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Thread: Das Ghosten Flugboot pretending to be a grown up :-)
21/02/2017 10:29:21

Missed this post earlier.

I'm nearing completion of mine - with some minor mods for realism. Your's is a real cracker.


Thread: Are you an active slope soarer?
22/07/2016 22:09:40

Northerly and easterly slopes are few and far between for me but if south or south-westerlys blow then I'm out on the slope as often as I can.


Thread: cordless drill
05/11/2015 23:41:56

As with all things you get what you pay for.

I had to replace a DIY one of random make last year and I bought a Makita similar to the one WF links to. Its solid, powerful, has a much superior chuck, uses a Li-Ion battery (common fitment to many different makes) and recharges in an hour. Yes it was over a hundred quid but I wondered how I ever managed with the old one.


Thread: Transmitter cases (which one?)
29/10/2015 00:34:40

I use one of these but Maplin do heavier duty ones but may be too bulky. I don't know if the one I have will stand up to the treatment you're experiencing but they do have them in store. They maybe worth a visit.


Thread: Sign of the times - funnies
27/10/2015 00:48:50

A tourist in Vienna is going through a graveyard and all of a sudden he hears music.
No one is around, so he starts searching for the source.

He finally locates the origin and finds it is coming from a grave with a headstone that reads: "Ludwig van Beethoven, 1770- 1827".
Then he realizes that the music is Beethoven's Ninth Symphony and it is being played backward!

Puzzled, he leaves the graveyard and persuades a friend to return with him.

By the time they arrive back at the grave, the music has changed.
This time it is the Seventh Symphony, but like the previous piece, it is being played backwards.

Curious, the men agree to consult a music scholar.
When they return with the expert, the Fifth Symphony is playing, again backwards.

The expert notices that the symphonies are being played in the reverse order in which they were composed,
the 9th, then the 7th, then the 5th.

By the next day the word has spread, and a crowd has gathered around the grave.
They are all listening to the Second Symphony being played backward.
Just then the graveyard's caretaker ambles up to the group.

Someone in the group asks him if he has an explanation for the music.

"I would have thought it was obvious," the caretaker says.
"He's decomposing!"

Thread: Pink Spitfire
24/10/2015 22:51:48

Here you go. The photo is of PL965 which I believe is owned by the Real Aeroplane Company, but I can't find it in their list.


Thread: Nichrome wires
18/10/2015 23:55:40

Try dismantling one of those old rod-type electric heaters if you can find one, the type that had a reflector. The windings on the ceramic is NiCr.


Thread: What soldering iron
10/10/2015 23:19:43

+1 for a thermostatically controlled iron. I was allowed to keep my one, a Weller 50w soldering station, that I used in a previous job. You can buy spare tips for different temperatures and sizes. But I just checked the prices and... err.... expensive. The station I have is upwards of 150 quid now! It does the job beautifully but its a pro tool and beyond most hobbyists budget I'd guess.


Thread: Hobbyking Delta ray
28/09/2015 00:29:41

From the description in this tutorial I reckon you could use velcro (other makes of hook-and-loop are available) to fix the fin. Easily removable then so height isn't an issue when transporting.


Thread: One ninth of a Canberra
24/09/2015 10:27:30

The wing, nominally, carries its own mass so it depends on the mass of the fuselage, say half that of the total model.

Which means the fus having a mass of 2.5kg will "weigh" 2.5 x 9.2 = 23 kg. About the same as a bag of cement!

I think I've got that right. I stand to be corrected.


Thread: Wanted , Avro Vulcan BII Scale Drawings
16/09/2015 16:06:17

Or here.

A vector drawing is also available but may cost a nominal fee. It's a great database for all planes. Happy browsing!


Thread: Take 54 outrunners and lipo's, a hobbyking gyro and a deckchair!
01/09/2015 16:10:27

Is he after a Darwin award? Barking, indeed.


Thread: Small 12V wind turbines
01/09/2015 00:16:08

Have a look here. Some good articles on building your own. If you use a brushless motor its Kv would have to be pretty low, I fear. You could use a large stepper motor. There's some plans around for them. Some experimenters have used small car alternators but the problem with them is they need a shaft speed upwards of 1000 rpm before they start generating.

Best of luck


Thread: What is your most flown model?
31/08/2015 10:10:10

For fuss free relaxation it has to be my 1980's vintage Minnie, from a free RCM&E plan. Fits in the boot fully rigged - just - and gets used most outings. Its beginning to look a bit well-worn now and if I broke it I'd build another.



Thread: Urgent and important petition - Please sign
28/08/2015 01:37:31


I'll also bring it to the attention of club members.


Thread: Radio Modes
17/08/2015 18:03:41

Just picked up this thread. Interesting discussion.

My father and I used to fly model gliders together back in the 80's. I had a Fleet system on mode 2 and he used a Futaba 27MHz 2 channel set. It was mode 1. I guess some of us older ones started on a 2 channel set and many just set their multichannel sets to what they were used to. I adapted to the set I acquired. Well, its a thought.


Thread: Unknown model - own design or plan?
14/08/2015 16:36:59

Looks like an ASP to me. (All Spare Parts). Agree with Matt.


Thread: Secretaries - how do you send emails to your members?
06/08/2015 01:42:14

Hi Avtur. Assuming you've created an Address Book section for your club members (on my 'puter it's "Marquis MFC" ) you just type this section title (e.g. MarquisMFC) into the BCC box and it adds all the members in there for you.

Hope that helps.


Edited By TheFlyingCrust on 06/08/2015 01:42:46

Thread: Where to fly seaplanes
04/08/2015 10:51:26

What about Rutland Water? Its only about 20 miles away from Leicester City. Check out the local bylaws and get permission first. I'd contact a boat club there.


Thread: Hitec Aurora 9 trims
03/08/2015 00:55:48

Its been a while.

As above, the manual on this is rubbish and only shows aileron/rudder (or vice versa) mix using the trims. Why oh why do they not make it easy to use them for other mixes. I still haven't worked it out.

If you find a way, EJR let us know.


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