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Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
19/06/2018 21:44:50
Posted by Don Fry on 19/06/2018 19:53:32:

Work ethic in Japan.

But BEB, what is wrong with a demonstration of the ability to crash safely. What are you talking about, making a basic mistake, and it end up in the crowd. What part of basic incompetency is tested if that is the result.

BFMA, in perhaps rule based clubs, struggle to stop a competent pilot, flying a HK Tundra, (1 and a bit kilo), launching a gas turbine.

Now I don't do turbines, but if I did, I would seek instruction.

My view, tin hat on, is a lot more testing. Under 7 Kg, 7 to 14 kKg, Turbines, etc. Passed to fly, much like type testing at full size.

But the examiner, who in honesty says, on the day, he passed the test, has nothing to fear.

”Work ethic in Japan”? “Basic incompetency”? Not sure I follow...

19/06/2018 17:21:35
Posted by Peter Christy on 19/06/2018 16:32:51:

Actually, there's a corollary to this....

A friend who is an area chief examiner says he is now getting requests from non-BMFA members to take achievement scheme tests so that they can use these to get their commercial drone operators certificate! Some of the applications are being sent in by companies - because taking the BMFA test is free, whereas other training organisations charge!

Perhaps the BMFA should start charging non-members for taking the tests.....?

Agree the test is free, but given the certification is added to your membership card I had always assumed you had to be a member in order to be signed off. Is that not the case?.

19/06/2018 11:11:00

It has been clearly stated in the revised ANO that the testing that will start in Nov 2019 will be theory only - no practical flying test is required. They have said that there may be a requirement for practical testing to come in at some point down the road (most likely for the pilots of larger SUAs), but clearly the earliest that could be based on current timelines in 2020, and more likely after that. I therefore humbly suggest that discussing whether a BMFA A will be acceptable at that point is, well... pretty much pointless!

PS - It's important to remember that the exemption we are receiving will be across 4 MFAs not just the BMFA. It is therefore likely that if practical competency tests were deemed a requirement at some point a degree of standardisation across the MFAs would be needed ensure the CAA is comfortable consistent standards are being met. I suspect this would end up meaning a totally new set of flying tests (for the different types of SUA) aimed at proving competency would come in alongside the current "Achievement" schemes.

Edited By MattyB on 19/06/2018 11:13:33

Thread: Wind Speed
18/06/2018 15:46:28
Posted by Chris Walby on 18/06/2018 06:41:08:

MattyB is close, but IMHO one other factor is important...

What each individual pilot is prepared to lose in the event of meeting the ground in an unwanted way.

I have a foam delta (4Max Yeti) which is almost indestructible which I will fly in nearly any wind because its low cost, has no U/C and the prop is at the back! HK foam glue N Go are even cheaper!

This is very good advice. As someone who learnt by slope soaring I will fly in almost anything, but I do select the model very carefully.

On the slope in very high winds I will probably fly a ballasted 60" pylon racer type model (ether an EPP60 wing or my old Eliminator SR with a blue foam wing and fibreglass fuse). Both are resilient and in "well used" condition so I don't care too much if they suffer a bump. Off the flat I will fly the Excalibur or EFXtra from Hobbyking - cheap, cheerful foamies that are fast enough to cut through the turbulence and can handle the odd bump. The key point is to get out and fly - if you can't handle conditions of at least 20mph in this country you are severely limiting your flying days, so identify a "windy day hack" and force yourself to go out and practise to improve your skills. It's well worth it!

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
18/06/2018 13:18:52
Posted by David Elam on 18/06/2018 11:54:52:

When flying on the slope next to some stranger and he is a danger to all around him I'd prefer it if insurance was compulsory and would welcome it's introduction.

Leave poor Ronnie out of this Dave... teeth 2

18/06/2018 11:08:54
Posted by David Elam on 18/06/2018 09:34:31:
Posted by Steve J on 18/06/2018 07:27:33:
Posted by MattyB on 18/06/2018 03:23:42:

I can see lots of slopers thumbing their nose at testing because they know the chances of enforcement are essentially zero in the remote locations they fly and they don't operate in a club environment where it would be checked.

It would be their decision, but violating the ANO means no insurance.


But of course many of the lone slope fliers do not have any insurance anyway.

You are both right of course. I was not condoing it, just saying it like it is - there are a decent portion of slope flyers who fly slope partly because they don't like operating in a rules based environment as exists in a club. These individuals are operating legally now, but will not be in the future under these regs unless they decide to jump through the necessary hoops.

