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Thread: Seagull E-Pioneer
17/07/2019 08:19:19

Great trainer, I passed my A test some time ago with this model, but it will take you well beyond the A test requirements, good in the wind and some spares available too, lots of fun.

There are lots of threads and help on this forum with at least 2 good articles in RCM&E (March 2008 and Jan 2013). Mine is still used occasionally and has a 4S4000, 60A Esc, EnErG C4420, and 12*6 APC power train. I use velcro to hold the battery in place but have also made a hatch out of scrap plastic to cover the LiPo which is then velcroed to the fuselage with a couple of ducts cut out of the plastic cover - just for some airflow.

Thread: Field Box
12/03/2019 11:48:20

Not sure if it has been done before, but could a field box be the subject of a future 'How To' article in RCM&E

Thread: Oodalally
12/03/2019 09:26:02

Perhaps a bit more 'rough and ready' but the replacement canopy for my Advance 25e, I have made from an Acetate sheet. Looks and works OK though.

Thread: Funfly Electric Motor
03/10/2018 17:25:32

Hi Shaun

I fly this model and is good fun. My setup is with and an E-Power GT2826/05 860KV brushless outrunner, JP EnErG Pro 60 SBEC, APC-E 12*6 prop and a Turnigy 4000mA 4S 30C Li Po.

Thread: Acro Wot build advice
15/05/2018 15:27:38

Neil/Nigel some further info.

The AUW of my Acrowot is 2770 gms, a bit heavy perhaps but my skills are more of 'belt and braces' rather than a 'lightly engineered' model. I fly from a grass strip so have also fitted 3.5inch wheels.

With a newish 5S4000 30C liPo charge to 20.99v on my wattmeter and after a full power static test ,my wattmeter records 19.27v, 61.5A and 1194.9watts. Also tried out of interest a 4S4000 30C and it records 42.5A , 663 watts with the same 14*7 prop.

My TX timer is set to 5 mins for spirited flying and LiPo shows appx 30-35% left so with a bit of conservative throttle management probably get to around 7 mins with a little bit of spare - just depends upon how you like to fly.. Hope this helps.

14/05/2018 17:43:31

Hi Neil,

Maidened my Acrowot kit build last week, had 3 flights so far and seems to go really well.

I am using the 4-Max PO-5055-595 motor with a 14*7 prop and an 80A ESC and a 5S 4000 30C LiPo with plenty of room for upgrade to 6S if required. I decided to go with a top hatch entry for LiPo, which is held in place with Velcro straps. Great build log by the way.

David Razor Plane and sandpaper does the job too.

Thread: acetate help please
30/04/2018 16:11:03

Hi oldgit, I had to make a new canopy for my Eflite Advance 25e out of an acetate sheet, after a rather heavy landing.

Not sure if this helps but when I measured another sheet of the same, it was 0.15mm and weighs 11gms

Thread: Durafly Bf109E
28/04/2018 22:30:14

Great pictures and detail many thanks for your efforts - hope it all pays off on the next sortie !!

27/04/2018 12:27:10

Trevor, I for one would be interested in the issues you have found and your setup.

Many thanks

Thread: Wot4 IC or Seagull40 IC
31/03/2018 09:44:13

But just think of all that landing and take-off practice - ending up a real expert...

Thread: AcroWot electrified.
11/01/2018 10:38:51

After a lot of start/stop building, the Acrowot kit is finally finished. I eventually managed to angle the wooden box motor mount, and with the cowl on does not look to bad. This time I used Hobbyking covering, but it seems to require a high temperature to stick, much more than the Solarfilm that I am used to, my iron being switched to max temp, although it has covered the Acrowot OK.

For those interested, the power train is a 4Max PO-5055-595, Energ Pro 70 SBEC ESC and 5S4000 30C Turnigy LiPo, APCe 14* 7 prop and with an AUW of 2858gms. Not maidened the Acrowot yet, yet but my wattmeter shows 1090 watts and 59 amps at max.

Next up is probably the Airsail RCAF Chipmunk kit looking at me every time I enter my garage - which will require a step up in my building skills, while the instructions seem a little vague.

Thread: Acro Wot ARTF (balsa) chat
04/12/2017 16:42:32

I'm just finishing an Acrowot balsa kit electric conversion - the instructions say 2 deg right thrust no down thrust.

Thread: Looking for a ARTF Trainer - non-foam
27/11/2017 12:09:54

There is lots of useful info in these Forums for the E-pioneer, and I think it has been the subject of at least one or more articles in RCM&E. Still have mine which helped me learn to fly.

Thread: AcroWot electrified.
25/11/2017 08:35:24

Thanks for the tips and references, some useful info to explore.

24/11/2017 10:16:09

Hi All, I know this is an old thread but I am building an Acrowot for electric power at the moment and would like some advice as to the motor mounting.

In the instructions it mentions to build in 2deg right thrust by offsetting, from center, the motor mount then angling the motor back toward the center line. If I do this then the spinner backplate is at an angle to the straight mounted cowl and looks, well very odd. So is the 2deg really necessary or is there some other trick to make the cowl and prop/spinner look 'straight'

Just wondered what other elec builders did, many thanks for any help.

Thread: Hammerhead 620 kit build
07/01/2017 15:51:30

These days some kits cater for both I.C and electric flyers - a good example being the CF Wot 4 design which details a suitable electric conversion. Will the Hammerhead kit include any such electric conversion details - perhaps also aimed at the newbie looking to build and fly their first low wing model.

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
12/11/2016 09:48:29

Hi steve 1, very nice model - could you give a few more details please e.g. was it an ARTF/Kit/Plan and the power train used.

Many Thanks

Thread: Galaxy Magician renovation - 400 flights later......
09/09/2016 14:57:56

Thanks I'll check out the specs - but it is certainly a lot lighter.

09/09/2016 09:43:24

Thanks Richard & Andy48,

It looks like, from the LiPo pic, that the 4S3000 is about 46mm wide using the HK web site to get LiPo dimensions so a good reference there.

I also have an undercarriage from a recently departed kit built Wot4 e-convesion which may now come in handy and a spare BL2832 looking for a home.

08/09/2016 12:11:57

Hi All, I know that this is an old thread and slightly off topic, but has anyone built an electric Magician yet, as I would quite like to have a go at an e version.

Also could someone with a Magician measure the width of the fuselage, just in front of the undercarriage, as it would help me to determine a suitable width for a LiPo.

Many thanks

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