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Thread: Forum members' new models: Let's see them.
20/05/2019 18:14:34




NOW it's finished !blush Barnstormer Interceptor

Thread: Soarcerer for Flat Field
16/05/2019 22:09:59

There is such a plan Soarcerette on outerzone 34" span BTW I would sheet the top of the l/e it adds a lot to the wings strength


might build a longer wing for my one

Thread: "Barnfire" project
16/05/2019 21:27:11


This time I have used vinyl instead of trying to film over film,something I have never got the hang of blusha bit of soapy water makes it so much easier ! yes

Next thing was to replace the stub axles


this is a GP made axle ,it's made in two parts :i.e. a bolt with a rod rammed into it,but it looks a bit untidy with the nut &bolt look


made from a 6 mm coach bolt


much better with split pin and washer


Edited By jeff2wings on 16/05/2019 21:29:32

14/05/2019 21:51:55

Barnstormer revisited


So,having "finished" building Barnstormer RAF edition it was duly flown to great adulation and applause.....................

Errr,no,that did't happen,it got stuck up in the loft with all my other planes and R/C stuff as a result of losing our flying site and not being able too find an alternative site/club.

Well five years later,and with the possibility of going part time at work, I decided it was time to finish off some old projects,so far that has been the Bi-fly,Fair Legionaire and Wik super tiger (almost!).When the Barnstormer was dug out of the eaves it resembled a prune more than a sleek interceptor !sad

There was also a number of other things that I was less than happy with that I felt I could have done better.


the blue covering had bubbled badly and the rudder as well


stringers to flexible adding to covering issues



ready for recovering


Thread: Zippy by Sean Bannister
09/05/2019 16:47:20

The plan was in the August 1975 rcm&e

09/05/2019 12:21:13

Sooo 1975 !laugh would think this would go well with E.P.

09/05/2019 12:06:55

001 (2).jpg

is this it ? RCM &E plan No rc 1260

Edited By jeff2wings on 09/05/2019 12:09:12

Thread: Engine projects
19/04/2019 19:01:31

Well now the test stand is sorted out now,it's time to run up the Meteor 61 RV



it runs !! and it runs very well ,once it's bedded in I will do some prop test and compare it to the standard engine

Thread: MDS 148 piston
14/04/2019 12:55:06

John,I think the issues with MDS carbs are legendary,so my one now sports an OPS slide carb with accelerator pump.

ED,sorry to say the Merco case is for a 61sad,as for the MDS if all else fails,most likely could make one fore you ?

Thread: Free seaplane plan from the 80s
13/04/2019 12:36:16

001 (28).jpg

Alex p.m. me if you need it,plans still inside

12/04/2019 22:37:51

That would be the Supermarine Ten by Stephen Winkworth plan No MAG14 Radio modeller Oct '92 I may still have the plan .

Edited By jeff2wings on 12/04/2019 22:41:15

Thread: Khama Sutra (Patern Ship.)
06/04/2019 20:01:34
Posted by Doug Campbell on 06/04/2019 19:15:10:

Thanks for posting that Jeff. I had been through a big pile of mags but it eluded me.


Me to,it was only when I put my reading glasses on I saw this on top of a pile drawings !nerd

001 (9).jpg

Thread: MDS 148 piston
06/04/2019 19:56:12

So what happened to the original one to need a replacement ?I did a rebuild on one recently ,got the ring from gaviscool on e-bay Btw are you still in need of a Merco crankcase ?


Thread: Khama Sutra (Patern Ship.)
06/04/2019 10:50:18

001 (6).jpg

001 (7).jpg

001 (8).jpg

06/04/2019 10:50:16

001 (6).jpg

001 (7).jpg

001 (8).jpg

Thread: Engine projects
29/03/2019 18:18:57
Posted by paul coleman 1 on 24/03/2019 17:13:06:

jeff i take it you are an engineer,that test stand looks the dogs pal,excellent, i see your into your bikes too,so i suppose that comes in handy when it comes to engines,well done,good job.

Well sort of,I'm a welder/fabricator by trade but after 40 years in the industry you pickup other skills along the way like milling /turning ,but I'm no expert,just an enthusiastic amateur !

Yes that's a radial mount for larger engines and I will be looking into a fixed tacho.

Just finished off a OPS 40 SLA that a very generous member on this forum gave me along with a Meteor 40 for


As it came out the box




and now





24/03/2019 17:07:28

So finally got to run up some engines today,but before I could I had to take the battery off my Suzuki as all my other 12v's were dead frown


This is the Merco at the very start of this thread minus paint


Irvine 36 ring nice runner


not often seen,an MDS running ! laugh

23/03/2019 21:23:44

Finally found time to slap on some resin,with luck should be running up the first (of many) engines tomorrow smiley



Thread: Gone,but not forgotten kit mfg
14/03/2019 21:39:03

Nice seeing the Phil Ramsey Gladiator,had both mini-pitts and 1/4 scale one


001 (26).jpg

Bowman's did take over the Olympic Sportsman,nice looking plane.

001 (21).jpg

one for the glider*st out there

001 (24).jpg

I think that people that are 'new' to the hobby,as in the last 15-20 years,would be surprised at the number of kits that were available from small mfg and shops in this country.

001 (27).jpg


Edited By jeff2wings on 14/03/2019 21:44:34

06/03/2019 22:08:06

That's a coincidence Robert,I have a Veron 504 under my bench ! and I have just purchased that issue of rcm&e off e-bay !! And I have the plans and cowl for the CAP jungmeister

Any one ever build one of these ?

001 (5).jpg

got a feeling I know of one person wink Mr D.D.

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