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Thread: CAA ID number discussion
23/02/2020 12:09:32

I think the criminal element will have a field day with the amazon delivery drones, i had £1500 worth of modelling gear being shipped out to Cyprus when i lived there by UPS, the UPS lorry carrying it was stolen in the uk, so the drones stand no chance

Thread: BMFA Membership Card
21/02/2020 19:04:56

And if your no good with computers ???

20/02/2020 23:57:09

I dont know my membership number, as i say i have heard nothing, been checking my emails including the spam every day,

20/02/2020 19:15:43

i joined the BMFA paid my dues and also the £9 CAA tax two three weeks ago, not heard anything at ALL yet from them

Thread: 6 Turning 4 Burning
15/02/2020 18:37:48

I sanded filled and sanded got spot on then found a couple of places i had gone through the cloth, so had to lay more cloth on, while that went off i started thinking about the wing, going to do a 3 piece wing, a centre section that can be removed, but ill leave it on this will have the two inboard engines, the retracts and the two iner flaps, outer panels will each have two engines, two flaps and the aileron, going to opperate all six flaps from one central servo

With all that in mind iv made the outer tubes for the carbon wing joiners from glass. Ill load the pics later, as i have flu ???

13/02/2020 19:46:31

Yes sir i have been dying of a very bad case of man flue, anyhow i have managed to spend a little time on it, got the first coat of primer/filler brushed on, ( i like to brush it on as its thicker ) i then sprayed a light coat of black on top so that any low spots will show up dark

back to my death bedface 7

Thread: Seagull Hurricane Laser
13/02/2020 12:24:20

Yes, dont forget to video it Jon laugh

Thread: 6 Turning 4 Burning
09/02/2020 19:31:39

I have been sanding for the last two days, getting it something like

Have not done a lot though as im dying

Of man flue20200129_123100.jpg

08/02/2020 10:01:50

Last Monday i glassed it again having scraped as much of the gunk off as i could, just mixed a normal mixing of resin and applied with 4oz cloth, pleased to say it has gone hard, had it in the house all week

So today ill take it back out to the hanger and start sanding, iv also ordered a stack of ply and balsa from Slec so when that comes i can start that side of the build, been looking for engines / motors for it, surprised how little HK have got, one glow engine and all the electric motors that will do the job are out of stock

Thread: Thin Ply
05/02/2020 13:26:38

The beauty of building your own is that you can build what you cannot buy, the cost of building your own is not a lot if anything cheaper than bought models, but you can have what no one else has

Thread: 6 Turning 4 Burning
03/02/2020 23:30:56

Tried that first Andy it did not work either

03/02/2020 20:52:06

The acetone would not shift the gunk, so i have laid 4oz cloth on and brushed the new resin and hardener, in that they sent me, ill see what happens

02/02/2020 23:28:34

Yes thats an idea Dick, but if i give it a coat of resin mixed as it should be then all the extra hardener soaked into the MDF should only make it go of quicker, ????? maybe LOL

02/02/2020 21:41:33

Well a disaster, got the resin kit and i have laid the two layets of cloth on the plug, but its not gone off, so on contacting the suppliets it appears that they have sent the wrong stuff, three small bottles of hardener and not resin but a large bottle of hardener, being the first time iv bought resin from them i did not know what it should be like, they are full of apologies and have sent me a new kit and some clothes and things to clean the plug, have spent a few hours on it but the hardener is to well soaked into the MDF to come out, the plastic pipe has come relatively clean , BUT20200129_123100.jpg

01/02/2020 20:00:47

20200125_124042.jpg20200127_142411.jpgThe plug is ready for glassing, i have cut the 4oz cloth for two layers, just waiting for the order for the resin to arrive20200124_152144.jpg

27/01/2020 20:45:19

I find this forum difficult posting pictures in the correct order,

27/01/2020 20:43:46

20200121_153802.jpg20200121_153743.jpgI have done a little more on the plug, its all about the right shape, some filling sanding, filling sanding to do, also the radome on the bottom of the fuselage plusone at the tail20200121_150408.jpg

Thread: C17 Globemaster III - 1/15th Scale for PSS
27/01/2020 15:06:03

Yes Callie is very good, she made a set for my 1/6th scale A10, super quick and not at all expencive

Thread: DB Hurricane paint and finish.
27/01/2020 12:34:00

Looking good Jon, i might have to try a warbird on my next build

Thread: 6 Turning 4 Burning
24/01/2020 23:38:41

Hi Erfolg there is nothing special about the build, straight forward plug, mould and cast the finished fuselage in an effort to keep it light at the rear end, i hope as i have little experience

im doing it by eye and a centre line along the top of the fuselage, i like to think things out as i go along,look on the internet at all the pictures and films i can find, its not a competition class model, i not good enough for that, i just like building something different to run of the mill, and these things have stuck in my mind for 70 years so i thought it was about time to have a go at one, Before its to late, not my type of flying model i must say as you can only go round and round with it, but i will enjoy the challenge of build


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