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Thread: The Alpina is back!
19/09/2020 14:11:19


Houston we have a problem; the build is stopped due to an issue with the wing spar position in one panel that may have structural implications. I've just emailed Mpx; let's see what they say...

Thread: Electric newbie - ESC BEC question
18/09/2020 22:39:12

Unless it specifically states it’s an HV ESC it will probably put out 5.5V or so. HV ESCs do exist though - the Frsky Neurons for instance have a programmable BEC output all the way to 8.4V that can be done from any FrSky TX. At the end of the day though your ESC will still run those servos, you just won’t get the best performance out of them. Having said that on a 50 sized Sebart you really don’t need super high torque servos as F3A models don’t travel that fast and are very lightly built.

Ps - Take a close look at the undercarriage and reinforce it from the outset; on Sebart models that is the big weak point. My Miss Wind is awesome to fly but the gear are perennially putting it out service. 

Edited By MattyB on 18/09/2020 22:48:23

Thread: The Dark Nights Fix-up 2020
18/09/2020 22:34:47

By my maths that’s 23 so far - brilliant stuff! Certainly some interesting projects there. Keep em coming!

18/09/2020 22:27:29
Posted by Glenn Philbrick on 18/09/2020 17:00:05:

Does this count? Hoping to convert this pile to a scratch build Puppetteer.

flair pup.jpg

Only if it includes something from a model that has previously flown - go and dig out your oldest clevis From the spare parts bin and you’re good... wink 2

18/09/2020 15:38:10

That’s 16 and counting! This is going to be excellent.i particularly like the sound of Jesus’ DG, they are superb models that fly so well off the slope.

Thread: Servos
18/09/2020 03:33:48
Posted by James Humphreys 1 on 17/09/2020 10:29:24:

OK I'm building a hollein introduction glider which suggests the graupner Des 427Bb servo any suggestions for alternatives, thanks.

If it has to be 9mm servo then you are going to struggle for affordable alternatives to MKS, KST etc, which are good but spendy. The only one I know of is the Blue Bird BMS-125 which appears to ape the MKS 6100. I've no doubt it will be good though, otherwise Neil would not sell it. If you can go up to 11mm there are lots of more affordable (analogue and digital) alternatives from Hitec (65 and 55), Emax (ES08), Corona etc. 

Edited By MattyB on 18/09/2020 03:45:06

18/09/2020 03:24:41
Posted by Engine Doctor on 17/09/2020 10:39:49:

Any decent make equivalent but dont be tempted by offers on the www unless from a recognised shop/dealer . Too many dangerous fakes around . It is listed as a "DIGITAL" servo and as the glider is a intro glider then high powered digital servos are probably not required . Any decent analogue servo will be adequate and use far less power .

I would definitely want digitals on the flaps of this model for the holding power - they could be quite highly loaded. Also it's somewhat of a fallacy to say that all digitals are hungry; you can get some very current happy analogues servos too, particularly at the small sizes. If you put some servos on the test stand it's generally the speed that is the determining factor - the quicker they are the higher current they will tend to draw.

Thread: The Dark Nights Fix-up 2020
17/09/2020 15:56:47
Posted by GrumpyGnome on 17/09/2020 12:43:44:

The SE5 is a 'recreation' of how it was in the recently planted rape field. The bits at the front were spread around the main carcass. After taking the photo, I went to find the pilot - who was about 50 feet away from the crash site...

He must have been trying to escape the scene of his crime...

17/09/2020 12:39:27

So, the total is 12 so far... smile d

  • MattyB - 3 (various gliders)
  • McG 6969 - 1 (Graupner e-glider)
  • Dave Cunnington - 1 (scratchbuild cos he's run out of repairs to do!)
  • Graham Davies 3 - 3 (Cougar, Alley Cat, Pitts)
  • Doc Marten - 1 (a mysterious "engine that needs repair"!)
  • Nick Cripps - 1 (Seamaster)
  • GrumpyGnome - 1 (SE5A)
  • David Davis - 1 (Chris Olsen Uproar)

Edited By MattyB on 17/09/2020 12:40:01

17/09/2020 12:33:01

OK, so maybe I had better do mine then (no pics for now, just haven't had chance, sorry). They are all gliders...

  • Nan Models Hilight E-glider - Had some cheapo servos in it that failed (luckily on the ground. Stripped them all out ~5 years ago and bought an old school brushed motor capable of running on 3S with the litle 4:1 gearbox already installed, then didn't do anything else. Tail needs re-gluing and reinforcing due to hanger rash.
  • Mibo Vison Plus E-glider - Bought recently secondhand. Already fixed up a few areas on the install (cleaning up where the wings join to allow a proper fit, ESC install adjusted and connector resoldered). Now needs install of RXs plus a full setup on Mike Shellims 4-servo wing OpenTX template
  • Taboo GT DLG - Was built for me by the infamously unreliable Tony Fu of Sloperacer (don't ask angry 2), but could never get reliable RF performance on Schulze 35MHz RX and custom aerial installed by Tony. Needs converting to 2.4 and almost certainly a new RX battery, but the tiny fuselage and limited access will make that a much trickier job than it sounds.

