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Thread: Flying during pandemic.
05/07/2020 14:53:54

I’m very lucky, I have permission to fly from a field on the farm where I have an industrial unit. No prepared strip and not suitable for anything large but since the BMFA relaxed the don’t fly rule I’ve got in some stick time on foamies.
I am missing the camaraderie and banter from the guys at the flying field though.

05/07/2020 14:53:53

I’m very lucky, I have permission to fly from a field on the farm where I have an industrial unit. No prepared strip and not suitable for anything large but since the BMFA relaxed the don’t fly rule I’ve got in some stick time on foamies.
I am missing the camaraderie and banter from the guys at the flying field though.

Thread: Help! New aerial for Spektrum Rx.
14/06/2020 09:42:49

On some Spektrum Rx one lead is the antenna and the other is a ground plane. If it’s the ground plane a good look at the track layout will show that it appears to be connected to negative (The ground plane on the PCB).

Steve says they should be 31mm long but my memory says 29mm, I’ll have to check now! To me 31mm would include 2mm to solder onto the pad!

I have an AR510 or 520 (I forget) that has spent six months of its life stamped into a field and with home made antennas. Amazingly it tests to full range! Nevertheless it’s strictly not for flight.

Edited By Shaunie on 14/06/2020 09:44:57

Thread: how well do you know transmitters
26/05/2020 22:08:46

The second one is a Spektrum but not sure which one, it’s definitely not an original DX7, I know that.
trying to place the six pin trainer socket on the first one but I can’t quite remember at the moment.

Thread: Soldering!
13/05/2020 22:48:58

A lot of the enamelled winding wire is “self-fluxing” with a fairly hot iron hold the tip on the end of the wire to get heat into the copper and the enamel should burn back. It should not be necessary to scrape the enamel off by hand.

Thread: LCD self-repairing?
08/05/2020 10:24:00

Many years ago one of my sons dropped a bunch of car keys on my Satnav screen and it left a multi-coloured blemish right in the middle of of it. Over a long period of time the mark gradually faded and some months later it had completely gone.
I suspect that the shock upsets the alignment of the liquid crystals in some way and they gradually return to their normal orientation.

Thread: Poorly OS40 repair
17/04/2020 23:18:52

I have one of these but in far better condition. It probably last ran eight years ago, nevertheless despite the condition I may replace the main bearings as I’ve had two engines destroy their main bearing cages recently (RCV91 and a YS110). It’ll be nice to get it going as I’ve got a Flair Avro 504 for it to go in and I have a Fleet FM radio for it. All vintage of the same era.

Thread: IC Engine Bearings...
19/03/2020 22:17:15

I’m sorry, but how does the front bearing handle thrust loads?

surely it only handles out of balance forces generated by the prop and gyroscopic precession forces.
all thrust loads must be handled by the rear bearing not the front one.

Edited By Steve Hargreaves - Moderator on 20/03/2020 19:53:15

Thread: Car indicators
04/07/2019 22:04:18

On the other hand we have motorists who indicate for every tiny direction change, right up to the point where they suddenly turn off, where they most need to indicate, and there’s nothing!

Thread: Dave Burton (BEB)
01/01/2019 01:30:30

Such sad news, I never had chance to meet him but he always appeared to be one of aero modelling’s great characters. I used to chuckle when a new forum member disagreed with him not knowing who they were locking horns with!

He will be sadly missed by us as by his family.



Thread: SC52 2stroke issue.
27/12/2018 20:19:39

Are you using exhaust pressure and is the nipple clear? As it is not the original carb are you sure the Venturi is not too large? Try opening up the main needle even more, hard to tell without listening to it but I suspect it’s too lean.


Thread: Gas soldering Torch
17/11/2018 23:09:18

I have one of these, I use it all the time at work. I used to use Weller stuff but it just got too expensive. **LINK**

Thread: When modelling money saving goes too far...
02/10/2018 14:43:01
Posted by Nigel R on 02/10/2018 14:08:09:

In general, people seem unwilling to pay for 'services' rather than physical goods.

Too true! I do electrical and diagnostic work on cars. Customers appear happy to have given the previous garage hundreds of pounds for parts that haven't fixed the fault, yet whinge like mad when I give them a bill for a few hours labour that has their car running properly again.
As for hoarding, I'm one of the worst, I even keep sloppy servos for spares etc. It might work out though, I'm just about to make an animated zombie head for Halloween,some of the rubbish servos can go in there and keep the decent ones for flight.

Thread: Government Consultation on Drone Flying in the UK.
30/08/2018 17:47:42

Certainly seems to keep circling around the same topic several times before moving on.
I feel that, properly applied, we have most of the necessary legislation in place already.
My concern is heavy-handed use of any new legislation. i.e. most would consider "breaking the law with a drone" to be dropping drugs into a prison, terrorist activity or flying near to an active airport. I'm worried it will be interpreted by the police as "an unidentified complainant believes you are infringing his privacy, despite the fact he lives over 200 yards away, and its easier to make you land rather than tell the complainant he is being silly"

Thread: Moki 135 Problem
21/08/2018 11:16:18

Just helicoil the stripped thread, kits are cheap on eBay. You'll be back to the original size but the thread will be stronger.

Thread: losing revs slowly at idle
06/07/2018 20:59:30

My rule of thumb which works for almost every two stroke is: - if it idles fast and runs down then it’s lean, if it bogs and then picks up its rich. Make a small adjustment in either direction and see if it’s worse or better. If it’s worse, go the other way, if it improves it carry on in the same direction.

Thread: Honda Field.
14/05/2018 23:23:10

You should have moved the car to a “place of safety” as you did not want it to get damaged while you pursue your lawful activity on the field. You are so sorry but you cannot recollect where you placed it, but receipt of xxx pounds as a contribution towards repair of the damage caused may refresh your memory!

Edited By Shaunie on 14/05/2018 23:25:37

Thread: Electric Cars.
01/03/2018 21:57:56

As a little aside, there has been discussion here about beefing up the supply infrastructure. Well it’s happening on the estate where I work they will shortly be installing eight container sized diesel generators which will feed into the grid at the substation they will be next door to. They will bolster supply at times of high demand. So basically all that will happen with all these green cars is that the source of pollution will be moved next door to me.

Thread: Are we being ripped off
26/09/2017 23:30:04

One of the surprises of UK business, is that the wrong people make the most money. Yes to the technician, the tradesman. But why should the middle managers receive far more than the doers? Why are the business rates so high, when the people paying the bills receive a very poor services, why is the money spent on those who say we deserve it, not those who earn it?

Now that should have some spluttering.laugh

Edited By Erfolg on 26/09/2017 19:57:33

Never a truer word spoken, that's because those who get the most are the same guys who decide who gets what!

With respect to spares prices, there is a difference between making a living from slow moving parts and holding customers over a barrel because you know the part cannot be obtained elsewhere. This is common with electronic spares for cars (my trade), I'm fed up with explaining this to my customers as they think I'm part of the profit loop, I get 4.5% on Ford electrical parts for instance, yet someone is making a lot of money for an engine ECU on a Fiesta Diesel at £1400 retail! Same as the cowl, just that the scale is bigger. You would expect smaller items to be worse relatively speaking, as the admin time is the same regardless of the value of the item but that seems not to be the case.


Thread: Amateur Radio operators?
21/09/2017 22:16:37

Lapsed now but back in the day I was G8XJX.


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