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Thread: BMFA Update - Article 16 Authorisation
28/11/2020 16:57:01

(Apologies for the large text in my post above; it was cut and pasted from Word and I don't seem to be able to reduce it's size in the editor)

One additional point re: the BMFA's final statement in the comm...

"...Anyone who is operating an unmanned aircraft (including model aircraft) who is not a member of one of the UK four CAA recognised model flying associations will have to operate within the terms of the ‘Open Category’, details of which are published in the latest issue of CAP722 (see **LINK**)""

The Op Auth does not exempt members from following 722; it will only apply to specific areas where the CAA agree to different rules for association members. Everything else within 722 has to be followed for us to be flying legally (important from an insurance point of view).

PS - If this does end badly and flying at public access sites becomes more difficult/impossible I won't be blaming the BMFA; let's be honest, they have been negotiating with next to no cards and a government (not the CAA) who are desperate to eradicate us so commercial BVLOS operations can flourish. I just wish the comms were more regular and transparent so that members could be more engaged and knowledgeable about where we are headed.

Edited By MattyB on 28/11/2020 17:08:53

28/11/2020 16:39:43
Posted by Andy Symons - BMFA on 28/11/2020 14:02:04:

It is not my place to go in to details on the Article 16 authorisation, the bulk of it has been sorted and there is just a few details left to finalise. Essentially we should be operating pretty much as we always have and the doom-mongers and pessimists will be proven wrong. (again)

I sincerely hope you are right and I am wrong Andy, but there is a common link amongst us "doom mongers and pessimists" - we have read and understood the relevant CAA documents rather than simply accepting BMFA reassurances that nothing will change...

I don't believe anybody was ever worried about the continuation of the existing exemptions (400ft height limit, FPV etc); they have been operating without issues for a long time now. The problem is the significant additions in 722 that would mean substantial changes to the way we operate if association members are not exempted or the requirements significantly reduced. This includes the potential loss of flying sites with public access and even some private sites close residential, commercial, industrial or recreational areas.

Key sections I am talking about, all relevant to the Open A3 subcategory where recreational flying has to occur if it is to benefit from an authorisation (ref: pg 210, D1.16.2, c):

  • A1.4.1, Operating Area (pg 171) – “No flights within 150m horizontally of residential, commercial, industrial or recreational areas.”

This would affect many clubs and flying sites, especially if a public right of way is considered a “recreational area”. Interestingly there is now a pre-filled RA (UKPDRA01, pg182) for VLOS operations within 150m of these areas, but it also requires “UAS equipped with a mechanism that makes it land in the event of loss or disruption of C2 Link” and “UAS Operators must produce an operations manual which details how the flights will be conducted. CAP 722A contains further details (only the ConOps element of the operations manual is required for this PDRA)”.

  • A1.4.2, Separation from persons (pg 172) – “No uninvolved persons to be present within the area of the flight. No closer than 50m horizontally at any time.”

This could affect many sites but is a particular issue on public access ones (for instance if slope soaring or operating in a public park that allows flying) or those with a right of way adjacent/across them. In these locations an uninvolved person could appear at any time, and for slope the fact the aircraft has to be kept in the lift band means keeping the minimum distance cannot be guaranteed. If that occurs pilots are expected to follow the 1:1 “rule” (see below)

  •, 1:1 rule when reacting to unexpected issues (pg 42)

This section caged as a “simple principle (as opposed to an exact rule in law” to deal with situations when an uninvolved person is approaching or has entered the area of flight. Read it and see what you think – it seems anything but simple to me!

cap722 1to1 rule.jpg

Currently it would be impossible to show whether the such a rule had been broken or not, but in future that might not be the case. Remote ID with geolocation and logging are requirements under the Specific category and would allow the exact track and height of the model throughout the flight. It seems likely that would be added as a requirement to A3 if there was an incident (irrelevant of whether it was an association member or not). Not an immediate problem, but definitely a future risk, especially as authorisations have to be renewed annually initially.

Ultimately none of the above areas are mentioned in the BMFA comms issues yesterday. Members have been told for around a year this authorisation will be easy to negotiate, yet with ~30 days to go it’s not finalised. Given that I don’t think it’s unreasonable to feel a little nervous about the absence of reassurances. If all these points are addressed in the draft Op Auth, why not say so?

