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Thread: Hawker Hurricane by John Timmis
08/05/2017 20:31:19

Hi all

Back again. Not very much has happened since last time. I decided to give myself a change of pace & started to build a thermal soarer that I could fly with my grandson. So the Huricane has been on the back burner for a while.

Also a holiday, 2 family visits from the USA complete with grandchildren & a 3 week dose of food poisoning.

Anyway, back on the job now. Last week I splashed out on a couple of 6s lipos. So a battery installation has been sorted, it looks as if it will work out ok. There is lots of room under the battery plate for ballast or perhaps a sound system?

It had to be tried out . On a freshly charged lipo with a 15 /8 prop fitted the watt meter showed almost 1,1/2 Kw. That should get it up ok.

Cheers John



Thread: Chips with everything
03/04/2017 21:05:06

Well done Nev. that looks fantastic.


03/04/2017 21:05:05

Well done Nev. that looks fantastic.


Thread: DH87B Hornet Moth
18/03/2017 15:34:11

Cracking result Martin. Well done

Thread: Hawker Hurricane by John Timmis
02/03/2017 11:56:49

Hi all,

Well at last the construction is finished & its ready for covering. This will be dope & nylon on the fuselage , glass & epoxy on the wings.

I assembled it all for a photo session. I've been a bit self indulgent with the number of pictures but I hope you like it.

Cheers John.










Thread: Silver Wolf's Chipper-too
19/02/2017 22:32:02


This might help. image.jpg

Cheers John

Thread: Hawker Hurricane by John Timmis
17/02/2017 19:18:41

Hi all

Hi Simon, glad you like it. The Hurricane is a great build, it's a real builders model. I've been at it for about 13 months now. The Chippie is also good & flies well.

I've been back to the wing finishing off a few outstanding jobs. Adjusting the flaps & linkages. I found a way to fit the flaps from the underside of the wing. This will simplify things a bit when it comes to covering & finishing. Also have made some doors for the under carriage. The doors fit well in both the open & closed positions, very pleasing. Also made the radiator housing & the carb intake. The inlet rims are laminated from 0.4mm ply.

So, just have to finish off the skin on the top surface & the construction will be complete.

There is quite a lot of work in this area of the model.

Getting there now.

Cheers John.



Thread: Brian Taylor Spitfire 69" - build only
16/02/2017 11:55:46

That is looking really good Nigel.

Cheers John

Thread: Can You Name ALL These WW 2 Aircraft?
09/02/2017 13:25:33


Thread: Hawker Hurricane by John Timmis
02/02/2017 21:24:30

CThanks Colin. I always appreciate your comments.

Talking to Danny at Greenacres & seeing his Hurricane was the inspiration for this build. I'm quite pleased with the way it's turning out. It's a step up for me in many ways but it's not quite in Danny's class. It would be nice to see them side by side. Perhaps if we all manage a Chippie fly in we could include the Hurricanes?

Time has been short this week but I have managed to mold the covers for the wingtip nav lights & cut out the LE for the landing lights. Also fitted the ally spinner to the prop.

I cobbled together ( is this the same as a bodge) a rig to check the CG position. With all batteries etc in place this showed the CG to be about 1" too far back. Airframe is complete but uncovered. Weight is 10lb. Am I still in the right ballpark?

Cheers John



27/01/2017 21:00:57

Hi folks

The fuselage is just about finished now. I had one last go at the cockpit before gluing on the top decking. The pilot is now a happy bunny because he now has some legs even if they don't quite reach the rudder pedals.

There is lots of space in the battery bay. The floor has been left off for the time being.

Eventually the cowling will be glued in place but for the moment it has been fixed with 4 screws. The battery hatch was cut out with a junior hacksaw blade on the scale panel lines. A 0.4mm ply tongue locates the front of the cowl while the rear is securely held by magnets, two on each rear corner. There is also a lot of space in the bottom of the cowl that could accommodate a sound system speaker. A similar hatch could be cut out in the base of the cowl.

The exhausts. Each manifold is slightly different in shape & of course there has to be a LH set & a RH set. The manifolds are shaped from 'Jelutong" which is a very easy to work wood, easy to carve & with no difficult grain. I often use it for nose blocks cockpit patterns etc.

A blank was prepared for each side, grooved on the inside to take a wooden locating spline & then bevelled on the top surface. Individual manifolds are sawn off & shaped with the disc sander & sanding blocks.

