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Thread: Guess how many models are in this car?
29/07/2013 13:32:09

Let me guess. After unloading this lot, he realised he'd left his tranny at home. smile p

Thread: Phoenix - trim for beginner planes
29/07/2013 13:30:33

Happy building and flying. teeth 2

29/07/2013 11:57:34


Speaking from bitter experience I would not worry too much at this stage about landings. The real advantage of flying using a sim is to get the feel of the model in the air, and to begin to get the brain to think for itself when you are flying, just like you do with a car when changing gear. It takes time for the brain to learn this automatic control.

Pheonix has one major difference from flying a real model, and that is seeing your model from a distance as it approaches the landing zone. On the sim your approach has to be a lot closer because the model shimmers on the display (I'm using a high quality 22" display with a fast computer). You have much more time in reality, and can slow the plane down gently allowing it to drop slowly, and at the same time adding a little up elevator to compensate as it slows.

If you are joining a club, then they will no doubt be able to use a buddy lead system, and this will mean for the first few flights you do not have to worry about take-offs or landings. Once your experience develops (and this brain/hand co-ordination) you will be able to make your own take-offs and landings with someone there to quickly take over should things go wrong.

Thread: Proxxon TG 250/E Disc Sander any good
29/07/2013 10:29:52

Are there any comparable sanders? Most available are full size jobbies which would demolish a sheet of 1/4 ply in the blink of an eye.

Edited By Martin Phillips on 29/07/2013 10:30:12

Thread: Phoenix - trim for beginner planes
29/07/2013 10:25:38

Hi John

I needed a lot of up elevator on the high wing trainer on the Phoenix to get it to fly level at half throttle, I don't think its your setup at fault. Even on full throttle it still needed some up elevator trim. If you go into the model setup and change the thrust to weight ratio from 0.8 to 1.2 you will find it will fly on about 2/3 throttle with no trim. Also it will then better match the flying characteristics of the E-Pioneer with a 4 cell (4S) battery. You will also get an appreciation of the difference between flying the E-Pioneer on a 3S battery and a 4S battery.

Incidentally, the actual E-Pioneer with a 4 cell battery should not need any elevator trim at half throttle when running on a 4S battery.


Edited By Martin Phillips on 29/07/2013 10:26:05

Thread: New site appearance
28/07/2013 12:21:34

People said that computers would ruin your eyes when I first started using them regularly 35 years ago. My eyesight is fine now, and I don't believe the 10" tablet I'm using now will do them any harm now.

27/07/2013 14:28:27
Posted by PaulH on 27/07/2013 14:17:56:

I’ve simply given up trying to read the site on my iPad during a coffee break; I’d need a magnifying glass to find the login symbol, which is one of the last things to load and then the fingers of a baby to actually activate it.

On my Android tablet, if I touch an area where the tablet cannot recognise which part I am touching, a small window enlarges that part of the page so I don't need baby sized fingers to operate it. smiley

Thread: Nasty incident
23/07/2013 15:29:31

I don't understand why you do a failsafe check after attaching the propellor. This can be quite happily done before. The few seconds a motor might run at full speed with no prop on should not damage the motor.

Thread: Cutting big holes in balsa
23/07/2013 15:15:00

Just how much weight do you save this way, and are there any better weight saving options. Eg, smaller more powerful servos, shorter servo leads, lighter wheels etc.

Thread: Nasty incident
20/07/2013 23:43:28
Posted by Erfolg on 20/07/2013 17:48:27:

My biggest concern is with respect, what would I do if the motor stayed at the set power setting after switching the Tx back on, and the Rx did not respond. Again I set the throttle to half power with the view, if the motor cannot be shut down, I will need to disconnect the Lipo, although I have thought about disconnecting the ESC to Rx, but never tried it. This scenario has never occurred though, I do not like the idea of disconnecting a Lipo on load.

Its obvious really, you just simply remove the safety plug.

20/07/2013 23:35:50

Hmmm. Not sure about that. Drove a car not long ago where the steering wheel was at the passenger side, there was no clutch pedal, and the handbrake was operated with the left foot.

19/07/2013 18:19:36
Posted by WolstonFlyer on 19/07/2013 17:58:06:
I have wondered about that, there is the test for Silent Flight - electric, so why not a certificate just for EP flight with different questions....but then why not another certificate for EP- small models under 1kg.... where would it all end?

If somebody decides to start a thread I will happily look in on it

... and another test for quadcopters.