Thread: Wind Speed
18/06/2018 03:38:49

No such thing as too much wind. You just need the right model and you'll soon be up at ~0.7 Mach... wink


Edited By MattyB on 18/06/2018 03:40:38

Thread: New Drone Laws from 30/5/2018
18/06/2018 03:23:42
Posted by cymaz on 18/06/2018 00:01:37:
Posted by Martin Harris on 17/06/2018 23:15:37:

I can foresee some wailing and gnashing of teeth if the CAA match the 25 Euros + VAT that the Germans are being asked for!

And it’s only valid for 5 yearssurprise

Given the regs are almost certain to change again in the next 5 years with U-space proposals from EASA and their partners I would expect any test we take would only last that long at maximum. Not a major issue if it's cheap and quick, much more of one if it isn't.

PS - I can see lots of slopers thumbing their nose at testing because they know the chances of enforcement are essentially zero in the remote locations they fly and they don't operate in a club environment where it would be checked. Of course the authorities could make having a validated test cert a requirement to join one of the MFAs similar to the insurance check they do when you pay VED each year.

18/06/2018 03:13:37
Posted by john stones 1 on 17/06/2018 21:14:15:
Posted by Steve J on 17/06/2018 19:31:57:
Posted by john stones 1 on 17/06/2018 18:45:17:

Online can that work ?

Like the BMFA achievement scheme quizzes with authentication to link the person doing it to an address and registration number. It's not rocket science.

The Germans are already have such a test (Google "DMFV Kenntnisnachweis" ) and the French will have later in the summer.


Yep you can check an email address, but it don't prove who answered it, not rocket science is it.

There's a continuum available to the authorities here. They could allow physical tests to be sat in clubs or 3rd party examination sites and marked by a trained examiner (resource intensive and open to abuse if marked by a fellow member); they could allow people to take an open book online exam from whoever they like (easier to administer, but difficult to validate identity of candidate) or they could require an online test be taken only at 3rd party examination sites where ID is validated (less vulnerable to fraud, but higher cost and more inconvenient to candidates).

I doubt they will worried be by a small minority cheating tbh; this test will primarily be there to assist with the process of enforcement if something goes wrong (i.e. it's another "irresponsible act" if someone who's flown outside the new regs stands up in court and hasn't passed the test). I would therefore expect they will go with option 2 or a variant thereof. Given the exemption to the 400ft rule appears to have been given to all members of the 4 associations (including those who do not operate inside a club framework) I would not expect we will be offered an exemption to this aspect of the new regs. Perhaps affiliated club members will get an exemption because they are in a position to receive training but country members won't? We will have to wait and see.


Edited By MattyB on 18/06/2018 03:26:03

17/06/2018 09:45:15
Posted by Percy Verance on 17/06/2018 08:24:43:

There is no need for any new *test* centres Rich. The existing club structure - and presumably the upcoming online test - will take care of it.

Just take a deep breath, swallow and take the "A" test Rich. You're probably going to have to at some point anyway if you want to fly legally.

It does not appear mandatory practical testing is likely anytime soon, but if it and when it does there are a few issues with the “just get an A at a club” approach:

  1. There are ~12k country members of the BMFA who don’t necessarily have ready access to an examiner.
  2. There are very few silent flight examiners qualified, and a much higher % of slope and thermal pilots who don’t have an A.
16/06/2018 16:47:44
Posted by fly boy3 on 16/06/2018 15:59:02:

Not having read all these posts, could you explain to an OAP what an on lne competence test will be. Thanks

Nobody really knows at this point, but the most likely implementation is an online multi choice test regard the revised ANO.

16/06/2018 13:53:39
Posted by buster prop on 16/06/2018 07:50:04:

I'm very glad to read something positive on this subject at last. Don't get too excited though, Matty B will be along soon to pour cold water on our optimism.

This has the potential to work well for us in the medium term (2-3 years), but yes, it is far from the end game. The BMFA, the other MFAs and their members almost certainly have years of advocacy ahead of them to fight off the more onerous requirements being proposed for U-Space. We may well have won the first battle, but there are likely to be plenty more in the future.

16/06/2018 13:38:16

The devil is always in the details with things, but this does appear to be a notable success. Well done to the BMFA, SAA, LMA and FPVUK for negotiating this. If members can operate up to 1000ft for the next few years with pilot registration being handled by the associations and just an online competency test every few years we will have done very well indeed.