Edited By MattyB on 28/11/2020 16:49:12

28/11/2020 00:25:30

The BMFA have today (27th Nov 2020) updated their site with this news article. I have to admit I am worried that this has not all been finalised by now, and that no mention is made of the distance to uninvolved persons clauses and future requirements for remote ID under some classes of operation...

"We had hoped to provide a full update on the terms of our Article 16 Authorisation, which will define the future operating parameters for members when the European Regulations for unmanned aircraft (including model aircraft) come into effect on the 31st December 2020. However, we are still thrashing out the final details with the CAA so will miss the print deadline for this issue of BMFA NEWS unfortunately. We will of course communicate details to members through all available channels (including a webinar) once we have the final draft.

Our Article 16 Authorisation will replace all current exemptions and permissions which will be incorporated into a single document. The key existing permission to operate above 400ft with models of less than 7Kg will be retained, but the weight limit will be increased to 7.5Kg.

Requirements for CAA Operator registration and evidence of competency will also be retained but will be satisfied by the existing measures which we agreed at the end of 2019. BMFA Members will be able to continue obtaining Operator Registration via the BMFA membership process and their achievements will continue to be accepted as evidence of competency.

Anyone who is operating an unmanned aircraft (including model aircraft) who is not a member of one of the UK four CAA recognised model flying associations will have to operate within the terms of the ‘Open Category’, details of which are published in the latest issue of CAP722 (see **LINK**)"

Edited By MattyB on 28/11/2020 00:26:26

Thread: Banggood Polaris Lander
27/11/2020 15:39:23
Posted by Piers Bowlan on 27/11/2020 15:04:21:

Shaun, what is maximum dia. prop you can fit without it fouling the top of the fuselage. If a 10x6 or (10x8) will fit how many Watts will your motor pull with your 3S battery? Alternatively try a three bladed prop if a 10in prop won't fit - simpler to rectify and cheaper than buying a new motor? Might even work! laugh

I don't think a 10" prop will fit based on these pics; according to the RCGroups thread even a 9" will be a squeeze...

On that basis a motor change to around 1300-1400Kv or move up to 4S are probably the only options - this post is instructive...

Edited By MattyB on 27/11/2020 15:39:42

Edited By MattyB on 27/11/2020 15:42:35

Thread: How did that happen
26/11/2020 16:58:03
Posted by Lima Hotel Foxtrot on 26/11/2020 14:53:24:

What does the BMFA handbook say?

They aren't completely conclusive...

"(b) Pay particular attention to using the correct sequence appropriate to your model. For 35 MHz this is usually ‘get the peg, Tx on, Rx on’. For 2.4 GHz, you should be aware of any local transmitter usage limitations and if a flight peg is required, it must be obtained before the usual Tx on, Rx on sequence. Note that some radio equipment and occasionally a specific model set up, require that the Rx be switched on first. If this is so take extra care."


"(a)  Receiver OFF then transmitter OFF (Unless your equipment manufacturer specifies otherwise)."

I always set my failsafe as the first thing on any new model, especially one an electric motor. Using OpenTX I set the failsafe on the PC first before transferring the model to the TX (all my setups are template based now and always have a sticky throttle cut, so that will be in place from the first moment). I then then bind the RX with nothing but a spare servo in the throttle channel and test it; once I'm happy the throttle cut and failsafe works as it should the RX can go in the model and the rest of the setup can be done (without a prop for brand new models).

I do still do "TX on, RX on, RX off, TX off" myself, but it's more from habit these days. Given I religiously follow the process above to ensure my models have the correct failsafe from day 1 I could probably change to Steve's procedure without any safety problems - I can see some benefits to working that way. However, given I still have a few models on 35 and this is a 30+ year habit tI suspect I'll be doing it that way forever more!

Edited By MattyB on 26/11/2020 17:00:16

Thread: BMFA Zoom Meeting
26/11/2020 16:11:21

Excellent, many thanks yes

26/11/2020 15:04:29

Posted by Andy Symons - BMFA on 26/11/2020 13:21:05:

The full program of 'In the Air Tonight' webinars can be seen at registration links will be added as the precis for each session is made available to us.

It looks like they will be very popular, the first session was booked up (100) within 24 hours. However we hve upgraded our Webinar plan so plenty of spaces now available.