19/07/2013 18:18:44
Posted by Peter Christy on 19/07/2013 16:21:38:

PB: Assuming you bound the Tx with the throttle shut (as you pretty much have to) AND had the fail-safe set (not familiar with your tranny), did you subsequently reverse the throttle?

This might well of had the effect of making the "fail-safe" position full throttle instead of idle!

On 2.4 sets, its always worth rebinding (or re-setting the failsafe) once the initial set-up of the model is complete!



I have a DX8, and no I did not reverse the throttle. Yes I always check the failsafe as one of the final setting up checks.

19/07/2013 15:47:11

Peter, I'm pretty sure I've had the same problem when setting up too, though I cannot remember how. My Spektrum has the throttle set the right way round for the ESC, but there is a fairly complicated sequence for setting up, and I ended up with the failsafe set on full motor. However, as there was no prop on and I was actually checking to see if the failsafe was set correctly, it was easily corrected.

I do notice how few flyers really understand electric, and certainly never set up their ESC correctly for the model. Most clubs seem to have a wealth of experience about ic gained by many years of usage. However, in depth knowledge or understanding of electric is far less. In Erfolg's all electric club, I suspect things are different, with a far better general understanding of electric.

A few months ago there was a storm of protest when I said that electric could be made safer (note the "could be" than ic, though obviously as you point out it can never be totally safe. One irate respondant, a long term instructor said he found electric less than satisfactory, and had a bad experience of a trainer cutting out completely in the air. I asked him if the ESC had been set correctly.The response was all to typical. He did not know about programming the ESC, and had not checked that the learner has set anything up. I bet that same instructor would have gone over an ic installation with a fine-tooth comb before flying the model.

There's a fairly comprehensive sequence for setting up an electric plane in July's RCME, which covers setting up and checking the failsafe.

19/07/2013 10:29:27

Posted by Peter Beeney on 18/07/2013 22:49:13:

In my view safety is to some extent self discipline, and so adopting a procedure that appears to be be safe and then adhering to it I would think is sensible idea, it’s what I do. It soon becomes easy, like wearing the seat belt, or taking the handbrake off. I know that these can be missed, too, but not very often; and hopefully when that other ‘situation’ is not lurking close by to cause a major mishap, either. If you consider that an electric model can start without warning and treat it accordingly then you shouldn’t go far wrong. Probably 99% of models are never going to start under these circumstances, but just the 1% could be a personal disaster.

I will repeat again, if you fit a safety plug correctly wired in to electric models then the model simply cannot start without warning even with a battery connected. I take my plane onto the flying field, switch on the transmitter, stand astride the model behind the wings, insert the safety plug with the transmitter on the ground, stand back and then go through the pre-flight checks.

On landing, I remove the safety plug in the same manner and carry the model, now completely safe off the flying field.

All my models have a safety plug, and once that is inserted, it sends a clear mental message that the plane is armed.

18/07/2013 20:02:23
Posted by Erfolg on 18/07/2013 18:14:46:

Many electric models require the model to be on its back, to arm and disarm.

Not if you fit a safety plug. smile

18/07/2013 17:46:58

The other thing I would do is fit a safety plug to your model. This provides an extra level of safety protection. I always stand astride the fuselage to bend down to insert and remove the safety plug.

Thread: wanted good trainer with engine
14/07/2013 19:16:29

Electric or i.c.?

Thread: My Jitterbug flies superbly
13/07/2013 18:22:55

My desktop has crunched, so the piccies will have to wait until I can repair it. Think I will need a new motherboard for it.

Edited By Martin Phillips on 13/07/2013 18:23:25

Thread: Giant Shark are Back
13/07/2013 18:18:09

I'm not happy with my last order from GS. Bought another lipo charger and asked of 1st class delivery, but not signed for. The charger arrived last Friday and had clearly been opened previously. There was an opened empty plastic bag in the box under the charger, and the lead to connect the charger to a battery was missing. I emailed GS on Friday night, and got a response on Tuesday, basically saying this could not have happened. New lead was sent but sent first class signed for. As always happens I was out and had a 12 mile round trip to collect it.

Annoyed firstly at getting an opened package with bits taken out, presumably hoping I wouldn't complain, and secondly why sent a small inexpensive lead by signed for delivery? I could have made a lead up for less than the petrol cost to collect it.

Edited By Martin Phillips on 13/07/2013 18:19:22

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