the club.


Edited By Andy48 on 21/04/2020 20:32:51

Thread: Source of connectors, 5 & 8 pin.
21/04/2020 20:28:11
Posted by Martin McIntosh on 21/04/2020 17:50:27:

If you go to CPC/Farnell you will find 3 to 12 way sockets which are identical to JR/Hitech ones with the pins to match. You do of course need a proper crimping tool for them, also PCB type headers since they do not appear to stock the male counterparts the last time I looked. I have quite a few models with two ailerons, two flaps, two retract units and lights and use these on all of them. No use to attach glider wind tips though. In the above I use one ten and one twelve way so that they cannot be mixed up.

If you look up some of my build blogs you will see how I install them (Mustang, 72" Spit, Lanc., Mosquito, Tucano etc.).

I have used these too, however it is possible to connect them wrong way round as there is no polarisation. For safety's sake I filled one of the socket holes with epoxy and left the corresponding pin out so they had to be connected the right way round

Thread: Neuron ESC problem
11/04/2020 15:33:25
Posted by Chris Bott - Moderator on 11/04/2020 15:30:41:

Update - all sorted.

At ramp up power = 75%, 5S was giving me about 600W but with ramp up power pushed up to 100% I'm gettng just over 1KW.
I can only assume that that's flat out now. I'm not sure how I'd check, easily?

So that leaves me really wanting 5.5S batteries. Or maybe I'll clip a 16x10 down to 15.5" and use 6S.

(Or I'll fly the 10lb Sea Fury with 1600W as everything is well within spec. The Neuron does give the most excellent throttle control, after all).

Edited By Chris Bott - Moderator on 11/04/2020 15:31:09

Why not use the current limiter on the Neuron and leave everything else as it is?

Thread: Liability of Open Source radios
06/04/2020 21:29:37
Posted by Andy Stephenson on 06/04/2020 17:41:04:

I heard of a case where it is possible to adjust the TX output power on open source radios by reprogramming the RF chip. If the power is increased by tinkering with the code and this consequently causes interference to other users who then is liable. More to the point how would you ever prove it.


Since the programming for the RF chip is not open source but manufacturer's software, then I cannot see any worse problem than with any other make of transmitter.

Thread: Making Steel Fittings. Question.
03/04/2020 18:06:33

You can buy thin sheet aluminium and steel from the likes of B&Q and Wickes.    .....  When they eventually open again. frown


Edited By Andy48 on 03/04/2020 18:07:14

Thread: Flat Car Battery from non-use of car
01/04/2020 10:34:05

We left both our cars for 6 weeks earlier this year, no problem at all.

Thread: What Traders are still offering Mail Order? Services?
30/03/2020 21:23:20

DB Sport and Scale still sending out kits. Again fast delivery

Will keep me busy for a week or two.

Thread: FrSky Major Update for most TX and RX
24/03/2020 12:35:02
Posted by Tim Ballinger on 24/03/2020 12:03:38:

Out of interest I connected to the S port on the back of my Horus 10X just to see what voltage was on it. Can not say I understand the result, it started at 4.5V then slowly decayed to zero. Turned the Tx off then on again and it recharged as it were then decayed to zero again.

Anyone bored enough to explain that to me?


I will check my two when I have finished the list of jobs SWMBO has decreed I do today.

23/03/2020 22:21:02
Posted by Kevin Fairgrieve on 23/03/2020 21:49:19:
Posted by Gary Manuel on 23/03/2020 21:31:44:

Me too.

Wonder why they added SPort on X10 then removed it on X12. It's not a big deal on X12 apart from having to remove the external module in order to update receivers. They don't need updating very often fortunately.

The X12 came before the X10 so I would say it was a design decision.
I have used the X12 to update a few Rx and no issue to remove a module if fitted.

There is an issue if you plug the wrong lead in, or connect it to the wrong pins. Pretty much foolproof if you use an Sport lead.

23/03/2020 20:31:51

Andy is updating receivers using a Horus X10. You do not need to use the module bay any more, that was just for Taranis.

Far simpler and much safer is to flash the receivers using the Sport at the back of the Horus. Works with both FrOS and OpenTX. You can also stop worrying about transmitter battery voltages, not a problem with the Sport.

sport flashing.jpg

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