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Thread: Autumn is been flying ?
09/11/2019 19:04:41

We seem to be lucky here. Our field's track is closed, but the field itself for them as wants a walk is fine. Today was chilly but sunny all day as is tomorrow forecast to be and a few more days too. The benefits of living in the East, driest part of Britain. Just nowhere to slope! We've had some overnight rain, but I've been outside spraying models daytime for several days


09/11/2019 17:03:13

Erfolg, that seems like a lot of faff. My batteries are all in the indoors workshop which is heated as much as the other rooms.

I was more wondering about so called storage voltages, etc.


09/11/2019 16:46:54

Haha, I have enough trouble getting my aircraft and boxes in the car, much less a golf trolley!

We need the local ME club to provide us with a raised electric railway from the lane to the flying field. AGM Tuesday, I'll suggest it!


09/11/2019 14:46:12

Being noo, what does one do about batteries? I have 2 x700mAh Lipos and 2200 3s and a brand new set of Eneloops for the Rx. Not to mention dry cells in one Spektrum and a LiFe battery in the other. No idea what to do.

I'd fly, but can't make the long walk down the muddy track carrying aircraft, TX case and flight box! Too far, iffy leg.


Thread: Is it just me or do we all take ages to do things?
08/11/2019 10:40:10

I used to do it for a living and the sooner I finished, the sooner I could invoice and start the long wait for payment. I'm still quick. Great Planes Electri-Cub...3 afternoons from the kit. Alongside household chores, shopping and other model stuff.


Thread: Spares for my Mini drill
08/11/2019 10:15:10

I bought a Proxxon on a deal once and the speed control went napoo after just three weeks! I just took it out and wired the thing direct...flat out. Been doing flat out ever since and I mill brass with a dental burr in the chuck and have been for over thirty years! Still going strong, as is its transformer.


Thread: S1581 Hawker Nimrod MkI
04/11/2019 19:04:38

Or scrape it off with a chisel or wash it off with hot, soapy water. Been there a few times, done that.



Edited By Foxfan on 04/11/2019 19:04:58

Thread: Favourite clear gloss?...
28/10/2019 19:41:34

Hello all,

Before I go and get another litre of my favourite Lechlers Akrifan clear gloss one shot, can I ask if anyone here has a favourite for glossing up a model and protecting the decals, etc.? I ask because I also do a lot of slot cars for people and need to use a tough clear that isn't going to argue with paints and decals, something "cool" that I can spray for a good finish, preferably enamel or polyurethane and in a tin from somewhere less expensively. Any suggestions?



Thread: source of 2mm Depron?
28/10/2019 11:35:55

I bought some from SLEC not long ago, but I think they said it was the last batch, so don't delay.


Thread: Trouble contacting Laser engines
24/10/2019 12:23:48

OK, Jon, thanks.


24/10/2019 10:59:01

So, can I just send you a cheque for those parts, Jon?

Might be better than Paypal since that goes by e-mail. We never did get your Paypal invoice so maybe your e-mails aren't getting out either?


17/10/2019 11:30:59

Hi Jon, not sure of the best way to reach you, but I'm still interested in that "care package" of bits, so I'll PM you again with my address. Sounds like you've had plenty on your plate. I just need your e-mail address for Paypal.

PM coming.


Thread: Shedly Protection
11/10/2019 00:12:59

I was given a bottle of Barratine (clear) when I was restoring my canal boat. It was good stuff. I was told about Creocote much later and also like it. The choice is yours, both are very good.

I was not aware that Creocote was made by Barratine as mine came in the charity shop's can.


10/10/2019 23:27:20

OK, this I know about. I built a large shed 3 1/2 years ago which was allegedly "treated", but I don't trust that so I got a couple of gallons of Creocote from a charity paint supplier who take in pot ends and re-pot them. I gave the shed components 2 coats inside and out, THEN assembled it and then gave it another coat once built. I tarred the underside of the oiled floor panels as I had a drum of tar left over from the restoration of our historic wooden canal boat. 18 months later I gave the outside another 2 coats of Creocote. It is still in perfect condition and will be dissembled and re-erected at my new place in slightly shortened form as a new hanger.

Creocote acts like creosote and smells like creosote. It is gobbled up by the wood, like Barratine, as it's oil based. I have used Barratine on my wooden canal boat to kill a little dry rot and where I couldn't get any epoxy to reach, once again because it's oil based and the wood gobbles it up. That is all you need as it goes right INTO the grain. If it does it on green oak, I can assure you it does it on the soft wood of a shed. Barratine is a bit pricier than Creocote, so it's up to you. What I like about Creocote is you can see where you've been as it will always colour up the wood, whereas Barratine and Cuprinol are usually clear and only real methodical work will assure you where you've been.

If your structure is capable of being colour painted and doesn't already have oil based coverings, I can absolutely recommend Leyland Trugard stone chip rubberised paint. It's thick and needs a very strong brush, but if you're building your shed from ply or particle board, Trugard gives you a marvellous microporous finish. I built a 20 x 8 foot workshop and after 15 years needed to just touch in 2 small patches on the window frame of the weather side of the Trugard. It is remarkable paint, as used by makers of twin unit park homes.

I hope my experience with both helps you decide.

My only method advice is, as ever, be absolutely thorough as rot gets in where you didn't


Thread: Buying cheap new or (slightly) cheaper s/h?
28/09/2019 17:41:47

Thanks, gents. There was me thinking you all used the computer slavishly to select the right model and that's where my thinking was not in line! I figured that as that's what the whole computer thing is about you would ALWAYS select the right aircraft! Hence my not understanding the difference. Perhaps the over-used word "foolproof" would be very apt in this case?

Thanks again,


28/09/2019 16:10:11

I've never flown with a programmable system apart from the club's buddy box (also Spektrum) What I can't get straight is

a) why ModelMatch has never been mentioned in any article I've read or in any conversation I've had,

b) if you select say, Piper Cub in your Tx model memory stash, why would you be able to fly anything else, by mistake or otherwise. If you could, why would you bother setting it up by name on the Tx? Most people leave the Rx in the plane so it'll always be the same set up in any given aircraft. Different 'plane, different place on the computer listing, different Rx.

I think this is one of those things that I will need to be shown, rather than have described to me. Not helped by the complete absence of programmable Txs in my life.

Thanks for trying, chaps, but it all sounds the same to me.

Clearly it isn't, but I can't see where it essentially differs.


28/09/2019 14:45:55

The problem with never having had a programable Tx. I have no idea what it don on screen. So I still can't really see a difference twixt Model Match and what everybody's doing when they select the model they want to fly, which, presumably, has been set up with unique throws, expo, reflex, mixes, etc. I'm hooping the seller can explain it all tomorrow.


28/09/2019 14:06:02

I thought that was the very essence of all computer Txs. Not just the DX7. If not, what are people doing when they select a model on their pootah screens?


28/09/2019 12:37:00

Gents, I think we can safely say the DX7 I'm buying is pre 2015 and will work happily with Orange or Storm Rxs. as well as any genuine s/h Spektrums, but I would probably not bother with the latter as the new Orange, Lemon and Storm Rxs are all good and very inexpensive.

I'll ask the seller to explain Model Match!



28/09/2019 09:48:24

Whilst I don't pretend to understand the detail of your post, leccyflyer, I get the gist...I think and thanks for that assurance. I have never had a programmable Tx. and have no notion of what they do or how to achieve it!. So all the jargon is as Serbo-Croat to me, for the time being, anyway.

The deal is done and I'll be picking it up tomorrow morning, weather regardless. If it's pelting down we just natter and drink coffee, as long as the driveway is not rutted from the rain.



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