Thanks Andy. Is there a webinar planned fto communicate the details of the Article 16 authorisation when it is released? That would be something many will be interested in; given the short time between when it is released and when people are expected to be using/following getting something in the diary now for mid Dec would be worthwhile.

PS - Will they be available on demand after the event if there is something interesting but the time doesn't suit?

Edited By MattyB on 26/11/2020 15:08:39

Thread: New Spektrum NX range
25/11/2020 16:31:17
Posted by Steve J on 25/11/2020 14:58:39:

IMHO anybody who moves to a certain German manufacturer at the moment is 'brave'.

Agreed. Much as I loved my Evo back in the day I could not recommend Mpx at this time - the RF link is great but do I really believe they can compete even in the medium term? When a £50 Open source TXs that can drive almost any RX out there exist at the bottom end, Frsky and Spek dominating the middle and Jeti and Core (with Mpx's RF) at the top end where do they fit in? The Profi was a dismal flop and they have not released a new TX for a long time. I suspect they may never do so again (remember that they share the same owner as Hitec who pulled out of TXs and RXs completely some time ago.

Edited By MattyB on 25/11/2020 16:32:26

25/11/2020 16:25:16
Posted by David Davis 2 on 25/11/2020 10:37:02:

Well it may not be not be complicated for you but it is for me.

However, feeling that perhaps I should move with the times I googled FrSky transmitters. I was impressed by the price but found the following description...

...I don't understand a word of it!

I'm not against progress but I'm sure there's a market for a Royal Enfield Interceptor transmitter.

If there were a market for a high physical quality, low tech TX it would be being made. It isn't, and I suspect never will be. It's also telling that most of the manufacturers who lagged behind the feature curve have disappeared from view in the last 10-15 years.

Put it this way... you are suggesting a manufacturer makes an old school basic radio with modern 2.4GHz internals that would only be bought by those who fondly remember the expensive but basic sets from the 70s and 80s. That's a niche demographic within a niche hobby, and this ageing group will refresh their kit way less often and probably expect to pay less for it too, even though it will have similar development costs. Not exactly tempting for manufacturers is it! They'd far rather serve the mass market.

Ever since radio kit went digital it has been driven by the software, and the old constructs that defined the price tiers - channel counts, switches, mixing functionality - no longer really apply. Remember, once you have written the code there is no real cost to a channel or a mixer (even though Futaba and Spektrum would love you to think there is!), and computer power is so cheap a £50 TX can now have functionality that was once the reserve of only the very top end TXs. As a result the differentiators are completely different - telemetry (and it's integration), resiliency/redundancy solutions, serial RXs etc. You may not want all these things - and if you buy such a TX you don't need to use any of them if you don't want - but get used to the fact they will be there in the background whatever you buy.

Thread: Haven't any people on YouTube heard of grease?
24/11/2020 15:55:48
Posted by Nigel R on 24/11/2020 11:17:33:
Posted by MattyB on 24/11/2020 09:47:41:

As a cyclist I know the importance of using the right lubricants in the right places

Edited By MattyB on 24/11/2020 09:49:23

I'm willing to be enlightened here -

As a cyclist I've used precisely two lubricants, to whit, chain lube for chains, and the most basic of greases for, well, everything else.

Bikes are just about the lowest demand for lubricants that is possible - low rpm, low heat, low mechanical load.... at least that's what I thought. indecision

If you only cycle occasionally for the odd commute or recreational ride you can probably get away with just grease and chain lube, but if you are doing more miles on nicer bikes with more expensive components it pays to use the right lubricants. Here are some specific ones off the top of my head - if you're a road biker the suspension ones may be foreign and unnecessary to you, but everything else applies...

  • Wet and dry chain lubes (depending on conditions). Can also wax chains (full immersion) if you prefer that option
  • Copper slip / anti-seize compound (anywhere you don't want parts to seize on - pedals are a prime example. and some will use on square taper BBs and the back of disc brake pads too)
  • Carbon assembly paste, used at the interface between a carbon component and either a metal or carbon frame; allows you to use reduced torque when tightening
  • Fork seal grease - used when servicing forks to lubricate the foam seals
  • Different weights of suspension oil (forks and shocks)
  • Silicon spray - perfect for lubricating fork stantions prior to rides (in between lower leg services)
  • Bog standard lithium grease (general purpose - seatposts, headsets, stems etc)
  • WD40 - A water displacer, it's good for flushing brake/gear cable outers if you are only replacing the inner. Some people will swear the stuff is the devils work on bikes and will destroy seals and flush grease out of every nook and cranny, but as long as you don't go crazy with it near your drivetrain or wheel bearings you should be ok
  • Aerosol spray grease - brilliant for inside a sticky shifter

One addition... Please please, no 3 in 1 anywhere near your bike! It's horrible stuff; fine for the mower, but gums up and attracts dirt like nothing else making a nasty grinding paste for expensive drivetrain components.