I also have a couple of old EPP foamies (Alula and Weasel) that could do with a strip and recover, but I'll only do those if I complete all the others, plus I have my new Antaris to be getting on with in parallel. It may be a busy winter!

Edited By MattyB on 17/09/2020 12:47:54

17/09/2020 12:12:47
Posted by Peter Miller on 17/09/2020 10:02:31:

My problem is that I don't have any models needing repairs.

I do have a lot of prototypes that have been flown a few times and now clutter up the workshop with useful gear in them.

Could doing a major salvage operation to remove everything of possible use for future designs be considered for inclusion?

The final operation being a bonfire...possibly on the 5th of November.

Seems an awful waste to just bin those usable airframes... Just a thought, could you make an interesting "bitsa" out of a few of them?

17/09/2020 12:11:24
Posted by GrumpyGnome on 17/09/2020 07:51:11:

My contribution .......


Ouch! That made me wince just to look at it... Looking forward to seeing that one rejuvenated and returned to the air!

16/09/2020 19:56:10
Posted by Malcolm Fisher on 16/09/2020 19:27:52:

I have some models which need a tad of TLC. Not too sure about getting the necessary pictures and also not very sure of when I will be able to make a start - am currently involved in some much needed house maintenance which has to take precedence.crying


Pictures are optional and you have 6 months from Oct 1st, so don’t worry about it! Just tell us about the model(s) and the work you are doing on it/them.

Ps - Let’s all not worry about the rules too much! This is not a competition and my suggestions above aren’t hard and fast rules - I just wanted to put a bit of tension into the equation so I actually get on with some repairs! It’s really about the fun of getting an old stranger airborne again and maybe learning some new skills along the way. thumbs up

16/09/2020 17:03:15
Posted by Doc Marten on 16/09/2020 09:21:14:

Do 'engines that need repair' meet the criteria?

I don't see why not, though if you are going to feature them in this thread I think they need to be pulling something through the air come April 1st! teeth 2

Thread: The Alpina is back!
16/09/2020 16:10:17
Posted by Robert Welford on 16/09/2020 16:00:04:

I have them on my Tangent Alpina and EleKtromaster so are no different. I'm not sure whether they are carbon or glass with black resin.

Worth testing whether they are transparent to 2.4 GHz if you plan to have aerials within cockpit area.

Yes, that test is definitely on my list to do early on in the build - I have RSSI on my transmitter so the effect will be clear to see. If it is carbon I will route the aerials outside (though I'm also going to have a 1.5g satellite RX right down at the back of the fuselage at the base of the fin which should help).

Edited By MattyB on 16/09/2020 16:29:54

16/09/2020 13:43:57

My Antaris has arrived undamaged (though that is more by luck than anything else; the packaging was poor). Photos and first thoughts here, and here are some more from another UK buyer.

Edited By MattyB on 16/09/2020 13:46:02

Thread: The Dark Nights Fix-up 2020
16/09/2020 08:58:58

Ok, so it seems like there are enough people interested for this to work so feel free to start declaring your fix-uptargets. Just give the name of the model and ideally a photo of it in it’s current state (tutorials on various ways of adding photos to your posts are available in the Forum User Guide), and I will keep a running total in the thread.

I’ll post mine up later today after I’ve had chance to photograph them...

Edited By MattyB on 16/09/2020 09:03:45

16/09/2020 08:48:21
Posted by Dave Cunnington on 15/09/2020 20:34:44:

.......but this is what I've been doing most days since March !

No flying = no crashes (in my case) and I've run out of kits to build and "second hand fixer uppers" that I bought as projects

Yesterday I put some lines a piece of paper and using stock balsa if it all works I shall soon have a new plane

ready for whenever - does this count me in ?


Edited By Dave Cunnington on 15/09/2020 20:35:21

If you really have run out of things to fix and as it’s a scratch build then I guess we can let you play...

15/09/2020 18:59:02
Posted by McG 6969 on 15/09/2020 18:39:32:

I guess it's a great idea as well, Matty.

In my personal case, being a apprentice, I don't have any previously flown models, unfortunately... blush

On the other hand, I was given an - old/crashed Graupner - e-glider from the nineties. It seems to be a challenge with just the missing parts.

Does that count?

Definitely- if it can’t be flown in it’s current state or is in need of a spruce up it’s the perfect candidate!

15/09/2020 18:57:05
Posted by Gary Clark 1 on 15/09/2020 18:23:12:

I think this is a great idea Matty. I've done this quite a few times and it's really satisfying. Even models that are still flying but need a bit of TLC and a recover are well worth the effort and it feels like a new model.


Yep, a re-cover and spruce up is absolutely fine - just share what you’ve done and how do we can all hopefully learn some new techniques. yes

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