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Thread: Engine Guru's wanted!
19/03/2017 08:36:02

Geoff...yes, got a bunch of O rings - use then on my 1/4 scale Cub as well.

Braddock - CG on mine is around 103mm from leading edge.

Another point...put a couple of little screws through the cardboard tube into the aluminium wing joiner tube to secure it...I landed one day after what developed into an 'interesting' flight to find the aluminium tube had slid along and almost out of one wing.....was lucky that day...


18/03/2017 16:28:48

CG...yes I saw the discrepancy when assembling. I don't know what I'm flying it at...I see I marked the wings with 97 - 103 i suspect it's around 100 from leading edge.

I'll pop the wings on tomorrow and let you know where it's balancing..


18/03/2017 14:23:51

I've not really experienced problems with the refueling valves...occasional sticking, but not very often. However while trying to solve this problem I by-passed it to eliminate the possiblilty....


18/03/2017 13:26:44

Braddock - just remembered a little more - beef up the undercarraige plate area - the supplied two piece undercart will want to spread apart. I fitted another ply plate inside to give extra strength.

I've also 'tied' the two legs together by drilling the legs, hooking in a couple of wires bent at each end and securing together in the middle with several large O rings acting as bungees...helps keep the legs from splaying too much...prop clearance!dscf2215.jpg

You did well at £80...i think I paid about £90 18 months ago. Good value.


18/03/2017 11:36:05

Hello Braddock,VC..

The Giant Stik is great, although it has that awful, brittle covering that punctures so easily..mine is covered in bits of magic tape covering the holes where it's been 'got'..but if fly's very nicely, and slowly if you would be a peach with flaps fitted. Great presence in the air

It needs a big engine if only to get the cg somewhere near....even fitting the tail servos up front (they are supposed to go at the back of the fus) and fitting the big ST, I still had to screw a lump of lead onto the firewall...I've also fitted bigger wheels to get some extra prop clearance..

I had a ST 90 I was planning to fit, but after reading reviews pointing out the cg problem i opted for the bigger motor I had..

It's overpowered I suppose with the G2023 (unlimited vertical), but if you've got to add lead anyway i'd go with the bigger / heavier(?) motor.


18/03/2017 11:22:31

Gonzo - yes I checked and the O ring is inside and looks Ok..and that seems to be's a mystery why it now runs fine...

Thanks for the prop info..I'll send you a pm.


18/03/2017 11:18:52

Well Dennis..glad to have got it running reliably.

Super Tigre manual says to break in with 18x6 and recommends flying props of 18x8 - 18x10.....

This site gives peoples reports of what they actually achieve with various size props and fuel. 17x8, 16x10....

I'm running it on 5% nitro...I'll swap down to the 16x8 and see what i get....



18/03/2017 09:42:08

Mmmmmm. Gonzo's rpm figure got me looking at other reports...should be getting mid 8000's with a 16x10...maybe my tacho is wrong.. I think it was switched to 3 blade...I'll have to have another check on things..

Just when you think it's all good...


18/03/2017 09:06:01


I've stripped an OS120fs and and Irvine 53 2 stroke, but this sounds much more difficult...

Anyway I don't need to...I fired it up this morning and after setting top end and then finely tuning bottom end it runs sweetly...yeah!!! teeth 2

I'm getting a reliable, steady idle as low as 2000rpm (no glow attached) and 6700rpm on a 3 blade 16x10 Master Airscrew (need a 3 blade for prop clearance on a Hobbyking Giant Stik)...I've got a 16x8 so will give that a try......nowhere near Gonzo's 9600rpm though....I'll keep tweeking.. Pick up / transition is fine..

I've no idea what is different apart from a piece of fuel tube over the needle valve...maybe it was a leaking O ring....maybe something was a little loose...

Thanks for everyone's help and input...well chuffed today..


17/03/2017 16:54:56

Well ..... I pulled it off the plane and stripped it down, carb off, head off and rear crankcase cover off.

Rear crankcase seal is good..rear bearing looks good and piston, liner and conrod all good. I didn't pull it apart any further because the front bearing feels really good ..smooth and no movement whatsoever.

