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Thread: OS MAX 46 FX - what are they like?
17/06/2019 08:02:26

Powerful engines, but they suffered from the coating on the liner 'de-laminating'.

Worth pulling it apart to check.


Thread: Fresh petrol in a lawnmower every season?
04/02/2019 16:40:49

I've never had problem in 14 years leaving petrol in over the winter in both ride on and hand mowers - they start ok in the spring. But I have had a problem twice when the ride on was left with an empty tank and the feed hose dried out, cracked and had to be replaced. No other fuel related issues at all. Plenty of others though...

Thread: Nutball
10/01/2019 21:54:52

That Lee Richards design looks like the 'toilet seat' guitar that Ronnie Woods played on one of The Faces TOTP appearances....maybe Ronnie was an Aeromodeller?...….or....maybe Lee Richards was really Keith Richards and he loaned Ronnie his model?'s late..I'll get my coat...


08/12/2018 15:16:04

With a shot up rudder like that,yes the Fury might end up in a Pear Tree...very nice effort Ernie..

Thread: How to build an engine test stand
04/12/2018 19:00:58

For throttle I just use a bit of piano wire suitably bent with clevis or z bend on the throttle end, and fed through rubber bands around the tank...easily tweaked for different engines. Bands hold it firmly enough. Seems like a lot of trouble to mount servo, then rx. then battery, then switch..and then you need tx.. A servo tester would be simpler if you wanted to use a servo..

Thread: Glow Sticks
28/11/2018 07:32:35
Posted by supertigrefan on 27/11/2018 21:30:52:
Posted by Fatscoleymo on 27/11/2018 16:59:29:

Sorry Don.....

What are you apologising for? Daring to post your opinion on a public forum?

No...of course not.....crook apologising to Don for 'making public' that he destroyed his Cub after taking off with the wrong model selected....while my glow stick was still attached....he's over it now....

27/11/2018 16:59:29

Sorry Don.....

27/11/2018 16:30:50

Ron Gray - that glow driver you linked to is $129!!! What's that? about £100?

Nothing, but nothing needs to be that expensive to start a glow engine, or save having to go to all the trouble to have to charge it more than once a year, or to save blowing plugs (how many plugs can you buy for £80). And I just cannot image ever having to start a glow engine under water. Still, each to their own.....a bog standard el cheapo glowstick does it everytime for me...had them for years and years.. even the one my mate left attached to his cub which then piled in due to mismatched model and tranny..kept on working.. Must be having a grumpy day methinkswink

Thread: extension leads
21/11/2018 21:41:50

Andrew, not sure why you are asking about the crimp? You will be using new leads, so plugs should be fine.... If you want plug them into a servo tester to check them before you extend. Leads and extension cable from Hobbyking / Bangood if you can wait (no delivery charges from Bangood no matter what the value of the order I believe) otherwise ebay or any number of retailers.

21/11/2018 16:01:14

Buy a bunch of short extension leads for next to 'nowt and a 'roll' of extension cable from Hobbyking or Bangood.Cut the leads in two, solder in and heatshrink whatever length of cable you need. Not difficult to do. Six small soldered joints for each extension cable. You will always have materials around to make exactly what you need.

I too tried the crimping method years ago and it was so frustrating and never did manage to get it done correctly.

Thread: Receiver/Servo battery supplies
11/10/2018 20:37:01

I've been flying a 1/4 scale cub for 6 years, 120 four stroke, single 4.8v nimh 2000ma rx pack. 4 slightly beefy multiplex servos. Single standard switch. Only extra is an onboard glow and battery. My favourite all time model. I know you have the added complication of a petrol ignition but why all the other complications...… as long as you make sure it's charged up...just go fly. It's a Cub, just needs to be helped around the sky....

Thread: Great Service - But!
17/08/2018 07:45:52

David - not harsh, accurate. As you later post acknowledges I was pointing out that Norway's model is a bit 'special' for a few reasons.

I take your point about 'abundant' electricity, but they can produce it as and when they want without having to buy fossil fuels to do so, and as you say they are a net exporter of electricity.

