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Thread: Transmitter battery
12/04/2020 18:11:50

Thank you all. Order some new batteries when this is all over

10/04/2020 15:08:36

Good afternoon all.

I have a Futaba T6EXA which I bought 2nd hand a few years ago. When I bought it there was already a battery fitted inside which I have used successfully for several years. However, I noted that I always only ever JUST got a days flying from the transmitter and only as long as it wasn't too intense. Maybe a couple of flights. After conversation with other club members they seem to get a lot longer out of their transmitters so I am assuming my battery is on its way out. The battery fitted is a 9.6v 700mAh Ni Cd. Within the box was an additional 11.1v 2200mAh LiPo. Can I use that in the transmitter or not. I seem to remember reading on here somewhere that I cannot. Any clarity greatly accepted before I go out(figuratively if not literally these days) and purchase another battery.

Thread: LI'L CUB
10/03/2020 12:30:00

Eyes open then for that

Thread: Wood lists
22/02/2020 10:34:27

Cracking idea.

Thread: Chilli jam or chutney
18/10/2019 15:39:43

I immediately thought chutney. Mmmmmmmmmmm chutney. Put the same question to SWMBO she determined it depends on the size of the cut. If its coarsely chopped its a chutney. If its finely chopped its a relish(just to add a third option). But its definitely NOT a jam(vinegar in it)

Thread: Help needed. Can I use this?
29/05/2019 18:21:28

Thanks Percy. IC just seemed so much easier. This needs a 40 or a 25 or 52. I prefer electric as its cleaner and quieter but the numbers seem to make no sense. At least to me...

29/05/2019 17:45:05

Hi all,

I started back again a couple of years ago and decided to go all electric from the start. My initial ARTF's were all in jobs. Pre fitted motor and servo's. Last year I won a Seagull Challenger Sportster(Thank you very much RCME!!) but put it away as I was nowhere near competent enough to fly it. Hoping that I now am I've got it out to put together but am still very much confused by motor selection. The instructions state a 35mm 830 rev per volt and 4s 3200mA. I did see a thread on here a while ago, that I thought I had saved, about what the motor numbers mean and choosing a motor but can't find it.

I have a spare Turnigy 35mm 1250kV. can I use that or is it way over powered. Can I fly that on 3s, as all my batteries are 3s. IC engines seemed much easier to understand.

Any help or point me where to look much appreciated

Thread: Lil Cub
15/05/2019 15:22:38

Yes please

Thread: YAD (Yet Another Drone) and its idiot
22/02/2019 12:20:08

As a retired police officer I know that the least reliable witness is an eye witness. Given the limited amount of time that an airline pilot has to acquire a drone visually and then register what it is surely it is extremely unlikely to be a drone.

Thread: RCM & E Competition
05/06/2018 15:13:00


Thread: Richard Osborn-Brooks
05/04/2018 20:36:25

KC the reality is that in general the public want the Police only to focus on their particular problems. IE rape victims only want the Police to look at that. Burglary victims likewise even victims of youth disorder only care about that and understandably so. The Police are pulled twixt pillar and post. There are only so many to go around. A few years ago I worked on a shift of about 25. That same shift now is only about 9 and out of those generally 1-2 will be off sick, 1 annual leave, 1 on a course or other training, meaning that shift is probably only turning out maybe 4-5 if lucky. That will be to cover a large area. Now the public want the traditional bobby on the beat walking the streets. that is not going to happen. They are so busy reacting to things happening NOW(all of which generally require an immediate response) and have no time left for proactive policing. Targeting known criminals, stop and search(theres a real hot potatoe) and generally making life uncomfortable for known criminals. The core bog standard Mk1 copper is still generally trying their damndest to do right by the public.

05/04/2018 17:14:22

KC that is the biggest pile of wotsit I have read so far. The failure to investigate is down to lack of numbers plain and simple. As a result they have to prioritise and allocate troops where they can. Nobody is saying the Police don't want you to injure intruders. Of course they, and I 'm sure all of us would, rather that a)nobody commited burglary in the first place and b) you didn't have to defend yourself/property. However. You as a private citizen can exercise the same amount of force as the Police in accordance with S3 CLA. However it has to reasonable and justified. Where the disagreement comes is that what you deem minimum amount of force at 3am is not necessarily the same as what is deemed minimum 6mths later at 10am in Crown Court. As a result the Police are required to investigate and if warranted submit a file of evidence to the CPS for them to make a charging decision. People are arrested on suspicion of an offence. Only a Court can deem guilt.

