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Thread: Safety plug
08/04/2018 21:08:01

I have some very long battery leads in my Puppeteer, it hasn't done any harm so far despite all the doom mongers. The safety plug is actually the steering yoke in the cockpit. Not a very good photo I'm afraid, but you can get the idea.


Thread: FrSky X10 - Taranis replacement?
25/03/2018 20:40:29
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 23/03/2018 17:17:52:

We are of a kind I worked on commissioning ICT1301computers at the manufacturers (GEC) way back in 1961! (no vdu or keyboard - just toggle switches, a card reader and and punch and a line printer!. Yours for £100k) Then moved on as an electronics instrumentation designer at RR and eventually got involved with microprocessors (Motorola 6800/6809/68000) as h/w logic replacements and on and on ....

All this modern electronics has me totally gobsmacked because I know how difficult it must have been to design. I'm not into helis much but my tiny V911 is amazing and it only cost about £15!


Tis a small world. I did not take the ICL job (they were on rocky ground then). Instead I went to work with Farnell Instruments (the components people today, then they also had a manufacturing division) as a development/production engineer building power supplies and electronic instrumentation. I did build some special power supplies for ICL though. I stayed there a few years before going into something more rewarding, and eventually back into computers.

23/03/2018 16:43:54
Posted by Bob Cotsford on 23/03/2018 11:06:35:

Yes Andy, you beat me to it - I will say though, I tend to use menu options to find things rather than icons, must be my mainframe background influencing me wink

Nah! No excuse. I was offered a job commissioning mainframes with ICL, and my first and only IT course (as a participant) was on mainframes with punch cards.

23/03/2018 16:41:55

Bob and I both used different themes. Anyway the Companion screen is customisable so you can move menus about.

23/03/2018 11:19:14

Bob, beat you to it! I suspect he has tried to find it without loading a model file first. Then you don't see the option to edit radio settings.

Geoff. If you find the USB difficult, simply take the SD card out of the Horus, and plug it directly into your computer, then you can access everything there through OpenTX in the same way you could using the USB lead.

23/03/2018 11:06:30

Load the Companion and your models then simply follow the instructions/screenshots on section 4 page 2 of the documentation:


23/03/2018 09:39:52
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 22/03/2018 23:11:58:

Not sure where you get that display, Andy. I can't find it in Companion. Anyway after much gnashing of teeth I've solved the problem. Thanks in any case.

Section 4 of my documentation.

22/03/2018 19:42:17

Whatever settings were on FrOS will have no effect on OpenTX.

I( suspect you do not have the volume turned up in settings:


Check both speaker volume and Wav volume.

Also you can use S2 pot as a volume control in Global Functions instead of MAX.

22/03/2018 12:03:43
Posted by John Privett on 21/03/2018 22:44:24:

Right then - that's the Horus flashed to OpenTX.

Should I have flashed my older XnR receivers to LBT with FrOS before doing that? The instructions mention flashing rxs from the Horus with FrOS, but not with OpenTX.

All these sort of things are covered in the OpenTX documentation referred to above. It covers flashing all the tx, and flashing receivers from the tx.

21/03/2018 15:48:20

Yes X10 with internal, and X12 with internal. On the X12S you can have both internal and external on together, on the X10 you can have either the two internal or single external but not both on together. (OpenTX indicates otherwise at the moment, this is incorrect.)

Can't make your link work, but the instructions for installing OpenTX are in my documentation. It is essentially the same as the one I think you are linking to. It depends whether you like videos or prefer written instructions.

Thread: Dangers of methanol
21/03/2018 13:46:54
Posted by The Wright Stuff on 21/03/2018 12:55:40:

...and my personal favourite:

Over 99% of people in Britain have more than the average number of legs!

Chair legs, table legs, workbench legs. Yes, we've plenty! cool

Thread: FrSky X10 - Taranis replacement?
21/03/2018 13:30:44

BTW, on a range check the X10 seems somewhat better than the X12 with the internal aerial. Checking the actual flight logs (on the same plane) it would appear considerably better. Anyone want to buy a used 12S?


Edited By Andy48 on 21/03/2018 13:31:04

21/03/2018 13:26:26
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 20/03/2018 23:51:35:
Posted by Andy48 on 17/03/2018 10:47:07:

Agreed. I have found some of the videos of really terrible quality, and many OpenTX videos are often well out of date.

I can assure you that the docs I referred to above were written by a fixed wing flyer (of dubious ability I might add crying).

If you mean these documents then I congratulate you. They're really easy to read even though they take a lot of studying to understand properly ,but then, anything substantial does. It's very helpful.


Yup. Those are the ones. They will have to be updated later in the year when OpenTX 2.2.2 is released. This has a few major improvements such as a Bootloader (yipee!) and a few other goodies. But while the devs are distracted by another transmitter to add to the range, progress on 2.2.2 has been very slow.

19/03/2018 20:41:02

D8 option is available in OpenTX, unclick the EU checkbox before installing.

Its a simple job to update the X and S series receivers to EU LBT using the transmitter.

It seems like you are making life very difficult trying to stay away from EU firmware.

17/03/2018 10:47:07

Agreed. I have found some of the videos of really terrible quality, and many OpenTX videos are often well out of date.

I can assure you that the docs I referred to above were written by a fixed wing flyer (of dubious ability I might add crying).

16/03/2018 19:47:04
Posted by Devcon1 on 16/03/2018 18:54:17:

Pic of Antenna blanking cap.


Now that is brilliant. Been wondering about that. Far better than the silly little yellow plastic cap!

16/03/2018 19:45:53
Posted by PatMc on 15/03/2018 22:13:41:

BTW Andy, can you tell me what the red button [analogy switch ?] on the left is for ?

Yes its a third joystick, and programmable in the same way as the main joysticks. I think its main use would be for pan and tilt for an onboard camera. Perhaps more use with a drone.

15/03/2018 20:21:45

Try Hobbyking they had some X10S (briefly!!) in the UK for £300.

15/03/2018 09:35:50

The SD cards on the Horus are micro SD cards. No real problem to use the computer to copy from one to the other.

This documentation now covers the X10 and OpenTX. The most comprehensive documentation on OpenTX, and even covers installing OpenTX on the X10:


Thread: Rule of thumb - motor weight v power capability
11/03/2018 20:23:07
Posted by Geoff Sleath on 10/03/2018 23:40:27:

The least useful is number of cells. Provided the current rating is kept to then the voltage of the battery pack doesn't matter too much.

The voltage rating makes a huge difference. A 4S battery will give a third more power than a 3S battery provided the motor is capable of taking 4S voltage.

Frankly the weight of the motor is of little concern.Compare the examples above to a Turnigy SK3 3532. That weighs 134g and has a power of 616watts. That's all with the same brand and type of motor. Go to a Turnigy G3 motor, 870kv with a wattage (peak) of 650, and that weighs 193g. There is just no sound correlation between weight and power, especially across brands.

I have a simple test rig (which cost less than a tenner to build) on which I can test a motor/ESC/battery/propeller combination and measure the static thrust as well as current consumption at various throttle settings. My own rule of thumb is simple, so long as the static thrust is at least equal to the actual weight of the plane, it will be more than powerful enough for most flying. I can check the current and consumption to see everything is well within working tolerances. Once its all tested and set up, it simply drops into the model with no further setting up and away I go.

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