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Thread: Club member appathy
23/10/2016 15:49:41
Posted by Jon Laughton on 23/10/2016 14:49:17:

As Chairman of a club I can validate the 80/20 rule and can understand that the pressures of modern life mean devoting time to anything other than flying can be difficult for a lot of members - but this is true for the more active members too!

I suppose a lot depends on what is termed as " Being an active member"?

I'm a club Instructor and always available to help with engine issues / model set up etc if asked when I'm up at the field.But I loathe "events" such as fun fly days as I've absolutely no interest in competition of any type to do with the hobby.

As I've already stated I don't attend club nights etc so is a member who has more time & inclination to attend events other than pitching up & flying really any more an active member ? Personally and in my own experience I think not.

23/10/2016 08:53:56


Posted by ChrisB on 22/10/2016 23:18:24:



most of our members aren't interested in any of the activities. Most just want to fly when they please and only interact with the 'club' or other members when it comes around to subs renewal.


And why should they be?? I love to spend some time up at the patch enjoying flying & banter with fellow fellow flyers but as a dad of 2 my social time is streached so if I'm going to enjoy fish & chips i would rather do it sat on the beach with them rather than in a field talking balsa.

Club meetings ?? Why should I have to get in the car and travel to some god forsaken working men's club after 8 /10 hours at work , picking kids up from school, dealing with day to day family life, etc etc etc. Surely anything that's that pressing within the club can be sorted with email or up at the patch ??

I'm in 2 clubs , 1 has a monthly meeting & the other just an annual AGM. By far the happier and much less political is the later. The meetings obsessed club give awards etc at Christmas, one year the beginner of the year award was contested by 2 individuals , the guy who was by far the better flyer of the the time didn't get the award instead it went to the other guy because he went to the club meetings ?? What's that all about ??

Horses for courses but life's a busy pass time for many so please consider others choice before condemning them as killjoys & antisocial.



Edited By Justin K. on 23/10/2016 08:55:55

Thread: help during my 1st ever nitro plane build
18/10/2016 12:05:17

Anything but the Wot trainer would be my choice. Horrible things to fly and unfortunately 3 of the last few people I have been teaching chose them so it wasn't just one badly assembled example.

The fact you have to cut away the side of the fuse in the engine bay area to allow access for a standard 40 size two stroke needle valve shows the lack of research that went into its design.

17/10/2016 17:44:35

Hi Chris , the plane will be pretty straight forward just take your time & dry assemble parts before committing with any adhesive.

The engine on the other hand will only really give instruction on how to run it in , the actual tuning after this is a bit of an evolving process as the motor beds in.

Nothing to fear and you've started at the right place and will get plenty of help and advice here.

There a quite a few starting out books available and one of these will help. Also making contact with your local club is advisable for info and assistance.

Edited By Justin K. on 17/10/2016 17:45:51

Thread: Facebook selling site for southern England
14/10/2016 13:02:54

There are a few model related buying & selling pages on face book but this one is aimed at the Home Counties, please feel free to join for buying, selling & event info in the south

Southern Counties Model Flying & Model Buying  




Edited By Justin K. on 14/10/2016 13:05:20

Thread: Taranis voice
13/10/2016 11:09:19

Or just turn these voice prompts off as they are really annoying on the flight line.

Thread: Andover Models
12/10/2016 18:26:09

Open again after a few days away👍🏻

Thread: Multiplex Acromaster Where to get One?
08/10/2016 14:56:18

I found a Gemini in a shop today if anyone is after one ??

Thread: The Kamikaze Hunters by Will Iredale
08/10/2016 13:31:46

I'm reading this at the moment Dai, and what a great read it is.

Thread: Andover Models
08/10/2016 13:13:31

Yes he's still open , we went up last weekend. 01264 355033. Great little shop.

Thread: Ebay sellers...
05/10/2016 19:44:59

Nice model but an ambitious price ....


Thread: Petrol or Glow
05/10/2016 18:21:49

The petrol engines especially the two strokes seem to vibrate the airframe far more than a similar size glow engine.

Thread: Seagull Zero 2016
01/10/2016 13:12:39

Funnily enough this actual ARTF model came up in conversation this morning at my local (ish) model shop.

They have sold 5 seagull zero's in the past and all of them were riddled with the same problems that you are experiencing John.

Sadly it looks to be a proper stinker and is known as one in the trade, personally I would take it back and get the distributor to swap it for another plane.

Thread: Magazines gone under
28/09/2016 15:50:11
Posted by Fun Flyer on 28/09/2016 15:28:08:
Posted by Tony Bennett on 28/09/2016 14:20:23:

ADH have gone under.............

but.............................. Aeromodeller will be continuing under new owners.

And with the same editor I understand.

Hopefully they will honor current subscriptions?

Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
17/09/2016 14:21:48

very nice.

17/09/2016 14:03:37

Paul , that is a stunning engine & airframe combo. Can you do a video when it's running? PS sell me a 60 size Corsair if your having a clear out lol.

Thread: Futaba 8FG
17/09/2016 12:45:16
Posted by Stuart Z on 17/09/2016 10:45:40:


This is a very relevant thread for me as well

Mine is a T8J and the charger is a little strange (threads elsewhere on this) as it will say fully charged but the battery clearly isn't as a seperate charge with the battery out shows it will take more.

Back to this thread, my TX has a very thin charge socket, unlike my other TXs. Is there a charger that fits it, I'm not great at soldering, even if I could get the plug? So at the moment, like the OP, I'm taking the battery out.

The reason for the smaller jack plug is that Futaba's newer sets operate on 6v rather than the older 9.6v systems.

The smaller plug prevents the older 9.6v chargers being used resulting in the smoke escaping from your new radio. The small adaptor pictured at the bottom right will plug into the 4.8/6v receiver battery socket. The newer wall chargers have two female plugs rather than the older male/female setup.


Thread: going back to glow
15/09/2016 13:23:15

I'm meeting a guy on Sunday to sell my last two electric planes so I will be glow only from then. I do appreciate the turn up & fly thing but for me the faff recharging the darn things just isn't worth my time.

Also a couple of horror stories locally involving club mates & LiPo's helped the decision. I will keep one LiPo tho to power my starter.

Thread: SC 65 four stroke carb
14/09/2016 21:17:29

Just Engines **LINK** would be worth a call.

They do the ASP range (same engine different badge ) & despite not listing your older 65 they may have a suitable replacement.

Thread: going back to glow
14/09/2016 20:58:31

Your not on your own , especially petrol converts in my experience.

We've had a few at my bigger club going back to glow, not to many I hope as I've had some cracking engine buys since glow engines stopped working wink

Edited By Justin K. on 14/09/2016 21:00:34

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