Assuming it does prove to be a blanket exemption for all members (club affiliated or country) in any location that is a major climbdown by the DfT. I am amazed but relieved that they have agreed to it, as it means anyone can join one of these organisations online in seconds and then fly to 1000ft legally. I guess they have realised that large scale commercial drone use is at least a few years away. Maybe they have just decided to leave it until EASA push forward with U-Space regs to delay the difficult negotiations around registration of the SUA and electronic conspicuity..

15/06/2018 16:36:54
Posted by Colin Leighfield on 15/06/2018 13:31:42:

It comes back to the point that it’s not about what a drone is, it is about the new risks and opportunities presented by FPV. It provides a considerable new opportunity to do harm and as such has got to be controlled. Codes of practice and gentle exhortation won’t influence those that deliberately act irresponsibly or possess anti-social or even phsycopathic tendencies, will they? Just get line of sight flying out of the equation.

Not really. If you read the various resources Steve J and I have linked to a number of times in this and other threads you will see this is primarily about opening up the airspace below 1000ft for commercial drone operations. It does not matter whether the machine is a recreational FPV or a LOS model aircraft, they are all perceived by the authorities as getting in the way of their ability to reap financial benefit and jobs, hence why they all remain within scope and we are crossing our fingers hoping the CAA will grant us a decent exemption. Improved safety for manned aircraft and regulating the "rogue drone flyer" out of existence is simply a convenient way to market this to the public to get their support.

15/06/2018 16:30:45
Posted by Robert Cracknell on 15/06/2018 11:54:04:

I take your point and having read the forum extensively I do have to agree with you. The sad thing seems that right from the word go drones and models were going to be inexorably joined in legislation being formulated by people who are ill informed.

There has never been any legal definition of a drone or any differentiation from model aircraft in the past, there is none under current legislation and there will not be in the future. That horse bolted 18 months ago, and is over the horizon and probably in another country by now...

Edited By MattyB on 15/06/2018 16:37:54

14/06/2018 15:40:14

Agreed - I wrote to my MP about a week ago, but unfortunately I think it is probably far, far too late in the day to make any difference.

14/06/2018 13:33:54

Yep, our political system is absolutely excellent at delivering nice, polite letters on lovely headed paper/emails. Listening to the people an acting when you have big business whispering about theoretical cash and jobs though.... not so good.

13/06/2018 16:49:07
Posted by Martin Harris on 13/06/2018 14:54:03:

I'll second that, John. The BMFA has committed considerable resource in engaging with EASA and our domestic organisations. The NFC may have attracted a great deal of interest, both positive and negative and is being run by staff whose responsibilities are primarily for day to day running of the operational side of model flying - much of which's related work can of course be undertaken from the onsite offices.

I would like to think that the organisation has sufficient resources to address more than a single issue or activity efficiently...and it could easily be argued that the existence of the NFC adds some credibility to the BMFA as a national representative body.

Whilst I am not a fan of the NFC or how it came to be I agree it is unlikely to have had any negative effect on the negotiations with the CAA, DfT and EASA. However the idea that it lends us any credibility in the negotiations is untenable - those championing this legislation are trumpeting potential benefits of tens of billions in GDP and thousands of jobs, so the fact the BMFA lease a large field and some outbuildings is not going to wow them round to our point of view.

Edited By MattyB on 13/06/2018 16:52:24

13/06/2018 14:22:02
Posted by john stones 1 on 13/06/2018 12:39:07:

Struggling with my humour on this one Ray, same things keep being repeated, our own association is getting attacked for I don't know what ? find it hard to follow some people thinking on this one. **LINK**

I don't think anyone is attacking the BMFA at this point, just gently questioning their strategy to play their cards so close to their chest. We will find out whether that was correct when the final outcomes and the implications for club and country members becomes clear within a month or so.

13/06/2018 11:41:49
Posted by Cuban8 on 13/06/2018 11:06:53:

Last paragraph page 6 **LINK**

Yes, I know the BMFA mentioned the consultation in a couple of news articles but I was talking about a much larger and more concerted campaign to raise awareness and have members make their voices heard directly - email and physical mailshots to Club Secs and country members with a call to action and suggested next steps, big splashes on social media and the website, proactive engagement of the press etc. This is probably the most important issue to face aeromodelling in it's history, yet only a few hundred people across Europe responded to the EASA consultation (sorry, I am not sure about response rates to the DfT one). Higher response rates might have helped convince regulators that there was something to lose if the new regs became onerous for existing model flyers.

Edited By MattyB on 13/06/2018 11:45:02

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