As for removing power of entry for Police. Have you ever been on an early morning knock(or been subject to one). First thing as officers pile in is shouting "Police" and identifying themselves. Almost always at least the first few in will be uniformed. Offenders have in the past used the excuse they didn't know it was the Police and been aquitted. However, burglars try in sneak in, the Police usually make a huge amount of noise. I know because I was a cop for 30yrs.

05/04/2018 14:15:59
Posted by The Wright Stuff on 05/04/2018 08:37:59:

I saw this yesterday and was absolutely livid.

All of the news articles are appalling: they spend most of the time explaining how it is perfectly reasonable to use force to defend yourself and your family, but then don't explain why this wasn't considered reasonable.

Frankly, that's one less burglar roaming around. Good. Something the police and the courts failed to achieve.

But what brings this home for me is that this could have been any one of us. Alone. Perhaps in a shed. Surrounded by sharp tools. What would I have done? Well, I've no idea, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been a considered and planned response. I'm not even sure conscious thought would have been involved at all!

As has been pointed out the Police have a duty of care to ALL involved. They are also the reporting authority to HM Coroner where there are to be no criminal proceedings. By arresting him they afford him the full protection of the law and access to the duty solicitor scheme should he not be able to or have one an hand. Only by fully following due process can the full circumstances of this case be investigated and the old boy be either exonerated or punished if it is found that the facts are other than what has been offered so far. He is protected by S3 Criminal Law Act which confers on everybody exactly the same rights to use force(including lethal should it be proportionate and justified) as the Police. Whilst no(law abiding) citizen wants to be locked up I am fairly sure that the experience will have been handled as sensitively as can be. At the end of the day the Police are there to be impartial, investigate and then submit any evidence to the CPS for consideration of whether to prosecute.

Thread: Graupner Terrible Customer Service. Advice?
05/07/2017 14:21:15

To be fair your issue is with the UK seller not Graupner. I would be back on to them. If they have a problem they go back to Graupner not you.

Thread: 2017 Mass Build Chat Thread
07/11/2016 16:47:47

As a very new newbie builder what appeals to me about the mass build is that I can tackle something a bit more complex and where I have issues there are numerous others on here building at the same time to whom I can address issues. I voted for the Skywriter as I saw it as a free plan in the mag and fancied it then.

Thread: 2017 Mass Build Voting Thread
03/11/2016 16:08:56

1. Skywriter

2. Grumpy Tigercub

3. Super slinky

Thread: Good.. Enforcement from the Police
09/05/2016 13:21:16

Whilst not an aircrew cop I have on numerous occaisons stopped to "have a word with" person(s) that had I been tasked to and had to travel to would have thought inconsequential

09/05/2016 12:44:54
Posted by Andy Meade on 09/05/2016 10:56:57:

A fair point Steve. Seems odd to me still to risk flying it in there when the cited cause of the kite flying is a danger to air traffic. I guess they may have a bull-horn type of loudspeaker they could shout from before landing?

Its also a good PR opportunity. Look at the coverage. If they had used the skyshout imagine the awful PR.

"COPS SHOUT AT KIDS FROM ON HIGH" or words to that effect. Presumably the pilot had seen the kite was happy enough there was only one and landed well enough away for it not to be a danger. No matter the incident the pilot always has command over and above the cops.

09/05/2016 10:53:08
Posted by Andy Meade on 09/05/2016 10:09:28:

And that was the best use of a Police helicopter? Good grief. Things have changed in Bristol since last I visited - all the crime has apparently been solved! no

I rather suspect that that chopper was on its way back from another job when it came across this. It would not be tasked directly to deal with something like this

Thread: Professional drone pilot?
02/05/2016 20:23:43

Given the number of cheap(ish), HD camera equipped quads out there is it not more likely that small companies will just buy there own and even larger companies will get someone trained up in house. Having just retired this is something I would love to do

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