The exhaust pipes were rolled from strips of litho plate, like a Swiss roll, round a dowel. Double sided tape is the jam.

The manifolds can be assembled onto the spline & later will be glued onto the fuselage sides.

Just now I'm finishing off a few small jobs on the wing. Next thing will be to assemble it all for a CG check.

A picture is worth 10,000 words.

Cheers John.






Thread: Confessions of a Bodger
23/01/2017 15:16:31


Do not undersell yourself, anyone who has been an aeromodeller that long will have achieved significant bodging ability.

To those of us brought up in the 'make do & mend' time of the 40's bodging was an essential part of our upbringing.

It might have been darning socks , leather patches on your jacket elbows, mending your bike etc ......everyone was at it.

I had a very talented uncle who could just about turn his hand to anything. He used to say " An engineer, ie a bodger, is a person who can do for sixpence what any fool can do for £1".

Back in the day "Aeromodeller" had a monthly feature of bodges, it was called "Gadget review"

I recall, with some pride, a motoring bodge from the 70's. Two of us had been slope soaring at Moel Famau. We were going home in his Morris Marina when the engine died. This was Wales , on a Sunday, miles from a garage (which would be closed anyway) & it was starting to get dark. The problem was that the fuel pump had failed. The bodge was to fill the washer bottle with petrol, connect the washer tube to the carb & drive home on the thumb pushed washer pump. Got us back home ,50 miles.

I can think of many successful aeronautical bodges. Spitfire IX ( a mk 5 with a merlin 61) , Avro Manchester became the Lancaster. Probably the best of all, " Miss Shilling's orifice" If you don't know this one "google" it.

That just about completes the circle.

Cheers John

Thread: Madcap build
17/01/2017 16:27:23

Hi Davey

In the olden days the method of hinging sheet control surfaces was to stitch them together using needle & thread to create a number of figure 8 hinges. Makes a very free hinge in both senses of the word. All my C/L models & early single chanel models were done this way. I still use it sometimes.

I never built a Madcap but have happy memories of the Magna ( Amco .87). I often fancy building another one. Happy days.

Good luck with the build.

Cheers John.

Thread: Martyn's Chippie RCAF 671
16/01/2017 11:45:21

Hi Martyn

I think that's a much better way of fixing the under carriage. I didn't like the tin straps shown on the plan at all & used this method on both my Chippies. They have both survived all my arrivals so far. I turned the torque arm round to face the rear so that the torque reaction would be absorbed by the mainspar. The photo shows my 2nd chippie.

Love the Hornet Moth, a real work of art.

Cheers John


09/01/2017 20:07:57

Hi Martyn

I'm in the Crewe /Nantwich area. Not too far/

Cheers John

Thread: Chips with everything
09/01/2017 20:04:49

Well if you think about it........we would only need a Dakota & a Lanc to have our own BBMF. Is there a cunning plan????


Thread: Martyn's Chippie RCAF 671
07/01/2017 16:21:52


Glad to see you back on the job again. I think that we are almost neighbours. Perhaps we should meet to compare Chippie experiences.


A mass fly in of Chippies would be great idea. Looking forward to it already.


Thread: Hawker Hurricane by John Timmis
07/01/2017 16:04:41

Hi All,

Happy New Year to everyone.

Not a great deal to show for the last couple of weeks. I think that I must stop messing about in the cockpit now.

Giving the pilot some legs turned out to be a step too far. He did, however, gain some arms that were donated by an action man figure. After some surgery the arms were screwed to a ply base. The sleeves are from kitchen roll.covered in PVA.then doped & finished off with acrylic.

Once the pilot is fixed in place I can glue on the fuselage top decking & then start thinking about fixing the cowling & finishing off the nose area.

There are still a few small jobs to do on the wing but it's getting there.

Soon be time for covering.




Cheers John

19/12/2016 20:17:31

Hi all,

Thanks Barry, glad you like it.

Posts have slowed down a bit recently for several reasons. 1) it's been cold in the workshop, 2) Christmas. 3) the blog has just about caught up with the build. The next big job is covering but that will have to wait until it gets a bit warmer. Meanwhile ther are lots of detail jobs to be done. I have been attempting to put a bit of detail into the cockpit; not too much, just enough to give the impression that something is happening in there. I might try to give the pilot some legs, I'm thinking of litho for the cockpit framing.




Cheers John. Happy Christmas

Thread: Chips with everything
12/12/2016 11:00:59

Nice job Nev. Welcome back. Looking forward to future posts.


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