Edited By MattyB on 24/11/2020 16:22:49

Thread: My Lidl Glider RC conversion no 6. The Lidl Biplane!
24/11/2020 10:59:53

Nice work, but why are the interplane struts so tall? Seems like they could have been 50% shorter and it might have looked a little more elegant. Also whilst the thrustline is obviously wrong it looked to me like it might be tail heavy too - I would be tempted to try a power off test glide over long grass to check itbefore trying another powered flight. Good luck!

Thread: Haven't any people on YouTube heard of grease?
24/11/2020 10:52:31
Posted by Bill Wood on 24/11/2020 10:23:55:

On the subject of lubrication - Does anyone lubricate lecky outrunner bearings? They seem to keep turning without much attention and doing lots of work as well.

You shouldn't lubricate sealed bearings - if they are worn out you just replace them (though I've never had to on any of the motors I use). However, the tiny motors used in smaller quads sometimes have bushings instead of bearings, so they can benefit from a very occasional application of a synthetic lubricant.

Edited By MattyB on 24/11/2020 10:52:46

Thread: Totally confused with Lockdown
24/11/2020 10:05:33

If you want to know the exact details of any new new changes/restrictions I always recommend the website - unlike the news on TV and online that is the place you'll get the full details, not just the edited highlights. The Coronavirus homepage is here.

In summary amateur organised sport is allowed after Dec 2nd, so flying at club sites should be back at that point. The affect of the tiers is laid out in the Government's winter plan - it looks like outdoor flying will be ok under any tier providing we follow the rule of 6, though indoor events will only be possible under Tier 1. I'm sure the BMFA will clarify this by early next week at the latest.

Specific extract from the Winter plan summary:

tier efffect on sport and indoor leisure.jpg

Edited By MattyB on 24/11/2020 10:13:15

Edited By MattyB on 24/11/2020 10:20:54

Thread: Haven't any people on YouTube heard of grease?
24/11/2020 09:47:41
Posted by Cuban8 on 24/11/2020 09:38:37:

I don't know about OCD, but worrying about a smear of grease on a model's axle attracting grit and causing havoc is to me, OTT. I doubt if it makes a blind bit of difference, and if the grease was to be contaminated, I should think it'd take ages to have an effect on anything. Not what you want in your car, motorbike or pushbike's bearings I grant you, but in a model's plastic wheel bushes? Nah. So unless you fly in sand dunes.....relax and don't worry.

Yeah, that was exactly my reaction when I read the advice above too. As a cyclist I know the importance of using the right lubricants in the right places, but many parts on a bike will do hundreds of thousands of revolutions in their lifetime in all kinds of conditions, perhaps even millions - how many will the average undercarriage axle do?! By all means use PTFE based "dry" lubes if you want, but you will have to reapply more often than a grease or wet lube. I just can't see a grinding paste ever being formed when the average axle might only turn a few hundred times per flight session.

Edited By MattyB on 24/11/2020 09:49:23

Thread: Banggood Polaris Lander
24/11/2020 09:31:54

The definitive thread on that model is here... Use the search function and I am sure you will get an answer to the motor Kv question for the Banggood version (EDIT - Info here...). If not you can always use the drill method to determine it for certain.

Edited By MattyB on 24/11/2020 09:41:56

Thread: A Shortage Of Balsa And Lipo's, Where Do We Go From Here?
20/11/2020 16:29:17
Posted by GONZO on 19/11/2020 19:32:47:

As to there being too many people on the planet then I suggest looking at where the population growth comes from. Western countries have a well publicised falling birth rate and any population growth is largely from mass migration. Am I detecting sympathy for eugenics amongst some of the posters? Are they going to be first to 'give up their lives'? Or, are they like Bill Gates, who like his father is a publicly declared eugenicist, and have others make the sacrifice. Bill is on video stating that he could reduce world population by 10% - 15% by the use of vaccines, a statement that troubles me given our current situation.