Norway and the UK's total oil production from the North Sea since the early 70's are roughly at the same level, however Norway has enjoyed well over twice, almost 3 times the tax revenue that the Uk has - a combination of higher tax take on the oil production and 50% state ownership of the Oil company which in itself generated for the govenment dividends etc. That revenue has been wisely invested abroad and Norway now has a huge state suplus in the fund set up to look after those revenues.

But the big difference is that the UK has around 65 million citizens and Norway just 5.3 per capita those oil revenues have been around 25-30 times higher! A lot of money to invest however they want to.

Norway (as all the Scandanavian countries) also has much higher taxation that the UK - approaching 50% as against around the 35-36% in the UK. It's citizens enjoy just about the highest standard of living in the world, while paying high taxation at the same time.

However they are grumbling at the moment - about 50% of government spending on transport is going into electric car infrastrucure - while only 5% of journeys are by electric cars....some say that ain't fair....

The modern world is a very complex place, no simple answers, no one size fits all. I'm a true believer in looking around at how others do it, seeing what seems to work and learning, implementing from that.

Interestingly, the Danes are the most heavily taxed nation in the world....they also come out on top as the worlds happiest nation...can a lesson be learned from that?


16/08/2018 19:41:11

' 'll explain what I mean, using electric cars bought by Norwegian nationals as an example.

A third of all new cars sold in Norway are electric or hybrid and next year that will rise to over 40%. Why? Because the government has subsidised them to such an extent that buying and running a fossil fuel powered car in Norway is actually more expensive than buying and running electric or hybrid. To borrow your phrase, Norwegians have jumped aboard and are lapping it up. What has changed is that the Norwegian government has made it possible for the technology offered to be affordable.

Notice that the Norwegian government didn't do it by taxing fossil fuel cars out of existence. They did it by making electric cars cheaper. As they say..... you'll catch more flies with sugar than vinegar. '

--- Norway can do that because they have abundant cheap electricity supplied by their hydro electric schemes - they've got lots of mountains and lots of precipitation and they invested heavily from their North Sea Oil Revenues to build the infrastructure. Not a model that is available to all countries....

Thread: Dual Ailerons
13/08/2018 19:25:44

Never managed to fly anything with a single aileron.... tends to be a bit wobbly....wink

Did you mean dual servos....


Thread: Mick Charles Models, Surrey closing down
24/07/2018 19:47:09

I'm with Don on this - don't blame councils soley for the present state of the high street.

Council tax and business rates together make up local authorities’ largest source of income. Central government has a significant degree of control over both council tax and business rates in England and sets the policy framework in which both operate.

Business rates are set by central government, which sets the multiplier, a pence in the pound value which is then applied to the rateable value, an estimate of the open market rental value a property could achieve on a specified date. . Properties with a rateable value of £12,000 or less are exempt from business rates and those up to £15,000 are eligible for small business rates relief. There are other reliefs and exemptions, including an 80 per cent discount for properties used by charities.

Currently local government, collectively retains half of the income from business rates, the other half is paid by councils to central government, which uses the income to fund grants to local authorities.

Research has found that when business rates go down, rents go up by almost the same amount....

Not Greedy Councils.....just councils trying to generate the income to provide the services they are required to provide for you. Complicated, not simple, as most things in life.


Thread: No Hosepipe Then?
20/07/2018 16:14:04

Don, you live in France.....which club are you in?

Maybe you're still paying the water bill on your house in the Uk? Or is that your tenant?

Thread: Re-covering a WOT 4 XL fuselage with Profilm/Oracover.
18/07/2018 06:46:35

Balsaloc or watered down (slightly) pva. Thin coat, let it dry, then cover.

Thread: Cyril Carr Kestrel autogyro
08/05/2018 19:18:16

I built one earlier this year, electric setup.

Fly's well, and is certainly different in the air.

The cg on mine is just behind the rotor masts, slight nose down attitude.

Needs a touch of power on the flair just before contact to halt the rate of descent...

It's fun..


Thread: HobbyKing Teksumo
05/05/2018 20:29:11

Nope, onwards and downwards Don...


Edited By Fatscoleymo on 05/05/2018 20:29:49

Thread: Dennis Bryant 68" Chippy
12/03/2018 17:32:24

Look for Chip Shop in the Workshop section of the forum - lots of build blogs there - including Danny's..


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