However...this engine had a hard arrival back around 1999 (aileron flutter and failure on a Flair Yak 55 responible)..I sent it to Mick Wiltshire then and (from memory) he fitted a new crankshaft. This is what I found on the head:dscf2192.jpg

Is that head bolt thread causing grief? Here is the outside:dscf2196.jpg

Piston had a lot of crud but have now cleaned it off..the bolt in question fits to bottom left:dscf2186.jpg

I'm not sure if this is the was running well (apart from hesitant to pick up ) until i decided to try and sort it..So this 'damage/ thread was there then.....but it ran ok.

I checked all the O rings again, all seem fine. I've put it back together and on the plane...just to be sure I've fitted a piece of fuel tube over the main needle threads...and set up bottom end by blowing into fuel tube and opening up until I just hear it coming through.

I'll fire it up tomorrow and report back....maybe, just maybe, I've disturbed something for the better..smiley


17/03/2017 14:07:57

Will do Denis...


17/03/2017 13:51:39

Denis - yes before todays outing I went back to basics on the needles and did the blow down a clean bit of piping make sure it was set somewhere near... that's not the one...this is a 23cc / 1.40 motor from 1999 ish...

I think i'll remove it from the plane and strip it right down...I might discover something in the process.

Thanks for everybodys help.


17/03/2017 11:50:45

Denis - it's an OS F plug - a lot of people recommend them in this engine and it has worked fine in the past. As I say it was only the transition with the 'incorrect' throttle barrel that was the original problem, so i tried a Perry carb..then fitted a replacement 'proper' carb things are much worse..

Broken...i can live with 'iffy' response, but this is not flyable...

One other thing that might point to the reason...when pulled back down from high revs to idle it very, very slowly slows down to the point where it stops...


17/03/2017 11:20:33

Denis - engine is well run in and yes the high end is fine, spray bar fine and all checked out - rotated it a little as suggested on other forums to improve pick up, but all to no avail...


17/03/2017 11:17:34

Nigel - I checked the o rings in the needle valve and they looked ok....and big o ring that the carb seats onto crankcase looks ok...Just could not get the Perry to run well at all. - i know that they are very sensitive and only very small adjustments need to be made ..Makes me think that (as frequently happens) there was not just the original poor pick issue happening but maybe a leak somewhere at the same time..or just after...


17/03/2017 10:58:43

My G20/23 2 stroke pulls like a train at full revs but has had an idle pick up issue. I swapped out the old carb barrel (it had the 'wrong' groove machined in it..a well known problem) but it now 'hunts' at a mid range throttle..even tried a Perry carb but that was impossible to get set up. So....having fitted a different tank, all new plumbing including a sintered bronze clunk so no air bubbles from tank to carb...I am now thinking that the engine is sucking air from a leak somewhere..does that sound right? Front bearing?

We're scratching our heads at this...


Thread: Taranis system power
20/02/2017 14:09:46

Been running 4.8v nimh on my Frsky stuff for 5 years issues.


Thread: E-Flite Radian XL
19/02/2017 18:59:33

Yeh.... just gotta be's a relaxing thermal glider....not a hotliner..

19/02/2017 14:25:05

Alps....the carbon tube is on the other side to the rudder linkage, and starts just after the decal and stops about 20mm from the end. It's around 400mm long.

I just cut and filed a groove in to suit and then used ordinary cyano to fix..nothing special.

It does stiffen the lateral twist considerably for little wieght gain.

Have fun


18/02/2017 21:17:35

1st flight today...what a lovely aircraft.

Used 2200 lipos... balance is a probably around the 98mm mark..just great straight out the to no trim adjustment..

Sniffed out any weak thermals around today...did not want to come down..

Can't ask more...

I stiffened the rear fus by cutting out a groove in the foam on the side and cyano'd in a 4mm carbon tube, applied clear fibre reinforced tape to the bottom of the fus (just to stop the mess) and that's about it..

This will become one of my 'go to' models (along with my Bixler)...

Terrific value from Suusex Model Centre for £122 delivered..


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