There is a world of difference between suggesting human population appears to be on an unsustainable trajectory and eugenics. Current models vary in predicting our likely peak between 9 and 15 billion - I don't know anyone with a scientific background who thinks that is sustainable given the competing demands it will put on our world for water, land for crops and houses, energy and transportation. I have no idea how it could be done fairly, but I do believe that in my lifetime there will be a global strategy on population control.

PS - The "Bill Gates suggests we should use vaccines to control population" claim has been debunked many times, though it won't stop the right in the US recycling it for effect on a regular basis. In summary he was suggesting that if you reduce infant mortality rates through using vaccines then parents have less children and more people are lifted out of poverty as a result because those children get more in terms of food, medication and education. It's not totally certain that theory is a correct, but whether it is or not it's a world away from the interpretation you are suggesting where vaccines are somehow used to sterilise populations by stealth.

Edited By MattyB on 20/11/2020 16:54:21

Thread: New Futaba T16IZ Transmitter
18/11/2020 17:18:03
Posted by Tim Flyer on 18/11/2020 08:43:50:

Agreed.. his 14SG book is really great. I regularly refer to it . Without Malcolm Holt’s book I would have missed a number of features or wasted time trying to fathom things out . Given all the options on these radios guide books are a very worthwhile purchase.

I would formally have agreed - the famous Joedy Drulia Mpx Evo was my bible for TX programming for 10 years - but increasingly they are an outdated concept, as they rely on firmware essentially static throughout the life of the product. Luckily it's far easier to get your information free on the web nowadays to fill the gap (especially for Open source TXs), though that also has it's challenges - old info is rarely removed, so filtering through to the right stuff can be tricky. On balance I still prefer that to an outdated book I had to pay for though!

Edited By MattyB on 18/11/2020 17:19:01

Thread: Prandtl Wing FVT-3
18/11/2020 17:04:00

I was intrigued initially, but the intrinsic orientation issues with a design like this put me off. They didn't lose out completely though - whilst browsing I bought the last available Twisty-winged Pug kit on the shelf, and very nice it looks too.

Thread: A Shortage Of Balsa And Lipo's, Where Do We Go From Here?
18/11/2020 17:00:04
Posted by Dai Fledermaus on 18/11/2020 11:31:40:

The announcement from the Government that the sale of petrol and diesel cars by 2030 is interesting, given that several manufacturers, like Rover, Audi and Mercedes, have recently halted production of some of their electric models due to shortage of supply of key ingredients like Cobalt and Lithium used in manufacturing batteries. As a hobby we've seen this problem reflected in the availability and increased cost of Lipo's.

Add to this the shortage of Balsa, a situation which doesn't appear to have a short term answer. How do you see the the future direction of the hobby?

The lithium shortage has been predicted for a while - whether we have passed "peak lithium" or not can be debated, but we can't be too far off based on these numbers...

Controversial viewpoint alert... At some point humankind will have to wake up and realise there is not enough of ANY of our current key resources to continue our inexorable rates of consumption. We will have to adjust our population (and accept standards of living will plateau), or nature will adjust it painfully for us.

Not something that any politician will ever want to say (long term solutions and 4 year electoral cycles are intrinsically incompatible), but Attenboroguh has been saying it for years. I know who I believe...

Edited By MattyB on 18/11/2020 17:01:22

Thread: WOT 4 FOAM E - engine wobble
17/11/2020 11:06:56
Posted by PAUL HUTCHINSON 2 on 16/11/2020 16:19:47:

Guy's can you advise what you would use if the whole motor mount had ripped the front of the foam e out after a rough landing. Would uhu/gorilla glue/super glue be ok?

If gorilla glue, which one would you recommend?



Gorilla (PU) glue would be my preference, but I would also embed some carbon strip across any breaks in the foam to prevent any recurrence of the issue. You could do this at the same time as you glue on the front end or afterwards (jut slit the foam, push in the carbon strip then use CA or foam safe CA to anchor it in place). This is very effective in EPO models - my Durafly Excalibur has been reinforced using this technique after many of the early models had structural failures, and after 200+ flights it's still going strong.

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