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Thread: Petrol engine projects
13/04/2020 15:55:20

It's just a grade of aluminium,aka T3 .That's the thing with these 'pioneer' engines all made to original ideas in order to get the best functioning engines,or in the early days just to function at all !

How about this one for quirky ?


no air intake venturi just a fuel metering valve

Made a new yoke today and piston body out of EN 1a (steel) that I will case harden


the gudgen pin made larger 3.1>4 mm


12/04/2020 19:43:05

Hallem Nipper

This engine was made in Poole Dorset pre-war and was supplied as a part machined kit for the home constructor and is typical for engines of this era with some unusual construction features (to modern eyes) with both the crankshaft and piston being made in three parts.This engine was started by some one a long time back and given the standard of work was abandoned as a "bad job" and let in a draw.So, let's see what we can make of it.img_20200411_182747.jpg

old and new.the crank originally was made in three parts,shaft,web and pin the new one is two parts ,shaft and web with integral pin


and this is the piston ! I will make all this from scratch as the yoke looks like it's a casting,will use some HE 15 for this and rod

11/04/2020 21:57:23

I was going to post this in my other engine thread but thought it deserved a thread of it's own ,as they are vintage in nature,at lest it will make a change from mercos !


two that I am working on at the moment ,Hallem Nipper and MP Lyon


Remco 29 & Forester 29img_20191207_203125.jpg

Hay! how did that get in here ?

Thread: Modified or not Magnatilla.
29/02/2020 10:34:39

Here are some pics of my magg I built/modded back in the day !

Thread: Engine projects
25/02/2020 19:09:57

Not having anything much to do this afternoon decided to sort out a couple of Enyas


oh the perils of castor ! both engines locked up


but not any more


ready to give more years of good service

Thread: Messing about with Mercos'
07/02/2020 20:26:07

So here's my latest Merco project,it's a bit of a Frankenstein job using a scrap engine case used as a proof of concept from my RV build and left over bits from the Meteor RV build.


the case was scrap due to a spun front bearing and all the screw threads being striped out,all holes drilled out and filled with alloy solder.


as was the mounting holes


the Meteor crankshaft has a bigger crankpin than the Merco so a new rod (and piston) made to fit


here are the components from both engines


completed engine



Thread: Engine projects
10/01/2020 20:59:40

So over the Christmas hols had a sort out in the workshop,starting with a second shelf for engine projects


still plenty to do smile p.I also completed some rebuilds for other people


1947 Owat


Enya 45


and a Meteor 61


Thread: WW1 linen style covering
11/12/2019 19:00:39
Posted by Doc Marten on 11/12/2019 14:59:51:
Posted by Doc Marten on 01/12/2019 21:24:48:
Posted by Doc Marten on 25/11/2019 22:54:55:

I'm tempted by this sometime in the future:


Wow, cancel this!

Just went to order some but unless there is an error in the listing...…….41gsm!

Thought I'd chance this even though I rejected it initially as it was worth a punt at the price, I bought 2m, 58" wide which came to £5.80 total, gotta say that I'm impressed so far, seems like a good shout.

As used on my on my tailplane for my Powerhouse


attached with balsalock


also tried this underneath the silk, used dope to stick it to the film


then tried a pva wood primer (white) looks better I think ?

Thread: Messing about with Mercos'
07/12/2019 21:54:32

Today I made the fuel tank for the Merco sparky that will go in my Powerhouse


holds about 3-4 oz of fuel


Thread: Aeromaster
01/12/2019 18:40:05

I have both the Aamco and GP kits of this wonderful bi-plane yeswill be bookmarking this thread ! And yes,the Bi-Fly has more than a hint of Aeromaster about it .



Thread: WW1 linen style covering
01/12/2019 18:31:09


Is this the sort of thing you are after ???

Thread: Who wants to share a new Flair Baronette build?
04/11/2019 20:07:21

Well done Simon on getting it back together and it looks even better in it's new (Voss?) colours yes

Thread: A thing of desire
03/11/2019 19:16:22

This,for the non-engine geeks,is a product of Northfield Ross of the USA designed by the very talented Lou Ross along with many other multi cylinder engines,none of them being built down to a price! And this is the first time I've even seen an inline Ross twin,never mind holding one !

ross engines.jpg

ross 4.jpg

If only I had pockets deep enough for a collection like this ! indecision

Thread: Veron Avro 504N
03/11/2019 18:48:28

O.K. no pressure then lol cool btw what engine do you have? I've got a Saito GK 50 to go in mine.

03/11/2019 18:00:13

Making good progress there,I sold my kit a few weeks ago as I had decided I would be unlikely to build it,that said,I have "one or two" other kits under the bench wink including a Veron Hawker Tomtit .

Thread: A thing of desire
03/11/2019 15:37:13

So when I was a young lad looking through the model mags in WH Smiths (no,not those model mags !) I would be goggle eyed at the adds, the most exotic being from America as seen in HJN's 308 adds with kits from Sig,Sterling,Dave Platt and engines..............................

and now I have one of those much desired bits of exotica


don't be fooled by the silencer



Thread: Engine projects
25/10/2019 18:44:04

A couple of pictures of the G 60 being machined for replacement fins



Thread: Needle valve problems
25/10/2019 18:29:26

So just got some more Mercos in need of some care and attention all of them having damage to the needle valves ,and as they impossible to find I need to make or repair.

merco 35x3.jpg


two are bent and one broken.The thread on the twin needle merco carbs is 3 BA so to make a repair I just need to make a threaded section



here I've removed the broken section and drilled to take replacement section that is soldered in place


and there you go,good as new smiley

Thread: Veron Avro 504N
13/10/2019 20:13:37

001 (6).jpg

001 (3).jpg

001 (4).jpg

001 (5).jpg

note the date !

Thread: Engine projects
13/10/2019 13:22:47

It is indeed a G60 RV of 1966 vintage ! yes it was looking a bit sad when I got it,it looks like some one may have converted it to marine use at some stage by taking off most of the fins,I think it may also have a later piston fitted as it should have two rings not one ? anyway it only cost me a fiver, worth it for the carb alone !


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